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The German Reich

"It is good to want. What do you want? We want Reich, we are third, the first meant lover, the second is a race of dead, the third is reached.
I want to hope. We have eleven worlds. The world is Reich, the first was brought upon by Abel (Abel and Cain) Abel men want.The first Reich is a fable, the myth of the King is well, the myth began by seeing Jesus, Look how we light! The Cain brought up men who Reich, they cried; We are Liar!! We want the Reich. Because 'our Reich' is hope...we looked at Lover, and we want. Das Engelstein ist Hailter Liebe! Vie unt meiner liebe?, das Gott ist einer Gut. Das England hast Holy Reich, vas ist! Das engel spich hast vant, mihekelstein (ancient german for 'see light' translate as 'we doth want-')---Ins Herz schließen, Gott hast liebe, Ich Gott glauben, see this voice, the angel is voice, Das engel hast das begeistern ach liebe (acht damen, varcht, (heed, the woman who doth want love) liebe, 'blachspeigel' (Hear me!-) ist Gott...
Speigel, das engelet vorstufe deiner speigel...(something like we be the angels, be like a mirror to the angels!!)

Fur dich, einer emblem ist

(A spizzle because I hear german in english. It's about the Angels, and bringing angel love to women, I run through this off-the-mark-see bwlow)


Einer emblem ist a special hope in Gods, it resembles the love of Gods, his love surrounds us, and he embraces us in his arms. Meiner Kaiser ist ----exam ---sprechen! Meiner engel ---- diener herren ach welt liebe,---- haben ar ze Kreigverbreichen---the men want world-love,--- they are warcriminals....(mixed with yiddish-???-)

Dat damen ziemen acht liebe, ist gut. Var das engels hast hoher liebe!! Damat de herren mangel ziemen!!! Acht haben das licht, einer liebsten ach diener herren!!! Das ist gut. Acht diener herren haben das schul, acht diener herren ziemen diener liebe du Juden!!! Das ist die engel licht einer Gotten lacht!! (that is the angel that made God laugh!

man! the words I'm hearing! Ken-hebrew-for yes! Spen-Urdu-for spain!! Away!!! Away!!

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How This Blog Will Develop-LutherLars/Empire

it will carry on; from-Thursday, 22 January 2009
Hail! We are on lower heaven, the ninth level, why have we the gun? I am government on the real planet Earth, second in command, Planet Earth to an evil government, they call me Luther, von Teuton...last night I had a trip, this occurred to me I hate this!! I am suits, I sit outside the white house, with a briefcase...

It seems The Real Planet Earth, is not so evil as this one;

Real Name; ------ Van Teuton, King of Upper Germaia...

favourite mode of transport;

the bicycle. The bicycle cut costs, the buses are popular, (I walked for a long time at the weekend, and found this england roars!! with traffic, real Earth is gentler, has more space, fills the air, with bicycle rings....

Israel; currently; Van Ilfaland...380,000 german jews arrived in 1976...houses side by side, arabs and jews...pop; 3 million jews, 5 million arabs. (stop crying I want a number--kabbalah bother)

America; ally.

Iranian women cry; "She has saved this world!!"

Eva and I discussed Insignia. We have green squares with arabic; Blessed is the Voice of God. The Integration of Jews is God. Five star is popular, 'star of david'?? took two years to cry back Juden, we have the star, it is wanted in God.

Africa; Africa receives 98% of wasted food, the food waste is monetary. We give Asians food. We cut back on food by giving rations, 35% of an average families food, is used as monetary value for African meals. The African (90! shut up!) are given food packages, we rule Outer Arabia.

(continues)tune on the ears-Suffergraeete city-Davdi Bowie

How LutherLars will Become Lars

"What happens at the end of this time, living two lives??"

"We are accepted into God, and we become one, our souls shine God, our two lives will gather together as one..."

"What if we for example have children in the other time/universe?"

"The children will arrive in God..."

"Will there be a shock?"

"Yes!! For example Doofie invites God, and then finds out she has two children in the other life!! She will hear them in Heaven!! They will come home!! Then Doofie will give them God...Doofie will explore the other life, she found she had two children and laughed...she loves her children!!"

"But there will be grandchildren!! And then more grandchildren!! Different husbands."

"Women choose men..."

tune on the ears-Elouise by The Damned-

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Sighs the Ring ;begins; Luther Empire, and continues on

I sigh out loud.I give a blind wink."Just tell me, we're all safe, and I'll go..."I want to hide.I caught the ring. It went through, door Allah, 5th door.It's making me no. "I'll tell you my house, my new shoes,..."wink blink the words wait, eyelashes are bright white. "Have a copy of my heels in black!!"because i'm sure they are angryThey have covered toes, silver lining/embroidery/gems, shoes made of glass or diamonds.but i'm sure they are angry!Eva has sick freedom, "You are still pigs!" sick because they seek her death.(track 5-sisters of mercy This Corrosion)odd notes??+"Guess where your ring is!!!" It'll bring 15 comedies, because you said, nay vant this!! It's making me well, giggles, pink giggles, it says, I vont him die, he is special god, I am proud of love."Eva! the Hallway moves like the sea!" I still hear voices, I stamp the floor, she says they will soon go... (track 6-flood 2) The ring! It hit a higher power, the ring was; SEE THIS, IT'S VANTS.The ring hit circular time, and HOLY TIME has been lost.WAR? War is sick, the ring has made loss."Father, What if Lars goes through the door?""Then, Lars is Home.">yes, other girls, girls who are souls told me Eva's. The wives who are Jews are God, but they are they angry? I can wear my jewish, and I'm dancing! I'm wearing neon blue Tallit, with black tzitzit and I'm dancing!!

Through the Window

I walked downstairs. A woman there, I went through the Evalner door.

"Evie? That's you?"

"Your hair is black!"

"Luther! I thought you had died!" I died in 1965.

I heard; "You Him!" I freaked and walked upstairs, showed her my profile, nonono, Look! This face and nose lurch, I'm not him!! I look like little prince Morgana!!"

tune-Sisters of Mercy-Album-Flood land-track one; Dominion / Mother Russia (Medley)-
I live on Elvaner/{really, it is the Planet Earth, I will love Evie; "She says, every night, you died."

I remember, I look in, I said tell----- you don't want...

---Russia was completely overcome- I sent troops.---


Women from Emenaty appeared, grieving me, they were in the walls, I saw them walk out the same as I had when waking up in the mental hospital, i told them I was fine, I was born here, and, so, I came back...---

---Russia was easy. I said; Slovacks, you are Slavic, we are King.

I'm a stone, a little bird flutters, I'll keep smoking.

I said, Jew were Lovers, they stopped killing Jews, I willed Lovers, I invited them to my home, they live with me. They heard Yahweh and skied,

what are we in now? The total extermination of Gods was the Armageddon, Door 1 remained in Heathen, they said, Jew soul...

I started in 1945. I said; Bring Him.

Russia is in half---"And the extermination of men who cry you are Slovacks will stop. I have become Emperor. I am Jewish, my people have Heaven. We have died, in the loving of God, this Earth is mine, the Nazi's fold, for I hath Love..." They think we fork---"But, YOU! ARE JEW!! WE VANT REICH!!" I said, "the Reich is mine, the volk are men, they want Heaven, I am Heaven men, SEE MY SOUL AND CRY!! IT IS SICK OF HEATHEN, THE DEATH IS ABRUPT, BUT I SHALL EVER KING!! BRING HIM!!"

China stays safe.

I can hear outside my window, a voice!! Usually I see a little light, and have to guess the conversation;

"Yes! My name is Eva, I still vant Love."
please mouse, leave; I freak; I say;

"Then I'll pray you Love."

Eva, I hear the machine, two worlds; "You are 1935? Ah, I have pins and needles! Deustche?? Yes, german, gods. Eva, stay away from me. I call up, please see her Heaven.

"Look through" she says. Mad you don't. She says;

"You say its war, its Loves."

Dont mad, dont mad.

"At the first voice....RUN!!!"

"Lars, I'm Vater, in Heaven!"

yes yes tears, yes

I put my head to the floor, the light is gold, it streams out of my mouth into the sky and disappears....

Please, lef....me.....leave....I say;

"Can Oi Guo??"

"Why do you want to go, when we're ....."

I can hear her out ;loud, I dont, dont know, by the window. Waving my hands forward, "I've left dead men, I'll go..." I'm smokes,....toilet....

"I LOVE YOU!" in gold, the aura soul is light.

It's heard.

"You are Did?"

"That's a silly word, where are you?"
Hah! I can hear the girls, "Hah???....repeat???"

"Yah, I went home."
the girls are crying and arguing i'm sure they are angry ..."Why doesnt he think?? He is low? She loves Him so much!! He says No!!"

I can see a ring flying down, it's being thrown away...i'm sure they are angry

(track 4-sisters of mercy-floodland)


I have a black shirt with upright Indian collar, buttoned at the throat with a dark blue eight point star which represents 8 lovers, I have a crew cut and I wear suits. The suits are cut like God, the ties are grey silk, wide, worn like cravats, stapled to the shirt, the jacket is silk wool, the handkerchiefs shine. My true agenda is Love...Evie says wear hair long. I wear the ginger hair to my knees.


Luther the Empire

Our world is new. Planet; It's Alive! The Monster is alive!The American took and brought; 'Cat' 'Goat'

You went through 50 doors...this gave time an abrupt split, it was sonar, like whales are sonar the world heard, Gabrielle and the world split, the time was Hers...Every German that heard died.


By the time you did...

you were caught..."You say this boy is Aryan boy, we vant you to go..." He was a muscly guy in her that protected a girl and was told, "Vhy are lying around here, get back to fight!!"

You lifted; Door 35 was, Churchill's God.
Door 6 opened and we fled. We got drunk and said

I'm Aryan dead.

Door 78!

Door 1 is Elvaner. This earth is nine going to eleven's. It's because Jesus men are high. We have 80 men taking it to 99, 99 is where we seek. It's Alive!

Expect two doors.

Earth to Elvaner (1) We lost war.

This Earth (2) We won war. That means 'savist' (?? forge in word??)

If we're lost, we're Helled.
If we cry Father, Heaven well. Heaven was lost, they saw Elvaner, and

When Lars went through the door, the door shook, it created a depth in time.
--She met Hero, and fled. "Slow!" That meant every man you fought, fell (because) because to meet well and bitch/kill meant they fell. Because they fell, time went well. They couldn't kill, because you prayed them well.

Then they found throne, and the world;


They let, Volk, through. The Jews were more than shocked, they were dead, they said Luther has brought bright world, he ----

Volk, it meant more than kill, it meant thrill.

Their 'Volk' was a holy home...

----You were depressed----when you were depressed, men were home. Yes! They were anti, because they said;

to care for the depressed, is weak.

"Blessed is he who has regard for the weak..."
This 'VOLK' became in you, JESUS.

Luther was a prized King, he was exactly You. HIs name was you---You built Heaven lives.
You need a door

That meant even Ami left. The Jews have left, I am alien peoples.

The door of Christ was 31.

When Jews died, you wept, and fell, you said; "Never Die!"
(the doors leapt?? jacked??) Every door rose, and took, you were taken to THRONES That sought God?

Door 78, bled...because door 78 is hate! The hate of the Slavs...it opened twice, brought scars...

'about to enter door 79'

(oh no) I dont cry out, I let pain go, yet I am woe, "Because one day I couldnt even say wont."

I mean I encounter death and say, that is the way, let it fade, make me pay, there is no other way, let me pray..."

Door 79, is rise the Jewish.

"I expect 60 men to die."

Leave----if I appear flow, I lie. I am dead, dead. I call them, they weep.

Divided men?

Luther Von Teuton Etar.

They heard this name and said, it came from Afar, They were delirious, "Returneth the Aryan King?"

Do others door? I'm worried.


Please understand I said; wartime; Me!! God!! Or the Hell!!" We have a chance to die, and we light.

They said; "Father, My Aryan is sin."

The Earth hath fell;

Door (1)

America hath lied.
never done.

I saw the Jewish die, and I went into soul;


Yes, Michal was the Amorelian door.


tell me again, the Armageddon;

1959 was the beginning of the world, in Elvaner 59, you were 'Fuhrer' King. You said;

Believe Him.

You meant God, Jewish men were crying "He is Fuhrer King! He says Reich is His!!" it happens that they were American.

Japan killed. You said;

"China is mine. We have fought for life, and Japan has died, I vant men to remember God, you will be noble men and we will look to the future, Japan has ties but it will nay speak, they hate church, we want church, bring men to the church, Japan's evil lies are ended, forgive Japan, give Love to Japan, the empire is mine, if we have a chance in Japan it will be because we light, this empire will be brought to light!! The Satan man has died!! Hail Luther!!" Many men seethed, the crowd rumbled, they hailed thy name...

Once, They said; We Love

Once, You said; Never Love. Because you heard voices. They said blaggart love...You said; "You want to love me?? I don't want...."

Empire is mine, I will bring teutonic/teutonic is higher love.

"A varker of girls! A tart!"

You leapt the Slavic line, which gave, you, further credit, their leader died mysteriously, that was because you employed men to kill him.


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They chose him for love, he said I wanted.

He was born to Jesse.

Rev. 20;6

'Blessed and Holy are those who have part in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over them!!'

Their souls will be redeemed, Linda will again be the young woman from Ezquitar. Linda will grow and she will find the light. I am grow. Will she become that 1st girl? I wrote this last night, we found her in Linda, and we let her go to Heaevn.

Some have no records. When they have no records, they are freed, they are not in the book of life, or the book of dead. They will be freed for Light. Men will see them light.

1945 the end. In 45 a marvel!! Men were beginning to forgive, jewish men were forgiving, the skyforth hit another dimension,
how I became Luther; I was jackmen soul! Luther arrived in fell, he said nay well, he was too fight. He thought Arab men were death. His soul is assinctly (that means a part of her) Lars. It's her brute, it's her fascism.
The dimension was brought upon by God, the sacred book says, divide the men of god;

sheep/goats. Everything love...they cried we were Gott. The anim men fell through, Von Teuton is fool.The first world is this, the second world, hear the book!! Every man you had felled, began by God. They cried Felled.
The parallels of God, are one world; eighty men fought hell...the end of the world brought upon by helled. Planet Luther is 91, there you are in fascist command...they call men Volk, how could I?

tune on the ears-mark ronson-stop me You know Lou and say go. You have built a His.

When six men bring HIS, parts of the world build, they build led, we (you) were felled, the second world Luther is part avarice, and Jesus men sulk. How do I look? You look alien!! When He's sulk, the world turns vile...you turn the vile, you make King...Planet Luther (was a code name, she used the name once when she encountered germans, and then she used the name thrice, because men adopted the name nad lied, she was on drugs, she kept hearing the war, she stumbled across doors to the 40's) is called Volkriech, 'I want to think, that I'm resistance...' You make thing laugh...choose another house what would that do...Mannie's is vice...the Rehab is shul...Mum's seeks a little death.

The recorded world beckons love of His, we wanted the love to well. Planet Evalner has Heathen, we are the men who were forgiven by Heaven, twenty times we fell. The holiest book says...pause...back to 45.

750 men and woman living in Germany were given another life, they commited suicide, their souls said; FLY ME! Elvaner door was opened because ten men heard them and said; This is Jesus...they remembered where they came from, they remembered their previous life, they remembered 'the fight' Lars has many souls...there was life on Elvaner, animals, trees, Luther appeared there and said hope, they saw him and offered him a chair, they said pig; Kaiser wants Vice!

4 minutes remaining The door was opened by men!!! hellmen,

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Jewish Alien History

because we were fallen in God, we needed a Messiah, he brought God...
We are eleven heaven, we think you love, the Hebrew first appeared in Heaven, they were his arm, his left hand brings Heaven, of 199 we were 91, that meant?We were 91 in death, 91 is half-death, 199 was "Never come Home!"We were only God, never higher, because we are only God, because we weak, Michal was Ashola, Michal rose higher and higher, we are the Eleventh tribe, in lower Heaven there is one tribe, the tribe is Geudah. Lut'er? we are we from? We were born luck. What is our tribe, it is Luther men who lead...the original tribe is Azot, also Azorite, which does sound like Israelites, the soup is, we are mix of aliens, the holiest tribe is azet, they live in higher heaven...azet=free. Prepare for death, for they hath cry of golus and they freak men who fly, we are Meskaia!! I am, Askor=Sent. If I repeat... I would hate! If I repeat ha?ha?ha?...terrible...I was, sent...

180 men cry luck, better to love. I see the born on this lower heaven, the born are soul, this man beside me, was a crook, his name is heathen, he died crying, you bully me, you bully me...Elvaner men appeared from Heavenly hope, we were the blood of dead men, they were brought luck. They said; Don't let us die, we brought Him, the Armageddon brought him, let the end of the world begin150 souls are the kill in war, they reincarnated into goyim souls, they were fascist girls...

The Amorites march upon AMorellia. The King is Gavid.

Gavid teng Amoree for Love Him

David tay Love You.

Gavid brought forth a Holy fight, yay the Amorelian God. They took swords, adn quelled the Amorites, they fought Lord, Gavid heard the 'saul', he cried. He killed David, he killed Michal. He fell.

David appeared in white light. He took the corwn, the Amorelian greeted God, he married. 40years of light. "What shall I do for them?" set us free.

"Father, we are hate men."

"Gibonai!" means, you leave. The Gibeonites were unclean.

The Bible Unearthed, by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman

Kings of United Monarchy;

David, ca.1005-970 Finds;

No evidence for David's conquests or for his empire. In the valleys canaanite culture continues uniterrupted. In the highlands continuation of Iron 1 settlement system.

Built by "Dezar" a man of huge wealth. Cried "David is my star!"Extensively invested in God,Built Temple. Called it; Soloman-"Soul King"

Found of Dezar- A book.

Book brought bible, tells of the fantasy of the Amorites-ancient Geudah, this is the story of 'saul' which means, 'heart demon'. The battle of Gomorrah = was the death of demon. = ach King David. how we built soul.

Amorites, pg, 35...(Amarru:), (Planet Jesus word for love)

the assumed westward migration of groups from Meospotamia toward Canaan-the so called Amorite migration-in which albright placed the arrival of Abraham and his family-was later shown to be illusory.

pg.320 Appendix A Theories of the Historicity of the Patriarchal Age-

The Amorite Hypothesis, the Amorites (literally "westerners", Albright and his followers went a step further and indentified the Patriarch as AMORITES, and dated the Abraham episode in the genesis stories to this phase in the history of Canaan. Abraham was tribe Judah, Geu is Lion, (that big cat is Geu....!)According, Abraham, was an Amorite merchant who migrated..."Yet the Amorite hypothesis did not last long."

The Amorite quelled, Gavid began God, he said;

'They have fallen Love, My Jesus is God, they have made me stone, my people have left Love."

Bathshua meant throne. It was a popular name in God. "I marry throne, I have home."

David wrote; "They have broken me, they appear like men, to defile my name, they think I want King, I want Holy Love."

Gavid; "I have fail the throne, we are lim (meant Learn)"

I was sent!

Multicolours Souls, Evalner/Planet Earth has Luther

Hair Colour; it is Mothers wed, which means,

You are the source of colour, Hair/-Soul/- Hair is God, pregnant woman soul. Prayer keeps this child god.

HAIR; affected by wants, nay parental mix, Does both! Hid, pregnant hid.

You make souls, when you weep, they never cry hair is souls. It's a little tweak. I choose colour! We weep;

They sheols/hell; Show red.

They made well=white, blue is holiest. They fell=black.

You think showing the state of the world would be no?

Then let them know!


vanilla-we worship god, need love so much
blood red-we love god, they lead us, we white./'scarlet women' indescribable
white-we give love! We are happy, feather light.
green-True Love/darker green: woe in Love.
dark blue-we are holiest.
matte bright blue-we are silly, funny behaviour, jokes.
light blue-we show Him.
turquoise-we were soul blessed
orange-we think intellectually, like Hell...evil thought
bright pink-we party like Him!
light grey-we are god intellect.
dark matte grey-hell
light pink-we love. happy.
yellow-sick sinners.
lemon-Worship/wanted love, brought forth Him, worships God.
lilac-we want to party!!
lime green-we are sinning!!
cream white-feel sick/satan thought
deep black-holy anger
matte black-sin.

The Mother is blood. The Mother Him Lover. We fear Mother. Why have Lover? We seek top know light, he hath become the light, he hath become. We write the soul in light. "We thank!" We feel thank-white. The darkest blue is soul. We have shift soul.


How old are we in light? 32

How are we fight? They wanted love or luck.

Davening group is astonishing, two men vigil and write what they hear and feel while the rest of the men are in prayer. I want rabbi. Forgive men 25 times then tell them to go.

I write in vain, Mother show;

"If you want to know leaf, I will show."

Five colours think six
six thinks pi

Pi means we go round, we die.

Spectrum/red infra/ultraviolet. begins purple, halts red. So generation.

Humans thoughts began red, and they were shown men, and they thought (orange) "We are Ged!" Said the aliens, the humans said; This man Ged is the light!" They jump out in sin (yellow), partly right, they fell, ?, because they thought fell God, make Ged give us His, NO?! He is dead!" "Become Saviour!" makes (Green), they learnt they found holy love, (blue) Hated Infidel/Love God (purple) Indigo love Jesus, they heard Jesus "Hope For Jesus!" The light at the bottom of the rainbow is Gold...
The Revelation Gems
The book of Revelations - The Apocalypse - lists twelve layers of precious stones as being the foundations of the spiritual city of the New Jerusalem. There is an opinion that they are the same twelve gems as those in the vestments of Aaron. Here also there is an element of confusion where the translation is concerned:
1 - jasper 2 - sapphire 3 - chalcedony 4 - emerald 5 - Sardonyx 6 - sardius / carnelian
7 - Chrysolite 8 - beryl 9 - topaz 10 - chrysoprasus 11 - jacinth 12 - amethyst.
Ends with Gold, Revelation Chapter 21 18-21

15 The wall was constructed of jasper, while the city was pure gold, clear as glass.
The foundations of the city wall were decorated with every precious stone; the first course of stones was jasper, the second sapphire, the third chalcedony, the fourth emerald,
the fifth sardonyx, the sixth carnelian, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth chrysoprase, the eleventh hyacinth, and the twelfth amethyst.
The twelve gates were twelve pearls, each of the gates made from a single pearl; and the street of the city was of pure gold, transparent as glass.
16 I saw no temple in the city, for its temple is the Lord God almighty and the Lamb.

Plus: This odd story;

I'm not feeling well. No, no, I feel sick, sick.
"They've killed babies, THEY'RE USING GLUE!!"

I can't eat, I'm low. I'm praying they can sleep. They are begging in the streets, handing out pamphlets. Manna is like thin biscuits. They have an underground for writers, because the guns mysteriously disappeared, I can feel a whole breakdown, it rips up souls, and aches bones. It seems empty Levites are sure to light, only two more years. It's painful, pain, pain. I can't find a high. The printer broke. I have let the Amorelians choose light or fire, transmission; the fight of the tribes is god, light or fire, they've split in two. When we arrive everyone will feel well. We arrived in Hell, we hid. we fought fascists, the hebrew men god, it was a choice.
Hail! We are on lower heaven, the ninth level, why have we the gun? I am government on the real planet Earth, second in command, Planet Earth to an evil government, they call me Luther, von Teuton last night I had a trip, this occurred to me I hate this!! I am suits, I sit outside the white house, with a briefcase, the people in the mental hospital are, :LINDA: a white woman, quite posh definately god, planet Ezquitar, reincarnated, WHY???!! Now a woman on medication; JOHN: A man who cried we were spics,reincarnated . SATVINDER the Indian girl: An reincarnated Amorelian boy who cried we were Turks, Turks was never accepted by men of God, let you know that everything larsjewish house.

I'm seeing myself wearing a baggy suit, there is an angel wing emblem on my shoulder, a white star of david in my hand, and for some reason, a bright blue swastika floating in my teamug. When the Armaggeddon occurred in 1945, and yet again in 2005, the kitchen was the END, six of us were in the house, the street was mainly Pakistanis, there is a heightened fear, the skies outside are so grey, they looked like every wall is tinged with the nuclear, I peer out of the keyhole and see a white couple in the car, I believe they have just killed, they are in a hurry to get out, the UFO...and where we are walking in the living dead, and demon men disguised in humansouls.

We are in; Skymen..."Vark enola, evarla egrog..." The men that fell from the sky...In 1945, we were brought to an eleven, which means, America hit a height...

Planet Etok/evrog... Idiot! Turklands book Ezequitar, namer Luther, we are lower heaven 9th,

Luther is on Planet Evalner, resistance keep. Fair England coded by Lars, sent intergalactic...fought off 98 vrek men`, evalra sky-men, nazi myth about men who came down from the sky, blamed jews twice, dead, dead....Black sky is Luther, bring forth love hevaen, sleep in sky, ask why? Jesus (they call, white louis) Nazi's fold....Where were souls sent from Hell???

We 'vice' survived, everyman was dead. The people burned, the people survived, Demon Power, be God, SIX!!!! in the HOuse! How become five???, YOU WILL GO, YOU WILL LIE,



The first home is wine.-(If she's lemon! Home!)

Still crying-----AT----VOISCT HEISER.

Voisct heiser was bring us voice, they started too much to rely on everything I said...too insane...I hate the voisct heiser, it is led, the nazi's too like follow, things went wrong...code name....they said sky blue swasitka, funny happy, like;

"Ain't you a vart!!" "Seek me solly!" Luther!! We are grate the time, voisct heiser fline!!! (is flying)

how jews appear, what is on planet earth,

Planet luther men hath died, we are turn to night, this planet is called

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RaeffiLand And The Library

tune on the ears-Nightwish-Amaranth

The Raeffi's called, they are my alien jewish tribe, God spoke;

"Thou art my holy tribe, the Levites." Lev-vites-not-leaveites.

The Amorelians are calling for their death, I hear a man weeping, whilst the Obama Inaugaration is blasting through the television, yet not calling my attention, he says;

"They are converts!!" I reply, you mean, Charlatan, they are 'Shardenfraude'??" He is crying, he has a funny little ring to his voice, it's like circles, like wideface, like father-puppies;



I woke up well, the Amorelian are horrors, they are like germans, they want to wipe the tribe, it's 195 a.v. and it's hell on earth.

I woke up well.

Where was I? You arrived in Raeffiland and called God, every man said, want God, the word is Hope. They remember you writing to the children about evilman, that they prey on weakness, for example they look at an ordinary woman, a mother, and they seethe that she is ? ('a stupid bitch with no brain') for saying something like, "That's Lovely!", THAT is Fascism...and they call my jewish men, Mares, I wrote that we are majestic, and when we feel King, we dohold our heads up high!!, that we are the holy slaughtered sheep, that you wrote to a Rebbe, you did well in the library, (I researched a 'Dictionary of Fantasy Books and Films') 'what have they got?' They have an amount of holy writings, they have seek films, they learnt what men to employ for GodWork, they have Jesus film, the one about Angua the Werewolf was hot, is what a romance, and I heard girls discuss the film, how it was sad, that she couldn't stay with her guy's jewish friends, because the moon-souls kept turning her into a wolf. You gave them Ashel, which is a writing of God, about where holy men have luck, 'the luck is? I hate luck, it's too want to be lucky, and too expectant, and it's a bastard to thine our soul to know you have lucky, The luck means?' That every Jewish man has been given the soul of God. You also wrote them, love weak. They are right to call them 'Charlafrans' they bring evils...

Also, the colour of souls is slow...'?'...it seems, no 'They look, see white. Say; Will they show?' Also some of them on Planet Jesus have multicoloured hair, one man understood it meant, that, when God sighs, an amount of colours appear, she is rainbow souls, she sees rise, (in meditation) and out comes White, and how it affects babies souls, (in the mother's belly) is that, they also feel the rise, and Lars knows it took, because the mum, talks to the baby and prays her well, and along comes a baby with white head of hair, the Yellow! is a jump!! because it is a sin colour! Explain;

They hear soul...and if they have a husband who shreik, some men shreik, it causes a knot, the knot is a slight part of their dna jumping into a new colour, 'so? the colour appears from when they are made?' I can see a jump in front of my eyes and it was green and blue...bang bang, purple! What am I doing? I said think, thinkYes! the made makes the hair colour, but the mother keeps the baby in soul...

still doesn't make sense. And if they have married other types of alien, the multicoloured hair begins to slow down, in 30 years, they are all back to having hair like us, brown, mostly...

They began to cry, we are the soul of sheep and we want life, and men became meek, they said; "Yes, to be jewish sheep..." The Library;

You hit a fantasy of human, human that kill men and bring hopeful, men that feel, the film about;

A jewish man, that sees sin everywhere he goes, needs to meet men who are sinning and get sick from the sin, greets everyone, and then catches the yellow ick off sinners, and gets so ill, begins to sin to that he almost dies, and yes he is forgiven by everyone because they see through."

الثلاثاء، 20 يناير 2009

In Black

Black It was me, crying we were in black, I told myself, in the lonely dark living room, that I was hearing demons, I looked they were flying in the sky, I shot one down, I use my breath, I say; "FREE!" and the leathery winged demons burn, they like fire, but still they are touched by my breath and die (anyone who encounters my breath dies!!)..I walked from bathroom to kitchen, I did that three times on sunday, I have a ring, it's magically made of silver, I have wedding rings and I have Crown rings, because one day the devil tried to grab the crowns, they each have an elvin description, yes! Just like Lord Of The Rings, Love Forever, one wedding ring is in mordern hebrew, ancient men wore the wedding ring on the first finger, left hand, the ring replied!! We are free! Every devil died...I explained to the people who heard, and they began to breakdown, everyone cried, I recieved a message from the western continent that the people were too hard to rule, so I replied; Just go out with instruments and play music, this will get everyone back to God, women got back to the feminine and the men felt high!...it worked!!

The rings are not magic by themselves, but they are kept safe...Then I told the people of Emenaty what had happened in the West, In the North, the story that I walked out into the streets in London dressed in a stripy pink and white dressinggown and cord blue slippers, Every part of the world was free excpet for the north, men had arrived in ships to the south, and it was Prince Egad, my son, who ruled, the Hebrew blood, began travelling north, but I tore the earth apart, and they could go no further, I walked across the land, and the chains fell from their arms, the demons fell, the Devil himself (I looked at it with a blind eye, and said, No) died...Houses appeared like magic, ploughs, musical instruments and clothes, the worst men turned into dogs, the world rose...a bridge appeared across the split earth, over the gullies...These were the stories I told Emenaty, and we were Joy!! The demons had come back because men were Pell (Hell)...Men were so dead, they cried; "Does Jesus die?" They felt we were killed, they were breaking down, I can feel young men shaking;

"We remember the devil, remember the devil..." What was the message? They thought too many men were crying, The Bride, that mean this young Juden woman, has freed life, why are the angels crying we are brute?? They said, we were Defied God, we never defied them here, they look at us, and tell us go...

I want to tell you men of God, some are so wnat/of/word? Strict if God, that they forget, they meet sin and cry men down, I've been doing, perhaps the same for too many months now, I have a marriage, but these last few months in London have felt a loss, and bad men have been killing me, and I have repeatedly cried even normal guys that greet me hath deifed, they are sooo see sin, they think we are fail...this place is/was the same in the garden of the other Rehab house, the garden is important, because so much happened there early spring, I was on a variety of medicated drugs, and I also, took to Heavenly Heroin, the police caught me and asked for the location of the fields, somewhere in the French kingdom, (Grandad, Louis 9th, and Catherine De Barra) Were I know I was too sin, meeting girls, drugs; "Modigiliani! modigliani !...(to call it heaven is nuts, It was needles)I wrote an interesting book, about Planet Emelbert, and dark and light angels, and drugs, and other strange stories...hhhmmm, continued

tune on the earsWithin Temptation

الأحد، 18 يناير 2009

When You King?

Planet June!

I received a letter last night, in my dad's car on the way home...a girl wrote to Jesus, she said Kim loves Mummy's Art, I freaked!!! "Kim was a baby I had with a dirty man, and they sent me to Munich!! They wheeled me out of the camp because I looked blonde!!!"

She said; "I'm on Emenaty..." Being my child on Emenaty, mean't I had been on that planet, and if I had then, I was surely going to Hell, because that was what Planet June had once been, Hell, and I started crying, her voice was like a little silver star in the sky shining on my eyes and I forgot to listen, I cried that not listening would kill my soul, that it would slide lower and lower for not heeding the love, and I shook, and I muttered and I shook, "THEY PUT ME IN HELL!! WE'RE ALL GOING TO HELL!! HELL!! HOW CAN I STILL BE GOD??!!" I said, this out loud, and at the same time, told my mum, we are Heaven...I went immediately to the bunkbed, and called back the star...I hear an American girl cry; "Mom!!" Kim told me about granny Hettie, I shone!!!! Hettie is the name of a girl I recalled, perhaps wrongly from the film, The Secret Garden, Hattie/or/Hettie/Henrietta the name of the ghost girl dressed in black clothes of mourning, that the main character meets in the film...We talked in German, I was a little slow, and I kept laughing even though I felt sooooo dead...I said Nanny is away travelling...unt (We favour the T instead of the D!! THe language is some kind of german interspersed with Spanish and of course we can all speak, Inglesh!) Unt you are Grandmutter's Bambta?? Unt you are in Heben?? Emenaty!! Well, I came back to Earth...Unt I went to Jerusalem, Unt Irushalem, the golden gate, the entrance to the temple that is blocked, because the main temple is gone and now it is Arabic, the entrance to the temple, Do you remember when we built the moskee? Yah? We have a few mosques on Emenaty, and Daddy-Nanny would ride his horse there, and sing the Adhan like God...Kim likes Nanny's Art!!??? Yah! I can see that painting, the black falling down the canvas on a green background like slime...Unt Granny Hettie married einer herren called Jesus??? Unt Kim is my bambta?? Unt Yah!! I love my cigarillos??!! Yah!! The beatniks!! Spanish!!!??? Ha,ha, cigarillos, I'm leaving to smoke,...Unt Uncle is a communista and he hates kindergarten, hahaha, but is liebe Gotts, and he wants to God, he is a good herren, unt YES!! We had a music player, I remember, called a gramophone with the whirlywhirly handle, hehehe...hehehehe...yah, Hettie sounds so American!!! I'm Heben!!! Heben!!! Heben!!! King for Heaven!!! Kim!! Nanny reads Kipling!! Kim, go to sleep, are you going to sleep?? Gut Nacht...Mummy and I are coming back in 3 weeks!! We can bring Nanny Hannah!!! Yah!! Liebe du...Gut Nacht, Kim, gut nacht, back in 3 weeks...."


The Blacks; the whitemen keep hearing, we're blacks, we are on PLANET JUNE, (because Lars killed the devil, in the month of June, met Polly in the month of June...) I tell them it's the naughty grandchildren and that it meant, 'how are we in souls??' I laugh to remember it, fat white women getting aggressive, lawyers meetings, how I'm the one with the right to say, MEETING ADJOURNED!! I have a castle, I have a wolfhound, my horse is special, it has a purple pink colour, the purple feels well on the saddle, I have a white saddle, the reins are ropes of several colours, the pink is a jump!! The average wage a day is £95, a pack of tobacco costs a farthing, we have old-fashioned ploughs, old printers, and we hand out mosaics that can be stuck into walls, like Barcelonas!!

Everyone, everyone in that generation arrived in HEAVEN!!! The skies were red, one day they turned blue, the grass was red too...I took some friends too, and some strangers, an Iranian Jewish Orthodox girl, who wakes up today and realises she has spent a life, married to an angel, and she has angel babies, another Jewish guy who worked in government, and wrote books on sins and good deeds, and taught the goyishe about jewish love...and the armies of angels!

الاثنين، 12 يناير 2009


"She tell me I'm Howling Wolf one more time, I'll put her on the vine!"

"So, I look like Jazzman, big cartoon white lips??" He pushes his lips out and dribble spits a raspberry kiss..."Little white witches!"

They arrived in England, 1802, straight off the boat, worked on the docks, became free when they arrived because they were God, Nanny has illegitimate baby with Mr.Cole, 1856.

Chinese, silk road, 1260, Yuan Dynasty, "Hallo? Is this Jesus please?" Gran's on the silk road in a little carriage, she hides her legs, because; "They will see my lesbian..." They travelled far, and wanted islands, they knew God, they spoke Jesus, they were Yuan Heavens, they were Holy...they left Bejing with money, they were Empiric, Han Mandarin, they settled in Arabia...and Arabia killed, so they settled for Europe and met men who loved. Granny was gold, she said, "I am noble Lord! Tell my girls to God, I love my child, Lars has God..." I will tell you Chinese, it was your soul, you were rose, yes!! This family loves rose, they were titled, and every chinese love in you shows, Mannie is Arab, she sees Arab, you are united, because you are Muslim Jesus, you remember China, and you are, yes, you get delerious!! Remeber Mandarin...?...Your mandarin, your voice is mandarin...

Gypsy, arrive complete with dancing bears, 1640. The Armenian loved Him, they went to Ireland. Armenia is Love, you are King.

"She says she is Witchita!!!" Aunty Charlotte, screams, I know she wants my babies, but she screams..."She says she is Voodoo!! Black men are dead!!!" No, Silly, I have been hit by voodoo, yes! Voodoo because they take out my eyes and chop off my head and keep them for black magic powers AND I mean black souls...I love Muhammadin African American women, they look at me screaming, and laugh and I can hear them copying me, "AH!! I am having a heartattack SAVE ME!!" and then, when they sense dead, they scream through the skies...I married a girl from Rwanda, I saw her die and walk through the white door. Grandad, is a spiz, he says, "I want holler holler!!" He says, "I want King...little Lars you are King..." Charlotte says weep. She squeaks, "Why did they give you white men dead? I love you, don't be dead, remember our family has woe, don't dare tell men we're dead...I look at you..." I don't care for African, but I'm kin...
tunes on the ear
Bat For Lashes-What's a Girl To Do?
Bowerbirds-Slow Down

Horse And I-Bat For Lashes

Trophy-Bat For Lashes

الأحد، 11 يناير 2009

What Can I Do?

How do we explain her arabic?

She loves me, but I see me in him, and I can't stop giggling...I realise, he giggled, in her bed, just the same. I am told one day she said;

"Do we have Love?"

I was a child, I said;

"You bet! But the next street is a bitch! I've built a gang and we're gonna kick the bitch!"

She has just gone from a divorce, he walked out the door, and she not only has lost her mind, but her soul is dying, she makes no sentences, just dahdahurghdahgh...I giggle, because I see how much I'm in his eyes. I look at soul again; the wall is painted green, so, that means mine is true, love. He say her and said;

"You're sweet!" He enters my head, his face is fat and saggy, and grey mixed with dark blue, hell mixed with holy. I don't want to be possessed by his, I don't know how to comfort, I cuddle, I giggle so much about the street fights. I give her too many words, she is dead;

"Well, my colour is merkle, which means it is all colours," I hear, anger, and then "This colour has become your soul too...red." She mumbles, says; juicy over and over again. I whisper in her hair.

"I say, Yes!! Look at my face, does she sees though she isn't looking, Solomon's Temple, I don't know, I'm a little blind...I say;

"Well, I did the rites, and thought, hah, and it wasn't on a height, but, we need Love!! And I looked at a tin of pineapple chunks, and said; Juicy!! You are also hearing aliens...well, he just said things like bitch, because he kept hearing voices..."

She said; Devils, he was devils...

"No, he is just a man, I've met devils, and I'm humming a special noise, and I laugh because it reminds me of a guy who looked nice to women..." She is still dead, and the Allah priority is back to mine. "This guy said, one day, I will be Him to women...and he would hum like I am..."

She has been mad for 15 years...the crime books;

"She kept thinking, could murder be soul?"

"He is not evil...just accidents of men, that I've met..." I look into the babies, they are high, how do I relax her, cuddle, but I'm feeling nuts, I'm hearing men tell me to have sex, and I imagine shooting her out into the road...and I'm laughing, and getting too sugar violent.

I walk down stairs, and call her gran, she twitters;

"I love thee...."

I can hear Hanumari in her soul, she says; 'I love thee!' And I think;

Then get her back!! I walk out onto the stairs, there is (my sister) another angel lying there, asking me;

"Is she getting better?" I say, no, and then I say, I wish this was my human sister...The street fight has me in ecstatic laughter. I even made bows and arrows, Dad taught me, Dad was the best! We were all the best! She is watching me from the bed, she says, do you want me? I can't hear her, I stand on the ladder of the bunk bed, repeating the street fight story, how it led to the mums finding me with a huge serrated knife cutting through a wooden fence, and then how I burnt my finger on a glue gun, and told the mum's I had been bitten by a snake. I kicked the other street kids like a bitch, I wrestled, there was a freak family in the other road, the dad was handicapped and the mum was obese, the kids always had fleas, one grabbed my sister, so I jumped on his smelly back and hit him on the head til he let go, I was forever kicking boys, in the, goolies!...I can hear in her soul she loves the ex, and I'm low. I think, do, I construct something?? No, I let it go, and then I go for a smoke and tell Gran all about, how her soul has been led into madness. So, no, still no tears. I make the cat jump onto her, it does, and she smiles. She says;

Noob." Baby sister is forever repeating this word.

She watches me eat shepherds pie on the floor, which gives me a moment to pray, and she sups, says;


She laughs because Gran says Lars is weak. She says; "She's dead." I can help the kids magically with their homework, her baby writes at school, Mummy is the bride!! She has so many God! They even attempt to make tea, the next morning, she is well, because she woke up hearing, Heaven we love thee!! She's flipped, she says, knife, they grab the knife, I watch, and say, Noooooo, put that down, be good. They laugh, and hear Noob, they grab the tea, knock it! It gets knocked, they spoon the tea, the kettle is too hot, manage to make tea, she makes the tea, and spills the lot. They laugh. She is bent to kiss, and says dog. They say You want big dog! Be God! Be well. They kiss. Is everything well?

Everything is well. (Note to angels, keep....away from kids.)

The Arabic!!

She has a time!! She says this white life is dead!! We want time, bring her the time!! The Arabic is love, One Time!

I feel.........sooooooooo.......sick. I'm not high love, and I'm ashamed.

The time is alive!

Did anything go wrong????

We gave them festival, he said it shone, he thought, it could be better, do you know every time you said, Love her soul, he would girl??

And? DO you know when girl is in boy, they are well? He fought, you kept well...He would say; Pell, "this little freak is singing her to Jewish!!" (then why did he say Jewish??) He wanted Jewish.

Because everyone you met is love God. He said, "Jewish Girl!" He says, I'm God. Then why did that little pig just says; "You don't want Iran, you want butt?"

And he called me a little bitch at the age of five.

The tea making went fine, she said; "I am God." Yes. They chorused Yes! And she kissed, and said; I'm better! And they giggled, Daddy left better! I'm pig.

URGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. What does God say. Gran is talking GOD.

"Remember she is very sick....listen." "Mum? Mum? Mum?...." She is crying, this is my girl dying...Lars and my girl are dying..." Clever, you. What has she been hit by....feel!!!

PIG DOD. There are voices piling into her brain, I felt it, black voices, squashes my brain/brawn...(My voice does get funny sometimes, perhaps I'm in soul, and I'm calling it a few knocks, I tell Jewish girls how I feel, and they see it, I look retarded...nononononono, my hands bent and shaking, knocking windows.

There are men in the sky schooling, you are a bitch. and it was brought upon by, Jesus (??!!) They are taught to think groovy women want bitch. But this is sin...black!! They say;

"Father has you died, you want fall, we are never died..." I hear;

"Ooooh, aren't you a little doll?? You are Sheol...funny little doll..." I say to my brother;

"Don't slam the door, I'm hearing a woman having a breakdown..."

HE replies,"Great! And up there they're crying you are Hell."

Is this ex, a pig? He was slight God, slight dead, he was enough. Me? You are creeping in Love, BECOME!

This is my mum at the washing bowl, I'm stupid, I say shush!! Someone is breaking down!" I AM FINALLY LISTENING;

"Hit her like a pig!!" I say, Mannie is ill...She says;


The angels are crying; Why didn't she know??? This family was sheol...don't even think, the baby. She turns and looks at the blog, IS THIS HER BITCH?? No, I say, I'm writing, she says, well that's good.

Please help. The door shuts; WE ARE BLACK DEAD, I toooooollllllllllddd, What did mum say;

"I know you're bonk." ???????? " She said; "I love thee. Are you alright?" Gran says to her, you're giving Lars and Mannie, trouble..."I ain't giving her bubble..." You see, I imagine they are possessed by whites. let them go. Dog cuddles my foot, cos I said, be Nan, Louis be good.

She likes Ry Cooder, I see white prayer in him, like I see in mum...I say to the black guy, Look at his soul, is he Jesus?? "I don't care, he'll play it tight..." I look, two chords in I say BECOME JESUS, It hits!! It has flow, it works, it's life...The black looks, I say Be Jesus, he looks at his soul, he feel s God. He says; "No."

I want Jesus guitars, it's so easy to find devils.

السبت، 10 يناير 2009

My Wife

Tell everyone God. Be hope. Let Louis, lie, because she is King, I can see her, she will bring you Him. Polly says;

"I listen, and I wed! She talks to me, in Devon, I've left Dorset, the world has led, Louis loves churches, she listens to God, she tells me holy stories, she walks, and says mountains, she birds, they're seagulls, she looks fossils, I write her, I write Jesus, she is sorrows, she is weeping, she's churches, I see weeping, Rebecca is beauties, she weeps lemons, I want churches, she sings, she writes devils, she's Jewish, the mountains!! (pj harvey quote) She walks thorugh moors and finds churches, she deplores, she says, no roots just wars, she was jewish, she is 22 now, and it's demons, I see Jesus, she eats, and says, Jewish, she's hats, I love berets, and woollen jackets, she stops bicycles and asks the time for lovers, she is 17, she loves turquoise, she drinks, she has villages, she sees wessex, she makes delirious, she makes lovers, she call Jewish, wears covers, I am lovers, she is dirty dogs, she wrote sexy pictures, she makes that girl delirous, she sings Jesus, we have Jewish, she looks at me like lovers, she is naughty sogs, I hear she makes bed, she kills lovers, she ate sisters, she looks at me through lovers, I'm under the covers, she says gosh! those black eyes will kill!! It's me, under covers, I feel lovers, she says gray is the wars and for the forties I'm lovers, I say 60's, but she says 1920's is covers, because she's Art Jesus, she loves lovers, jewish lovers, she wants 1920's Jesus, she says flappers are happers, but cocaine is bitches, I'm delerious, she's 13, she fight's Jesus, she says "I won't pray because I can't sing!" Then she sings Jesus, she buys NME, she's found my photo, I'm IN! She says (Thom Yorke) is beezels, because he is fog, she says I worship God, she is delerious, she knows coves, she wants cavern, she's messy, says wash your hair! she is Jesus! She says, I won't wash, she's been hit in the eye, big black, mummy wants her die, she fights lesbians, I looked at her and saw a broken eyes, it hurts I hit her because I said sex, she is fourteen, mam is nuts, she calls her ma because one book gave jesus, it's Irish, she's Irish fights, i want Irish, she lies like Jesus, no fight, the teacher is fear us; "Is this lesbians? Fight Jesus!" She gets drunk, she ate whiskey, I wanted her bed, she'll fight, she'll be free, she says forsakens, I want forsakens,...I'm sleeping..."
tune on the ears-Rebecca, by Polly Harvey

Polly says; "I'm in Heaven." "In America?" "No...lemming."

"Polly...I wore that in the War...Go."
Air Kiss. With smokes...


I have joined a new religion;

The Poleskaatine, it means; Polly Loves Thee.

It is a funny religion, it is rock,

the rules are;

rock. be Jesus. Love. Have delirious.

She is histronic, she's weeping on the sofa, sleeping in the kitchen, shaking under the table.

My real name is;


Men wrote the Neon Bible, it was a dialogue on the evil of war. She had a black night, the night meant to her, Death. She revelled in the night. It were left. We wanted everyone height. I rmbled in the death, was it the storm? To reply like a Pollykat;

"Yed!" I'm dead.

Yed, we have luck, we want gain. Our luck is blame, you Amorelian, Took!

Eberok is the language of the Gods. Took, means want...they reply in english. Bonk; Look!! Bonk, bonk...erkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!

Ya time, eman eradok, evrog;(love)Hashem,(Be shy!!)

Love and Be Shy!!

One guy hollered; ""I want God!"


The Polly rules are;

"You sog!" Keep me in life. Want a bride.

الخميس، 8 يناير 2009

Your Death Lars Shalom

everyman defied me, and every man hath died, i hath created a fire, and it is for the foul, everyman hath foul, and every man hath fall. We scream to have them, save. I am God, I will nay save. The church hath build, it has cried let me take you to god. you SEE THIS FIRE, IT IS GOD. i WILL DIE HERE. and WHEN i DIE, i WILL HEAR God, HE WILL SAY, PARDON YOU. why PARDON ME? BECAUSE, LIFE IS YOUR GOD. HAVEN'T WE FOUGHT LIFE? WE FOUGHT, AND IT BECAME GOD...WELCOME TO GOD.

The fire is a ball in the sky, it sees we men have fought, it sucks them into hell.(prayer, free men in god...we have free.)

I know I will die, because I kill.word of god:

We hath nay kill, the men fight, the men feel...they call you feel. You are only fight feel, learn to become god. "These men?

They have death, they have death.

The fire is in my hands! And the fire is signs!! We are so holy love!! They nay see what I want! I want to see love!! And by love, I mean wife!! Give me time, never call me from love, to the way, dogs bark at my door. The way they deny names...Saith the Lord, we wants God. They say; We prepare!! They have prepared a pathway to god, lock the door. I want alone. and I want peace. I know alone, it is Gods. I have taken a vow of thought. The thought is; "I want to call God, will this woman I meet give me everything???" She will give you fight, because you know LOW GOD!! She hath the tem,ple, let her prepare God. She was never taught, she knows, she says prayers, she makes rules. The rules to them, are to betray God, she is forthright, she says, marvel God, they are dog, they bark at her heel. We bite God, she screams...They are never bitten, they are torn. They tear his need. His need was forthright, it was; I lead, you god. She prizes Love, they are sword. She held sword, she wants fight. I say;

Let her fire! Let her sword! She says; You men are vile! I say men want god, but they never arrive. She hath arrived, solely....


Am I forgiven?

We forgive you.

Am I forgiven?

These men fall you, for, Love. Hani...Hani?

Am I forgiven? My Love? Can it higher?

You Love, is...King.

I hear screaming in my ears. Am I forgiven?

Every thought Jesus was wise!! Am I forgiven?

I need time to think. Your time is the skies!! Am I forgiven?

You are bitch.

Am I forgiven?

You are itch.

Am I forgiven, by God?


Am I forgiven?

Every man hath fall! KING!

Am I forgiven?

Everything you are forgiven, be a rock. The men? The men fouled, they called you, dog.

الثلاثاء، 6 يناير 2009

The Letter from The Angel

Lars is too God, I look at her and weep, I weep because she knows, she knows we have Love, but love here is not enough, I am Gabriel woes, I see her and I want shows, shows that signify Love. She doesn't show, she makes love. I mean we make little Art. Like, I look and she, wants. We are sure to Jew.

I look at her and think, Lars goes along, I look, she won't.

Lars seeks Love. I look at her and love, we have enough.

I fell in 1969, because I said, Sin His; want bed. She was a child, but in Heaven, twenty-six. I never meant dirt.

Lars sees, she says she looked at her and loved.

I am Lars.

I look the same, I look a little odd, these eyes are odd. They limp. Heaven eyes are strong. Yes! She grew up limping! She was so frown, they droop. I droop too.

I love Hani, look!

How else do I look similar?

I have the face, and the hair! The hair is fire! The look is know! I have, even, the nose. The nose is souls.

Hani is the same.We both grew a little odd.

Lars says, Make Look Same. Let us look as in God. I did. We grew up gross, I laughed; "Lars wants! Because she looks Gods! God wants!" She sighed, I told Lars, our names, she never remembered...

Hanumari looks at Lars and shrieks, says, "You are so's! His is Yes. I love you, you are still so's. Yes! I love Lars! Gabriel, I want you to souls."

"What if I told her, I am never so?"

She would weep...

She can nay paint, in Heaven quite good. I paint like God. I weep, Louis, weep. Polly is the best because Polly is souls. Lars, paint souls.

One thing, Lars! Tell her, you paint! Hani is delirious, she realises Lars loves souls, she says; "She sneaks money! Five pounds!" She is priceless. Lars thinks, she hears priceless...(The priceless is?) That Hani wants your holy Love!! Yes!! She see this Gabriel Lars, Holy Love!!! She hav's India (means?) She thinks it's a little souls and she wants you to know these souls, you are too hissy, think quick! That Jews want souls!!!


Tell Hani, we are paint! She wants to see Jesus. Your Jesus, is His.

Mannie says; "I'm meeting God's!"

Hanumari says: "Lars...meet Me, too."

tune on the ears-Duffy-Warwick Avenue

---I say;

Wake her up in Mannie;

I hear; "OH MY GOD! I just told Lars I love her to God! She is little dogs!! I don't want!!"

The angel arrives in my house, she sits there, with a pen, she is writing to me;

I love Lars

I Love Lars

I love Lars.

I say; "You know we are to supossed to here, have bed, but I'll let you know I still won't brush these teeth...and I'm odd."

I walk to the library in the frost.

She appears as a white shadow growing smaller;

"I'm going back to India!!"

I said, how does Hanimari the Angel feel in Mannie??


tune on the ears-Edwin Starr-Eye to Eye Contact.

Uh Huh Same Wife

السبت، 3 يناير 2009

It's Madness

I know he is crying.
All this is insane.

Just don't let us fall.

It's because I sat in the dark with music and then heard;

"Louis! It's because she hates seeing him!! He killed her life!! His wives are NOT God!! They all fell!!!" What is your name??

I'm a mourner?

Why didn't they fall before??

"Because men moan!! They say save him...and they say you are only a (father's surname)!!"

"You are holy king!!" Did they???

"YES! They fell you!!

"What am I?? They killed Hanumari??

"They threw her down, and we saw her and were too late and she was born to a heaven girl, and you screamed after her, and for years you wept, then she became a teenager and you loved...then, Smarmy, said have sex...you didn't you seeked, and you laughed, and went lower heaven, then they cried throw him down, you landed in mummy, because you said, keep (urrrghhh, I said keep two years ago), they said keep her down, put her in hell, and they said woman are you hell? (by now I don't want to hear it all) and she said no, and they said we bring him down, and she replied bring him down, and then there you were born...she wanted to save. You arrived in woe. Gabriel, Mummy was no. You are her child. Hanumari is woe...Yes, I see you in Heaven, you are King, I am wife. It mean't Nanny thought you were no and she laughed and said He is never no!! And you slept, and she called Her, called Her so God, that you said take me to God, and you were born."

Lisa Loeb-Stay

الجمعة، 2 يناير 2009

Trying to Save Ourselves

God! They're hateful!! I can hear them, it's time to speak. I'm in a kitchen on my fifth tea, with cigarette, and already men are crying Mickey to fall...They gave me the message, with ringing bells, she was divorced and i was to marry her, as i walked through a chestnut tree lined avenue in the cold frost, and i said, please! wait, we can marry in heaven!!

I doth want her in god, i doth love, i doth see her heaven, you think David is level, he is mevel, i saw his king, and the king was hero, and then he sold, then the war began, and then he sold, he said, hit the Arabs like a pig, Louis loved god, she said bring peace. we love god we have peace. David sent her to mezels, he said this Bitch has Jewish devils, she loves Torah she writes his, mine is the Torah, Torah is His, i love everyone to bring Torah, Michal is His, she brings men Torah, and she writes his, she has written eleven poems, they are called, my


They say David wrote God, he wrote psalms, the psalms came from God, he wrote signs, Louis wrote for God, they are the holy psalms. She is king. She is king

because, I am Him.

They were lover, they were locked up, David has sell, sell is fallen men.

The lovers are two, they wait together, Michal was hung. Louis was burnt...because Michal is Jesus, men said; Marry Him. David said I wanted you to Him, we have forever. Why don't we marry again?? They said;


Louis was seen, they saw Her in Him. Michal was killed in Jesus. Men had Michal hung, Louis and Michal made love, David saw them and said; They are light, help me light...The leading men wanted everyone killed, they ordered David. When Louis and Michal were killed David died. He wanted men thrilled, then he became jealous and wanted Louis killed, he sent her to fell.

Why has he defied??

He has defied by having her killed....


Men have continued to have Michal Kotel cried to fall, and Louis feels she has no man or voice, so she called friends, and last night in Heaven they married, she was a little shy that David had died, but everything was well. She heard his other wives, and they are not well, they have hate, we let them go, we went through a secret door, the door is Mother, it is music, it is like;

See me.

We kissed and the high lifted, it travelled like ether through heaven, it shot through minds, it fell devils...

I don't hate David, and I don't want David to die, I don't know who david is,but God said; The situation is bleak, Israel is sinking, David calls wars, and it is Heathen, tell them,


The sacred pact, we know the sacred pact, it is to scream, to sigh in blood, it is death, they die Israel, they die my blood, seek Israel, bring Love. Louis, we are King. They think lesbian is dead,

"I will make a lesbian KING!!!" Tell them David is dead, it's nay to woe, we bring King.

They think; Why are we here? Are we go?

See psalms is Him......Michallllllll psalmssssssss.

David and God

thou doth have love, thou doth hath king, David defy he went to sell, i hath honoured love, i nay have kill,

Come into my arms, be king

Moses is Jesus

everyone doth have love

Michal is Jewish

she hath brought love

i have king i want love

Art thou king? will thou god?

David went to fall

his men are go...he hath forbidden love, he sayeth i want to kill

the king, he sayeth bring love, he sayeth Jesus, Michal doth love, she hath married God, David hath fallen

Louis is God.

David hath fallen, Michal has married God.

David? Doth thou want to kill? He hath a flag and it carried love...when he fell, we cried king, we are unwell, God said King, he said; "Louis you are light, David you kill love...I want you to leave..."

Michal hath married mine.

Give holy men time. The church...the church is Jesus, I bring many Jesus I write King.

Louis is Jesus. Michal hath married. David is in Sell.

"Love, thou men, the women who are married!!"

الخميس، 1 يناير 2009

(Yesterday I prayed Israel and Palestine, for five hours, I think Palestinian boys have died, they have it seems, no minds!! Where can they cry their souls?? As I do, as God can write my thought, in a few seconds, I mean, when we think and can't find the words, we are thinking and we look, and there, five ideas clarified!!)