السبت، 3 يناير 2009

It's Madness

I know he is crying.
All this is insane.

Just don't let us fall.

It's because I sat in the dark with music and then heard;

"Louis! It's because she hates seeing him!! He killed her life!! His wives are NOT God!! They all fell!!!" What is your name??

I'm a mourner?

Why didn't they fall before??

"Because men moan!! They say save him...and they say you are only a (father's surname)!!"

"You are holy king!!" Did they???

"YES! They fell you!!

"What am I?? They killed Hanumari??

"They threw her down, and we saw her and were too late and she was born to a heaven girl, and you screamed after her, and for years you wept, then she became a teenager and you loved...then, Smarmy, said have sex...you didn't you seeked, and you laughed, and went lower heaven, then they cried throw him down, you landed in mummy, because you said, keep (urrrghhh, I said keep two years ago), they said keep her down, put her in hell, and they said woman are you hell? (by now I don't want to hear it all) and she said no, and they said we bring him down, and she replied bring him down, and then there you were born...she wanted to save. You arrived in woe. Gabriel, Mummy was no. You are her child. Hanumari is woe...Yes, I see you in Heaven, you are King, I am wife. It mean't Nanny thought you were no and she laughed and said He is never no!! And you slept, and she called Her, called Her so God, that you said take me to God, and you were born."

Lisa Loeb-Stay

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