الأحد، 28 يونيو 2009

The Drug

The drug wasn't Heroin

It was a Heaven wine...a plant based drug called; Eshel...

But it was around the time Amy and I started dating..and she was on heavy unclean drugs, so I wouldn't let her call...

I met her at Trafalgar Square, after catching the train to Dorset, PJ had fobbed me off, yet talked me all the way, and we made an announcement at Waterloo, crying God through the Tannoy, we got one Halllujeh!!, and

so I left for London...

The beautiful, 'Italian' couple walked by, Polly was singing in the buses, Polly sang, the radiosong (how she did this??) playing at a cafe, in Leicester Square...the bagpipes were playing greet the King...and Amy (WInehouse) said;

Congratulations on your marriage!

I wrote poems, I danced around the conservatory with the radio on in rehab;

Born Slippy-Underworld

Shine-Take That...

Amy called me on Sept, 2007...I said;

Oh you don't want me.

She said;

Honey, I do...I saw you and said, Do...

Polly still owes me that Orange Hoodie!

الجمعة، 19 يونيو 2009

Repeat Fear and Loathing Heaven

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Lyrics Florence and the MachineCOMPLETE JOY!!!
Imagine this, someone has an amazing vacation, a holiday in Heaven, say 4 weeks ago...I want the exact same thing to happen to someone on Earth...

We hit Hunter.S.Thompson

I merely had to cry in light, a

RECAP..."alashanti evar e soul...ebech egara...I want Hunter to soul! Begin his voice..."

The TRIP, begins;

I want you to know, when The King of The Jews, dies, there will be madness...there will be a death of soul, men will wonder why they cry, they will wonder why they never knew, they will burn and they will weep, they will go insane, perhaps, even, when I die, they will die too...

The Trip; we watched the film, from the beginning to half an hour, I have also a, Reconatron, a repetition of my thought and words, that become his thoughts and conversations...because I'm in love with Mannie...thye record my actions, my mumblings, my movements are hunters, that's called a 'Mesezas' a complete reworking of thought in the receipetant, and then he sees, os hunter writes god, he writes the life of the 60's, after taking a hit form a lightbulb, he writes, a word in the prargraph that repeats twice, just like my 'shabookmet' which repeats '5 billion years' 'in the angel's hand', yes!! she is the angel of HOPE, and then the band, I see Jefferson Airplane, man!! we missed that because we are too young, but we'll see it, in HEAVEN!!...whose Gonzo??...the film gets hell bound, when I leave...Gonzo,... It's Me and The Holy Woman Mary/Mariam??, maybe Mannie, yes!! It was Mannie!! on vacation...we went to the beach too, we got completely high...the beach with the mescalito, is us...

Remember the kids they meet??

They are the kids in Love with Jesus;

They meet me and die, because I am monstrous, I am their God, on drugs...they get scared and they leave crying;

"I hate him!!!"

I say; Me? Holy King? or Dotty Hippies on Drugs?? These books are both mine...the bible?? that wins....

I hate drugs! I hate drugs!!
I'm home; You know what I need to think of instead of Hell, my illness, paranoia??

I need to think of the girls who love...

Mary is WIFE...wife is complete home and happiness, it's joy for my wishes...

الخميس، 18 يونيو 2009

'Hey Louis, I'm Michal, I've bought new records, I see you like soul, I am His. Vhat do you think of this??'

"Oh, I love this man so much! I won't answer! Let him talk!'

Chinese Girl

It began when I sighed, I said in Cantonese;

'Give me this Holy Love, and give me wise, I love his soul, this is holy love...'

She would watch me. She was a ghost.

She would walk into my room, where I was bedridden, look at the floor, and say;

'Pretty woman, they are cool...I am cool too...my name is Dai Mu, I love you...'

She stayed beside my bed for weeks.

She wept.

She was a ghost, at 25,

She was tiny. I found her, I drew her, she had long curly hair and a beautiful face, she looked angry, like she hated the english man...

The first night she saw me, she laughed, she said; 'Look at little happy!! She is sexy!!'...

When she saw me, she laughed...'I think I am naughty for want you...I am know man, and they kill you!'
When I listened to Nick Drake's Pink Moon, with him, and sat throughout the whole album, crying...she wept. I spoke, I said to him;

'I love you!'

She said;

'I love you too! But don't talk him for want!! He is so sick, he will kill!!!!!!!! Give men baby, and you kill!!!!!!!!!'

She would SOUL me, he would look from his eyes, and I saw bed so much, when I said; 'Look, chinese boy, we're soul...' she screamed; 'HE sex soul!! He has sex my soul!!!!!!!!!'

...I left her the drawing...she was stunned...'Does this mean she loves me?'...and then, she tickled, 'You say I am Dai Wu, because that woman have little bed, I am Dai Mu, it mean't I look at you...'

She followed me to the canal, she was flying through the air;


I said; 'I want him.'

'I want him too!! I want him to dead!!!'

at 25, she was 63
When I was dead, and tripping out;

She said; Run, she said, yes, Chinese speaks!! You say, Give His...run from sick men, and get in my bed!!'

الثلاثاء، 16 يونيو 2009

Chinese Boy

I was sooooo in love...in love with the chinese guy...I saw him dressed in black at my schoolfriends house...

His Mummy drove us to a party, and said;

"You are soooooo pretty..." I was wearing a little mascara, and I was shocked...

he arrived a house party one day...

I was smoking cannabis regularly...

He was so very tall; 6'4...big nosed...half cast...very tall...so dark he looked Indian...

We hosted parties every Friday night...it was me, that invited every kid, every guy I saw, to come round our HOUSE...

He was the sickest thing...grabbing his crotch...eating messy takeaways...dribbling the food around his mouth...i thought it was comedy...

He talked...about wars and about music...he had handsome dark eyes...

"What do you think of this?? You haven't got an opinion..." I wanted him, I wanted him

I wanted to get closer to God...I wanted to kiss him, he called me Buddha girl, he'd follow me into the garden, where I sat thinking and smoking...he would visit in the day time while my boyfriend was at work...he would give me looks, I said; I love you, I love you...

He wouldn't wash...I said;

'Let him stay here...let him shower...' I cook, but I don't eat, I give him my plate of foo, noodles, sweet sour, eat chinese I like chinese...

He hates Oriental girls...'We would walk the streets, drive round in his car...he got into my favourite band, he played guitar like a King, it would sooth me, it was played through love, his love was sick, he would practice, but when it arrived in the HOUSE, it became fuller....the guitar killed me...it was always the guitar, I hated drummers, give me guitar forever...' What do think of that girl, what do you think of her?? I say, I don't look...I love you..'

Things started to get spooky I was getting too stoned...I wanted to leave the house...there was a book with a swastika left neatly in the doorway of the spare room by the hallway...I started to turn...

I wanted him, and wanted him, He liked PJ, he liked PJ Harvey's face

The parties were high, I began unable to cope, got pissed and fell into bed at ten...I tired one line of coke, he hated drugs...and there was a smoke machine in the back room, with bright UV lights spinning round...the girls said;

If you want him! God!!

"Susie Boobs, Susannah Boobalah!! Hey my little boobalah!!" I'd holler as I ran down the stairs, "Welcome to my party!! Girls I Love you!!" said; He's sick, if she wants him we're dead...(my sister) Why do you tell her he is HIS?? He is fucking sick!!!!!!!!' They didn't tell me...I began to have nightmares about the white men that visited the house, like, 'Hey have you got a fiver, for this cocaine...?' The paratrooper, was my hangout guy, he'd get in early from working the bins, and we'd watch films, and share joints...the paratrooper hit a boy in northern Ireland with his rifle butt...I went insanely Irish, I swore I was the little Irish horse they wanted dead, the 'filly'...I was bossy, hysterical, he arrived one day, wearing I lvoe Ireland, t-shirt, he was never clean, he stank, but he talked, and he talked..

I began to dream, when he played me a Nick Drake album, I cried and cried at every song, I wanted him to look, we hung around for hours, I was thought he was sure too...I wanted to kiss...

I kept reading white power sites...I kept thinking...We can go...we can run away from the white men in this house and we can have God!!I said, we could go to the family, meet your sister and parents, and get married!!! He said;

'The chinese hate jews...' you say she is boobalah, and she is a slag, you say boobalah, yiddish bitch, and you tihkn you made it up, her boobs are slag...
'My mum is chinese, and she hates jews...' So, I said;

'Then you love jews...'

He said; 'Mum says your blood is I am coolies, from the paddy fields...'

I said; 'Then, she is a little crazy...'

One day, we went to the canal...it was the brightest day I have ever seen, the sun was so magical, it was like a pink pathway to the water, the grass was greener, the day was cool...we walked past white girls, who seemed to agree with what I wanted, magical love, I had one little joint, we sat on the banks of the canal, the feeling got higher and higher, his hair

turned dark blue with light blue highlights
...I tried touching his hair, he whacked me like a fly and groaned get off...IT WAS ANGEL'S LOVE!!

After the canal, he took me to a resturant, I was soooooooo dead...I watched the family beside us, and cried to them for help, I was in tears because he kept shouting, EAT THE FISH EAT THE FISH...the family, looked like angels, they looked at me, and shone with light,

I began dribbling, and crying and crying, I couldn't hold my love, and I cried, I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU...I said;

I was the soul of Chinese, 'You are the man who killed me dead...' I see a chinese girl in my soul, and I need love...

We pay for the food with vouchers, a seedy looking man covered in tattoos and grease, smiles at me from the corner...I begin to see everything in dead...I no longer have control, and my free will was given up long ago, I looked at him like a muslim brother...but, he is bringing stranger men to the house...and my boyfriend is nuts, he is downloading Nazi bands, so I tell the chinese boy, we will be dead...I said I liked the band, but I didn't know why, he is right to call me a bitch..."But I hate this man and I think he hurt, I want you to leave, you must leave in this band...I am nay far right, I am a liar..."

I had to get out of the house, I am madly in Love with him...'the white men will kill us dead, if they find out about us, we are dead!!!'they were going to kill both of us for being in Love, because he was Asian...and now he had a cheap car, we could fly...I tried to wake him up at night, he swore, we could go, ready to go anywhere...that was the night I sat in the car and broke down...;

When I came back, from the mental hospital, I wne tback to my boyfriend, because I didn't know what else to do, I tyed myself to him like a husband, but I hated him, I would never eat, smoke his bags of weed, listen to him moan and then give me another bag before he went to work, and watch him eat...

I began to see, I hated the chinese boy for looking at PJ Harvey, he was wanking her, and she was mine!!!!! I saw me back in death, so I stayed in my bed...
to be continued
2003; We have become corrupt. The children are called, Love, King and Him. Love is Gold skin, King is a purple child...Him is so bright, he looks light blue, but this blue is higher love, the colour shines so bright, it can kill the soul...Any man who looks into that light, kills himself. It is Allah souls.

2003; I am soul. It takes five years to realise the truth. A car is parked outside, it looks like it belongs to an acquaintance of mine. I'm in the garden. I have planted the car there three hours before. I have been wide awake and smoking marijuana for five days. Time spins out of control. I cry I am pregnant, I keep sweeping the entrance to the back door, I vomit all over the doorpost. Cars are spinning round and round the front of the house, I can see only white women in the car, shouting and pleading with me to leave. I have been see-ing images in the bedroom curtains, a heavily pregnant Egyptian woman. I have been in bed for months. I look out of the window, and see myself, dressed in her black and lilac waterproof jacket. The night before I sit in the car in the alley, with the keys, crying and smoking a joint, the car is full of buttons in the dashboard, I have found a gold watch, the hands of the watch spin backwards, so fast that I drop it and it smashes on the ground. The car is my time machine, it's my HG Wells. I think of the hairy men underground I think of the stupid blondes in the forests. I am the time traveller, the book reminds me of the wars. I leave the car.

I've fallen on the ground in the hallway. I'm having hideous visions. Now; I can hear a girl dying, I begin to pray, I go to the garden because of the noise in the house. I always keep my prayer quiet, sometimes I wear a doppa. I realise the girl is me;

"The Goyim, the goyim..." (On Planet Emelbert, Matishi's are being killed by an evil government known as the Goy-im.) There are three men in the house.

I remember the silver car. I'm shoeless, I have with me a little pink and white rucksack, I open the passenger door. There is a Chinese-Russian looking man in the car. I call him Buddha, I'm hysterical, I can't speak any kind of language, I jump up and down like a monkey trying to communicate with the radio, I switch it on and off. He is patient, he smiles. I call him 'Buddha.' He has deep watery brown eyes and a clean clear round face.

I'm in my parents garden, I'm working magic. I've planted myself as a man in the car, I follow my visions, I say yes, the radio worked!!

I KISS, ,MYSELF through Him; I say;

"I will take the blue bag, EAST...you will want to follow, but in five minutes he will have completely disappeared. He will cry to the East, and you will go westwards and cry the light..."

I watch him go down the alley, and I turn and walk towards the supermarket. I am bleeding...Everyone in the car park looks ancient, and grey-haired.

Muhammad anxiety. Once one of his leading followers, Abu Bakr, said to him, “O Messenger of Allah, verily your hair has turned gray.” Muhammad replied that Sura 11, along with suras 56, 77, 78, and 81, all of which deal with judgment day, “have turned my hair gray.” (isn't there a part, where everyone will die and go grew at the end of the world?? those who deny god??)

I throw the black t-shirt in my bag onto a bush like tree, and keep the white t-shirt.

to be continued

الاثنين، 15 يونيو 2009

cubism timetravel essay

(copyrighted PUNK!!!)

The Theory of God and His Power.

Dynamics of The Magical Light of the Soul


Time Travel.

Chapter One: The Dance of Circular Time. (entering a room)

Time is seen to be circular. This is because an amount of Holy Power creates the circle. It is 'rise the attainment'...this explains the way God works, he has a magical, mathematical power over the world, and over us; to create atoms, to create the universe. With one, small equation he can create a flower, or a storm!!

We know that the Hebrew base readings of their holy book, the Torah, on the study of Gematria; the divine use of numbers. Each letter in the Hebrew alphabet represents a number, the number has a sacred meaning, and holy books are taken apart to reveal one after another, more meaningful secrets!

One way we look at the world is to cry, if we cry, we have entered the world, like a baby's wail as an announcement of birth.. The cry can be low, as an inward groan, which enters circles of louder heights; which leads to power, or the cry can be sonorous prayer, which shakes the very foundations of Heaven, and gives rise to soul, and pleases God. The highest circles are Light, or, also, Soul. Every soul has light!

God is King, he has power over the divine.

(God spoken of as ein sof=nothingness water running in the wrong direction/bath/overflow round and round)

The soul is part of the universe. We are contained in powrful universe, we are created by God. God has power over all things. We need to look at God, what is HIs soul? It is defined as material wealth...

His soul is five over nine.
He makes souls awake, He puts souls to sleep. He makes us cry, and He sees thought/think. He contains the Light.
We are Universal Soul. Our souls are contained in the Universe, stars in the sky, show many thoughts. The fire contained in stars is the height of thought, made of Hydrogen...Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest of elements, it makes up 75% of the Universe. Our bodies too, are part, hydrogen, water-based, (The water, does keep soul, in electrostatic, this means; soul is kept in the body, with no outer glow, until FORCED, because it is safe... fused together with, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus, and also, a thinner base of plasmatrons contained in cell mass, this is the Light, light is photon, soul is photon...Soul is light as small as an atom...it is the heart of the nucleus, it brings electrons into the circle, it helps protons focus on smaller ions, the spark between atoms, I will refer to ,as, Hebrons. Hebrons are

Our souls are rich, with deeds we reap..

the nucleas of a regular atom contains 8 hebrons, these hebrons create light, they focus on the soul, they move like random...points....maths!!!!!!! there is a slight adjustment of the outer circle...........take the 5th into LIGHT...with the 5th in light, we can solemnly declare that we are NEVER IN LIGHT, because the 5th is circular life...this means, it wants light, but it is negated by a word from God, the word is NO....the question of the 5th is...."So..."
God defied. He doesn't want a so.

With the 5th died, we move into NOW.

When the 5th spins into 6th, we are, ....flight to Home. 6th is Myths. When we walk into 6th, we have a NOW. The Timelight is, "Look at See!!" The 5th wanted DIE....because the 4th had brought the DEATH of HOLY LIGHT. The pattern of the Circles is, to, create a wealth of HOly God. it is the movement of soul through an area of thought, the TIME idea is what is thought!!! That means, we sing, and create a time cycle.

We sing into Time.

Time as thought of in movement, movement of the channelled Soul. The soul searches through a regular pattern, the pattern is five minutes, this is a), then we come into b) 32...thirty two TIME, is the light

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The Psalms and Little Yeshua

Michal and The Psalms

the little boy that saved our psalms and delivered them to a holy man in north Jerusalem, was called YESHUA!! Yes!! like Jesus' first name!!! we were in prison, I called him from here, he managed to slip past the guards, and was astonished, 'oh god, you are nearly dead!!! I will tell men to cry that terrible king, to go...Miss, please understand I love you, my Father told me to arrive, 'I have a book for you...'...I want you to get out...He said Saul will die, I believe Him...these are special, did you know He write??? You write Heaven, I will go there tonight, the man is cool...he said, 'Let me hear the bride...bring these souls...' ...

When they gave you papers, it was because God cried soul...'

We made 20...we were able to write 90...2 weeks later, Saul fell...we were released, Michal and David link: Michal and The Psalms

Yeshua was proud to be God, the man he took the PSALMS to, was crying Our Lord...He wanted Messiah, because the kingdom was falling, the Babylon War had been trial...Yeshua said;

These are from the King!! Our King is Queen David let her go!!

Why did they call me a man??

It was a special oath made in Heaven, to, never, kill, our girl...
'the King will be a scarlet Him, he will be too bloody...the woman is God...break God...our girl needs Christ...never let them know...'

The Book man said, 'these are His...he told me they are nearly dead, I am going to the King, because he is a fool...He sins this country...'

He arrived; He had two men...they said, We appeal King David, your knigdom is dead, My Father is KIng David, LET HER GO...we also know she is our original fathers...the father of Kings...I have brought you two psalms, we will read, and you will give God, he read...they fell about laughing...

"Yahweh! Let us see KIngs!! My heart is dry, and I am Kings, my soul is God, becometh my soul...becometh my love...Michal Kotel"

He said; That is SOUL...

I burned them, and his daughter rushed to the cell;

'They are dead!! They are dead!!! Every man got ill, and they suddenly died!!! Let me through!!! Release my LOVER, for they hath died!!!'

10 girls wept with us...they led us slowly out of the dungeons...and we went to rest...the next day was thunders...Yahweh cried in the skies...we were brought God...

We wanted Love...and we kept men well...there was a throne test; which is???

Are we fell?


Are you ready to quell?


Do you realise this soldier is KING??

Are you hebrew??

I love them well...

Are you voice??

I am Heaven...

I slept on furry feather mattresses, I danced...enjoy these songs!!!I'm a little bit dead...I love this song , released 15th June UK...at the moment...

and this song, awful voice

and this one, by 'esmerelda' silly song

and my 'girlfriend's new tune; seek Amy (winehouse??)

السبت، 6 يونيو 2009

The End

I've made it to college, if you read my blog from last night, sorry, i deleted, it was scream stuff and it was funny

I'm not happy, but i'm doing a higher course than the one i applied for;

it's equivalent to;

A HND is roughly equivalent to the first two years of a 3 year degree level study or to the Diploma in Higher Education


a HNC, that I think...

goodbye IN a few years, I'll start another blog, and I'm sure to tag http://jerusalemgypsy.blogspot.com if she is still around, I've been a problematic commenter for many years...I met her alot around Jerusalme, 2005 August, I'm UK Girland I wasn't impressed by UK Man!!! I'm an obsessive thing.

let's join the PEACE PARTY!! can you debate, can you donate??

Anni, anni, that was a favourite name of mine, last night, I heard me as a kid, say;

"When I'm 30, I marry Anni!!"

So, we'll see...the dealer already called, I'm soooooooo fine looking, when I wear red... and I'm damn lazy!!...