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The Mad-House

"Oh, Gosh!"

"Sharrup, I'm writing..."


The Mad-House:

Duty was; When the Interviewer thought I was Red, she winked...

"I am putting you in light, you are, enter, a mad home..."


"I HATE YOU!!" she smiled: "Now, we are dead..."

The madness of a 1930's home, the girls were sparkles, 

"OH, nonnnnnnnn! You look, Light!"

I screamed, I ran through corridor...I said: 

"Start This, and Dead." I said:

"I'm going!"

I ripped apart, a curtain and said;

"This is Jewish!"

I took scissors, and forlorn, and stationed my mind in circles;

"Right...I'm going..."


I clapped, and sang:

"I am Jesus!" 

I punched a peanut. I ran through the house, and took clothing. I turned into a man;

"Right...Now, get work..."

I ran to an office;

"Nein nien, Hail! Hail! I vant a job!"

They gasped:

"You have Aryan face."

"Do you want special? Or sort?"

"I'll join, Effer..." 

--- I lifted my chin, clasped my hands, crossed my legs;

"I vannnnnnnnnt, S.S."

"Blimey!! SS is hardest!!" 

"I know.... And I sin. Piss on my face and I will King." 

They wrote:

"He has....a look like lemon. A good King...get him to Kraut. Write,: came in; Him."

I growled in the office; I growled with long hands clasped, and long legs crossed:

"I am waiting."


In 1935, I was cross, In the fifties I was a Star. 


I applied for breeding, on the grounds of wanting sons and daughters, because I was weird and wanted weird children. I wrote to Hitler, I wrote I was Zwitter. But I wanted no Hell from men...A card arrived that said: 

"We do not need to see your c***k...we are going to select, you have the look, and you're a beautiful pig...Welcome to Lebensborn..."


I shot a Jew. I felt mad. I saw they were going to shoot, he was nearly mad, "Lover! You can't win!" I saw he was going to get a worse fate, I shot him...


The pretty girls shone. They were wow! "And you can't lack!" They were all around 16. I was 19 and a half...

One looked down at the floor, shyly;

"Would you like me?"

"No, no, I don't vant..."

"We can have a family..."

"No, no, I die..."


"Keep her..."

I can't! have...I am brutal! I know girl...I tell them I'm girl and they lie. 

Girl; "Why can you?..." 

Another Girl: "Have you got half-blood?"

Me: "Yes, I'm zwitter...are you alright??" 

Girl; "I like this...give want."


I took over, it's obvious...


bow to the law, law give me words;

there was a fire in the belly. I heard twice. Name the belly; Muhammed...

Does she like the O and E? She likes the U and A?

There was twice. And I believed.

Then I sat near ZimZam, and flung myself through a lemon portal, and screamed:

"There? There? So I'm dead under the tree in the desert!!! I know where I've been sent..."

I slid down the stairs,  " the Bait...The Fire has the Bait!!!!!!!!!"

On Zimzam's bed:

"There's no way for me to stop that door, no way for me to be saved, I've already gone through the portal, it was so quick, this power is hatred..."

I'm a weeping black in silk, and a hot raging red fire in my sleeping...no power kill's Infidels...

It passed in minutes, a quick e-yo.

I faced it like it was nothing, I laughed, I slept, I said:

"Look at these theories..."

"And ZimZam boy; what if? How can there be two souls? so this one must go....Yes, Allah will show me again by making it go..."

Zimzam was not supposed to hear any of this, it happened two weeks, ago, I vomited over the bed in the night, I brought up vomit, twice in a few days. So, I didn't say, "It's Shamsi's...." Because I wasn't calling anyone Shamsi...

They were all sure. And so I went to the cafe in the dark, and bought a plate of chips, a big plate, I ate fast. and I crashed:

It was a blank, then a quick drop, focused over my cup of tea. It was sudden blank pain, it flowed through my eyes, and I stared over and around the centre point of death.

"What has happened?? Everything has just died, I can't cope, how will I get out??"

I heard: "Daddy has died..."

"Who is Daddy? Why me? Who are you? I don't know you? Why can I die? I freak...Is this a Mohammadan girl? Don't tell me! Who is Daddy? I will mourn but I don't know why? I've nearly died, am I the daddy that died?? Don't tell me!!"

I went outside, the table was silver, I put mug on table. When the mug hit the table, it made a soft noise, but the feeling of the cup was a grating flesh-searing soft tap, I rubbed my finger under the cup round the little dent, it didn't feel soft, I tapped the mug a few times on the table and the feeling was still soft, it felt like smelling the colour creamy sick white, a putty smell you can't wash off the skin...

I recovered by walking home and becoming a lunatic, joking and hating through doors, I passed the place of the fruit and veg stall, where an arabic man had once called me over, I was angry that he called me, and I kicked him as I walked, his beckoning turned into a loud punch, he kicked his fat body off his chair, wobbled up and down, and shouted:

"Oh Boy! My Son!!"

It was a quick hilarious use of power I don't want...I ask for light to be taken away. I pray heathens dead...

I'm writing this because it's a mental month...the 2nd egg, the one egg, left the fire...I wanted to put marmite in my pasta, eat fruit bars drink vitamin drinks...impossibly I didnt understand this sort of thing , doesn't happen, in a week,  when I finished eating, looking at my fire, asking Mummy God,  a woman said call him Muhammad, I said sure but this has been insane before. You must know?? I !! know !!

If your all sure.

I took two tests in the hospital ward once, I was certain, because guys were appearing, a mentally disabled lad, (I mean psychically mental disabled) appeared in my walls, I saw an image of a girl with Amy's face and my red hair...

I dreamt a future alone with my kids...the baby girl and I both get bob hair-cuts, eventually she has to use a wheelchair, because her limbs are little underdeveloped, I see women in tichels, and black clothes, all looking like whiter versions of Michal, come to visit at my welfare-given free house, the guy with the divvy stutter and big enthusiasm had got a bedsit, called a bed-"safe", nothing better, it was all disabled because of the drugs.

That's a stop.

A blank.

The planet was Ezequitar. I had a free house I had a bed-sit. It was all-joy...it's a long story about the kids, it got insane, I had numbered the kids now had five different mums...there was my son John(my pick)  Edom (her pick), from a seperate time and place to teh other kids, who wanted to divorce his wife, there's another story about those ones...a terrible almost  comediac story...


Zimzam is pretty and a hero. The first story she heard was when he called: He said:

"Mummy! I am star-light! This is so Him!"

We get like silent death. ZimZam will choke, you choke....

I tell the story, and the point of the story is like a fable.

All I need to know is assurance, some good truth, some honesty. Honesty is here, and the fact of fables is true, just little points like star-light dont shine through...

So thats

a stranger sentence...

The Dumping Ground of the Universe

Emelbert, home of the rat-people...

There was an influx of english-men, demons like little women with red and black and yellow tentacles, and the terrible ruling Goyim...

I choose to give the patients in the hospital "Fly..." There were grades, levels, and colour codes. I learnt the colours before I was locked away.

There was the colour fluorescent blue for Emelbert...

One night, standing in my sister's room looking out over the garden while the whole house was asleep, I heard a crowd of voices. It was something to do with giving Finland, powerful light...(seriously)...they didn't want the light, and they threw it back violently, the gardens to the north-west, lit up neon blue, a huge mass, a wave of light began to lift over the fences, and shot like solid square towards the window, I ran out of the room, the bathroom door was just in front of me, I went into the bathroom, and the blue light screamed through the tiny window, I ducked, and ran out...

I was trapped on the small landing, and each of those doors glowed full of this light, It was sharp like a knife, I almost fell on the floor of the landing, with no where to hide....it looked dangerous, sharp as glass.

I learnt the colours when I walked through town, to the shopping centre, different colours were flying through the air, merging into passersby, into houses, even a bright blue light into an big, slobbering dog.

During the day of learning colours, when Satan had already appeared in the town, or rather, kept itself in my room, or when I went out for tobacco tried to shoot balls of flame from the sky...stuck a cat monster that purred to me, stuck somewhere on the bar of my borrowed bicycle...the Babylon Whore...("...the Devil's girlfriend...) A cartoon picture of Lars Shalom, meeting the devil's girlfriend on the top of some stairs...so I knew I had fallen into Hell...

and I called everyone in town to fight...I saw how people were wearing their chosen colours, a tall white man with a skinhead, in a stripy black and yellow ochre jumper...women and girls in pink, one in lilac, African men in dark blue, some in green....

How it got on radio, and made men say disgusting things...

The family had gone away to Spain, which was where I sent them, after some days, of the arrival of the 'Roman Emperor', I had already moved the kid out of her room, with a sleeping bag, as the Emperor was inside one of the walls, and I had to keep the rest of the family in a safe light...One day, they got too loud, slamming every door...a kind of toll outside in the road, the cars passing by...I said it was a Toll-Gate for those who would be saved or not...

I hated the 'cat' on the bicycle the most, because no matter what I did I couldn't get rid of, I rode all through one newly built town, through chalk quarry's and to my aunt's house, everything was dead, there were zombie witches cackling in her garden, though they were invisible, I couldn't shrug them off...I spent hours in her garden, smoking and smoking...then I ran a bath, the bathroom seemed the safest place, I couldn't tell her what I was see-ing, and the taps went on and off, and I spent most of the day doing that, sure that this time, instead of exposing my skin to burns, it might just keep Satan off me...I didn't get in the bath eventually, and went to sit on the spare bed in her library, when:

I spotted the 'black book'...just mixed in between, several other odd books, Japanese myths, Anthropology books about menstruation, a dire book "probably by" by Sackville-West I'd tried reading before..,

The Crowley book.

Dead, dead, dead....That book.

I was dead if I didn't take it down and threw it or burnt it...I tired to persuade her baby-son over days, to get rid of it...

When I left, and rode back up the winding road beside the chalk quarry, with the cat still on the ******** bike;

The bike jack-knifed, it just broke apart in the middle, and the tyres were down. The chain had fallen off.

A little white car drove up the empty road, and stopped beside:

It was the social worker manager from the evil house up the hill, that used to be my art club, the place were I continually drew copies of skulls, from my original copy of a real live human skull, and I like the art-club teacher, because she was gay...

The social worker had been looking for me...I was miles away from my parents house, so assumed somewhere had telephoned the house-up-the-hill...

I hadn't yet got back to my new flat, which was being refurbished after a fire months before...When I got back to the house, my aunt arrived, in my sisters room, I had destroyed the bunk beds, moving the slats, away, so that I wouldn't be sucked into the portal called Hell, above my lower bunk...the little bible (which would evoke many demons, because there is evil in the book too) was resting on the edge of a slat on the lower bunk, throw there, of which the mattress had been put on the floor, and there were big burn holes in the mattress, and bowls of soggy dried cornflakes everywhere.

She did something astonishing;

She leant over me, and shouted at me, as I sat kneeling on the floor...it was shocking to me,because I could see she knew what was happening but;

"I... she was wearing boots...."


So, I learnt that we were put in levels, and Emelbert had become one of those levels, the lowest of course, a little higher and safer than damnation...


I met a girl on the benches, she was a ghost, and she lay in my lap, I had met her before, from the War...when I was trapped in the ward, I would walk down the halls, up and down, I began to imagine where I would "Fly" to, I began to practise, I spat on the floor, and I high-stepped, I did it in front of her, forgetting I was being watched...later that night, a woman I had sent to Emelbert came into the dormitory where I had woken up...

She had gone to:

"A terrible place, while I heard you went to a party..." (sometimes I hear where people have gone as though there is a sound-window above their beds....)

We had hired a jazz-band for our wedding, me and the girl who had spat on my shoe...

Developing A New War.

Cut to 58'

I am Jewish. I have prayed the world...I brought soul (quote the Voice) /not the 'voices'.///

I am a wily little "Abraham Girl"

Yes! A ghost appeared and said:

"You are an Abraham Girl."



1958: Fuhrer of the World. King of England. King of Arabia. 

World Soul. 

Lord of Heaven.

Any but the most useful vechiles are banned in Britain, everyone rides bicycles...I have a limosine and a little house in the suburbs, the towns were beautiful then...with circuses...everything got knocked into soulless towerblocks, and architects won awards, for piss-covered metal cages, and no cover...no covers...

The london buses are no longer red, they are black with silver chrome arrangements...there are gunners in my little houses,

there is a lot of Love...there are thousands of night-clubs, and churches are filled, and a new Israel...(and that damn Sisters of Mercy playlist/This Corrosion/) ...

 Got to think specifcally here, and listen to a Voice:


"Hitler is Dead. He hath Fell, He hath Fire and the Hell. I am Law. Now, we are well. We deliver Love. We Sing. I will become one with Allah." 

Iran was insane. "Witch! Witch!" They wondered how we'd King. "It can't be a God?"
"She's slaughtered every man and now bring God ()?!"

"Daddy...sing we have Allah. It is a girl that Loves..."

England was amazing:

"Oh Gosh! A naughty girl!!! She has saved our world!!"

"Jesus! Jesus!"

"She walked in, without praying!"

Mummy with kid; "When She sings, I want you to be good..."

"Mother! Mother!!"

---right, now you think this is lunatic and so do I.---

I wanted riches for the masses. 

"Allah?" "You brought King. That tale has told..." "grpijhwiniow...was it true?/am i bad?"

"Yes...tell the tale..."

--- A Temple in heaven. White light. People, A People.I died if they killed Love, am I looking at a rare picture of me in black, and I have an expression like mad Salvador Dali, and it's all black...Arabic words have an emotion revealed by colour;

I want to study Idlahamma;

a deep black/gloomy. a simple definition, in the dictionary, I know three types of black, the Satanic one is greyer, like it's built of scales...the deepest woe is, deepest black...I want to write the one word, all in arabic...I said about the Arabic green also...

""Yes, we have green-eyed monster...red rage..."

"No no, that's not quite correct...green is a feeling of Love, not sickness...the Zelda (?) You know that? That's waiting in the dark for Love...English doesn't express..."

There's dhamma...then the dictionary explains in part of dhamma, a type of Habba (Love) that he was "Crazy in Love with Her." I forget, but its something like Madha --- BLAH!

Ismee Lars. Inta --- ? Kha'eer...Dhalika Jannah...



I studied. I became a hitler. I read secret pamphlets. The pamphlets were about sicko. They cowed. I read hitler.


They were special. They said; we are Higher. I liked cool. There were stories about Vikings. 

The 1st one: 

"We seek Satan."

I was in love with Hatred.

I went to school...I was a fuhrer, especially an Untsharfurher of the Reich. I did this by school. 

When I arrived I was in a circle. I fell on the floor, and crumpled. I would like to say I touched the ground like a cat. I was clothes less, and astonished.

"Oh God. This is dark..."

I got given a table.

"You." nod, nod, "...are Jewish..."

"Nein, nein." shake head, shake...

"What do you want?" A hand on a piece of paper.

("I want. To, Fight. You!")

"I think I'm dead...I've lost my mind...My mum and Daddy are dead."

I had landed in the brusque. I worried, I sheltered in a storm, a large luckless storm, full of fool, darkest rain, blank tiers of fell-storms. Luckless.

I hurried through the streets.

"Find a girl, find a girl!"

I found two happy kids, who giggled.

"Lady, you are fit. We help you..."

"Help me. The fucking pig burnt me!!!"


They led me to a Kraut. He said:

"F***ing Hell! You are God!"

the Irish luck and the flared hair, red gold, but only in sunlight, or an electric light...the Irish mind, the the inter planetary red...Irish temperament...IRISH...leprechaun hair...big giant leprechaun, horns hidden in the hair...hooves, furry legs...

The first book, made me 'gosh!'...It was scientific, it sheoled jews, they were superior, the jews were superior and they wanted a war...they "Satan Luck..." ...we can only hope...

"We are wise to War...We are Luck."

I got the book from a woman...

The Interviewer was in tears:

"Your mum and daddy are dead? Vhat foul!!"

"I help you...get a suit...get a memory...give us Luck. You have entered fuhrer..."




here we go, f*****g pig, here we gooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! 



I got joined to parties. I got special prize, a suit, a luck.

I was 19. Nineteen in Soul. I fell door after door. I had been asleep in the mental hospital. People all over the dormitories were interplanetary travelling, an old grumpy woman was landing in a little town of Amwell, demanding to leave her day-time clothes on, every time she slept, I knew Amwell, well, it was full of huge wooden American houses...and a friend.

I flew through a dark room, falling like drowning in water, shining doors moved all around me, I went into a door, that gasped:

"We are in need of a Messiah..." a whisper gasp:

"Help Us..."

I chose that door.

Because I was sick of falling.

"Just let me out..."

"This is it!! I'm going through! I'm going through!!"


The book that led. It made me think, I was special, I wanted to crime. "F*****g Hell! I am Red!"

Getting a home was Hell. I got put in a dormitory in Munich. I was a mad-girl, but special, because I looked like a King. I decided to transform, I burnt bits. I had it all shaved off...I joined Munich...I got a seat:

"Welcome to the Talk."


I begged. "Will you help me?" "I am Hitler. I need showy light, I want Reich. Give me a job."

I got thundered.

I blanked out hatred. I joined the pips. The Army. I was UntSharFuhrer. (Sargent)


The War Diary (continued)

'Dita is weep'

'I want soul, German is soul, I like the Shine, it's Aryan Him, it's Gott...It's see I am Him...Mein Kampf writes pathetic...he says shit...

'When I free, I am Aryan...'

'Armena was Gods, she's a dyke...she has face...she shames cool...; 

'Stoopid Fag, every girl, dirt fag, I want girl.'...

'Eva Braun sparkles, "Look at Lars! He's having fun!" 

"I am shining! Shining! Look at my girls!"

"We welcome Lebensborn...every girl tonight. Make sure they are cool. I want luck...Luck is to, tickle...Lars has Lebensborn. "


"I have Hailer! I have baby. Scream! Eight girls, have baby. Scream they're Hell!"

"I made two. White Him. Alan, and, -----...I want them sky. Keep."

"Lebensborn was nut. How do I put? "By kissing!" "Vhere ist shit? Poof!" 

"Nein poof, bed."

"Bed is sick."

"Not sick. Gut!" 

"Then, sick..."

"I hate party, Eva is seen. He says, 'Stupid bitch, lean, fucker height!' She sweet...'

"Naughty Doth, you told me High German; "Thou Art Clean. Dirty men forgot. Don't dirty, becometh God."


War Diary part 7 or so.

"I sit in the house and think this is sit, every hope, the 'workergirl' sit. I had an argument with Dita/ I fought. 

She said; fuck...

I screamed, 'fuck is witchhhh!!!!!!!'!...she squealed, and said; 

Fuck is different to him ??!!! 

she said; 'I fuck shots.'

I said;

'Then fuck you!"

"When I am 45, I will have 'Haven'. When I am 32, I will be welcome in College, I will make some money. I want 42. 42 is the end of fight..."

"Porty...they call God,

"Porty" I sit. 

I sit there thinking thick. I hate thick. It's shell...I make fortune...I make a fortune in God...sure I'm dead."

"Fortune. They spoke; 

"Aryan fighter, I am sheol. I want you to fighter. You are 7th King, that is because Helman swords. He wants God, you are his sitter, Aryan Gods. If Aryan is to speak, it wil be you...you will be Queen......When I die, I want Aryans...My Holy Queen, I die..."

"Salt, thats whats Gods. Salt of the Earth. Good Gods."

"Speak! I'm sitting. Sheol, I'm hitting..."

"School. I made it. Everyone have school. Write about Heaven. Write Light.

I am Furher, Light."

"Jewish, Speak."

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War Diary And All My Good Friends And Lots Of Confusion

"Eva and I high, we out to God, we went all over...We said; "Look at War!! We are kill in War, never War!!" We walked arm in arm, we kissed...I like her, she says bed; "You vanti, you vanti..." I say, Vant..."

"The dog is sick, it looks at me and it is sick, she loves doggy, i want it dead..."

"When i open door, I blink, i have to think, i look at them and go, i say thick; "Yes sir, I'm dead..."..."Yes, I look."...I close the door quick."

"When they hurt Eva, I said, dead..."I don't think we'll bed, i feel ill...i'm so sorry..." I know i think 'Fell' I make it well, I cuddle her, i don't think well, if i comfort her I am god, i find it hard to comfort her, I am quiet and never God. Where did this come from? From Mum and Dad? They beat me I feel bad, women cry, I am mad, I can't heal when they cry, because i think die. I am grieving, we all die..."

"Hitler said gay well, "Funti, you are a naughty fuck for God, you have Eva, little poof, fuck her..."

"Amy is crying, she is shrieking; "Why am I hearing Germans!!!???" I wanted to pray for her, but I died, prayed..."

"Frodo is watching me, he says big, "Daddy Gandalf! I will protect thee, I told them to leave thee!!"... he means, leave me to God..."

"(Dorothy) is crying...She says, I am die Him, "You swear and pig!! You are too shook! I pray thee, and you say FUCK PRAY THEE!! I am keep, you are keeping!! Ernest says, "Split the devil!!" I hate thee!!!"

"Mummy knows and still says, "Pluck your eyebrows!!"

"I can hear me with Jews, the kint(d)er are Jesus, they say; "Mummy! We're delirious, we love you! You are Jesus! Nanny says you have baddie eyebrows, baddie eyebrows is Jesus, we love Jesus...!! A little boy says I have baddie Hindus because you speak Hindus which is Indian and Germany says Indians!!"

(very confused about dorothy....(???!!) I told Dorothy "I will take you to bed tonight!", and she giggled "Your memory of the Table is died??" It's 1930's...she says she listens to me in germany, I tell her I want the maid, She says; "You are shot!" "You are Miss Lars! I want you naughty!" She says Ben(t)ley is died, I want Bentley, you died...Benchley is a dog...." What if I said; "Hitler's favourite car wasn't a VSW Beetle, it was Lars,??" She laughed..."You are naughty dog..." I grab her wrists; "Don't want..." She touches mine; It tickles..."Naughty man, boydog." I am a girl! "Girl dog!" I love you....I will respeck, "Respect won't..." OK, goodnight...kiss..."Don't keep calling me Bentley, I look a fool..."..."Beetley!" Goodnight.

The War Diary

"I wrote, "I want Funti for my life, I will cry Eva wife, she loves me to God, she is sooooo sex, this life has been bleak, they look at me and call me 'dyke' they say I fack, i have never been in worse, I need luck, I need wife, If I have luck I will white, If I have wife I will love, take me to wife..."

"It is today! Today, is Gods, everyone wrote Hey! The private said I was a good man of Gods, the other men are creep, they say I stink, the higher men look at me to work good, to bring the hebrew down and carry the campaign forward, they know I am girl, they say, Gay, to be a girl is God's! Then they dither, and they say; "Why do I say Gods?" They say; You look, you want to look...I say no, I have never want..."

"Eva was luck!! She took me out, we went to a club, the club was 'knub' so evil and so dark, I said; "Eva, we're dead!" It is all brown, and the swastika is hung up, it was like the house and the black dog, the house was want, I think of Greta and think dead, "Did she look? Did she like the knife? I was so gentle with the knife, I wanted her, she wears glow, she was so beautiful"....the men pig, they drink and pig, they stink...the bar was dark and we ordered drink, I had one vodka, Eva went dead, "Don't you think the men here are arseholes??" I said, "Yes! They stink! They vant to kill God, I will kill them dead!!" She looked at me, I said; "Vhat?" She said; "Vaaaaaaannnnntttttttttttt!" She kissed, She whispered and said, "I like their stink...because they won't think, if they think of you they will want you dead."

"Eva is so sure we are dead, I say special dead, "We have God, and we are well...I like you, I love you!" They sing Jewish Death, I think of the jewish death, i feel sick, just as everyone wanted dead, i wanted a speckle of light, I want the hebrew, i want their light, i am ever night...Eva said; Alright...She said, "Heathen men are dead!"

"Come to bed, we'll bed because we're dead...Dead is beautiful bed..."
Metallica-Unforgiven Part Two (They had hurt her...They hurt her very bad, we stayed in bed...I sang this song with my soul...)
she wrote; "I want Gabriel, Go..."

"Why do I shock??!! I say; "Bitch!! I will kill everyone in the light!! I want you all die!!! They say Bitch, we want die!!! I am happy, I nay kill the hebrew dead, I bed...I have eighteen women, they are beautiful german, I meet them in His (Hitlers) house, and I have sex...we toast, to the end of hebrew light..."Vadarkvet Ekraut!!!" I like their Lauren Bacall, their hair in loops, their bright lipstick, their pout...They love...I love Love."

"I am jewish, nay in blood but in heart, the Torah is Love..."

"Work: I have to follow, I have to say, "I am Kraut!!" Like Grandad, like his curse, 'Kraut Pig!' Like Grandad I have to be loud...I hoop, which means I turn round, I can highkick, left to night, left to night...right to light, right to light...I am a genius!!! I can march...I heil like a kraut; 'JA!!' I look astonishing, I have lemon hair that I burnt, I mean I cut the curl ( I work like a king...When I open doors, I am silent and then I am Krall..."

(to be continued, computer time out)