الثلاثاء، 27 يناير 2009

How LutherLars will Become Lars

"What happens at the end of this time, living two lives??"

"We are accepted into God, and we become one, our souls shine God, our two lives will gather together as one..."

"What if we for example have children in the other time/universe?"

"The children will arrive in God..."

"Will there be a shock?"

"Yes!! For example Doofie invites God, and then finds out she has two children in the other life!! She will hear them in Heaven!! They will come home!! Then Doofie will give them God...Doofie will explore the other life, she found she had two children and laughed...she loves her children!!"

"But there will be grandchildren!! And then more grandchildren!! Different husbands."

"Women choose men..."

tune on the ears-Elouise by The Damned-

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