الأحد، 11 يناير 2009

What Can I Do?

How do we explain her arabic?

She loves me, but I see me in him, and I can't stop giggling...I realise, he giggled, in her bed, just the same. I am told one day she said;

"Do we have Love?"

I was a child, I said;

"You bet! But the next street is a bitch! I've built a gang and we're gonna kick the bitch!"

She has just gone from a divorce, he walked out the door, and she not only has lost her mind, but her soul is dying, she makes no sentences, just dahdahurghdahgh...I giggle, because I see how much I'm in his eyes. I look at soul again; the wall is painted green, so, that means mine is true, love. He say her and said;

"You're sweet!" He enters my head, his face is fat and saggy, and grey mixed with dark blue, hell mixed with holy. I don't want to be possessed by his, I don't know how to comfort, I cuddle, I giggle so much about the street fights. I give her too many words, she is dead;

"Well, my colour is merkle, which means it is all colours," I hear, anger, and then "This colour has become your soul too...red." She mumbles, says; juicy over and over again. I whisper in her hair.

"I say, Yes!! Look at my face, does she sees though she isn't looking, Solomon's Temple, I don't know, I'm a little blind...I say;

"Well, I did the rites, and thought, hah, and it wasn't on a height, but, we need Love!! And I looked at a tin of pineapple chunks, and said; Juicy!! You are also hearing aliens...well, he just said things like bitch, because he kept hearing voices..."

She said; Devils, he was devils...

"No, he is just a man, I've met devils, and I'm humming a special noise, and I laugh because it reminds me of a guy who looked nice to women..." She is still dead, and the Allah priority is back to mine. "This guy said, one day, I will be Him to women...and he would hum like I am..."

She has been mad for 15 years...the crime books;

"She kept thinking, could murder be soul?"

"He is not evil...just accidents of men, that I've met..." I look into the babies, they are high, how do I relax her, cuddle, but I'm feeling nuts, I'm hearing men tell me to have sex, and I imagine shooting her out into the road...and I'm laughing, and getting too sugar violent.

I walk down stairs, and call her gran, she twitters;

"I love thee...."

I can hear Hanumari in her soul, she says; 'I love thee!' And I think;

Then get her back!! I walk out onto the stairs, there is (my sister) another angel lying there, asking me;

"Is she getting better?" I say, no, and then I say, I wish this was my human sister...The street fight has me in ecstatic laughter. I even made bows and arrows, Dad taught me, Dad was the best! We were all the best! She is watching me from the bed, she says, do you want me? I can't hear her, I stand on the ladder of the bunk bed, repeating the street fight story, how it led to the mums finding me with a huge serrated knife cutting through a wooden fence, and then how I burnt my finger on a glue gun, and told the mum's I had been bitten by a snake. I kicked the other street kids like a bitch, I wrestled, there was a freak family in the other road, the dad was handicapped and the mum was obese, the kids always had fleas, one grabbed my sister, so I jumped on his smelly back and hit him on the head til he let go, I was forever kicking boys, in the, goolies!...I can hear in her soul she loves the ex, and I'm low. I think, do, I construct something?? No, I let it go, and then I go for a smoke and tell Gran all about, how her soul has been led into madness. So, no, still no tears. I make the cat jump onto her, it does, and she smiles. She says;

Noob." Baby sister is forever repeating this word.

She watches me eat shepherds pie on the floor, which gives me a moment to pray, and she sups, says;


She laughs because Gran says Lars is weak. She says; "She's dead." I can help the kids magically with their homework, her baby writes at school, Mummy is the bride!! She has so many God! They even attempt to make tea, the next morning, she is well, because she woke up hearing, Heaven we love thee!! She's flipped, she says, knife, they grab the knife, I watch, and say, Noooooo, put that down, be good. They laugh, and hear Noob, they grab the tea, knock it! It gets knocked, they spoon the tea, the kettle is too hot, manage to make tea, she makes the tea, and spills the lot. They laugh. She is bent to kiss, and says dog. They say You want big dog! Be God! Be well. They kiss. Is everything well?

Everything is well. (Note to angels, keep....away from kids.)

The Arabic!!

She has a time!! She says this white life is dead!! We want time, bring her the time!! The Arabic is love, One Time!

I feel.........sooooooooo.......sick. I'm not high love, and I'm ashamed.

The time is alive!

Did anything go wrong????

We gave them festival, he said it shone, he thought, it could be better, do you know every time you said, Love her soul, he would girl??

And? DO you know when girl is in boy, they are well? He fought, you kept well...He would say; Pell, "this little freak is singing her to Jewish!!" (then why did he say Jewish??) He wanted Jewish.

Because everyone you met is love God. He said, "Jewish Girl!" He says, I'm God. Then why did that little pig just says; "You don't want Iran, you want butt?"

And he called me a little bitch at the age of five.

The tea making went fine, she said; "I am God." Yes. They chorused Yes! And she kissed, and said; I'm better! And they giggled, Daddy left better! I'm pig.

URGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH. What does God say. Gran is talking GOD.

"Remember she is very sick....listen." "Mum? Mum? Mum?...." She is crying, this is my girl dying...Lars and my girl are dying..." Clever, you. What has she been hit by....feel!!!

PIG DOD. There are voices piling into her brain, I felt it, black voices, squashes my brain/brawn...(My voice does get funny sometimes, perhaps I'm in soul, and I'm calling it a few knocks, I tell Jewish girls how I feel, and they see it, I look retarded...nononononono, my hands bent and shaking, knocking windows.

There are men in the sky schooling, you are a bitch. and it was brought upon by, Jesus (??!!) They are taught to think groovy women want bitch. But this is sin...black!! They say;

"Father has you died, you want fall, we are never died..." I hear;

"Ooooh, aren't you a little doll?? You are Sheol...funny little doll..." I say to my brother;

"Don't slam the door, I'm hearing a woman having a breakdown..."

HE replies,"Great! And up there they're crying you are Hell."

Is this ex, a pig? He was slight God, slight dead, he was enough. Me? You are creeping in Love, BECOME!

This is my mum at the washing bowl, I'm stupid, I say shush!! Someone is breaking down!" I AM FINALLY LISTENING;

"Hit her like a pig!!" I say, Mannie is ill...She says;


The angels are crying; Why didn't she know??? This family was sheol...don't even think, the baby. She turns and looks at the blog, IS THIS HER BITCH?? No, I say, I'm writing, she says, well that's good.

Please help. The door shuts; WE ARE BLACK DEAD, I toooooollllllllllddd, What did mum say;

"I know you're bonk." ???????? " She said; "I love thee. Are you alright?" Gran says to her, you're giving Lars and Mannie, trouble..."I ain't giving her bubble..." You see, I imagine they are possessed by whites. let them go. Dog cuddles my foot, cos I said, be Nan, Louis be good.

She likes Ry Cooder, I see white prayer in him, like I see in mum...I say to the black guy, Look at his soul, is he Jesus?? "I don't care, he'll play it tight..." I look, two chords in I say BECOME JESUS, It hits!! It has flow, it works, it's life...The black looks, I say Be Jesus, he looks at his soul, he feel s God. He says; "No."

I want Jesus guitars, it's so easy to find devils.

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