السبت، 28 مارس 2009

Eight Miles High//The Golden Earring

I found this record in the charity shop, and stuck on the second sides halfhour song...I can draw this...

I'm in the middle of a little room, my hair is long and dyed red, I'm wearing a black cord band round my forehead, I'm wearing a black kaftan, and black trousers, with purple/pink embroidery on the edges...the music comes from my soul!!! I'm dancing, shaking myself, the girls are round me, some of them look naked, they are in a semi-circle, wiggling to the ancient israeli music that fills the room (they are circa 24 AD,lifting up their hands, dancing in a 1970's style...full of the spirit!, doing the fishy shooshoos, something I'd be wary of here, but there is never a party here to compare to this, it takes prepartion, the rock music bgins, it's hit on the one song on the vinyl's second side, these guys are famous disciples and the woman are followers of Jesus, from his time... an ancient sanskritt passage has been released to us in gold light, it fills us, we are dancing and praying him, Abe is there rolling around on a sofa, having too much fun, in a bright purple headdress; crying and laughing, "Father! Forgive me!!" He is on his favourite, beeeerr, best beer is from planet jesus...the music is colossal, Jesus is hearing Father and he's gone, he is in wonder at the holy light, jewish holyguys dance in, spinning, through the door, and dance out again, there is no sex here, I am writing vedas high, we see many men climb, because we are crying Zion to Israel, down below, the kids are outside, with the mums, in daylight, I spend some time with the kids, showing them how to quickly string a succession of arrows, and to shoot them from the bows...the party lasts eight days, I'm here now, walking through a supermarket trying to remember, but it's too, we have the Light I want the secret!!

I've bullied today, but, I've seen this...God was something we thought said No. When a Rebbe cried Ribbono Shel Olam he was crying; "Mother, I want you." But this, we died, So when we climbed the ladder we said:

@Take us to four worlds!! Ribbono! Ribbono!! Let me fail!! Tell Mother fail!! Let me free worlds!! Let me become another soul!!: And so we enjoyed falling, we enjoyed being pushed away and flying through the air into hail...Thou have brought evil to us, it is we who are Love, we will cry we defy!!

The party Vedas, says, Become Mine...it says, we have ever died. Because the secret, was; To Bride. Give heathen bride and we will die. Never call a light man, we are only for the High. The high is special Jesus, he never asked why, because he was sure of Death. He sought to fly, this is father's death. Why not fly?

I am beating the drums, I'm shaking my boobs like a mad...Abe cried forth, Sail!! Tell the Arabians Hail!!! L. cried Now!!! Now!!! Young women were in tears;

They are too want for GOD. Their God is HIS. They party to his, when we party, we say, "Sink His!! I want foot!!" We say I want to hate...

The men get too near, and bang! in white light, they are out the door, still spinning round...I played a note, each note went higher, the party ended on a note, Abe left on the second night, because he could see God lies, on Earth and he went to find soul...I could see death, I'm howling, she's growling, I'm growling the song in her face, I'm tickling her, she's whizzing, I keep getting this odd thing downstairs, whereupon I'm insanely pushing my pelvis too and thro, and falling about the room...the women tickle, I scream...

One of the Songs that appeared at the party--Let me die!! Let me die!!!
I also love circa; 1820's, those dances with untouched fingers, ha! Adam and the Ants, gave me recollection of wearing breeches, shooting pistols at the floor, and dancing with french girls!! I'm dancing in dirty alleys, I love remembering this!!!! Diary of today: And now I have no hair!! short back and sides, shaved to a grade 4, and little spiky dyed black bits on top...And I woke up to kiss Ellen Degeneres' wife's armpit, this morning, because I think they were calling me....ha!....well, stop. And my sisters wigs!! Big Lilac wigs and Russian communist soldiers hats!!)

I am reading the BOOK OF MORMON! Yes, it's all about alien worlds...I am God, I am also the abominable church!! Emeeshi found the town, Emelbert, heard me say some silly word and named it Nephi!!

A Woman On Trial

"Miss...you are continually crying we are Aryan...?"

"Yes, I am. Because he is the sweetest pie.""

"You say we are Aryan Fall...are you in any way fascist?"

She squealed.

"Also. You cry he hath the light...is this well? The Aryan talk, that will give you fell..."

"My sire is King, he is Aryan God..."

"Miss. We are going to fell...goodbye..."

I know when they fall because I encounter demons.

"You!! I told you to call me quick whenever something like this happens!!! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHEN YOU FALL!!!"


...Our babies call;

"Mummy, we are on our way to school, say Grace!! So we have a good day..."

I just lay there on the bed..."I don't know Grace...God, say Grace....(we say Grace)...go...have a good day."...I turn round to cry in the pillow..."Mummy?!! They say grace! But I don't know grace?? I came up with that idea when I was seven??? Why do they make me think the demons will kill the babies??? I have to go..."

I say: "What men can I call when they kill us?? I don't think I have any brothers...Mohammed? Then I will call Mohammed...we are to take the sword?, I tell them that, but they say No...Please save this family...I don't want Mohammed to think I'm bed...I cry to you all the time..."

Demons climbed into the bed, she was still in fall, Mohammed killed them...

Even the woman on the staff has to die, I let her look at a jewish girl, by mistake, and heard her cry sick want...I will never see a problem if these infidels die, I think it will bring Peace to the World.

More weeping, the Matishi's called...they are being killed by human men that appeared on Emelbert, I think I forgave them too well...How is it possible they were sent to another planet and not to Hell? Also, the monsters, the 'Dabalien' I made those, they have no soul, but they have spaceships, there is an intergalactic war between them and the men of Planet Jesus, I drove ships into the sun, what if they were human ships?? I prayed quickly, which is a kind of roar, consisting of one sentence, of what I exactly need...Does making these things, planets, stars, animals make me a Demi-God?? I call God, by resting my head on a table, and asking one question at a time... "Were they Dabalien ships?"... "Yes they were..." Every Daablien died. We have won the War...somethings a bit odd about this...More Sorrow. How did these men appear on Emelbert?? In sleep? Wouldn't God see that was stupid???

I called the german girls, three of them are still alive, talk was a bit rudey, and then:

"You remember when we met I said you looked too furry?? because your eyes are like funny fur! But then, I said, but I want and you laughed, I'm glad you laughed because I saw you love..."

"And you!! The babies were sick!! They saw you in that murderer, so I cried and cried, and because you ran, we are well..."

"Do you vant to sigh? That naughty ---- was a vassy killer..."

"The babies see you in Him, and they sleep...Good vant, good sleep..."

"The babies were sooooo blonde, I vas God!!!"

الأحد، 22 مارس 2009

There are seven seals, because, now, there are seven commmandments, we are exempt from, thou shall not steal, thou shalt not covet, thou shalt not kill.

The Lamb is Jesus.

The seventh seal hath revealed our life.

The seven trumpets are the sound of life.

The seven bowls are the beginning of Christ.

الخميس، 19 مارس 2009

Dreams of Germany

I contest that I'm in God, and I also I believe that I am damned and the Devil shows me why:


Picture: a nice warm night, in a garden at the back of some flats, nearing a walkway, on a new housing estate, an african woman is sitting on the wall, we are in England, that's apparent, a jewish girl wearing dark blue overalls with her dark brown hair flowing down, is sitting on the grass, I'm a man, I'm wearing a chunky coat, it's important that I watch the Jewish girl, because, she is mine, Germany is in England, another african girl arrives, just as I explain we have to leave the area...

Switch to a kind of hospice I and the jewish girl have entered, after a little walk through a dark lit street, there are many soldiers and men around, no women...the hospice is full of benches, it may be a train station, it has a little reception behind a wall, and pillars on each side, my wife walks on ahead to find a seat...I am a soldier, I ask for a bandanna, of the german flag, red yellow and black, with a black swastika, because I want my jewish wife to wear it round her arm, I'm HIGH on Nazism, I talk with them for some 20 minutes, though I am awake, in my bed, and I am in LOVE with my memorabilia, in love with Nazism, I would also like a little brooch for my wife...

I walk to her, unfolding the bandanna which becomes a huge flag...we greet some men, who know I'm sure! that she is jewish, but they like us, and walk with me I think at this I notice an african girl, but an african girl in a ghost, talking to us,

We enter a tiny cupboard room, with some friends already there, I find my wife sitting on some boxes with our few possessions, and tell her to try to use the huge flag as an armband...she won't turn to me...THEN

A shaky German voice begins singing, as though on a very loud radio...IN my bedroom!!

And just before a black plane with a silver swastika on each wing, still the man singing, and such heightened fear and expectation, the plane turns, looks small enough to fit in the building, and lands in the room, then disappears...gunshotssound!! I see a man point a gun through the door, and shot a man in front of him! I hear gunshots everywhere...

My wife and I realise we are the only ones alive, and that it was mass suicide...becuaause

has arrived dressed in black, holding a black cane, walking over the rubble of the building, and the reason for the suicide is that this complete incarnation of the devil is something ssssssoooooo frightening to face, even for german men, we are still alive in the cupboard, we know we are dead, AND the man is still singing a woeful german dirge, and I am singing along as I turn out of my bed I can hear the song in my bedroom, and my wife is silent, sitting there with her back turned to me, looking at nothing...as I leave the dream...

And a few hours later I think of it, and think, was it? :

"An interactive movie?? Could anyone be that sick??"

الثلاثاء، 17 مارس 2009

The Encounter. Elohim

He arrived in Heaven. The four men were two lights. He was the first man. The lights meant, they were the
The lights were large shapes, beneath the lights were DATES/TIME DATES. They were,

1935, 1982 and 1.AD

He bowed.

He saw a throne...

He sat on the chair and began to cry. He cried God.

God rose. He joined Adam in God.
When God joined, everything began to flow. The circles shifted...they shone...Edon climbed the Wo...n't...Lars told Michal, he..."woe....n't..."

The circles are named Michal and NO.

The House was built...they made Love, the circles shifted into synch.

The circles spun...


  • Anum=King of Life, looks everman. Keeps LightRemove formatting from selection
  • Emay=King of Want, makes SEE...holds ten books.
  • Etan=King of Love, Etan cries Weep.
  • Egru=King of God, because God loves Egru.

Edon=King of Death/Lover.

Death! Already Dead! I am the King of Death! So I can only cry!

Edon is white, Edon is bed...Egru looks at Lars and weeps:

"Edon was Holy Love, Lars is Edon, Bring her Love! Make her King! She is surely Him!"

Why were they there? Where was God?

They looked like Devil, their faces were brute.

God was below them. White means King. He said; Lars King! Anum is Death, Emai is feathermen, means liver. Etan broke my light, Egru is too fight. Edon hath King=Yahweh.


"Edon's face is God, Etan, Emay and Anum are the ugliest sin."

"Why are we unclear?"

"Because they are sin!"

I am below them, because I NO!" "I look like Jewish, they are killing light, but they are sin."

What is Death King?"

"Death is what you knew, they call you King, because I am Him."

"This is too simple!"
"Reach Him!"

"Etan was like a New! He looked at Heaven and said, (HIS) "I want this to Love, hear men weep." Emay said New, that he knew everything they knew. Egru was Though. "Think, thought!" Anum, sick/means/sweet. I said; "Let me DIE in You."


God looked up at them, and fought. He said; "Anum is God, but I am God,I am through with God, Kill Enu...(Eygptian word for Love.) Kill Him Love."

God was a soul.

"I want to die, I am dead." (LARS)

"God kill Anu." someone else.

----God wrote Jewish books.

When Edon arrived he froze. This men, "...are too weak, they look very odd! They have faces likea Gru! (Beast!) Their faces are hairy beasts! And their eyes! They are light blue!"

Edon watched them from above. He said; "These men are SOUL! I will greet them SOUL!" God was Holy Light, he said: "These men are souls (then I go to light, this story!) WE FOUND the LOVER, in men of skies. God was lower than us, (clean) because HE couls see. The light begins wiht Edon, because he was SIRE HIM.

He fought the fair men....(stops)

"I will tell you soul!" nononnon

(I whine) wait, wait...Edon wnated wife. (starts agian)


He saw SKY.

Elohim and Diatri

She says: Ashkeem, my wife that, I am the King of Love, that my name is Edon E Yahweh, I had a moment of doubt, as to where I was, she says in human form, I am 'divine'...a divine God that looks sick!...I didn't want to hurt her, but I started to worry about being with an alien. That stopped, she is Love.

----back to story;

When the Elohim falt, 'when they look'...they know what to expect, expect the death of Love.

When Edon cried God, every Diatri left.

With the Diatri dead, he began to weep..."Where is this God??" He saw that Diatri were dead, and he became filled with Love.

"I look to Edon, and want, he seeks sight...I look at LARS, and want...she is special to Him...she makes me seek, she is surely Him...she is so soul..."


taratattatum, goes the keyboard singing;! 'become! become!

Edon flew, which means he flew out of the sigh of heathens..."Father! The Diatron are killing my lover!!"...He killed his father and he leapt out of the Lower Zone with a shriek, the Diatri followed...men ran to the outer Lower, the Lower is a Hell...He cried to God, to have the Diatri dead, they screamed...Edon heard sick, he began to fight, he asked God if he was dead, God replied;


They followed him through ten devils. devils means weak sin. He called Heaven home, they reached the outer Home. There were four men there, they were Anum, Emay, Etan and Egroo...They held Lamp...(lamp=HIGHER!)...they held the stone/gems...they moved worlds...they were four times FATHER...annum represented King...Emay was the lighter dead...Etan sings Keven, he sings create me a world...Egroo is Seek...Egroo flies men...they are the; FOUR MEN OF HELL.

GOD lived lower than them.

Edon met them and was in tears..."Father! These men are fears!"

She said; "YES! They were Kings! and they are Fears!!"

God sent a knife, Edon clasped the knife, he met Anum in fear, and said LIFE..."You will King, and I will Light!" (shit, I'm working on what they did now....I'm breaking through time, stop)

الاثنين، 16 مارس 2009


Iblis was "Diatri King" He ruled our world.
We were the 1st (Elohim) to revolt.

With Diatri hating Him, everything went Low.

This is the oldest Lore

The Lore of Heaven.

The Elohim looked God.

Some of us went to Earth, under the Diatri was Hell, they battled, it was the time of Earth's first soup. Diatri were sick of soul. We the Elohim became Him. A few Diatri felt Love. We came from Love. We were the spiritual first. I was born to a self serving beast, father was sick, I said; "Let Me Go!"

Idom attempted a revolt, he was quenched.

When I grew up, I flew out.

I made it to another star. The Star was Atar. It was tropics.

The Diatron are beasts.

Danaan is my 6th wife.

The star was Heaven....

The Holy Elohim and The Diatrons...notes

We are Angels, we look like this:

We turn into humans...

Diatrons are Evil...they look like mad grey men with sharp teeth and metal-looking spiky wings, vein enhanced sickly skin. The voice is screech, whine and scream. They killed.

They are weak. They heard sick, and agreed. I look a little like this, yes, I sound like I rasp and hiss, we have the holiest eyes, we see the Holy men, and say, Muhammed was right !!

How we arrived:

We evolved from eternal light, we rose, we came from, soup We were Angels. I was the fifth made-man. My name is


Her name is; Danaan. We're cute!

They call me; Hashem!

I was the fifth after eight-fly!

That means? It means I am Holy Lie! Because, I went out from God, to say, why?----
We live in the lowest Hell.----Angels----
We are the first men, we seek Him, I am the wise men. We are fair hair, we are azure. Originally, we look so much like that photo/video, I'm high!!


He realised, Lars Shalom, that Michal had spoken, spoken in everyone...He realised he was no king, he realised there was another man up there, and that other man knew war, but he didn't know his kingdom...This King was old, this king was middle-aged, he didn't have an ancient like Lars, but he made men, Lars had one guy, and that one Orthodox guy, was about to die too...

Michal came back, she was hilarious, she was special to Christmas, because she made every year!! She wrote him the first year, in the baby years in the Snowman...she wrote him again, back two years, she was writing in everything, she drew him pictures, she was sweet to see Amy and she drew her and sent Lars pictures, the husband, the King had sent him pictures too; in the springtime;

Lars slept on the sofa...he saw a woman in the air, she was beautiful, because there her eyes shone blue, bright as the neon green and dark blue tiara crown on her head, the old King said;

That is my Queen.

Lars loved her, he couldn't see words. She sent mad, he could see inside his brain, his mind his forehead, at Christmas a little cartoon, it was sweet queen with spinning blue eyes and chattering comic teeth.

She jumped on him in the kitchen, she said, naughty sounds in the kitchen girl's voice; huff, huff, uh uh ermmmmm...She spins quick, she is naughty, awful;

"Do you want to watch this film?"

"Hah!! Saw it when it came out!!"

I knew she hadn't...

"I have another film..." "Yes! I saw it last week!!....("What did you think of it? Are you going to tell me about the diatron angels? Again?") What did you think of the film?"

"It's yeah, it's, yeah, it's OK..."

"Tell me the evil fallen angels with spiky wings again!! The devil angels..."

My Mum says things like; "Have you twigged yet?"

No, But I see her now, she is holding the branch...I didn't want the old King, I didn't want to be a new king, of whatever country or planet...I said he was dead King...there was somewhere where she told me he had given her squits...Everything was going wrong.

It was wrong, because I had made King, but I had lied that I was king when they brought him to me. Christmas was still cell, in time, I knew she was looony, she wiggled everything over my head, forehead, wiggled...she kept looking a like she'd gone a bit loose. I know she was God. The eyes were originally Him, they were brown eyes, the nose is all wrong, you see her nose, to call her that woman is not wrong, you see two in two seperate centuries, she is;


I had to cry I hated David.

That has hit a lot of things, I chopped up the Star of David. She is rebel. I chopped the star into five pieces, because Love had been lost, I said, he was a liar. His way, is a father, but something odd, he is forgiving, I don't like father, because he is never angry, I say, he has so many wives he doesn't care, why does he keep her? This isn't fair...and then

I turn into

a boy...His, boy.

Miss? What is her nose?

Her nose is the first thing I see, it's lows, it is so small it is packed with with well, and sane. Well, I said there are two women...

I can't call him a bastard because he doesn't hit. Bt she gets upset and says he sqits...

She looks music. Little nose was 20th century.

Michal is naughty, she is lunatic, she makse the cat twitch, she says naughty little ick. She says;

"Queen well! Yishrael Heaven!! I love Havid! My King wants well!!" I feel sick.

They, are...the older married couple, they are an era. I made the time.

He says; "She thinks..."

I feel sick...I'm so young.

I never understand. She packs up her luggage, she sits in my sisters room on her bags, she looks wartime, she has a flower in her hat. She says she has just left David. She does that, she goes from him to me. She looks like the train is about to get her and the devil get me. She talks for hours, I tried to write her, a play. Mum slams the door, it hits our heart souls immediately, and he both sigh, I love you, and we shine gold.

I feel unwell. I don't understand. The dark haired is Marie!! "The dark haired is Michal to the dead!!"

"They look different!!" That different is Michal wants you to look, and if you look, you will feel well...I keep crying;

Do I have to forgive David??? I have to love him, but something is wrong...I think, this bastard made war, I made war...

Shall I tell you what give to the world?

I give poetry, liberte, equalite, et fraternity!!

الأحد، 15 مارس 2009

Lead The Alternative World

So, I'm the leader;

of half the world

I join Islam, I can sing!

Get a reich command plane to Saudi Arabia, I see the uniforms, the uniforms stcuk, with twerks, they wear white emblems, the eight point star (eight lovers) and gold stars, and little swirly Hindu Om marks. I say:

"Will these men bring God??"

My wife sees, I swear to myself she has a much more knowing eye, holymen say I have eyes, my eyes are tragically wrong. She says;

She says they are through..."They killed...but they wanted to work, you've employed men who killed...Arabia will be light...I want you to love, love men who killed..." When I see dead.

We arrive in Arabia, to flying flags.

"Welcome Queen..."

Arabia sees my soul. It says sing-a-prayer. My heart swells for God.

"They forgive us for being German!!"

Russia is over. It's mine.

Herr Commandante ----- is ninth in command. He is in command, because he was a teenager who saw death and wanted God. There is a fatwa out for a man, he arrives in the rehab garden. I am dead. Forget the man. What did we do with the Jews?

I write 10, 000 books.


What did we do?

Northern Russia. Russia and Poland is in my town, in my newsagents, oh wow wow wow! I am fluent, the women are all Loves Yous!!

"We hear Lars..."


Every jew forgave her in God.

I greeted the Rebbe. He said:

"White Lady! Planet Jesus wants Light!! We will come with you!!"


My wife is Low: "Do you see they have Fell?"

"Do you vant or do I go?"

"She is so special to me, they never Love..."

"Why do I have to be reminded of unholy bed?"

"I feel sick...She had my baby, they want her dead..."

"Why is this woman special, she looks at you like dogs..."

"In England I am always killed...I am killed because I am sick world."

"The baby says you are poo, because Mummy killed..."

"They sought evil...they hate me..."

"Every time I hear a man talk, I feel so sick...why do they think I am Hitler dog?"


We arrived in PLanet Jesus with 10 men. He said; "Look Holy!" We stayed in the outskirts a main city. The Gershonites were calling Leven. The Holy Israelites saw every soul. We said, let the Levites go. Because the Levites were holdiung Holy World, it was dell...the Gershonites said "This is sick, Levites are sick...".??(/// wrong again, hard to think)

السبت، 14 مارس 2009

Passionate Pilgrim

I sent her a book;

"Her voice is dark chocolocca Mocha..."

She looks up at her husband from my Emelbert Book and says;

"You only ever called me beauteous...this is King!" (that's funny, my sister says that odd word sometimes!! beauteous, which sounds awful and hilarious in English, has a special rhyme to it in Aramaic...) So, "Hello God? where am I in Heaven if David's there somewhere with her, No.40 Wife?" "One Step Higher!!"

She finds Cry Me A River...she finds the horrible part where my Dad is hearing the plantard man, whoever this guy was, I SEE, I believe a man hid behind the fence of the rehab garden, with bright RED evil eyes, calling men &^*^ C*&ts, and beginning a book, called "Je Suis Davide!" about a girl who bonks, I saw black masses, (WITNESS, red candles lighting a black room, His name, Elsabub...the man who became Satan, his name was pierre plantard, and he kept quiet Sion, keeping it neat by fame, (that I hear, from (?? GOD?)(I am hearing, dead men and women on drugs), and Dad repeated the devil, and she giggles...the demon that attacked me had a man's head, she says the story of Plantard is dead, Sion was a CULT...

She finds the beginning of THE SECOND BOOK, where a gay man is watching chimpanzees, and sighs: "He looked to God and he wants wise..."

She found the LITTLE SISTER part, and said:

"She was sales/sails...this is Bible...Poor Lars has written me bibles."

She found the conversation with the monster I thought was a date, and puked...

She loved the BEN, MOLLY AND ELOUISE...

I think Dad burnt my original manuscript...

She thought the beginning about sexual Amorelian mourning rituals (and where did I find that??!!), and said;
"This will be tough..."
Sion was kept in a prison, the house was kept, many men fell in and to quote; ****ed Heaven!! the house was prostitute, Louis murdered 70 men, AND to keep prison, Plantard gave the world, well...he kept Hell...
(I saw it but where was I? Facts don't well....)


Walked the shops cried Planet Aseros...men want to write the evil men, we have a few films, Michal's one, (translated in a second by God) about murder and demons, it's sweet, she speaks BIBILICY and SHE CAN FLY!!! she keeps appearing to murder a little guy:

The New Aliens torlk a bet East London, roight? i's awl worlking and werking...

"Mwab!" They keep bumping into me in the streets.

Passionate Pilgrim


she's with husband, and I'm running Shakespeare!!

السبت، 7 مارس 2009

My Cousin is a Bastard

I wake up see-ing my cousin, when I have vivid dreams...For some reason I call him a brother, in reality, he is a not-quite-satan-bedevilled-love-himself-filth-brother.
i wake up in a mental hospital

He says: "The goys are giving me shit..."

I said: "We are in Lilith bitch..."

"We are not Lilith!!! Why must this be give goys shit? You are devils!!!"

We arrive in heaven to meet girls. They push us out the door...

"Non!!! You are too sick, you will have to go..."

The mental home looks exactly like the one in England.

I'm wearing a very old Incubus shirt and jeans, what I was wearing when I went to sleep, I wake up on the hospital bed, and stay in the dream for about an hour...I did this before when I was graffiti on the train station walls, with aerosol cans, but, that time I was a dark haired boy, another time when there was a party in a house very much like my parents house but much larger, my friend is slitting her wrists in the bedroom, and I leave the party with a guy I hardly know from a local gig place in , once again, my sunny england, I write a tune as I leave that gets recorded onto a CD in his car, it's about her and it sounds like a perfect circle b-side (I remember one time in rehab, men asking for map and town planning, so hey!! Allah why not give them a map of my hometown, or am I a ghost wandering the highstreet in the early morning?) My sister and Greta from Germany (met on holiday) visit market stalls and go to a restaurant in a cave; where two Italian criminal looking men take out a small blade on me, and I use magic to flip it under my laces of my trainers as I push the small man into the wall...I wake up in a copy of my little flat, on a huge double bed that takes up the whole fornt room with N.Kidman!! Then I go out, and buy a huge! I mean five litre bottle of lemonade, out through WH Smith to a small wall out the book, dressed like a hassidic man with peylocks to pray against this tiny wall...I am in a bookshop full of Lord of The Rings junk, with Polly ready to go into Quasar...In an alien town, witih my (now lost) light blue and white skullcap, the clothes I wore to bed, purple cords and a hoody, with a tree tattoo on my palm, in a hilly street of tudor like houses converted into shops, where in the square I see a huge sculpture of a 'bacchus' man with horns kissing a woman, and mums pushing prams with kids wearing black skullcaps and shorts, and I meet a woman there, and demonstrate to her son, with his broken cricket bat, how I killed demons...I am see-ing an arabic boy swim with a big turtle at the rusty steps of a very dirty looking seawall, when two wolves appear, following us into a minimal apartment, up white stairs with a wall to the side covered in posters, with a woman in a black and flowery green dress, to look at a collection of science fiction dvds, and the werewovles!!! want her for sex!!???...

My cousin: Another time outside a pub, at a table, with my cousins best friend and two girls, one american one israeli,

while I am braiding his newly dyed blue hair, they are shouting at him for having;

"A gay soul!! GAY PIG!!!"

I'm still awake when I see I am in a guys house looking through his videos, amazing cartoons which feature the virgin Mary armed with a giant neon cross...He is aliens, he is shocked to see me turn into a girl in a mental home.

Another time when Polly and I take my parents to a pub (I am constantly thinking Why are we in such a low??? This is just like England) But I can levitate down broad white steps and following a roadie into a dire daytime club...I have silly transfers on my arms that say I have killed the devil 456, 970 times...Polly is seriously in a low, we have a pint, and then leave down steps by a lift, I'm walking with my Dad, talking Polly, and Polly tells my Mum she is in Love with me.

A woman arrives in the mental hospital common room, I am awake and I say, this is the devil!! Do you see??

Her eyes are devilish, she is dressed like a Goth, they are one bright blue, the other lime green and opal white shimmer...they keep changing.
There's a black guy lying in the corridor with two white girls....
I can't remember how we escaped, but now we are in a car, with 'the devil' driving, and a good looking older man in the front passenger seat, the car breaks down over a little bridge, and then we get out and walk through to a balcony...

There, she kisses me. We snog in my awake? But I can't remember feeling the kiss??

Then we walk down steps into an Arcade. , the gothic devil looks deep into my eyes, and they change, one red, one, blue, "I love you!" She says, Hilariously, behind us the woman who leads activity's is appears to arrest, me and my cousin, we grapple with her, and then he disappears, and I leave the dream...

I hate my cousin because. I give him money, cars, and get him gigs in Lower Germany.

Every time I have a clear vision he is there!!

Other times, I wake up, singing, in a huge arena, I am still walking around the hospital corridor hearing cheering, I tell them I've left to go backstage.

My rock band is called;

"Hey Mission!" Worth 8billion...

My cousin has a band, I saw him last week, I think we were somewhere near a pub, again, I see some longhaired guys with us, and am very interested (I'm pissed) in his embroidery covered jeans.

I think my bands pissed because I dont want a leather jacket, I want what I shcool here, and;

"Can we go slightly Klezmer?? And don't sign a fucking deal!! With anyone!!"

الخميس، 5 مارس 2009

Ka'an and John

I'm just dreaming in bed

I'm just sitting on the floor creating

"Everything is nothing....blah, blah, blah...." (I see where I am dead...and I see that now it won't matter)

I have some religious reading in me, which marvels!!! But I'm truly spontaneous...A dose of good otherworldly wine:

A finger flies over her eyebrow into the world:

"I am Ka'an!...solo-man!!! This is all meaningless to me..." "HA! ahahaha!!" (the laugh is joy, really; I am crying)
She says:

"You want straight and I am crooked!" "hahahaha!! etc."

I hold Magical pens.

"This is nothing...nothing to me...this is nothing and this is nothing, everything means nothing...meaningless..."

check list/bit more than i am dead/

John is watching me in bed, he is watching more...my feet are glowing with a red white light...each foot is on something I call a mountain...a year ago I earn't points for the soul...

I wear a chest of gold.


I have a dream, such a funny dream.

I greet the Rebbe. he says:

"Show me!"

He looks at me in my divine.

He disappears.

His wife calls me a witch. "You have killed my husband!!! You are not Satan (??)!! (therefore:) You are an evil witch!!!"

I stood there laughing;

"Hahaha! He has sinned me because he is a dog!!"

She screams for men:

"My husband! My husband!! Sex witch!!"

Hundreds of his men, run after me, screaming:


I wake up and laugh.

I laugh about that every day. But, who is making up these stories???
Where is the respect?

الأربعاء، 4 مارس 2009


I have a new wife, and


Nic has my baby. CHECK THE RECORDS!!!, here's the invisible recordbook of births that I run my finger across!

lies lies llies

"Mother! How firey art thou loins!!!" shembaggo(surethingdeadpig)!!! bong off... say I plan a night.

say I didn't wake up on a good night. I'm giving up Islam, I don't like the Koran
then remember:
say 'that's me leading the picture and placing my hand on the book' I love them!

say one Shomer (sorry:bashert...foo!) out of two will kill her./../say she calls for Gabriel instead.

say we plan a night. and I dream a little bit of the night.

We have an apartment in London. My new wife lives with me in the basement, we wont touch, we'll touch, just cuddle. Nic is sleeping in the same building in a room in the attic. Well, my school friend and some orthodox girls are staying in the rest of the house. Bon! Shomme!

say I took the staff girl out and gave her 5000 pounds spending money.

say it's all Lars and Nic talking and talking.

Say I say

"What would you like to wear?"

A little diamond button that snips a white muggy tie, high lacy black collars, white petticoat or black, on dark layered long skirts.

Say Dolce and Gabbana is a hit in Heaven, but not so here.

"What about our hair colour? I'll wear Orthodox and I think I'll have pink and purple hair...I'll wear the check wool pink and purple long coat I wore in Jerusalem, with my pink cashmere jumper...."

My hair is the brightest white...even my eyes shine , like white diamonds...

Say my schoolfriend and I share vodka sitting close together on the sofa. say she annoys someone else, say the annoyed HATES...Say Nic is all talk. Say as soon as I get there and greet and introduce everyone, I disappear off to the attic.

Say I make it snow.

Say they remember...

and I'm back to german dreams.

say i'm,





bambello the tamborine

"Father we nay accept your hate of life. We think you are talk, tell us what has died..."


I saw my guys in Heaven, and I leave!

Last night, I took to the book, i don't know which book; this is best for me, it is an invisible book that I lead my finger across, I see the colours, the sparks when they jump on a hidden vowel, the laws that say whats what, the freedom, I've left talk!

I think we can prepare for a religious height/what would you call it? in

2016, will become hopefully, like the hippy movement of the 1960's

Writing of Torah by Female Aliens

The Barak Eshat is Christ...take one woman to work...This special book sees how shone we are by Devils...Lars was devils, yet she gave show...I think it is God to show...

Firstly our holy book