الجمعة، 31 يوليو 2009

The Cats

The cats stopped staring at me, they were once prostitutes...

I walked into the garden, to hear screeching.

They were both clawing each other and squealing, then one jumped up over the neighbours barbed wire fence, and the other followed; calling;

"I hate you, Daddy Mahmoud!! I am going to marry Ishmael, let us go!! We hate you!! He is dead!! Dead!!"

The other cat, mewled, as it got caught in the attacking ones claws; and said;

"Israel is His! Ishmael is His!! Tell him, I will stop war!!! I am Mahmoud His!! I will tell my men God!!! I let you marry!!"

الخميس، 30 يوليو 2009


I've only been dating this Angel girl for weeks, and we have four other friends, we like to go clubbing in Angel skies, especially Jungle...then last night, am I on drugs??

I've called Ireland and England to light, to cry for Peace and the Hebrew...to become in souls...and then I listen in the garden to see if anything happens...they want to hear the King, so I send a bright white dove to them...for a moment they can't hear, and they are discussing the government with me, they believe they are;

fascist...that they think people like us, hearing angels and demons, are, just;


They send me back a dove, it's my pigheadedness...a middle blue and camouflage stained dove, which means, they cry war, and they have a silly sense of humour, silly Irish...and I think of the Kings, on the Heaven Throne...and then I sight Jesus, and that eye, is War-like too...And I've had an awful argument with every single one of my wives, that I want them to leave for not saving me from Demons...that, well, they will fall, to somewhere with the Hebrew, because, well, sometimes, when they marry me, they arrive in a world full of women, men can't get through that door...then I'm just sitting in the Indian girls room, looking at my wife, looking at my soul in her, an old man, a man with my face, but with thick white hair, better-looking, with a white beard...so, then, for half an hour, I am in silence...and then??

These Fears I have are a semblance of God, they mean that I fear God, that we are clearly going to die...that I fear Soul...

(But...now I'm thinking and calling the Angel girl in my bed...because I can hear her, from down below...help, me I'm bed...I call her, because I think my angel friends have been shoved down to Hell, to my


The Holiest Bed but I'm travelling in and out of time, so I say, let me see you, and her eyes turn dark blue...(but, I can't hear them) I hear;

"I'm pregnant..." The demon took her in Hell..."They filled..." They made her pregnant...then her eyes turn dark green, and quickly to turquoise...(dark blue; holy love...dark green; want Jesus/ true love...turquoise; blessed) I put my hand on her belly, and I think I hear it cackling, her belly is so big, she must have been there a long-time, and I think, I can make this demon baby disappear, and she will go back to her self...and so I make her go, then, I hear; Ai-wu has fallen...

Ami Nachman has fallen...

So, I pick a book from God's library...I flirt with this voice, even though it's mine

I need something to hold onto to...the book is black, and then blue, says;

? everything is well...but I'm speaking into the pillow..."filled"

I call upon Jews on Earth for help, I saw the demon claws in my hand in the garden, like I saw those claws in Hani...and she calls me, from her childhood, and she says, she can hear men calling her black, so I have to pray her safe, because she's jsut a child...so I spend that time, praying her away from it...

Now I can hear my cousin, doing what I call mizzening (like those Al Qeida nuts on TV...repeating the same word over and over...but I still believe he is sins, and I am slow...I am calling for help slow, so I give a rabbi a vision...he can hear, we are fucked...and I leap out back to the garden, to take on the demon, and I kill it, but ripping it apart, but I hear lots of cackling, and a few more female demons have jump out, and I am hanging through the door into heaven, and my cousin is still calling (as though he is trying to kill me, stopping my call...) then as I hear them leap...all is lost, I'm still in bed, "They won't get through (he hears) because the door is locked against evil...I know he'll let them through..." But I hear the leaping and my cousin screams "YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!" and so I stop fighting, and think, any which, whatever god do, be safe, I'm dead, HELP...

I can't hear my friends...I'm angry. I throw one pillow, showing the Jews from the war-times, the pillow is written with a white star, and another pillow goes to this generations of jews, and it's bright red...

I jump into a jewish woman's bed, a tall white orthodox woman I saw speeding through Leicester Square, one evening...

I'm confused. I said, today, I wont ever let anyone in Heaven cry...today, I will stop telling them I have a problem...

I'm confused because I won't listen...I'm upset, because no one will reply...the rabbi's screaming; Women are fucked!!!!!!!!! I hate to listen...so where's the rabbi? No-one is hearing me, and that thing king is crying War...someone must be arguing with me, because I accept the pregnancy,because that bed, is only for me, she got pregnant from jumping into the bed, I jump into the bed, with the woman still with me, now she is pregnant...I listen to her belly again;

I am mummy god...

so I call for friends again, are with her...

"She slept for two years (time speeds in Heaven, compared to Earth) and said; Love my baby..."

I'm upset, because it still casual, and now she's with child, and I am still going crazy, and I'll miss the birth...and then they say;

The baby is dead...

--- the baby is fine!!!!


الأحد، 26 يوليو 2009

Who is Allah?

My Mummy is Danu...

Ernmas said: "You are just a Baby God...stop crying you are the Holiest..."

My Dad, is Fael...he's cool...He says; "Holiest Soul...You have become higher, Gabriel MacArthur...Ireland Love Thee..."

Jesus, wrote me...Revelations Chapter 3, 18-22, which includes my reply...BUT LOOK WHAT I HEAR!!!;

Planet etar hath become...i hear; six stays, 19th goes...I say; six down...we get;

13 now

(learn a little basic gematria)

I sire Christ, Ernmas has found..."I want!"...she sings...make me wife...I'll cry higher;

do you love me??

Highest light gold..."I'm shaking...I don't hear??"

I cuddled her yesterday...things loko worse, many women tell me they are Allah..."Allah himself?? Herself?? help me, help me...

I saw the woman, she has thin features, dark hair, those 'ostrich eyebrows...' "wear a hijab, do you wear a Hijab?"...we'll wear a hijab....

Then, the voice says NO...and I'm back to hearing what I hear myself, yesterday, believing I was hearing this woman, who was Allah...but some woman jumps in my bed, and the VOICE, says NO, this woman isn't God...so I say "Go..."

الجمعة، 24 يوليو 2009

Explanation: The Celtic Tribes and the Angels

What has been on my mind...her firstly...and this has occupied some of my clearest sight, in the last two days;

The ANGELS (re; the Elohim)

Right....walked out of gallery to cafe...talking...this:

When I was 16-17, I met a homosexual boy...I stayed at his house, I got together with his best friend...we drank, a lot, a 'hell'av'a' lot...His Mummy was Scottish, but had committed suicide a long time ago...he was pale, freckly, with the thickest darkest eyebrows, and alot smaller in height than me, and he was excessively talkative and very clever....an A star student...I hated him most of the time, because he got drunk and bullied, but he was fun and sweet, but he spent money on me (something they all do, and something that I just seem to accept, like his fluent-german singing, and his overthetop jokes)...and I used to call him; My Tribe!!!...

I think about another guy, that the both of us met breifly, outside a gay-pub in Manchester...he was pretty too, very feminine looking, short like my friend, and with very light blonde hair, and the eyebrows, celtic-cat-like eyebrows...I said, 'you are'nt gay'...and he replied, my friend was a bitch...so I'm talking about this to whoever's around, Amy W. and the man making the tea for me...I can't remember much, apart from this...there was a dense cloud around me, when I was in bed with Michal, the eyes of the Devil were watching me, and something was released into the world, everything was in a murky black and red aura, and it cried...partly; this;

"For Zeus, the blood and the glory...THE PAIN, THE PAIN..."

So, homosexual men are filled with this...expect the Angles to arrived in ancient Ireland, through a magical door, Angels looking like Hebrew Celts...I forget the name of the tribe, as I leave the cafe...I say;

"Allah? The Tribe??"

I'm drunk on Holy Wine, I nearly overdose that night, on the alien drug from another planet I call Ezequitar (the name of the planet) Dime...I hold my tea aloft and call out spontaneously;

The Tuatha De Danaan!!! "Giva the Greek a little wiggly!!" See Iliad, by Homer...(what did I read about that?? I'm sure it was Homer ???)

The Manchester boy, I hear him, he can hear Heaven calling him into soul: Immediately, I call out his name:

"They are singing you, because you are one of the angels!! Alshamelo (his sacred name, I have duly forgotten out of respect, and safety) Please Like; Girls!!"

All Angels, are women, Hanumari has two mums, some of us are hermaphrodite...so see the feminine, and what human-men have done to

And my old friend; "Mummy cried, let him be an angel, because Dad was giving her a bad time....Elmakel, please sing!!!"

"Allah! Are the Tuatha in Scotland??"

"Yea...50,000" And the Devil'c curse has been taken away from 13, 000...and today two new babies....

(These blue guys, they are another tribe, but they call me ARD-RI Irish King....that's for tomorrow)---Hani;" Hey twittey-re-ta-woo....??" "Please say my real name."


florence and the machine-hospital beds the last ting I told him, when he called, after a couple of years...I'm in the hospital for crying God and the end of the War, you bastard!!!!!!! Can that fat girl, get me out???

oh, the hospitals, the many hospitals....

Torah and Aliens

Yesterday, I sat in the gallery, which is showing 20 examples of my work...I met an artist from Barbados, got his number, he paints, african women, with children, pregnant womne, and primitive motifs....

Torah: I have a pack of cards in my hand, and call magic, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuppppppppp!!! 10 to the right, 8 to the left...everything I cna't hear, a difference in how the book is translated...value 90.17...makes a little story about you...take nine vowels off each sefer, hit 2090...write Talmud...8th letter, Cry Thee, 3rd paragraph...become love....(10minutesleft)...the 3rd stanza, has eight vowels...because...8th you wife/lovers/eight wives...(this is tiring)

Joseph and the Pharoah: Dreams:

ins hort, the fat cows, and the lean...the lean are following Louis, ideas of Hell, the fat are the renowned rabbi's, because they are wise, gather men, have wealth, the lean are insane, but they hear a truth (your ideas of Hell)

The corn...lots of corn for years...she has stored up writings, and prayers, gold, like songs, like ecclesiastes...the famine, give out the food, like little poems to songs...damn...it had two meanings Ive forgotten, YES! I'm DAMNED!!! that's my famine! but I can still see...talk through Joseph, Pharoah, says, She is my daughter, you know we have always cried we are the soul of God himself??!! She says she is a magical family...hebrews/someone..."She said, we are trying to kill the Elohim!!" No....pigs, I say nothign....(cont)

I told Vinder a story...how I am really a blue skinned alien, that the Chinese are the second tribe...that we love the Grubaschers( the hairy men because hair is the holiest.... that I can see, the Diatri all around us, they are in the library, they a re in our minds and bodies, they understand the UNiversal Language, that's how they make us sick...that I'm warned of a bomb, that the Amorelians are in America, FBI, that I'm wearing suits...that they arrived in Roswell, to save the world, and drove with their new McCarthy approved ID's and Passports, to New York, DC , Seattle...The TRIBE....the Irish!!! Save 13, 000 from (continiued)

I sent about 6 letters to the Kotel...I read PrimoLevi's short stories, and I'm abruptly, CLEANSED...and Primo is mirror-ing my life, and leaving me wise clues...

I'm a Dad...

الاثنين، 20 يوليو 2009

My Friend is A Martian

My 3 foot light green lizard, friend called at my apartment;

'Lars? Caaaaaaaan I come overrrrrrrrr?? I need to rest, lay down for a while and dis-connect...'

I giggled because her voice is a steven-hawkings/dutch/mindscape accent...sounds like this; FeverRay-Triangle Walks (rex dog radio edit)

'I'm beginning to think this Planet Earth is too never!!' I reply in the same accent;


'Lars...someone is at the window...who is thaaaaaaaaaaat??'


'Who (Huwoo) iss heeeeeeeee?' (he's my cousin..the 'satanic' one, who in Alien folklore, is called, Deni...the 'soul-friend'...never call him soul...it's sickening, he gets everywhere...)

'Deeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaadddddddd pigggggg...' She was working, and she wanted to hear human soul...and she discussed my cousin with friends, when she left, vich is also, to my eairs, on this sonnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggg...

download here

It's Just The Video


her morning elegance-Oren Lavie

The Sick Child

My son Him, is the highest light, his skin and his soul are the brightest lightest blue...

I discovered I can't eat meat any more, because it was affecting my Heavenly Children...He was born in 2002 he flew from my belly, into the sky...I didn't know he would get ill...I didn't know that everything I do, affects my child...She said;

"If I hear him, crying...what can I do?"

I thought, take the light out, take out the light...and then I saw him...he was screaming and shaking, that they were VICE..this mean't people he met in Heaven, even there...I thought, I don't get like this, I just feel a little...ill...when they were younger it was vice..."You're looking at Him, too new..."
Before, when he was ill, she would only tell me, I was; Taken...
It's like a RAINBOW light, it's every colour, and we change colour quickly...

When I look at mum, we're high. She does it to me, I have no idea why I'm high, no idea why I feel low, it's because we're shared souls...

---There's another child, from the past, I call him a ghost child, because he's so solemn, we discuss, Yahweh, and he reads, he talk about David, he says; David had lots of men...I start to cry, he's standing there looking down, I cna't see him, but I can sense him, like he's fishing for tiny fish...---

---There's the children, I thought I made with the devil, El-ahrairah has light blue, and I see him in the mental hoospital grounds crying...the girls and the other boys have black adn dark red hair...I think they are demons, somehow the girl has learned the word "Dexy..." and she likes Harry Potter...I'm hiding in the toilets smoking, and a cow is telling them a story about dead cats...I start see-ing and making up all kinds of stories about being married to the devil...years later I discover they were mine, and are the blood of me, and (a mutant devil, called Machal)...a devil!! Because I'm being taken in my sleep!!---

---El-ahrairah is LOVE GOD...he is Abel, he appeared from your Holy Sleep...His mother is Machel, and she is light queen...who are the babies??

الجمعة، 17 يوليو 2009

"The Book of Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest"

When I lived in a horrible home, with a beautiful garden, I became;


I chose the name because it was sweet, and Arabic, sounded God, and I was more sure to have success with conversion, than using the name Mohammad, (in respect, and to make men sure, that this was genuine) If they looked at me, they would see, a dark haired tanned man, with curling short hair, black robes, that turned white, and a small hat, showing the colours, of a soul-consensus)

I called the men, I heard in my head...they were evil men, I walked the garden to be sure they could hear me...

I told them God...I said I was Heaven...

They were brutal men, and so I called them; The 'Cartel'...I could see a palace, when I walked into the house, it was my palace, it was made of tall white marble, and at the entrance were hung sky-blue tapestry...sometimes they saw a girl, a tiny, dark haired girl, a version of me, dressed in purple silk, and long toe-curling gold slippers, I called her; Persian Pig...because she was whiny...I said, these were souls of my blood...the Italian man, was calling for Catholic Love, sometimes he flew through the sky into Heaven, to find La Virginas Marias, beautiful Maria!! The Jewish boy, was going to marry the black African girl that taught him cooking, the English was ugly Jack, who spoke to Policeman, about a Muslim guy they had arrested, and cry, He is innocent, let her go, the 'Jack' who knew how to speak English God, but had mousy brown hair, and a terribly spotty face, saved 32 Muslims from being incarcerated...The Police said; "Mate, Jack told me you're cool, he said, he is a boy from Heaven...he does God-work..." "Yes, he is Heaven..."

Sometimes Jesus and Judas appeared, dressed in cloaks, over their heads, very skinny, as though they couldn't find food, I talked in Yeshua's mind, and said; I loved him...I could see shining blue God eyes, I could hear him tell me stories of wandering like this around Jerusalem, I could see a sign in an inn, where he sat like Aragon/Strider, and the discussion was bartering, money for women, coins left on a table, his eyes turning bright red, and where he told the men the money was dead...yes, a parable, which I forget...I talked to Judas straight out, (if this one was Judas...I said; I was;

The Sister of the Brotherhood.

I only said stupid things to Yeshua, and warned him of Lilith who said even stupider things...

I told Judas everything about Yeshua...when I heard the demons would hurt my babies, I roared, and a real lion would run through the long hall of the house, I could see it well...it ran beside me...

Judas, cried I was in the devils, the patients, the men, were hideous, see-ing me in a gray building with a needle in my arm was worse, it mean't the Romans had imprisoned me, and were drinking my blood, I stood in front of a Roman troop, and laughed...I couldn't think of who to overcome them, but I wouldn't Him to know he shouldn't be afraid...
Yeshua said;

"He came from Magdala!!! He came to me, I mean, by Magdala, I mean, she was class, she wept, and said Let You Go...she makes me delerious, she told Heathen, I was going to King, that she would cry every man to me, and I hear!!! She says; Let Soul Go!! She is making me delerious...she knows I will die, and she kisses...she saw my death, and wept, she has gathered 2000 men to my door...and they want fight for Heaven Hebrew...she giggles and then she goes...I love Her!! She says she made me a star, the star is His, they cry Sire! We have His!! She says she changes soul...she is mans...I see her soul, it is pure Holy Light...what a woman! What a Woe!!"

When I met the Cartel...I let Ishmael speak and flow...then I heard one man, becoming sure, and I could hear arguements, I was sure he went to brother...they said; we find you, we kill you...it was in two days, I heard a woman, I was rude but I was feeling impressed at being a date for the daughter of the Mullah; "he is girls!! He is gay-girls!! His parents are wise!! They look at me, and smile!!"...I let her hear my parents, hours later I heard gunshot, I was sure they had killed the man who had changed...She cried when I said, she was fat...and then I told her to go...

"Because you are in men who will kill...."

"He left me, he left me, his big-head!! He says Mohammed hate thee!! My father is Mullah dead!! Mahmoud is fag!! I want Ishmaels!!" (this Mahmoud)

Twilight Sad-Reflection of the Television...because...3 million were lifted from Hell, during this song, and entered, a planet filled with animals, flora and fauna...


"The Third Book of Enoch", "The Book of the Palaces", "The Book of Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest" and "The Revelation of Metatron".

Enoch is transformed into an angel (3 Enoch 9:1-5; 15:1-2)
Enoch as an exalted angel is enthroned in Heaven (3 Enoch 10:1-3; 16:1)
Enoch receives a revelation of cosmological secrets of creation (3 Enoch 13:1-2)

Enoch receives a revelation of cosmological secrets of creation (3 Enoch 13:1-2)
Although he is mentioned in a few brief passages in the Talmud, Metatron appears primarily in medieval Jewish mystical texts and other post-scriptural esoteric and occult sources. In Rabbinic tradition he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe, though there is no consensus as to his genesis, nor is there a Christian consensus on his position in the hierarchy of angels.[1]

Metatron is ANGELS, he is called when Lars is vice...mentioned in a few brief passages in the Talmud, as the first ghost, one two eight commentetries on the third book, where they write..."we are beginning to fall, because they gave 'furhrer' light..."..."this seek in her (written the word; hakeem=wise/ not jewish arabic) is sickening to me, let men go, I want free, the book hath tol' Metatron flee thee..."...(quote, guess where; Mannie) "OH! Look! we bleat!" written bleak; which meant, take off the vowel A, and the two dots above, and we have; Kate!..."I find eight names, they mean; dotty; HAKIM; hebrew for wise: see here:

"Hakham (or chakam or ?aham, ; HebrewHebrew language

Hakham (or chakam or ?aham, ; Hebrew language
Hebrew is a Semitic languages of the Afro-Asiatic languages. Modern Hebrew is spoken by more than seven million people in Israel and Classical Hebrew is used for prayer or study in Jews communities around the world....
??? lit. "wise") is a term from JudaismJudaism
Judaism is a set of beliefs and practices originating in the Hebrew Bible , as later further explored and explained in the Talmud and other texts....
, meaning a wise or skillful man; it often refers to someone who is a great Torah Scholar
The term "Torah" , or Five Books of Moses or Pentateuch, refers to the entirety of Judaism's founding Halakha and ethical religious texts....
The word is generally used to designate a cultured and learned person: "He who says a wise thing is called a wise man ["hakham"], even if he be not a Jew" (Meg.16a). Hence in Talmud
The Talmud is a record of rabbinic discussions pertaining to Halakha, Jewish ethics, customs, and history. It is a central text of mainstream Judaism....
Midrash is a Hebrew language term referring to the not exact, but comparative method of exegesis of Biblical texts, which is one of four methods cumulatively called Pardes ....
ic literature wise and learned non-Jews are commonly called "hakme ummot ha-'olam" (the wise men of the nations).

ham" as an official title is found as early as the first Sanhedrin, after the reconstruction of that body, when the Hadrianic religious persecutions had ceased;
The Sanhedrin was an assembly of twenty-three judges appointed in every city in the Land of Israel.The Great Sanhedrin was the supreme court of ancient Israel....
in addition to the nasiNasi
Nasi? is a Hebrew language title meaning prince, in Biblical Hebrew, or president, in Hebrew_language#Modern_Israeli_Hebrew....
Simon ben Gamaliel, two other scholars stood at the head of the Sanhedrin, namely, R.

Amaclut, Tarma Espech...



When he sees Punjabi SING...hmmm
THUNDER and STORMS, LIGHTENING appeared from my hands...someone shouted at me, and a bright light-blue light flew out of my skull, and roared and crackled...and then thunder came from my hand...

الخميس، 16 يوليو 2009

Something More Than Being Dead

The 'Raeffi' /Levite tribe; kept calling my brother, they would gather together, to see him, clasping their prayer books, and talking in that odd voice that is a little high pitched, a little cockney, a little Lamb-like, so forlorn and hopeful...They are Aliens...He wouldn't tell us they were calling, he would just walk around the house, mimicking them, like a nut-case. They called him, Father...when I found out, I wouldn't talk to them either, we joked about their voices, once or twice, which I knew was terrible, but I used the premise, that others had mocked others, while I thought about what to tell them, I also used the logic, that they were 'new', new to life, as though they had just wandered from my hands, and where do I begin with this? It was real Jewish work, a little more, than keeping the little babies, up to date with their demi-god's, their Mother's, lives on Earth, I had to go, remember Torah, and prepare to greet, but I was too mucky, I was feeling shit, drunk and stupid...I was feeling delighted, but I left them alone, to annoy my brother? See him try??... because I had tried a little with other alien races, I had called light, and I talked, even making appearances on other worlds, usually when the tea I was drinking, overflowed with wine, so I said, everyday unimportant things, like; How's the music, is it God, we love writing the music...but I did pray them hope, and the Mother's called some groovy lights...so...we left the tribe called the Levites with nothing...I told him, to tell them, though he didn't know their language, and I could hear it as I could English, that they needed to learn, the, 'Matan'...this is, a way of calling a soul, of being in deep reflection, being aware of 'Laut' (too much talk, usually occurring in worry, when we get so carried away, that we break down, in telling God, everything, we continually want to tell him we are vice, sometimes (as this is my failure) we live on a single word we have somehow heard in Holy, and it makes dead.)...of being clear soul, knowing that other voices will call through, beckoning every-one to silence...I call it 'climbing', entering as a voice into Heaven, as high as God...not many have been sure of soul, they flip out, they scream...they die if it's too voice...Nachman would cry, Annie would weep...when he flipped, he called; he said; "Ribbono, I fled...shel Olam, show me the Universe, universe dead!"

Annie said; "My baby is dead, my baby is dead...they give my Sire vice, Elbana Eton (look at you, you are baby, sweet baby, I want wife)...I feel Low...everything fucked..."

Something had happened to the Raeffi of Planet Jesus, they were sworn to be the leading light, so, they wanted God, and so, they had to call God, and they heard someone called Adam, who said;

"Thou art light...Everything is Hope...My World...will thou lead This Father Light?"

...they earned the light of the Torah...they gathered in minyan and heard my brother and wept;

"This boy is never God, and they say he is Adam, the Father of Light!!"

My brother wept too; "Lou told me what to do, but I said Berk, she said Tell them to reach Light, I looked at them and laughed, I fucked up, I called 'I ain't'...they look Jew, and I love His...I said I'm Adam Mate, and tart, you're a tart...a fucking tart..."

they talked so light, that they realised, to see souls, was to high...

They called up so much soul, they could begin to do magic!!! They could walk the ground, and make plants-seeds, flowers to appear in the soil...

They could LEVITATE!

Their secret was soul, when Judah weeps on Planet Earth...they say;

"No weep, we are Holy Sheep, Good God...Good God..." like a lullaby...

Judah weeps...

They said; "Amorelia has lies, they wipe out men...the Amaretti are wise (the lizard people) they say; God spake, he spake to us...Amorelia has called Denicide...(death of men)...they beat women, they broke men in two...they said; "He clue?? Clue is bitch"...we said; Clue is wise...He hath called us Wise...the Clue is the talk of the Wise...(how did they come to do this?) "Because they spoke, they spoke to us, like Charlas...like Torah was wise, but insane...then Amaclut died on the sword, he was the man crying death of soul...Mother Rae, will WHY...She will see us, and she will feel, we see glorious women, if she see's we die, tell her, never to feel caught...

Another voice? "Amaclut caught, he gave Satan feel..."

My Levite Man; "Amaclut will say we caught Love..." (nb. Never overwirte the truth, confusion here, I'm not listening I'm remembering)

I can see Amorelian's eyes, I'm looking at them around me in men, they have deep black killer eyes...Amazingly the little Lizard's speak High German (as in Also=Thus...Spake=Speaketh) because their voice has developed over a tongue lisp, and as a mind voice, with silver bells for sound...the story of the Elohim and the Diatri, I have discovered is an ancient german tale, as well as a Heavenly Lore...it was written by Ezekiel, as is included in the 58th tale of Tarma Espech...Tarma Esepch is a jewish tale, it is about the FORCE, circa 1909 (why do I keep hearing 1909???) written about a young man who never fares in dead, and (I can hear a child in a library repeat this and I know the tale is going round the orthodox from the mouth of children) Tarma Espech...anyway, the German tale was written...8th of september 1309...2 books, 8 tales...(don't talk to me, you piss me off) jewish tale...Alicia will tell you...grhh; back to Planet Jesus:

Amaclut: He was seeking something in Him/?? white jewel...he is the seventh?? he is the sapphire...sulphur...Amaclut looks like blue eyes, which means he is wise, holy Love...I CAN SEE MOSLEM WOMEN BOWING TO THE ARABIAN AMACLUTIn Earth Lore of Arabia, Amaclut, is the holy foot, the light of Amorelia...known in Arabia, as the first book, written by a master of life who tells that Ahriman has died, Ahriman has failed, "The People will Keep now..."(keep (MY VOW, MADE TO THE FIRST VISIT FROM HEAVEN; "I WILL KEEP MY COVENANT WITH GOD" simply: to the wife and children in english, I will 'keep':)

the writer of the german tale said:

My tale hath killed God,
he says it brought vice,
terrible hate, he has died Life...

Ephraimites: Planet Azar;

: Known to Saudi Arabia, as the first king of light, pre-Mohammad, the one who cried Ahura, SOUL...and said I love Beloved

الاثنين، 13 يوليو 2009

American Silver Angels

Judee Sill-Jesus was a Crossmaker

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الخميس، 9 يوليو 2009


I think I've fallen for Lauren....Bacall...no tale...because she sat there, with her hands on my head, and pushed her hands down, and made magic...while I was crying, and I think my heart thumps a lot faster...and then she gives me visions about us, and even, my soul, gets older and it's comfortable wed...because I can talk...and I'm getting a bit wiser...and I can keep crying...and I hear her heart, beating faster...then, she is 19 and dancing

because she's been hanging, being thrown some ?? (what would you call it?) some loser line, and then hearing things, like I can piss, without wee-ing all over the floor, because; "I'm flying!" Mum shreiking at me ("You want to ruin this EXHIBITION, because you are jealous!!!" and Dad...accussing my dad of wnating to bonk Allah, of having, ; AN UNCLEAN VOICE!!! because I am playing recorded surahs, on CD...becuase he needs, to understand, we GO through 35 sutras/surahs before we greet Allah, BECAUSE i DO THIS, AND i WRITE SONGS IN MY PNE/ART so he is genuinely trying to sing, is he?...and I say, sit down, welcome to the Throne and then, I get piggish again, and say no...go...becuase the surah is ruined, and I hate talking...because?? SO it takes me hours, until I'm with Lauren, to tell him...call your students, jewish, moslem, call your children, and Aunty is having a breakdown, like weeks ago...because I say Hell...and I judge, and I say, what everyone has sinned in...I hear her shake and scream, I stay praying for four hours...then BANG! I'm back, HELL!!...we are; like, walking around doing our thing, but completely dying in soul...I have every hour to die, because I have a freedom...so!?

and thinking; don't give her any shocks, because she's in a wheelchair;

and then hearing she's died, telling someone she might be dead...

And then leaving for months, and only replying she's dead...

Only, to say, I will have 4 million pounds, but she's already dead, 'When "She is dead...she is dead, and doesn't know how to send a check..."

Don't talk to me...I see my future...I have a house with stairs and a black door...not a granny-flat...Like nan...

Little bro, hollers;; "why do you make her dead? With arguing about this little exhibition? (Library) when I predict, she'll sell £ 35.000??" Quoting me...and lets Mannie know, well...not quotingm, predicting, letting me know

BLACK PIGS and BITCHES...so I'm hitting souls and leaving everyone around me dead. Mum keeps shreiking up at Heaven, and once she stood next to me, with the pills, and barked like a dog...because I'm pissing on my dad's head...and her husbands...the TV cameras, the fucking joyous noise of a talent show in my bathroom....

Forgot what to write;;; heart-beats---She gave me her telephone number, but she needs a text number, because I wont talk...I was so stupid...I contacted a japanese artist, that I'm doing homework about...and I thought she wanted...and I felt a penis behind, me, and I thought she was telling me men, but it was that CHINESE THING they call HUMAN...and so I called Lauren, and she saw, because I was still tlaking to the japanese girl...and then I thought he would go near my baby sister...and I appeared and clapped my hands in front of him, and I hoped he would burn, I hoped he would drop dead...I believe the Polish/German moslem I met in Jerusalem, who had no eyes, (taken out at the age of 12, because she was born blind) could get sight back, but how could she? if she had no eyes? she, I heard, she would see through in her mind, but I believed, she could see faces, she could see silver lights, the outlines and shadows of light, I looked; she could see, without eyes; many people's faces, and she was shocked to see;

A father with his son, getting pissed on the computer; does he say KIKE?? I shivering here, htinking , but, but, but but....she ; I am


The dad could see, women, jewish women;

She could see, I could see whta she imagined, beautiful white faces, with small long noses, like her Mother's? She must have touched her mohter's face...and the darkest of eyes, with huge long, eyelashes, from what she read in the Book...dark-eyed Houris,...houri's means 'my beloved wife'...that was sung in a badminton game...well, I prayed in the street outside the Tube, held my nose, said a small sentence, and

BELIEVE why does my soul say, HEAVEN IS MY THRONE?????????????



Yes...I wen to the takeaway, today...a hip little guy, in baggy pants, clicked his fingers, held out a palm for money and kept dithering strangely around me, I couldn't look, because not looking is holy, means I'm ready to have my face slapped...remembering my sister, who got attacked for her phone on the train...(everything is going shit for her);

'but...but, but, but...'

Are you going retarded, for worrying me, BECAUSE i AM HOLY, little pig, or is this mysoul, getting worried?? This is me, I am dead, dead, dead

So I have to skate past cars, at the junction of crossroad, lights, after buying some sweets at the cornershop, I'm wearing a black hat;

'Yes, I am Islam, my name is Muhammad...'

SHOCK!!!!!!!! This is like God is talking in me...'Because they painted my soul at the first light;

'Yeah! I remember, I was twenty-one!!'

I call the takeaway, because I have joy;

'Yes! I am also David!'

Second crossing; I wait for the cars to pass, and gruffily laugh...putting on some flags; I want to wear the Israeli flag, I have a big shiny star of David on my chest....

'Ha ha! That
was the Day I woke up and called (boyfriend) a Plonk!!! I was sure I had met women!! |Was I sure I met women??'

Or was it at the towerblock? when I said, I would die, and mentally held my arms aloft, and then saw a vision of a man dressed in black, with no face???

'I must have had arrived with black hair, and disguised as a boy! I eat sweets!!'

It was the 1st of July, when Helen went woe...It was preparation for my birthday...----chahca