السبت، 12 يونيو 2010


I discovered, half a can of beer;


He make four angels to surround His Throne — Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. Michael is on its right, corresponding to the tribe of Reuben; Uriel on its left, corresponding to the tribe of Dan, which was located in the north; Gabriel in front, corresponding to the tribe of Judah as well as Moses and Aaron who were in the east; and Raphael in the rare, corresponding to the tribe of Epharim which was in the west.http://www.jhom.com/topics/angels/talmud_fourangels.htm"[1]

"Raphael is in the 'rare', because he has been dead for, maybe, 3000 yrs..."

An Angel word: "Esick!" means "You Shit!"

"Hinarim means Human..." I am impatient with Hinarim. Like Dad, just has to be around to hate...

I can't kill Raphael...

"Was I born? You were born..."

I know who Micheal is!!!

More to remember, football now...

HATE!!!!!!! Dog just barked, and NOW I HATE!!

Yeah...add it to my art-show, (Make Her Life)

I was praticing arabic, and then remembered the first, 'trip'...heiroglyphs...it stopped and I began writing weak, waiting for some kind of rabbi to arrive in the hospital...nothing...no letters...no love...so I wrote love-letters to a man I hated...

good luck

the other art-idea for long-running project; doodles, abstract anything to appear doodles, and this: stupiddraft;

Entering ZAR…

ZAR is known to be
A type of world

It is what

8 +9/4

ZAR: is;

A special type of hatred, a ‘mecon’…
It arises in 2 WORLDS.
Zar is created, Zar is abstract…the world is sinking. Zar turns round, Zar was like fight, it swirls round, it is a red light, it is also particular yellow, it is actually a part of soul…

When ZAR swells, it makes two worlds, the worlds are shown here, abstractly in simple pens, biros are light loose, meager, nimble Felts are thick fat, firm, hard, heavy, high, pencils are lost use up, waste, yield


The world is forming, through the shapes, speaking, and turning, it is fighting, each mark, creates an organic form that flows through 8 portals, through the portals, the lines throw shapes, it is a growing mass of objects that storm through each other, speeding into the next form. This creates 2 worlds…

Zar: first organic strength; wise…secondly; hate…each hate is circle, strength is pictoral, wise is 6th…the wisest is form, the strength of the lines, and the depth of the marks, this; is mostly scary…

When ZAR forms, hate! Making marks is tough, lines are sick…

Abstraction; thoughts coalesce, I thought mountains, strength.

This comic is a story of Zars, Zees, Portals, and Alien Worlds…

These drawings are the picture of an Alien World. It is the part of the world that is just arriving, many odd shapes appear, it is the roar of a primal earth, it is the force of the opening portal, the door is monstrous, the forming of this alien world, shows items that oppose each fragment…the use of pens is simple…every abstract item is a part of the world’s existence…the forms are more powerful than they look…every little mark represents an chaotic object/event/experience in the alien world…it is an arrangement of molecular constructions…

'ketav!!' =  "GET OUT!!"

السبت، 5 يونيو 2010


...she came back ...

"...cos you're my girl, and that's alright!!..." 1

she was soul-moon, the sun flew over the moon, the sun eclipsed the moon:

"My sun is Sire, He is mine...His name is Lars..."

"We'll stop to rest on the moon, and we'll make a fire..." 1

then a lunar eclipse, the earth blocked the moon...

She sang:

"Holiest, Holiest, Sire Sun, my fire's heart, my soul in Heaven, 
my only one, The Sires die, eclipse the sun, the moon is mine, my soul is high, my soul is thine, my Love is King, 

her face is lightest, her face is unique, the face is whitest, the eyes are diamonds, the eyes are silver blue, the eyes pierce, the face shines lightest skin, the hair is the night, the face is the moon, the eyes murder, the eyes contain the farthest light, they light looks, the face grows with questioning looks, the eyes, I can't escape from, I escaped, the foot, the table, the leg, the stroke, the question, the bright blue, the clear moon, the black night in her hair, the storm of the hair, the shimmering leaves, the creation of storms, the fight in dark hair, the roar, the more, the hair, black hair, white shimmer, skin, the frown passes over the face, like a quick shadow...

"I have found you, I see..."

She stared at me:
She said:
"Do you Love?"

"For Sure!"

I sat opposite her, mostly looking down, looking at the food, ate the liver, spread liver on salty bread, I passed her a bowl of sweetcorn:

she frowned, a girl giggled:

"Not a King, but, a Heaven."

"I Love You!"

"I Luov You, too..."

 Huge! Huge! A huge young woman! Big Fire Eyes! A mass of firey hair! Look at the white face, and fall in, fall over, know you will fail, light blue sparkle fire eyes,

Bed-Time, I shouted upstairs:
"Hey! I'm from the North! Land of ice and snow! Too hot! It's so hot here, I'm to die..."

"...We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.." 2

Swords, hands over swords, on chest, hands on heart...

she sang:
"... See me tonight!...the moon is dark, the moon is light, the Sun arise, give light...be my king, forever night but we have Him, My King..." 
"...I want I want..."
I started to snore, and there was a giggle.

"...Press your space face close to mine, love
Freak out in a moonage daydream oh yeah!" 3

1. Deftones: RX Queen. 
2. Led Zepplin, Immigrant Song.
3. David Bowie, Moonage Daydream.

الجمعة، 4 يونيو 2010

Do You Think I Have Little Respect?

"edal!" Begin:

when you are special I am silent

well, he didn't know, so how could He be God?

"Allāhu Akbar, " Say this aloud, to people in my house;

"(...Because....God is me...)"

"God is ONE!!

    "...because...(God is Me!)"

Let's start the Jihad, the Eternal War.

War of the Souls, between US, and the Demons...

The Final Battle;

Will be this;

Transplant souls, hear Hell, lift...to overcome them sight their minds, concentrate...once they speak; hit.

Fall into mind, make a light, a red dot...when they think you are low...fight...pounce on different minds, focus sight...

create the death...burst souls...find a little bit of their hell, and force down, force down the minds, with thunder...crack minds...reach into them, into their sin, and force...

unparalleled magic.

first attempt;

shanghai monks, tzaddik

"What do you call me??" 

 "I am lying on the floor here, wrapped in the duvet, eyes shut, what do you know? what do you see? what do you call me?"

"You can't see...."

"Go quick! Don't speak into my mind! Careful, I'll hit! Annie Frank! There will be an accident! "

"I've found them, there are men here, I found they are crying they are masters, they are calling Hell to me..."

No-one knew what I was doing....

"If they think they can kill me, Call me a master!"

she didn't call me a monk, she thought Shanghai was sins...

"Nooooo...don't be silly..."

let me tell you what demons, died...they chuffed and they runted, and they scarred me with sharp claws, everyone was sleeping, I was enough of lying in wait...

I was serious, I was concentrating on the floor, staring at the dust...my face resting over the edge of a cushion, listening:

men did call fight...they cried true love, it was their shifty love, and then they cried hell, their lack of love or too much..."...masters..."...it was because they loved, because they were master over God...

Anne said:

"OH GOD! You are fighting men! men! men are bringing sin! Fight Hell!"


One had called voices , another had whacked...they showed themselves...

"Jesus master's, HE was master, he learnt the voice, I learnt the voice, and I am master over you!!"



"Nanny is hurt in the brain now, I'm sorry NAnny I'll let you die, go to sleep, good night, sorry, oh no...Now she is dead."

"Because, I said to you, I would have an accident, I knew it, and Nan called in my mind, and I heard her brain die, because I made lights, I forced minds to dead...I knew I would kill one..."

"But you said, she is dead. That she is going, flying up through a light to my heaven..."

face, muffled in cushion, face turned right, to someone I can't see;

"Yes, I asked God if she should die, dying is best, I did this for you, everyone. I killed her...what will they say? Mannie will be upset, "Mannie, Nan is dead!"..."

"You killed us in camps...?..."

"Yes, to sleep, sleep in peace...it was best. That was all I could do, for the best..."

 (I could still hear a master...)

"LETS JUST TRY THE DEAD, Nan ok, Nan best, no regret, i've forget already, I've forced minds, somethings happened,

"I like your hair, it is married hair, you put hair on me, and it is clean, cleaner than everyone, married hair...it is soft...soft hair and clean..."

"What is the monks name?"

"I've stopped."

I stand up.

الخميس، 3 يونيو 2010

Playing Cards

Don't bother to pray, be lazy, play cards.

Grabbed one blue deck, started to count if it was a full deck. Played a magic trick. I was singing the numbers over, and flicking through quickly...something happened:

God, began playing me the cards, the next cards, flashed at a quick speed, quicker than I can move or think, the numbers on each card, in the corners, changed,  I froze;

The cards played out were

two reds, each the number 9,

then one black;

number eight...

I wanted pink, bright pink soul; I kept going;

I started laughing loudly in the corner of the room, on the sofa...I played the next lot of cards, a red pack...

Nine consecutive, red cards flashed through my hands,

each number was a 6.

I shuffled the cards back together, I wasnt going to be outdone by God;

I played one

9 of hearts; every maid give love.

8 of clubs, every good man fight.

I stared at the black queen of clubs;

"Just one, just one..."

Do you know numbers?


I hit one bullseye, and two of the bulleye's outer rim, in green, that night down the pub, during Eurovision 2010...I played well, but after tasting a beer, I found it impossible to complete the games, after finishing at 12, and then at 2, I had to hit an odd to win...darts starting bouncing off the blackboard, and spiking into the wooden floor...too violent...

I got up 5 minutes before the mentally disabled in my house were going off to the BootSale, past the motor-way, I got changed and signed for my 5 pounds, I had an extra 7 pounds in my pocket...Got my FreePass, and  we got on the bus, over the road and after two stops, we walked into a country lane, and further, past, big piles of yellowy-red stony earth, full of small and big, blue sparkling pools, Canadian Geese were popping up their long black necks, and spying over the edges of the pools...I wanted to hide behind a quarry pile, and dip my feet in the waters...Police...

I lost the disabled's group, and after spending 6 pounds, sat down in the shadow of a van, and read a book, by Jean Rhys, called Good Morning, Midnight...about a woman going mad in Paris, I mean, losing her mind...It's the first classic I've read in a long-time, it's generally classics that I read, because I like to show off my library, to those ghosts...A fat man in NHS glasses, on a disabled-scooter stopped in front of me;

"Hello? Are you a pervert?"

"Hi, I saw you playing guitar, there's one for 3 pounds a few places back!"

"Oh, thank you, no, er, go away!"

"Yes, thank you, thank you..."

I began walking back down the lane, planning to get weight off me, because I cant fit in my trousers, carrying a bag stuffed full, including two cushions, for free, blue and white, and a sudoku game for M. I was planning to lose the disabled group, and sit in the pub with the book, and a beer, at the pub on the corner of the motorway...too late, they caught me just at the gate...The Jamaican in charge, he took the idiots way, people in charge of me, are usually verrrrrrrrrryyyy slow-thinking, and the work-ethic is lax. It gets me pissed, I get so busy, I'm usually just walking around quickly, stamping my feet. We lost two people. Well, the idiots way, it was, instead of crossing the road to the bus-stop, or crossing the road, to go the sweet way, under the motorway, through the subway, we walked on a dirty, narrow dusty path, under tree, to the first part of the junction, at the edge, speeding cars, and huge lorries, we had the Indian girl with us which was a problem, he didn't think of, that she would. walk. very. slowly. There was also, a fat man, on a speed scooter, driving along the narrow skuffed-up dirty path, who got stuck on the corner, by a bush, he also, had, a small tent-like, two wheeled carriage, pulled at the back by a long piece of metal or by rope, and in it, was a kid of about five years old. We left him, and ran over the four laned motorway, quickly...the Indian girl stumbling...I stopped at the grassy verge, and sat down, waiting to go to the pub across the road...the fat man walked past, he was in the middle of the road, dragging the electric scooter behind him...

It wasn't far to get back, one bus stop, but the Jamaican guy, had stopped at the bus-stop...there were a gang of kids there, one of them, a girl of about 15, began talking about a dirty film she had seen...I tried to climb a tree behind the stop, and had dreams of police-men, trying to find someone who was in a tree. then I leant on the bin, opposite the Indian girl, I looked at her, and for some reason tried to kiss...we went into soul..."Why??! Did I try to kiss? This is too mean! You're too Ill!" Her eyes changed, the irises changed from brown to dark green...that's me...

I began walking, she followed me, I thought, to do something cool or silly, so I kicked a bottle around and she passed it back, I was about to try my special lob, toe under the end, to hit it through the air, but it kicked out in front of a truck, and in seconds I thought not to, otherwise I'm going to be squashed.

I loved playing football, and also cricket when I was a baby. I play in Heaven, for a team called Yerusahalym...A 39 yard goal? Is that right? I can't remember my dreams, anyway, I told her that...And that's it, I got chucked out of the other pub, bought a Chinese and wrote this! The tajweed, replyed, I have to pay a lot of money, but it didn't actually tell me, if I had a place!!

I'm, also getting free single bananas at various stalls, picked up pennies from the ground, more and more appearing beneath, which let off an odd smell, I'm saving money for:

a MUSLIMAH, t-shirt or hoodie,

an animated DVD of the Koran, and Habil and Qabil...but hate the market seller, all dressed in black traditional clothing, he has a mousy brown beard, but a little accent, he also sells, Satan Evocation films...I'm meeting a lot of white-men like this, in this area, but why do I think it's hate? Is that my hate?? Is that I dont like see-ing white, esp. white red-heads in cloth. That men are too wide?

THE RESTAURANT! There is an arabic restaurant walking distance, selling, only SWEETS!!
Those Turkish Delight sweets, the jellies, all different coloured jellies and flavours...I forget;;;

oh, I forget

So this is just a interest, no description