الاثنين، 28 فبراير 2011

The Artist

I lost what I was going  to say about the Artist.
I didn't thank.

Temple 2

there, dire, diabolical, a good wife for a jew. shame on the family.
let me go for a nutriton drink and a smoke,
 evil little men that kidnap blondes and put them in the back of the car.
I knew always, I was writing 'volk' lore. I knew it and no-one stopped it. Even the ones who knew, wouldn't have stopped it, they just sighed, while I hopped and rolled up and down the stairs, through the doors, round and round, hopping, stamping, sometimes marching, sometimes dancing, and always talking. The garden to the doors to the garden, just a little room of planks and a built open hut with a bench. I was the light part of the Reich part, deadly words. cynical jokes, desperation for ...acknowledgement.
put. put.
What happened?    
"It wasssssss a juck event!"
that thing was christ, that thing was? a serpent. It roars like Ice, it evolves in german...it solemned Love. It burst through FIRES!!!!!!!! FIRES!!!!!!!!!! "Volk this, volk that, always Christ."
The serpent!!!
Just expect to Death!
Just expect a song, somewhere in my bed, some new song, I knew all along....I wasn't surprised but I was getting a little disgusted. Didn't anyone want to save me?
juck, juck.
"Was it gorrrrrrrgeoussSSSSSSSSS??"
You are gross.
Angels eyes are silver.
Get sick of colour, get tired of colour.
My wife made Art, abd the Jap girl looked at her walls, and called it:
"A little plate."
It's impossible to read heathen hebrew minds, I had wonder why I was Japanese.
Japan eyes have discovered the colours of the New Temple. It's a stuck type of wonder, it's simple.
I played cards at table, and when the game was finished, I stood up,  I put my forehead to the table, said my thanks and walked away. I went out for sushi, in the dark, thinking about japanese minds and japanese girls, and geishas and fathers. There was one girl for me at the washign sink.
Nans arrived, to the Artist, and translated my steps.
I could read only japanese minds and though about japanese culture, and heard the yellow in the supermarket and supposed japanese whys.
Why, why were they killing the Artist dead? It was to me at the card-playing table, like a knife to the heart.

The Temple

just keep weeping...
lots of fight, lack of...awareness...why do you talk to them stupid, and then let soul cry you are them?
The Temple Mount Visit.
beds. Beds are good for thinking, and see-ing, and looking and staring;
When I went underground and prayered under the wall, I prayed everythign that could possibily be prayed for... running into important parts of my life-time. I said, I was getting Hate and that was a tiny bit lied, because I got that after.
IN bed, I saw what emerged from the rubble and mess of Soloman's Temple, a huge creamy white monster ahd awaken, I stated last night, this was of imperative importance to the Jews, and the rest of the Holy World. Some of them replied, it's just dyke...so:
I wanted to see another voice, Jah, Jehovah, Yahweh, the Great, the Good:
"This is the soul of a man-lord in a woman."
Someone painted a beard on this monster, that seemed to be trapped in my vision, as just waking up from a slumber:
"This woman is Holy Law."
Anyway, I got into a fight, and that was as far as my vision went...
(to be continued)

الخميس، 17 فبراير 2011

The Goyim

Men fighting me, disappeared, a door lit round their bodies, the door was neon blue, Emelbert's door is neon-blue.

So, they became the evil Goyim government. They developed a manner like rat-men. They had a similar look.

They were men that were sure it's Death. They were Hatred, they were a population of Hell.

They destroyed SOUL, and they bombed. The war was like this:

"You are No!"

"We are King!"

Emelbert was a stone-gray place, everywhere was rubble. Most of them ran and moved to the continent Spix. They also remnants of demons, witch-like 'rat-human monsters, cackling and screaming, red, yellow and black...

If i fought, ...I would only lead...i would be aware of Love... would i get a temper?

painting has gone. Love has arrived. 

I'm not working hard. I'm dropping that and then this, so it adds up to work...and now I've got a soul...it has Become.

The guys....that means the angels. The angels hear me scream like a Valkyrie, as I run up the stairs.

The last and the only first, to bring swords over Gomorrah, agreed with me and came back. I see an imge of a square circle of men in red and black, bring down each of their red swords together...to kill the English men. The news is; I speak Angel-language. I'm a High Angel and not a Dead.

I'm back to kisses. I remembered how to kiss....

الثلاثاء، 15 فبراير 2011

How they appeared.

I made the dabaliens.

I made the dabaliens (the Vors-Hag), when I was alone, in a dining room...lots of things happened in this dining-room, where the table and the chairs were a drak colour, and there was a print of a painting of a large red-haired women in blue with blue wings, and blue winged cherubs. It was where I made a model airplane, where I had a fit in the corner of the room as many women all dressed in black ran through to pick me up, it was where i met the lawyer, where i wrote a chapter of my book, where i set the lion out, to run through the hallways.

I made them by thinking of a monster. The monster was reptilian, 12 foot tall. It had a mind, but I had decided it had no soul, so the made was carnal colours, and thick-set. It learnt KILL. It's first word was kill, it stared, then more of them appeared. I said:

"You have no soul, but a mind...I don't want you...go..."

I drove a space-ship in the living-room. I sat on the sofa (which we were forbidden to do) and I saw space in front of my eyes....I saw a huge slow-moving ship, and many smaller rounder bright silver and blue fighter planes.

Previously; in the mental-hospital ward, I first heard them. They made an announcement on the TV. They had monster voices, they said they would destroy the man-dead, and tehy were watching the Planet (Earth) from above. Someone had seen them also, and he began to 'thrill' their minds. Kill and thrill. Which thrill.

I ahd fire-power, I sent fireballs and rockets through hte ships, I could see the reptile soldiers.

I was smoking alot.

I got an idea.

Everytime, the whole of Britain, lit up a cigarette, magic would explode the Dabaliens brains...and to know they had died, I would hear them exclaim:

"With that, I'm dead!"

This drove many smokers insnae, because they would hear that, everytime they puffed on smoke.

I got a day at home, in my carpetless flat, with a table one chair, and a mattress on the floor, adn also a radio....I cant remember how, I had already killed Satan...I decided to read through Iliad, by Homer...

I heard a woman in the wall.  I talked to it, damn I probably flirted with it, I was probably going to have sex, and I only  realised she was the Dabalien Queen, when I read my friends father's name at the front of the book, and it said:

"What mean't that?"

I chopped off it's legs.

They landed on Planet Jesus.