الاثنين، 29 ديسمبر 2008

The Problem With Fascists

Well, she was a delight...I told her Planet Aseros, I told her Adam, and she greeted him, and she loves...

I had a vision of a man sparking together two thick cables.

...and the dream was shaky, I greeted a couple with Jesus, but they were spooks...To describe how the atmosphere felt is impossible. I woke up in the bunk bed, the guy was invisible, the woman, seemed to wear a huge blonde wig...They were Nazis, they spoke like death and emptiness. It looked like a cafe, but the walls were a blue grey droufle empty, and the tables were clear of anything, and we were not allowed food. They showed me what I thought were maps, one map was shaped like a komodo dragon, it was divided into different coloured spaces, I talked maps, I thought the spaces and numbers were contour lines. It was a list of how many Jesus men they had killed. I was awake, and hearing; "We are devils, we think this Jewishness is what will kill you in the devils, you seek whatever you can find, we want death, what do you seek? Look at the table and tell me..."

"It is a work of God, we have an army, and we want God. This map will tell me God."

"We want Lod."

They said; "Try again, look at the table." I looked and screamed. They said;

"You see this map, this map is Lod. It is assembled like my devil. It is a map of men murdered. It is a map of dog, each part resembles a sect, the purple you see is jealous, devil men are jealous. It is a drawing of a devil. The lower part is sick. We have made men kill. You want sick. We say sick is well, we make you well. Try sick, and fell. The green is bitch, the numbers represent death, each part of the map is death, we killed when we were sick. Lut is dog. We like to Lut. We see you want dead, walk over to here and give us bitch, each of us will bitch."

I said; "Mummy God, If I tell them we're Him, will it work?"

She was screaming; "Louis, Can't bring them Him!!! Wake up!!"

I awoke. That scene had felt like a world I imagined about a year ago, a world that had just begun, and had somehow been filled with a number of men from earth, how bleak and lonely it looked, that there were a few caravans, and someone had thought, I had thought it, that there was a radio trying to find other men on the planet, because the planet was so grey, or even, trying to find men in space, on ships or other planets. There is a sweet caravan park somewhere that's on a hill to a city, and the city is lit up like an orange, and there are little alleyways, and amazing buildings with high stained glass windows and candles, and cobblestones, and that time I had had lots of fun. I think I met gnomes.

I thought of the little guy Adam. I thought I was on Planet Aseros. I knew if he was on this planet he would need prayer and help. I imagined he was now grown-up.

The planet was Aseros. It was Shesh. Something had hit. Shesh is what Jews call the: Evil Planet. Shesh is full of demons, and it is made when Jews get sick. So sick...

Aseros looks like a wonderful world but men became corrupt, their leader was a man who wouldn't lead. He fell in the sky, and men bled. He wanted to kill. He heard devils and scorned, he said;

"My world. My world is dim. Bring my world."

The people were Jewish, why were they Jewish? They were Jewish, because they became Jesus. These Jews, They killed? Yes, in 300 hundred years there have been men who fell from Earth. They fell in book, and they burned. Planet Aseros, loved Jew. They heard planets, but men said if they are Jewish, they are Fell. How did Planet Aseros know Jewish? They knew us, because we learned. We learned to keep Gods. We go to Heaven and every Jew cries planets. You made me think Jews fell, to this planet.

They fall when they kill.

So, Jewish men in history have been sent intergalactic??

They have.

But then, why would they keep crying Jewish?

We, cried Jewish, in Heaven...

Then are Jewish men ever fallen? Many men have fallen for Hell.

Planet Aseros, is Adam's world? I see our army of Jews walk through the countryside. They've infiltrated, they work in God. What is the situation on Aseros.

The situation is the woman you call Michal, is bringing light (which means all the Jewish women that have arrived there...I had a vision of them in her blue trousers and turbans.)The men are crying if we want light...six men are in government, they have toppled the Heemo, the dictator of the world, and we are now Hero. Adam is well, he said, like you, to be a King is well, but it's never what I want.

How did they overthrow? They appeared in a room, and wrestled him, and said, we are Love. And men greeted them, and said, the murder was Gods. And they have brought peace to the world. The girls bring schools and they teach psalms, Asero people greet, and love. The dictator, he killed his way to power.
I can see the past and the future, I live by the river, I can see the factories in a little quarry, in the future the quarry will be deep water. Where the charity shop is, is now a tiny waterfall, and a little stream, the trees on the roundabout are very tall, and bare. The light is golden. It's tropical. Humans' faces are covered all over with thick hair, even the women. I see the past, I am full of tears.

And the cliffs and hills are dark red, and the tears rush down, and create the oceans.
----Exodus from Egypt;
Meeting the girls; I wanted to know more about Egypt, and I wanted to know two of my 'girls' ancestors...I saw her Granny up on a hill, she was naked (we all were) brown, and glorious, she held up a staff and cried Jesus, her hair was so long and wavy dark/black, and it flew in the wind, she had amazing large large dark eyes (like girl's) and she heard me go, shoo shoo, and she talked to her girl, and then I heard...because I told Mum, that girl had made a hip hop record in Heaven; "Does the record go; "I look so good, I look so good!" (??)" And I said to girl's mummy don't be so rude, And I told the mummy her granny was Jesus SAVIORS, in the desert, and she began to cry...and granny knew I had gone schoo shoo, so she kept telling girl she 'looked too good'. And girl laughed because of Granny, because Mummy thought Granny was a girlie girl's girl, et al. And I met the next girl's granny, and I looked at her yummy, because she looked like Annie F. and I repeated to that girl, that I loved Granny's broken face...and yummy, que sa...Because Jewish girls make me feel well, no, only the old grannies, it's because of spirit and everyone else, like you, enduces violent vomiting...And I didn't have a granny, (Yes, I do, and I have a Grandfather, Shlomo Arizal!! He leaves me a message; Be Good, Louis)there in Egypt but I'm some one's granny, I could be your Granny. you are dead american you are dead...
So, the girl was drunk....and I am hysterical. Dorothy is dead, because Dorothy truly loved Louis (Green Eyes syndrome/proof) And Louis died because he knew he was Dorothy...and he couldn't find her, and because he couldn't find her he began to dream, and he dreamt that he was. Her!! Staring out of the window dreaming of Benchley, well, is what happened to Louis, and Louis had only seen the proof of Louis' eyes, and Louis'd heard of Benchley, but Louis had talked to Dorothy throughout her life, and they didn't know it was Louis, and because of the dream he began to think he was Dorothy, that she had fallen down from Heaven, and become Louis, and Louis then dreamt, that Dorothy was more than Louis dead, that he would have one chance a year to see Dorothy, and then Dorothy would be taken away by the demons, and the demons would mock Louis, by bringing Dorothy back next year...So Louis was her, and Louis died. And Louis screamed and screamed.

الخميس، 18 ديسمبر 2008

Kiss Of The Spiderwoman

Kings Who Discover Electricity, Mount Sinai, Shirleys, Evil Australian Aliens, Komodo Dragon Maps of Murder, Cookies, Waking Up as A Life On Other Planets which; Life there is, to me, Consisted Of One Caravan Park and A Homemade Radio, Drunk Jewish Wartime Girls Wearing Glasses Groaning on Two Glasses Of Vodka For Hours In My Parent's Roof, (so I didn't make her, hah, passes!), Screams 'Upset With Mum' Growling In Her Head Werewolves, Nervous Ghost Cuddling, Political Nothing Criers, The Death Of Dorothy and Louis, Waking Up In Fascist Alien Cafes, Invite To Prayers Box On Me 'Ead and And Teffillim Gosh, My New Yorker Daffy Duck Mouth Which Is Voices, Stupid Rabbi's That Love Me, Weeping Grandfathers, A Book By Me That Hits No.2 On The List, The French Resistance, And:

"The Usual." (to be continued)

الثلاثاء، 16 ديسمبر 2008

Death, The Terrorist!!

"This is not your house!!" they shout, "Well that's funny cos menteng I own the house..."

I'm cunning, that's why!

I say I am going through the 'Gothic' door, because I see it in front of me, Gothic because it is black and it says die and hell...and I say this is the Jew's, they dictate where I go when I die, I say it on purpose, because I want to hurt, like everyone else, and I am helled....I smash plates

I've realised. I go for a walk in the house and I am surrounded by crying women in robes rolling around on the floor, what I am to do?? My easiest language is Aramaic, followed by french, and I must stop crying "Hot Shit!!" in Punjabi, when I watch her in the kitchen...but, these holy women ;

I can nay hear them, and I decide, I am not; them!. Why? Because I am in death.

I understand the concept of time, as Pratchett writes it the Trouser Time Theory, it means I have already a taste of Heaven, and when I die, that taste (according to how I have thought and acted) will be taken away, because I am mean, I am rude, I am never one to mourn (what is mourning?? The werewolf? why is she killed, is it because she was a felled soul? It is right to say there are higher men, (Aryan, Kushka, to Dahksha) and this belowman?? I hear the girls say, how could we ever tell? It is disgusting for my wife to change, she knows how my mind works...Allah will still save, and if I have the power, make it work arubptly, which is good intention, but how can I talk her back, in the change??? that would entirely mess her up because I know the change word, and she says "Louis, I know what you're like, don't change me in change!!"...and I am slow, so slow, I hear my own to be "Expecting the good, but fearing the worse! And make everything work out fine", RIGHT NOW

And I only want to hear good, because how could Allah have made it any over way??? How could we tell a belowman from a god?? Because the godman is riddled with sins, everything is basically a sin, until YOU, just leave...just leave everything, or, worse, cling to rules, rules that you THINK in obeying make you anyone better...we are little pigs...I mean is the werewolf a result of hellmen, being deincarnated?? (falling down into animal...reincarnation) My mourning should be real, I mean to say,

I should feel it, and damn the rules!!! I want my rules, not the hospitals, jewish rules, This would lead to a straight jacket, OR this could lead to showing more love...what can I do?? I hear;

"Werewolves are made from God, because God looked at the woman from whom He made the moon, and He wants Her, so He, Howls!!"

I met an Arab boy in the takeaway, and he swore at the staff, I expected a reaction, of what I don't know, but as he walk out, opening the door, I threw, an incredibly godlike look, my eyebrows darkened, my eyes turned red, and in front of my eyes, his hands reached his face, bent, and he began to dribble...

I have killed a boy. And I pray, logially that if Allah power did this, Allah power can heal.

Then last night, I see the face of a girl, mouth wide open, my girl, my daughter, and she has been killed. I do nothing, I lay there, wondering who this is, Allah, (this hebrew god of yours) someone up there has destroyed my daughter because she said God is a hog!! And I don't look at the women who did this, but I think I hear them, and I call them Burkha Bitch, please don't be moslem, I bet you're fat fascist cow, and then I think of my woman in Heaven, that I see at the door of the house, it's Mannie's house, she is waiting inside, with the children, wearing her burkha, is this Mannie? (she wears the silver and black veil I bought her) looking like I have died, and then I have other images of British soldiers finding this house, yes, this is Mannie's house, and having us all killed, this is the end of our world...this is what will happen, that weekend, i spent five hours in the rain, watching the cat through the door, with a can of beer, standing in the rain, with soaked shoes because I fell in a puddle, occassionally talking to a Matishi rat alien drum n bass nut, she likes "I'm a black man! Black man!" (taken from Mannie's son, I think he is cooking up more than chess matches, and he's doomed!!) and, talking into the house; "I like you to see this is love, I have waited here, and believe God, my love here, my love is yearning for you!! My love is greatest! This cat is Jesus! Please remember we are One! I have ever love!! Is point to be scored? because we're soul! Please understand I am God!" Then, I wander into the shops, holding up a tin of pineapples and a blackcurrant juice, in each hand, I think the guy has been rude, so I burn his face!! I have been strangled, shot, crucified, eaten, burnt, and I'm beginning to think; DIE, like me!! and I say; "I did it!! I admit it!! I am the terrorist!!"...think, wait, wait, you will have forever to be God, last night, I think who am I most comfortable with in Heaven? I mean who relaxes my soul?...and what am I to do?? Pray for the best...go to mourn...

My task, is; To See His. Ask everyone, and no-one, if he is OK, because something in me has cried, keep me soooo away from Heaven!!!

I don't...For ten minutes I am low, but I say, SEE MINE!! see Proof!!...And I am back to this!!!! Nothing!! Barely hearing but assured she is fine, no idea who she is...no idea what these women say to me, expect "We are dead!!" And my sister what am I to do, when I hear Baal, and it is something in my dad, WHY must Anne visit me, with cords round her wrists....what devil men have overtaken Heaven??!! And I look at my sister laughing, then bang I drop into her soul and see her soul break in front of me, even though I have spent so much time worrying for her... Why do I say Annie is my Love, when I never want to see her?

The werewolf?? "If I had the power, I would let her remain a woman for life..." Then, this morning, I hear it has worked, AND yet, this evening she is back to wolf, and Allah is leading her away from me, down, through a door, because it is forbidden????

The shopping trips tells me much, I miss out on the mosque, because I'm shy, and the girls have followed on the bus, to keep me happy, so I go into the library inside, it's a tiny library, I find the newspapers and sit opposite the Tamil section, I think of an Orthodox woman for bed, she's married...this voice in others has died, I see and hear the happiest moslem woman talking to her children, and it's the best!!! But I am damned pissed at finding the best, and my voice is taken again, and she says the word; "Dead!" or "Sex!" And then I woe my soul, and cry let them go, then I hear and see sparkling lights, like a William Blake, the sun shining through a cloud, and the Angels speaking..."Go Away! Please forgive me!! I don't want to hear you!!" But I am I want to hear my wives so much......And I walk through the rain back to the shopping centre to buy my Jewish Chronicle, and look into all the moslem area shops chanting Paki, paki, paki, because I hear the word in my head...and Ive let go!!...And I hear a man crying And I tell Annie she needs a punch!!! A punch for making me think you were dead in Heaven!! I will come home and beat you!!! How dare you come to pretending you were killed, and I look at myself, and I'm sick yellow, and I have three black nipples on my chest and I hear her scream... And I say, "Do you see this, last night I was a beautiful woman, now you see what my soul has become, and I send myself to Hell" I know people in the street can see me so I send it away; To Hell...

I see the headlines, Bomber Boy Kills...I work for Heaven, so I check, thinking this is what will redeem me!!! THAT is the primary thought pig!! The Taliban had tied him to a chair and threatened to kill him...into Heaven. I forget I'm still in Hell.

By the time I'm home, I remember where I've gone, and I cry me out of Hell. I hear I've made 3 million pounds, for what?? Getting the bomber boy home?? So I look, I see 'beautiful me' walk up the stairs into Heaven. I say, did they get me out? Let me hear, because I would rather go to Emelbert.

I hear; Miss; you the bestlooking thing I have ever seen!! We love you, Miss!!

I talk to Allah;

You have Eternal Life, and you were prevented from going to Hell, You have three million pounds. You redeemed three men who heard you were Hell. You said, Allah let me go to Emelbert instead, So there you went...The men you love are Jews...Yoou see the door because you are shells, shells are hells, let fair come home, I will be fair, you are no, we are never no...(oh, I am worse, so much worse...)
WHAT CAN I DO!!!!!?????

I think on the bus, I think I don't want these girls, I want wives, but I am sooooo glad to hear these girls better than wives...Who do I feel comfortable with in Heaven, Mohammedans No.1 men!! The feeling is astounding!!
Something like, a bigbath, and sail and respect...I nay feel weak, but I am chuckling out loud that here I must be their nigger!! Because not one man on this bus makes me feel comfortable, not the young Arab guys!! Mohammed's men!! They are 'salvar' (salvage) soul!!! These are the men I wanted to leave home for!!! The holy flags!! Let's look at these Saudi's...Father!! I have found one God men of the seated men in the political meeting!! Cry Him!!

I went to Emelbert and returned. And there I gather people/ratpeople; I sing the Arab boy...and he is soul, "Mummy we sing! Louis, I am fine. You did hurt me, because you looked at me kill, and I went funny, until I got home..." I spent fifteen minutes only, after crying him all the way on the bus, and I wave the bathmat around spinning in circles crying;
"Habibti boy is dead!! Please heal Habibti!! (means, I think now; Sexy!!)" Oh!! Look t my beautiful education!! So many years learning in Heaven!!mourn, mourn, mourn, dead, dead, dead. Then we throne, A VOICE says I was only 18 yrs old on Emelbert when they called me to Throne, (spiritually 17, so that's the age I was when I arrived, minus wrinkles, pockmarks, and this little furry blonde and orange beard I developed after Mum's attack on me with hair-remover, which she constantly tells me to remove, and I will not!! (But...I saw Mum die, she sat there and shook, and said oh, no! I looked at her, and she looked cuddles and vunerable, she heard alien girls from Planet Jesus, say; Nanny Doozan, you are the bed!! I tell her outright, "Mum, you're hearing alien girls, they can't talk proper English yet, they said; You are the best!! And she actually replied; "Yes!" Ahha!! I reminded baby sister, but then I reminded myself what I stupidly hollered in her head, the shock, that Dad was dead...what we did in Heaven, Me, her, and Delphine, sitting there on a sofa in the skies, howling, and other things like walking her to school, Mum is much improved, she's finally talking to the aliens, she's realised that mine telling her her daughter has just finished Artschool, is not some way of my, being, (the word?) She'd say 'nutty'...My little husky puppy, loves me, says he loves mummy, and cries; Chase me!! when I let him off the lead...) the Garret book became a hit, because it was about Jesus men in death, I wrote the philosophy, Mannie wrote 'High Crime!' and the Emelbertians, on their planet, they cry;

"King Louis!! Forever!"

الخميس، 11 ديسمبر 2008

She Upset Me So I Killed (and the prince alien and nazis)

It was midday, everyone had decided to go, she had upset me, I guessed we had spent all night cuddling, and then upset, so she went to bed in the day 'bout three, well, she's pissed that I'm there, and she's crying, what is my boyfriend thinking of me, and I think, why am I crying he's terrible sins...and all she hears, is; "They make him say, wump..." and then i realise he is sins, because he says; "You are only so meek, and you are what Louis says...she says bed...**** me..." He breaks Hindu Law, by skooting down...I spent the hours in her house smoking, why? she was varnishing the alcove in the living room...I'm beautiful, but today, i see maggots in faces...she looks at me beautiful, and I don't know what she thinks, that she still wants 'little dog', who is she to my soul? "Heathcliff" and I'm Cathy and WHY does she talk me when she's with him?? well i like this; Kula Shaker-Govinda, and Krishna is my child, and he appeared from my shoulder, and she appears in the doorway with shopping bags, and I say; "You look like a bag...what is this??" but he is so beautiful, he has thick dark red hair, curled and piled on his head, and the whitest skin, with thick perfectly set black eyebrows, and large eyes...Call on my name, cry Lord of the Universe, tell me what you hear?? And I say, I am the Queen, and I'm waiting, looking at her next to me on the sofa, and I say, I don't have a queen..."I know! You play the King! Because I hate to hear them! Perhaps I should say it's Michal, lets see how long we can play this, so...I'm the Queen! Father is she clean! Oh yes, a bad queen will be sent to fires!!" She says, in a boy's voice; I love her.

The Ushpizin was fantastic, the video is when they call for light, they get two hours...and then it rang the bell, it began the drum; Palestine to cry for Peace...they were to obey the King; What happens when He is nay obeyed?? I expect everyone drives the train, and the train carries on down the rail without changing direction...she says she loves it, and we talk in Hebrew, I'm shocked that I talk Hebrew so fluently, I say it's guttaral, Mary hates the accent...and I'm shocked that I'm Jewish, and it's dark and it's cats, and I'm pissed that she sees more in the film, than me, like the dirty puns. This is dirty?? Is this? so I decide, I am weekend. stupid. very stupid. I don't want you to want stupid. But this is the greatest Love, after this weekend, we have everything!! Bang the Drum!!The Visit, I turned off the film, because I was bored of it, and then I heard a voice, a little guy, lying in bed talking to God...Someone had found, a man from Heaven, a Grandfather, and had cried;

This boy is Kings...I said; I dont want to talk, I am sick of talk, but he was talking so I listened while repeating should go!! Ha! A King! So let me see your soul!! Purple and Gold...FAST FAST TRIPTRIP "TANTE TANTE, THE TARPULIN IS OVER THE TANTE!!!" France 1940's, we have the resistance, 390,000 are crying the fight...

I walk from the living room to the kitchen to the living room to the kitchen...I didn't want to talk, but I had lots to say...What was happening? France has been occupied, what do I tell? Hell and Heaven!! Maggots!! Women weep!!! YES!!! BRING ANGELS!!

It was sword time! So while I skipped around the kitchen, I threw the aliens, green stars, white stars..."He will lead one day, miss, and if he should falter, I want you to tell him he will always have hope.."

"Greet this boy in King, because he is special..." I am turning and turning from one person to the next, shaking my hands, talking and talking in the kitchen greeting aliens, and I have him about six or seven soldiers and they are laughing...Something happened, and something was so odd, I ran to the bathroom, still willing the boy to go..."Ha! You are from planet Aseros!
Go! Let me go! I'll greet thee in Heaven!!"

I sat down at the table, I stood up, a man appeared in the hallway, fAST FASTA RIP TRIP TRIPPING I can see my angel visit a french women, because she is crying; "I greeted the Nazi's, and I will go to Hell!!" I can see further in this...


They are crying for Heaven's help...

ANGEL WITH SWORD..."One dead!!" I roll a cigarette; Name; ???, HELL! "He cries; "I am Devil Dead!"

Sword! Clash!!

"One Nazi!! Name; Shuffenhousser, dead! Hell!" Three Gestapo men dead...Hell.
fast fast clash...80 Japs dead!!! With one sword! Hell...I'm not sitting anymore, I'm highkicking and spinning out the dead.

"Another dead, (Allah?) cries; "I am Nazi!!" Report to Heaven, Nazi; Goebbels dead;...!

Jesus I don't mourn, and because I don't mourn, I start to hear things, the fireplace is moving, I haven't mourned, the fireplace speaks, it says

"Hitar calls you, whore", HITAR WILL KILL YOU DEAD....Hitar means evil king...; "We are ready to have dialogue with any Al-Qa'eda leader," says Al-Hitar. "We can have dialogue to talk about the foundations of Islam, even with Osama Bin Laden if he is willing."(to be continued) like Ahriman and Ahman...

One Jap screams; "I want Kawasati!!!" The Armenians; 90 turks killed, Hell...I tell the alien boy!! Here...; Because he is greeting me form Heaven, I throw him a book and walk into the bathroom and back to him in the hall, to hear his opinion of the book,

"Emeros agar edead!! Take Romeo y Julieta!!" The men are dead!! He is delighted, he has never read such language before... He loves how Tybalt turns... He tells me Romeo is dead, because; "You are King Montague!! He wants His, and Gods is His, and no-one tells Him God..." I leave him and go back to the table for cigarettes...She is weeping upstairs, and I wear my silk muslin, it's black, and billowing at the sleeves, my leather bracelets, furry brown trousers, I grow little horns when bad women desire, and I greet the girls and dance, like a little lune, I even grow hooves, I'm a little high and a little astounded at how I'm such a boy...Then I'm alone smoking, and the door starts to knock, and I'm terrified; Jerry dogs!! I vibe,


You have no idea of the fear there is for me to here a ghostly doorknock, and I was praying for them to leave, white guys? with a problem? I hear it too much...I prayed for ten minutes...and then it was everyones awoken, and damn me! I'm the dork that won't open a door!!

We have a new Heaven Star, and me and some Jews decide to fill it up, magically create, I remember jewish is numbers!! so I pick number 134 and Michal and I start having a spaz, because the number is have a nutty spaz and Michal has sent me a message through the maid, on the television to dump; (above)...because? "She vant God dead...I know Zis Becud she look dead. You are vice." and I make the skies pink and black, I spend time in a little garret, wearing black cord jacket a suit with a silky black cravat and we write 3 books, and Allah does something so beyond my comprehension and we give away guitars of the guys favourite colours that play odd sounds, like lower down the fret board you hear birds siging, and the skies are exactly like turner sketches, and computer games are 'kick down the door' and crazy nightclubs, and I spend eight days in the garret with Mannie, we are human guise, and I cuddle with my new little blood red coloured husky puppy, and tonight I have a date with my werewolf wife from Discworld...And...got any more magical suggestions?? leave a comment

الأربعاء، 10 ديسمبر 2008

Walking Through Water

I did something odd, I said; Hey I can hear myself as an old granny, I think I've woken up in the morgue, still alive in rotten flesh!! what if I'm there, til I'm all bones in the coffin!! I said; GOD! Please help me!!
I wake up, I'm taller, good looking, I'm still a young woman and I'm wearing a silken robe, and I am about to dip myself in water, something like this;
But the robe I'm wearing is bright red, probably because, by old age, I'm angry at everyone, exactly like this;And I'm even smoking a cigarette in my robes...

favourite song this month- Spiralling by Keane

السبت، 6 ديسمبر 2008

Lovers Have Green Eyes (and Jewish Law)

We're Jewish, Sephardic Haredi!! Though to meet us, you would never know!! I love Dad today for going to Israel and talking God, because he calls them 'mate'; they love him!!
My sister wanted Love, she met Alexandre Dumas and got Love. I'm reading his book Count of Monte Christo, and I love it...She was see-ing Prince Harry, and he loves her, well, let her date...

The Hebrew Law says;

Marriage like this is legal, because page 39, beginning of Talmud, says
"Marry cousins, have (widows and divorcees) as first wives and marry even; aunts...as long as you are soul, bring love..."

Dumas you look!! You look at my little sister through my teddy's eyes and fall in love so quick!! So I'm so happy!! The gorilla toy made green eyes as little sister tickled it!! Look at my sister!! She went intergalactic too, and fought off Darth Vader!!

If you ever meet someone who makes green eyes, this is true love...I found a girl, she said, when you were ill and see-ing ghosts, I came to see you, I told you I love you in the garden, I was so low, I say I can't remember, she nearly went to Beelzebub men, I said what does your soul, call this man? "Devil"...I have green eyes for her, and she has green eyes for me...I want to live in green, HEY!! We made the trees, the grass, the everything is green!!!
The Standing;
The story of Molly, Ben and Elouise is nearly at an end, Molly and Elouise marry, Ben is still running around, crying everything crazy, annoying holy men...
Ben arrived in God, playing; Look! I'm a killer and I hate the priest! Ben wanted to totally fuck you up!!
Torah (marriage) Deuteronomy, page 70, says;Whosoever you marry, bring God, marry well, marry for love, interfamily marriage is well, you can marry a cousin/aunt/uncle, when you marry, tell the grandfather you are in love, and ask for a dowry which amounts to God, 190 shekels paid to God (money system in Ancient Israel, 190 shekels amounts to about 300 pounds today, fine even for those in almost poverty, so money to God, money to Rabbi or Temple) consult the rabbi, tell him love, if the rabbi knows the love is pure, he will reply , 'You are God', if something is wrong the marriage is annulled, like; 'We only want bed.'

The rabbi will say; "Be love in thee! For God is Love!"

Ben was a crazy bastard, he ever broke the Law...Molly was God, she said...oh! Ellie! I am forlorn! They had two horses and the horses foaled, they rode into God...Ben cape crook...Molly wanted everything dead...

To marry two women is never breaking law... (Lesbians) the two women will conduct God (this means, they have the sacred privilege to lead God)...It is given to women...they work in prayer, they greet holy, they work in temple, the temple rites are given to women, "I am women" (God's words? Moses?) Give women love, the white madonna is my special heart, love, she works for me and brings light, I want her to love...three women worked the temple, the inner sanctum was holy light, they hid behind the curtain, and told light, they cleaned, two worked in the day, one at night (was the temple closed at night?) All night, the temple remains closed, she brings Heaven (how?) lights two candles, which are the dark and the light, the dark is Mum, the light is Dad (Tao) We cry for light, we talk to Dad...two candles are placed on the floor, the altar is kept level, there are three tables, the holylights show where to place the candles, Men are welcome, but they are kept away from the inner sanctum...the cloth is purple...purple represents Love of God, and Hatred of Sin...(blue and red)...outside is a table, the men are led to the table, they give fruit, and coins, they talk at the table...the women represent God...they tell souls, when Heaven in Israel/the world is died, they shriek!! They go to walk and pray...they can marry women...polygamy is God (why?) Because many Love, and the Many can bring God, men are forbidden, holy women, they have only one, because polygamy in men is death, it fells girls souls, holy men are not to marry, polygamy in guys is wrong, because they?? seize!! God said men marry wife, marrying to many is wrong, you will have died because you are dirt and women are clean...only holy women are to marry to more than one..."Man, you appeared in my clay, which is dirt, and women appeared in God, which is Love." (Book One, Bereshit, page 91...)

Islamic Law is the same, intermarriage is deemed Him, (because?) because soul is joined...they share same souls, they are Allah, they love, they are lover...If two cousins love then bring them everything, the dowry comes from the uncles, is divided into two, and the grandfather blesses...

Deutronomy 6.8 says homosexual men were defying God, they bring devil, never marry men for you will feel the fires and the wrath, homosexual men are condemned (and then it goes on to cry God!!) Believe in your Father! And never lie to men!! We have the Life!! Love the Life!!

الأحد، 16 نوفمبر 2008

What Got Me Back From The Breakdown?

A german girl and an angry Israeli girl, the Israeli girl makes me wiggle like Elvis, everytime I turn to Her, I turn into an Indian looking guy, thrust my pelvis, and cry;

"Whole Lotta Love"

We have a soul shine, we challenge each other and make heavy metal, we make

White Zombie, we are Super Charger Heaven, we're angry sexy God!! (Rob Zombie looks like an Hassidic raised from the grave) two priests have died, they have to leave the order, "This is not heresy! And we will not recant!!"...well spoken english men are crying the devil in latin...I hear them, I've begun the Holy War, I tell the Angel books, and I'm half losing because I'm stuck here on Earth

She is fighting the German girl in my bathroom, the german girl is crying because she is hearing the woman who has turned into the MAN-GOD, who is sitting on the sofa gold light shining from her eyes, crying;

"We are Royal Jew, we are Royal India, we are the Aryan tribe...Bring me KING..." The german girl is crying because she is in hearing the word Aryan, because she keeps hearing the word, after telling me;

"Ach liebe du!" The Israeli girl is wiggling her fight hips in jewish anger and screaming at the german girl, "I VANT YOU TO GO!! YOU ARE BITCH GERMAN!!" I can hear her soul music, it's hot...my breakdown shakes disappear in joy, we're rock n roll, and I jump backwards into the bath, pretending I've been shot, stuck between two girls...we're making music, I'm laughing in the bath...You want me dead!!

I'm up again, confronting Israeli girl, wiggling my legs, thrusting this mad pelvis, crying I'm Elvis evil twin, uncontrollaby shaking my head; "Whole Lotta Love"

"Honey...youa White flower, you will go, you want me, leave german girl alone, go, youa angry becausa I God, bella donna, you funky, I don't vant, becausa you still virgin, and you my baby girl, and I will never take you to bed, because you are mine...your white flower is mine!!"

Look at my girl!! (Sofatalk)-"The Aryan is God!" Bathroom shout; "Look at us! WE ARE LOVE! NOTHING CAN KILL US!!!


Living Dead Girl!


God walks into the kitchen, white zombie is now on the decks; "Turn off this noise!"

Thunder Kiss 65

More Human Than Human

الجمعة، 14 نوفمبر 2008

Lars Shalom

"He was buried in the soil at night..." They didn't have the love to bury Him right, so they dusted Him with thin soil...
'alvar lacht night'
No-one cried Him dead, but He died...In a maze...Hikari (light) or Hara Kiri??

Too much light, affecting minds, killing mine...In this, everything is night...That's what the woman was trapped in, he kills himself, he leaves a wake of dead women and children around Him...'alvar nacht ded'...It was still night, they repeated dead! dead! dead!

Alvar! [ Hinduism. (in southern India) a holy person of the Vaishnava sect. ](Devotion to Vishnu)

"If one woman in here cries me dead, we ...all...die..."

Purushottama: Being supreme, is...too...hot!

Ach magadu. They cried me dead, we all died.

السبت، 18 أكتوبر 2008

The Rats!

I want to hope;

Dadoichzlig; TheDeathStar; They call it Emelbert, It is inhabited by men who evolved from rats, I know an english girl in the mental hospital who married an Emelbertian, she looked at him because he came to greet me, and she fell in love, "You are beautiful!" He has thick dark hair, he looks human, but he has black all over eyes, no pupils....

Look at the way we want, desire crystal shooting upwards through the death of a star, i want to see; we were happy, look where the flow, exempt!...look where theflow, i wanted her...god...we seek love...you looked too dot...special bed;

Is His;

chicooti baby...'caroot' is a cat, catrat,

I look at her weeping, smell, the sofa was youth i looked hopeful i touched the sides of my face and pulled my hair and giggled
"The ratmen came from my foot, like a thing! a disgusting thing! yet, this foot is light, it says, YOU are Special to this foot! A thing! that evolved! this thing that came from a broken foot, was a thing that evolved from a thing..."(she looks god)
sweet kitchen, don't think of him, he says; "i am not a thing!"

"And we Earthmen are monkeys!! we came from the caroot (cat) too! and even further back the mammals the rats, so we are thing because we are rats!!! You are like a thing, that evolved!!"


Sleep, happy, lover,


look at the sofa see her love, it was not youthful, but it wasnt the word you were looking for, and yes it was, she, my hair tickles her belly, because i am still speaking in 'Matushers' they call god men, wine, wine, they say;

"piddle trousers! look at your foot here! you love me! love me! we're here!!"

That's why I was, to evolve from a rat foot is yukk---- she whispers, I'm looking at God...

when i sat in that room i felt well, she did what my dream wanted, she almost touched my leg, here hand was smaller this time, and very white bone, it jumped like tickle piano, we played chess, she beat me, we played again, she won, i said beauty, genius...

"Nu, nu, nu!"...move that caroot out of the way, a tickle cat, white and black...she has long skirt, she is a youthful genius, everything has turned the colour purple..."Nu, nu,nu!"

I love the cat, now, I appreciate the cat, it's black and white...I read Elvin Lore, Appendix of Lord Of The Rings, MiddleEarth Elmethelbreth, can hear my love, I see a man, resting on marble overlooking the forest, a man from Rohan, dressed in black jerkin, a sword on the floor, (I am Elder); "She is on Earth with her fair lady, they have married, we fare well..." kissing, cuddling, and she reads a book of Chess, says; "Look! my son studies this and is soul..." we are opposite on leather chairs, I leaned away from and with my head on her belly, tickled her with my hair, and flicked through the giant book, nu....

I'm looking at you, and I'm right, I feel you, I know we're height, height meant;

We've admitted Love..."I want her love..." We are happy in love.

I looked through the bed and I see a little dead, like...we didn't bed, like...i'm better in her...I am a little crazy, i'm staring at the chessboard; "I am not a thing!" makes me giggle, i repeat;

"I'm not a thing! I'm not a thing!!"

er, dah, dah, giggle, dah, dah, juicy man we giggle, the sea is split! the rhyme! everywhere, we've split! look at the stars, crystal light is scars, give me curtains, tweed roses, heavy shaped curtains, all is dark in golden light, like oranges, roses like oranges, the seas are Jesus, the skies split! when you looked at her you were led, you said lead me...you look a little stunned, you feel she is laughing, she looks at you and begs;

"Look at me! Look at me!"

you love being cats.

She feels, and you look weak, you feel silly, your little sweat is meekel, treacle!!

الثلاثاء، 14 أكتوبر 2008

Who Is Your True Love?

I said;
"Hey! Lady Krishna before you go, or demn me to Hell for being ignorant and a little rude, tell me, who is my true love?"

She said;

"You have two!!! Elvis Presley, and Mannie Shalom!!"

"I have two?? How can this be possible? And URGGGH why Mannie!!??"

"It's possible because you love..."

"Then I have lots more...(?)..."

"You have two, because I am law, the law is, want more...Elvis gave you more, Mannie is the skies, she gives you everything..."

"Do I go to Elvis, or to Her?"

"Go to Elvis or go to Her, He says 'you like girls', He understands..."

"Are we in two worlds??!!"

"We are in two worlds, two loves, two worlds, go to women, give her love, Elvis also has two...Love; this is the Law!"

Who is your True Love?

الجمعة، 10 أكتوبر 2008

Power Of Christ

I went to Lakshmi with a list of prayers, a creamy white snake shot out of her mouth, I ducked and hid away...Then I went to Krishna, He was a She, She said;

"You are clean, your prayers are fair, I grant your wishes!"

I say I don't think the screamy or the wheelies will ever be dead...

I like swords....

Mannie heard this and shrieked;

"You want to kill souls! You will be dead!"....

I met a woman at the bus stop, I squat on my heels watching everyone go by, the monster had already possessed me, writhing, with its long claws out, turning women into sex witches, I cried my soul and it leapt out...I watched the crowd...I drew the magical cross, and stuck light on their chests...A woman approached;"Little man," She said, lifting her skirts, "Learn to lick women!" I made the sign of Christ protection and gave it to her...and then I shuddered, I looked at her soul, it was evil yellow, I watched her walk into a shop, I thought to take off the crucifix, and replace it with one of death, the shisa man had already heard me, he was making wonky yellow and black markings, I asked myself, "Is this lady to be saved? And forgiven? Yuk! A yellow soul!! How can a person have grown to that age with such a terrible soul!!??" I stood up -and walked to the bus, I turned back I wanted to help her, but I also wanted her to drop dead, I looked back twice, I walked away from the bus...I threw crucifixes all over Britain, I prayed for each baby, I said;

"I love all children, protected by love in God...." I threw a red cross on the shisa man, he started screaming, "BITCCCCHH!! BITCH!!!!!!!" Death for defying Christ! Accept Christ and be God...! He felt his soul burning, and crying, he said Death, "I want the Bride, I want her bed..." He began to be sick, he vomited all over the pavement, he fell over, his soul burned, he was outside, he staggered to a doorway, crying; "I'm dead!" They let him in, he bled, they said dead;

"Mate we don't want you, leave..." He said, "Let me bed!" They let him and gave him a home, he bled, he farted, he shat his trousers, he cried;

"I am the saul that has died..."

They freaked; "Why the fuck did you let him have a bed? He's a perv! He shat all over the floor, and cried "Mate! Men are dead! " I ain't having him bed...Get him out!!"

They threw him out, and he bled...He called home, he found a bed...he died in the night...They bled...He fell to dead.

San Francisco

She tootles! I don't like tootling, it's middle-aged, she winks, I say; "Where are those eyes!!?" We look and we sink, They say;

"Look at Her love, tell me what it means?"

Loving is 'pertle' means; 'magnificently small, tiny, we are in a room in company, light the illness, Utopia, because they let me ignore Her, She looks shucked against the sofa, mouth stuck in painful twist, we don't talk, don't look! Don't look! They say, "Herm?" They giggle...' I see to Death..."let them know you go."...I'll let you know I go...She says Pig;

"Oh look you! I don't want!"

Then I'm upset, I say, "Look! I don't care! We're trapped!" She did this, I did it...

We are the light of the family, because, we Love...We sit there, and we murmur and sulk...She is ridiculed, always, always ridiculed by all of us...

I am mostly Death, I say "Hey! That man's a pig! That one's a bastard, that one's thick!" She says, squelch, Oh men are beautiful...This bastard took my thoughts;

"I love that little turned up nose..."

"Your eyes are so dark, they're sweet..." She learnt that and got sick...Good! I say, Ha! ha! They will all burn in your bed!"

Almene trata a beni dictum ezeus eday Christ (peggy greek, pirate latin)...I make the sign of the cross, "In the name of the Father, the Mother and the Holy Trinity, burn these men who defy God, make them sick..." An artistic bright red crucifix shines on the wall, I make some white ones, "Forever have love in Christ!" I want men who kill men, women and children, to; when they touch the red, to burn, physically burn, and I call on God, burnt souls, I want the rest, the ones who accept Christ to be spiritually protected by God, we are in a Holy War...She says;

"How can you be Christ!!"

What does she think this is?? I am clean soul...I have nightmares, but since I cried Islam, I've prayed under the sign of the Cross..."We Have Overcome The Armageddon!!"

Tell me what this man does?

He says, red, "Isn't this sexy?", "Do you want to ****?" I make her reply, tootle, "Oooooh!! No!" She weeps..."He wants sex so much, he says (What does he say? Does he say, reach?) reach!" I don't weep when I do that, but who does, when they deny the spiritual? I said;

"I did this, years ago, this is my magic...I'll say it's black magic..." I say, I hate black men, I hate black magic, I infiltrate, I write the films, the films look sin, but I add, I add hidden holy, I write the holy numbers...I am stand...I spent five months in Purgatory posing as a Priest, I was a genuine priest, HELP!! I'm sensing sex...Women look at me...they say bed...GET BACK GET BACK!!

But, It comes back...

biffy clyro-9/15ths

The demons, I lay in bed, and I can't fight demons, I just sit there, I'm continually hearing voices, of the shisa men, I could call Heaven, but I don't want to call Heaven, I have to turn the lever, so I fly all the way down from Heaven, and there's things grabbing my head, and they're shucking me, and I die for Christ...nothing works.


How did this happen? They said;

"This is dirty bed!" "You Leek! You f*** Hare bed!" "You prick! You want bed!"

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...


English Accents

we shuttered, it shattered! we meant bent, it looked to be God...I am accept the derogatare, the hope...we look at love, everything hope...what is that?...coat...what is His? Lotte...we are 'caldoon' means; 'partially You, exempt from work...looking through.'
We seek 'habeen' means; 'erratically lover, sex is mean' you wonder...be respect for Me, we 're dead!
I hope to school...I have to give respect...my tale is, ret...the eyes is, 'parket!' means; 'astonishally powerful, nay see, deride the men, cry clean, tell them mean, look into eye, and say, unclean.' We wanted astonishing His, astonishing is powerful...
I worked in light, I looked at God...
Make men mean and we have no God, let them see and there will be no God...they will deride, being mean...They say;

"Hashem, we free..." And they cry a Taurus...We are too mean, they look to mean...

A voice

look at my voice...Sufferagette city!! We balk!! BurpBaaarulk, he burps into her belly, as many, drugs as he can, as many drugs into her heroin room, she lifts her womb to the shelf, and he naken dances shift from femme to la route, he jiggles his freggles, all over the sharves, she seeks her, she finds a criminal, matte bright blue, matte cream white, she accepts the drugs, and she offers her arm to a girl from the war, they huddle against the cold, and the girl clasps her arm before she loses himself under the grey smog, she lifts him up, she gives him love, biffy clyro-machines te naked madman is the suffreergette, as though he made a modern ghetto full of broken scrapyard cars, and thin smog streets, and filthy marks on marked off pubs, and greasy takeaways berefit of souls; a playground at dawn... holding himself out for men to see...he is shameful, wiggling, shouting, she'll hide from him...Le cette echar, la faim de mar...

Everything in the dark...I wanted to see auras, i wanted to know, does this colour, clue? black ice...gold lights...she heard shisa men hump, and screamed, til all the gold aura clarmooned into one pool in her head and flew out screaming, I thought, "Oh, dear, I did wrong..." She never said...She slept crying...I called her back, I dropped her in bed and dressed her in white feathers, I love her laughing...her face her wavy hair her voice her eyes, I change her eyes, I never see her eyes, I draw them I change them I like every single change...she laughs young, I got (her) to disappear, I got (her) to go...Biffy Clyro-Living Is A Problem Because Everyone Dies I thought we had got groovy,
I was wrong...as she slept she was crying...I lifted the sun, and went out spying...let naken cry them wrong...which means He will know! He will know every sin they med! He sees them and says; "Wanker! You make my wife dead!" he knows they are dead, he mocks them dead...He looks drunk mad, His ghost is in the garage, I don't like him, naken...wiggling.

Huddled woman walking is mine...

الخميس، 9 أكتوبر 2008

The Amour:

The Diatron:

The Metatron:

The Amour means 'heen' means; 'look at me, I see He, the Angels want Him, they say heen will free, the heen is mildly Thee, every Angel calls a Heen, because the heen brings Me, The Archangel will free, teach and welcome, Heen, create every Angel, the Hinaram (Human) mean to study God, the Angels are God, they are delightful God...'

The Diatron; Are Evil Angels, they were made when God knew the Hinaram had died, and He said 'Be God!', and they replied Never God! The Diatron have sharp almost metal spiked wings...They kill Hinaram for defying God, yet they want the Evil, to continue in God....

The Metraton; The Metatron is a Monster, it cries never prayer, it freaks humans...

Today We are Santana Lakshmi...this means; The Holiest Love!

الأربعاء، 1 أكتوبر 2008

Angel Of Hope and The Meaning Of Love (Shabookmet)

And this, the Angel Of Hope, called Mannie, She surprises Him, he sees in the Angel, she sees in 5 billion years in her thick red hands, s/he/she's making a mess on the kitchen table, shaking, "Dirty Jane!! Jane is dirty! Grrr!" pulling out books from a bag, shaking, fixing together an electric toothbrush shouting "Jane is dirty!", "Dirty Jane!", the Angel swifts down into the room, she reaches the kitchen because he watches a walk through the room, he is her never looking up, she fall jumps off the little wooden step, bends round hip and grabs his head between her hands and kisses his face, she says its forcefully, but it's gosh!, she looks so green blue atmosphere, old, suddenly he feels comfortable, but he's not laughing, he is still mumbling, with a kissed cap AND a scarf messily wrapped round his head, and she wanders outside to garden sit by the spiders, he is laughing, thinks she makes serious, and after he sees her flipping the love hard book off the table into her side, he shuts his eyes, with his green linen scarf wrapped messily round his head, dressed in black shirt he follows her to the alley garden, says he copies Byron, (Byronic! Look! AT the eyes!! The nose is almost the same!) She says HA! Mohammedan warrior!!

It is 'shabookmet';

'a given estimate of age that reveals itself to be, of an age, like ancient Grecian, where it is so want it is marriage, marriage is wholly Gods, the ancient has a man, who, invented love, the man looks, the woman is overcome, she says, 'You love me!' They love like they had been forever, the love is fervent, it invents no lies, it is eternal, it is already there in disguise, it is wanting, it is home, it says, Now, I will not woe...',

this was the night before when Louis and Mannie married in the kitchen and bowed to the Imam and ignored each other all night, and he laughs at her, older, runs away into the kitchen, milk in tea is a mission, he hides in milkcups, he can look at cats and even talk to them, he seeks in milk, but he/her hides, add a little sweat, a glow, add a dusky smell, leftovers, cat food...the kiss wanted; her bathrobe is like royal purple ancient love velvet, ancient loved dark haired, dark thick eyed ancient love, he sees in the Angel, Heaven, he sees in 5 billion years in her thick red hands, Jane is dirty...Jane; is 'ashoomen 'means; 'the first time Louis bed, the watchers body possess Jane, she looks with brown eyes, she likes so much she's skies'...Huh! And does Louis know?! NOOOO!!...because This Love;

It is 'shabookmet';

'a given estimate of age that reveals itself to be, of an age, like ancient Persian, where it is so want it is marriage, marriage is wholly Gods, the ancient has a man, who, invented love, the man looks, the woman is overcome, she says, 'You love me!' They love like they had been forever, the love is fervent, it invents no lies, it is eternal, it is already there in disguise, it is wanting, it is home, it says, Now, I will not woe...',

... dark haired, she is an ancient man, comfortable kitchen with wide shoulders wrapped in Greek Arabian robes, smells like tobacco in rich velvet, billions of years old...the man is smelling ancient, turning round in the doorway to click her fingers and wiggle, like the servants give her in Indian palace and she is still man, dark eyes, where are those eyes? just eyebrows all cuddly rich when she grabs his face in her hands and gives Italian religious kiss, and she harem dances backwards to the bathroom just the hands shaking, the steps wide and shuffling, big smiles, the henna fingerclicks, ancient dark eyes still shining man, the yellow geometric pattern on the corner of ropes, like only the two of us know Hindi, and Hindi says; "I Love Thee! We are Heaven!", a booka emelu, Boom sparkle! In comes the youthful younger Beloved, jumping forward, her soul from her skin, bang bang, la hula la hula!! wide eyes! say question?...Hindu goddesses, Indian dancers, "I love you" fingers, coasting teacups in hands brushing lovingly, silent whispers, scrambled eggs whisked light fingers, lemon tart, is cooking, she says, for a man who is never dead, gives 'arapat' means;...'a look like silver, a hope in bed, a love height that reads, a little, higher than angels, hope in God, highest salvation'...That is SHABOOKMET he sees in the Angel, he sees in 5 billion years in her thick red hands "Ha! ugly hands!"

In 1940's they wore suits and sparkling ballgowns, faces etched with ancient eternal tears, when the Assyrians killed the ancient Greeks, they giggled, because the Greeks said muddy, when Mohammad cried they jumped, when the slave traders arrived in ancient Africa they wept, O! Angel of Love, and the Angel of Hope! Fallen to Earth! Lars woke up they had old children, they have 300 angelchildren, 1929 born son is weeping, he's 'shulvet' means; 'depressed on meeting, loving dad, hearing Heathen, crying dead...' But Mummy and I are; 'shavirer!' means; 'we were hipper than Him, we bring Him, hopefully Him, feeling God!'
Shabookmet! is; ' O! Happy Love! This Ancient Taste!'....
arapat {ap} ECSTATIC...