السبت، 18 أكتوبر 2008

The Rats!

I want to hope;

Dadoichzlig; TheDeathStar; They call it Emelbert, It is inhabited by men who evolved from rats, I know an english girl in the mental hospital who married an Emelbertian, she looked at him because he came to greet me, and she fell in love, "You are beautiful!" He has thick dark hair, he looks human, but he has black all over eyes, no pupils....

Look at the way we want, desire crystal shooting upwards through the death of a star, i want to see; we were happy, look where the flow, exempt!...look where theflow, i wanted her...god...we seek love...you looked too dot...special bed;

Is His;

chicooti baby...'caroot' is a cat, catrat,

I look at her weeping, smell, the sofa was youth i looked hopeful i touched the sides of my face and pulled my hair and giggled
"The ratmen came from my foot, like a thing! a disgusting thing! yet, this foot is light, it says, YOU are Special to this foot! A thing! that evolved! this thing that came from a broken foot, was a thing that evolved from a thing..."(she looks god)
sweet kitchen, don't think of him, he says; "i am not a thing!"

"And we Earthmen are monkeys!! we came from the caroot (cat) too! and even further back the mammals the rats, so we are thing because we are rats!!! You are like a thing, that evolved!!"


Sleep, happy, lover,


look at the sofa see her love, it was not youthful, but it wasnt the word you were looking for, and yes it was, she, my hair tickles her belly, because i am still speaking in 'Matushers' they call god men, wine, wine, they say;

"piddle trousers! look at your foot here! you love me! love me! we're here!!"

That's why I was, to evolve from a rat foot is yukk---- she whispers, I'm looking at God...

when i sat in that room i felt well, she did what my dream wanted, she almost touched my leg, here hand was smaller this time, and very white bone, it jumped like tickle piano, we played chess, she beat me, we played again, she won, i said beauty, genius...

"Nu, nu, nu!"...move that caroot out of the way, a tickle cat, white and black...she has long skirt, she is a youthful genius, everything has turned the colour purple..."Nu, nu,nu!"

I love the cat, now, I appreciate the cat, it's black and white...I read Elvin Lore, Appendix of Lord Of The Rings, MiddleEarth Elmethelbreth, can hear my love, I see a man, resting on marble overlooking the forest, a man from Rohan, dressed in black jerkin, a sword on the floor, (I am Elder); "She is on Earth with her fair lady, they have married, we fare well..." kissing, cuddling, and she reads a book of Chess, says; "Look! my son studies this and is soul..." we are opposite on leather chairs, I leaned away from and with my head on her belly, tickled her with my hair, and flicked through the giant book, nu....

I'm looking at you, and I'm right, I feel you, I know we're height, height meant;

We've admitted Love..."I want her love..." We are happy in love.

I looked through the bed and I see a little dead, like...we didn't bed, like...i'm better in her...I am a little crazy, i'm staring at the chessboard; "I am not a thing!" makes me giggle, i repeat;

"I'm not a thing! I'm not a thing!!"

er, dah, dah, giggle, dah, dah, juicy man we giggle, the sea is split! the rhyme! everywhere, we've split! look at the stars, crystal light is scars, give me curtains, tweed roses, heavy shaped curtains, all is dark in golden light, like oranges, roses like oranges, the seas are Jesus, the skies split! when you looked at her you were led, you said lead me...you look a little stunned, you feel she is laughing, she looks at you and begs;

"Look at me! Look at me!"

you love being cats.

She feels, and you look weak, you feel silly, your little sweat is meekel, treacle!!

الثلاثاء، 14 أكتوبر 2008

Who Is Your True Love?

I said;
"Hey! Lady Krishna before you go, or demn me to Hell for being ignorant and a little rude, tell me, who is my true love?"

She said;

"You have two!!! Elvis Presley, and Mannie Shalom!!"

"I have two?? How can this be possible? And URGGGH why Mannie!!??"

"It's possible because you love..."

"Then I have lots more...(?)..."

"You have two, because I am law, the law is, want more...Elvis gave you more, Mannie is the skies, she gives you everything..."

"Do I go to Elvis, or to Her?"

"Go to Elvis or go to Her, He says 'you like girls', He understands..."

"Are we in two worlds??!!"

"We are in two worlds, two loves, two worlds, go to women, give her love, Elvis also has two...Love; this is the Law!"

Who is your True Love?

الجمعة، 10 أكتوبر 2008

Power Of Christ

I went to Lakshmi with a list of prayers, a creamy white snake shot out of her mouth, I ducked and hid away...Then I went to Krishna, He was a She, She said;

"You are clean, your prayers are fair, I grant your wishes!"

I say I don't think the screamy or the wheelies will ever be dead...

I like swords....

Mannie heard this and shrieked;

"You want to kill souls! You will be dead!"....

I met a woman at the bus stop, I squat on my heels watching everyone go by, the monster had already possessed me, writhing, with its long claws out, turning women into sex witches, I cried my soul and it leapt out...I watched the crowd...I drew the magical cross, and stuck light on their chests...A woman approached;"Little man," She said, lifting her skirts, "Learn to lick women!" I made the sign of Christ protection and gave it to her...and then I shuddered, I looked at her soul, it was evil yellow, I watched her walk into a shop, I thought to take off the crucifix, and replace it with one of death, the shisa man had already heard me, he was making wonky yellow and black markings, I asked myself, "Is this lady to be saved? And forgiven? Yuk! A yellow soul!! How can a person have grown to that age with such a terrible soul!!??" I stood up -and walked to the bus, I turned back I wanted to help her, but I also wanted her to drop dead, I looked back twice, I walked away from the bus...I threw crucifixes all over Britain, I prayed for each baby, I said;

"I love all children, protected by love in God...." I threw a red cross on the shisa man, he started screaming, "BITCCCCHH!! BITCH!!!!!!!" Death for defying Christ! Accept Christ and be God...! He felt his soul burning, and crying, he said Death, "I want the Bride, I want her bed..." He began to be sick, he vomited all over the pavement, he fell over, his soul burned, he was outside, he staggered to a doorway, crying; "I'm dead!" They let him in, he bled, they said dead;

"Mate we don't want you, leave..." He said, "Let me bed!" They let him and gave him a home, he bled, he farted, he shat his trousers, he cried;

"I am the saul that has died..."

They freaked; "Why the fuck did you let him have a bed? He's a perv! He shat all over the floor, and cried "Mate! Men are dead! " I ain't having him bed...Get him out!!"

They threw him out, and he bled...He called home, he found a bed...he died in the night...They bled...He fell to dead.

San Francisco

She tootles! I don't like tootling, it's middle-aged, she winks, I say; "Where are those eyes!!?" We look and we sink, They say;

"Look at Her love, tell me what it means?"

Loving is 'pertle' means; 'magnificently small, tiny, we are in a room in company, light the illness, Utopia, because they let me ignore Her, She looks shucked against the sofa, mouth stuck in painful twist, we don't talk, don't look! Don't look! They say, "Herm?" They giggle...' I see to Death..."let them know you go."...I'll let you know I go...She says Pig;

"Oh look you! I don't want!"

Then I'm upset, I say, "Look! I don't care! We're trapped!" She did this, I did it...

We are the light of the family, because, we Love...We sit there, and we murmur and sulk...She is ridiculed, always, always ridiculed by all of us...

I am mostly Death, I say "Hey! That man's a pig! That one's a bastard, that one's thick!" She says, squelch, Oh men are beautiful...This bastard took my thoughts;

"I love that little turned up nose..."

"Your eyes are so dark, they're sweet..." She learnt that and got sick...Good! I say, Ha! ha! They will all burn in your bed!"

Almene trata a beni dictum ezeus eday Christ (peggy greek, pirate latin)...I make the sign of the cross, "In the name of the Father, the Mother and the Holy Trinity, burn these men who defy God, make them sick..." An artistic bright red crucifix shines on the wall, I make some white ones, "Forever have love in Christ!" I want men who kill men, women and children, to; when they touch the red, to burn, physically burn, and I call on God, burnt souls, I want the rest, the ones who accept Christ to be spiritually protected by God, we are in a Holy War...She says;

"How can you be Christ!!"

What does she think this is?? I am clean soul...I have nightmares, but since I cried Islam, I've prayed under the sign of the Cross..."We Have Overcome The Armageddon!!"

Tell me what this man does?

He says, red, "Isn't this sexy?", "Do you want to ****?" I make her reply, tootle, "Oooooh!! No!" She weeps..."He wants sex so much, he says (What does he say? Does he say, reach?) reach!" I don't weep when I do that, but who does, when they deny the spiritual? I said;

"I did this, years ago, this is my magic...I'll say it's black magic..." I say, I hate black men, I hate black magic, I infiltrate, I write the films, the films look sin, but I add, I add hidden holy, I write the holy numbers...I am stand...I spent five months in Purgatory posing as a Priest, I was a genuine priest, HELP!! I'm sensing sex...Women look at me...they say bed...GET BACK GET BACK!!

But, It comes back...

biffy clyro-9/15ths

The demons, I lay in bed, and I can't fight demons, I just sit there, I'm continually hearing voices, of the shisa men, I could call Heaven, but I don't want to call Heaven, I have to turn the lever, so I fly all the way down from Heaven, and there's things grabbing my head, and they're shucking me, and I die for Christ...nothing works.


How did this happen? They said;

"This is dirty bed!" "You Leek! You f*** Hare bed!" "You prick! You want bed!"

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit...


English Accents

we shuttered, it shattered! we meant bent, it looked to be God...I am accept the derogatare, the hope...we look at love, everything hope...what is that?...coat...what is His? Lotte...we are 'caldoon' means; 'partially You, exempt from work...looking through.'
We seek 'habeen' means; 'erratically lover, sex is mean' you wonder...be respect for Me, we 're dead!
I hope to school...I have to give respect...my tale is, ret...the eyes is, 'parket!' means; 'astonishally powerful, nay see, deride the men, cry clean, tell them mean, look into eye, and say, unclean.' We wanted astonishing His, astonishing is powerful...
I worked in light, I looked at God...
Make men mean and we have no God, let them see and there will be no God...they will deride, being mean...They say;

"Hashem, we free..." And they cry a Taurus...We are too mean, they look to mean...

A voice

look at my voice...Sufferagette city!! We balk!! BurpBaaarulk, he burps into her belly, as many, drugs as he can, as many drugs into her heroin room, she lifts her womb to the shelf, and he naken dances shift from femme to la route, he jiggles his freggles, all over the sharves, she seeks her, she finds a criminal, matte bright blue, matte cream white, she accepts the drugs, and she offers her arm to a girl from the war, they huddle against the cold, and the girl clasps her arm before she loses himself under the grey smog, she lifts him up, she gives him love, biffy clyro-machines te naked madman is the suffreergette, as though he made a modern ghetto full of broken scrapyard cars, and thin smog streets, and filthy marks on marked off pubs, and greasy takeaways berefit of souls; a playground at dawn... holding himself out for men to see...he is shameful, wiggling, shouting, she'll hide from him...Le cette echar, la faim de mar...

Everything in the dark...I wanted to see auras, i wanted to know, does this colour, clue? black ice...gold lights...she heard shisa men hump, and screamed, til all the gold aura clarmooned into one pool in her head and flew out screaming, I thought, "Oh, dear, I did wrong..." She never said...She slept crying...I called her back, I dropped her in bed and dressed her in white feathers, I love her laughing...her face her wavy hair her voice her eyes, I change her eyes, I never see her eyes, I draw them I change them I like every single change...she laughs young, I got (her) to disappear, I got (her) to go...Biffy Clyro-Living Is A Problem Because Everyone Dies I thought we had got groovy,
I was wrong...as she slept she was crying...I lifted the sun, and went out spying...let naken cry them wrong...which means He will know! He will know every sin they med! He sees them and says; "Wanker! You make my wife dead!" he knows they are dead, he mocks them dead...He looks drunk mad, His ghost is in the garage, I don't like him, naken...wiggling.

Huddled woman walking is mine...

الخميس، 9 أكتوبر 2008

The Amour:

The Diatron:

The Metatron:

The Amour means 'heen' means; 'look at me, I see He, the Angels want Him, they say heen will free, the heen is mildly Thee, every Angel calls a Heen, because the heen brings Me, The Archangel will free, teach and welcome, Heen, create every Angel, the Hinaram (Human) mean to study God, the Angels are God, they are delightful God...'

The Diatron; Are Evil Angels, they were made when God knew the Hinaram had died, and He said 'Be God!', and they replied Never God! The Diatron have sharp almost metal spiked wings...They kill Hinaram for defying God, yet they want the Evil, to continue in God....

The Metraton; The Metatron is a Monster, it cries never prayer, it freaks humans...

Today We are Santana Lakshmi...this means; The Holiest Love!

الأربعاء، 1 أكتوبر 2008

Angel Of Hope and The Meaning Of Love (Shabookmet)

And this, the Angel Of Hope, called Mannie, She surprises Him, he sees in the Angel, she sees in 5 billion years in her thick red hands, s/he/she's making a mess on the kitchen table, shaking, "Dirty Jane!! Jane is dirty! Grrr!" pulling out books from a bag, shaking, fixing together an electric toothbrush shouting "Jane is dirty!", "Dirty Jane!", the Angel swifts down into the room, she reaches the kitchen because he watches a walk through the room, he is her never looking up, she fall jumps off the little wooden step, bends round hip and grabs his head between her hands and kisses his face, she says its forcefully, but it's gosh!, she looks so green blue atmosphere, old, suddenly he feels comfortable, but he's not laughing, he is still mumbling, with a kissed cap AND a scarf messily wrapped round his head, and she wanders outside to garden sit by the spiders, he is laughing, thinks she makes serious, and after he sees her flipping the love hard book off the table into her side, he shuts his eyes, with his green linen scarf wrapped messily round his head, dressed in black shirt he follows her to the alley garden, says he copies Byron, (Byronic! Look! AT the eyes!! The nose is almost the same!) She says HA! Mohammedan warrior!!

It is 'shabookmet';

'a given estimate of age that reveals itself to be, of an age, like ancient Grecian, where it is so want it is marriage, marriage is wholly Gods, the ancient has a man, who, invented love, the man looks, the woman is overcome, she says, 'You love me!' They love like they had been forever, the love is fervent, it invents no lies, it is eternal, it is already there in disguise, it is wanting, it is home, it says, Now, I will not woe...',

this was the night before when Louis and Mannie married in the kitchen and bowed to the Imam and ignored each other all night, and he laughs at her, older, runs away into the kitchen, milk in tea is a mission, he hides in milkcups, he can look at cats and even talk to them, he seeks in milk, but he/her hides, add a little sweat, a glow, add a dusky smell, leftovers, cat food...the kiss wanted; her bathrobe is like royal purple ancient love velvet, ancient loved dark haired, dark thick eyed ancient love, he sees in the Angel, Heaven, he sees in 5 billion years in her thick red hands, Jane is dirty...Jane; is 'ashoomen 'means; 'the first time Louis bed, the watchers body possess Jane, she looks with brown eyes, she likes so much she's skies'...Huh! And does Louis know?! NOOOO!!...because This Love;

It is 'shabookmet';

'a given estimate of age that reveals itself to be, of an age, like ancient Persian, where it is so want it is marriage, marriage is wholly Gods, the ancient has a man, who, invented love, the man looks, the woman is overcome, she says, 'You love me!' They love like they had been forever, the love is fervent, it invents no lies, it is eternal, it is already there in disguise, it is wanting, it is home, it says, Now, I will not woe...',

... dark haired, she is an ancient man, comfortable kitchen with wide shoulders wrapped in Greek Arabian robes, smells like tobacco in rich velvet, billions of years old...the man is smelling ancient, turning round in the doorway to click her fingers and wiggle, like the servants give her in Indian palace and she is still man, dark eyes, where are those eyes? just eyebrows all cuddly rich when she grabs his face in her hands and gives Italian religious kiss, and she harem dances backwards to the bathroom just the hands shaking, the steps wide and shuffling, big smiles, the henna fingerclicks, ancient dark eyes still shining man, the yellow geometric pattern on the corner of ropes, like only the two of us know Hindi, and Hindi says; "I Love Thee! We are Heaven!", a booka emelu, Boom sparkle! In comes the youthful younger Beloved, jumping forward, her soul from her skin, bang bang, la hula la hula!! wide eyes! say question?...Hindu goddesses, Indian dancers, "I love you" fingers, coasting teacups in hands brushing lovingly, silent whispers, scrambled eggs whisked light fingers, lemon tart, is cooking, she says, for a man who is never dead, gives 'arapat' means;...'a look like silver, a hope in bed, a love height that reads, a little, higher than angels, hope in God, highest salvation'...That is SHABOOKMET he sees in the Angel, he sees in 5 billion years in her thick red hands "Ha! ugly hands!"

In 1940's they wore suits and sparkling ballgowns, faces etched with ancient eternal tears, when the Assyrians killed the ancient Greeks, they giggled, because the Greeks said muddy, when Mohammad cried they jumped, when the slave traders arrived in ancient Africa they wept, O! Angel of Love, and the Angel of Hope! Fallen to Earth! Lars woke up they had old children, they have 300 angelchildren, 1929 born son is weeping, he's 'shulvet' means; 'depressed on meeting, loving dad, hearing Heathen, crying dead...' But Mummy and I are; 'shavirer!' means; 'we were hipper than Him, we bring Him, hopefully Him, feeling God!'
Shabookmet! is; ' O! Happy Love! This Ancient Taste!'....
arapat {ap} ECSTATIC...