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The Adam'a

the jewish aliens, 1935.

The Adam'a is a jewish sect , on Planet Amer, also found in Jesus...

They wear black matador hats, stripy jumpers, blue, white, grey and black, (a mixture) then I come in with black and neon pink tzallit, back in...only I am allowed to wear bright colours, specifically because i invented that though and they said "Fine, do that....I don't like pink..." everyone wants rules.

Heaven is IN...it's inside...

Levels, smevels....they say there are levels of Heaven. So, I think;, it's : dimensions...

It's safer to hide something inside. So He did that with Heaven, caught in a twinkle in the eye. Going inside yourself, rather than walking through a door, rising a soul from your body in death, so everyone gasps, and trembles while they watch a golden soul, shaped like a brick (Mum says; "It's shaped like a Weetabix..") float upwards into the sky.  but, they do more than, tremble and gasp...they fuck you up...I don't trust to have anyone look at my soul, they might shove me an opinion, go nuts and grab at me, and shove me down the cellar. Anyway we're safe, because souls are so maginifencentally light and powerful, they can get home. ..

Going into sleep, regular sleep. What if I forget to pray before sleep? I did never think of that. I just sleep. Because that was, right, "You were right about that, I did never think...but, I won't do it..." Thats called Heathen...but, all day, I'm talking and fighting and thinking, and praying...and telling. Telling, when I sin, because the regular Heathen world, has become more dangerous than I thought...dangerous to be around teenagers, dangerous under the sun, dangers in the TV...it's a mass red arising ...it's got sicker...perhaps I talked about them and had some of them shot down...sometimes I get sooooooooo depressed about old aquaintances that still go out, clubbing and drinking, because I don't do that anymore, I'm so glad not to be doing that, but then I get depressed, then I remember, 20/21, and I was massively depressed to be sitting on a club stool chain-smoking, once a week, staring intently at the dance floor, actually thinking about God, and a big black, that arrived a little later, but turn an intense blue.. I can't remember what, the thoughts were, some comparision about 'moshing' being similar' to 'prostrating in prayer'. Some obsessive want to see a girl...obsessively she had a type of colour, a type of hair-style, a type of meek...I look like I stay at home at weekends...and I'm just hiding from the reds and I'm also married with children...(not, to be confused with 'jewish red'...which is a type of hero of the war-time era')

OK, this is stupid, I'm trying to grab some theory on dimensions, inner worlds, and have just written bad rate jokes, thank you Martians.

Everyone is Possessed by A Martian

There are three types, they all look the same, big head, big eyes, the eyes are black, white, and dark blue.

Mine says I'm Dumb.

They possessed soul, cruelly, they made thoughts. The black ones were firey, the whites were really just the same as the blacks. I saw them everywhere, big eyes of ghosts in crowds of people. They stick, they stay in your body. The black ones were thought to be evil, but the white ones were too...so I looked at one, and it turned blue, just in its eyes. Crowds and crowds of martians, aatonishing that no-one knew they were already here, just invaders of a different kind. Meeting martians in my room, and turning them blue. They had already been here for decades. They wanted to write cruel. They made men think it was Satan to Him. Destroying martians: I destroyed them by staring back, just as intently as them, but with more fire, than their empty stare...so, I banished hundreds. Then, I couldn't be bothered, I forgot about it. Fascist thoughts. The blues are pyschotic, "What should I love?" they think....but then they can't get past that thought. So they stare into other humans, and make them a little dead. It's punishing. What did they do to Earth?

the goyim

I encountered them first on a Television in the other room of the hospital ward. The voice was squeaky, and electrical fuzz, like a computerised voice. I imagined them, with whiskers, i saw them wearing baker-boy hats, and metal braces around their teeth, very straight-set  teeth...

I knew the language, they started with how they were far-right, and how they were going to destroy.

The next part of the Television radio, played, a monsters voice, a reptile, a huge dinosaur thing that could speak...: it greeted me with:

"Man-dead..." Humans were 'man-dead'...the reptiles were in their space-ship, and had caught site of planet Earth...they were going to arrive very soon. So, looking at of the window, smoking, looking at where building works were taking place over an empty field, and the smoke of the morgue near by, and the tiny windows containing very sick people, I devised a way to destroy the ; Vors-hag (dabaliens)...

الجمعة، 28 يناير 2011

the rat's stories;

"'Deed', I am Amouskha. I am Red."

"I like to Happy."

"I like that Love is Heaven..."

my story is about soul.

thats sweet, but Amouskha, I have to go....

Here's History.



"Right, mate, we're rock n rolling."

they are dizzy, they are completely love! they are sane. Emelbert is jesus.

the king in the alley. brought voice. dead kings.

"....why are they making me think you're hate?" said, the rat.  heaar it squeaky squaeky squaek. i can swiftly translate.


black eyes, black all-over eyes, a little sparkle so you know what they think.

the pupils and irises are forming, the iris as a very thick black line, dark brown pupills, and a fading/ thinning of the outer eyeball, into a dusky blue. the rat's eyes.

the whiskers must be sharp, they've got shorter. they are like little stubble moustaches on women...the thin fur is generally grey, silvery grey. they have ears, spiky, a little higher up the head, big ears. do they have long hair on their head? I do. they have noses like human, yet a lot smaller and thinner, silver fur, and a little pink nick at the end. 


the english arrived. the demons emerged, everything was linked. So, we God. we fought the english, we fought the demons, they welcomed the english , ran from the english, died from the english. the english mureder , then joined the force. They overcame, what they created. They gallantly fought for life, against the demons...

Some rats are smaller, rat-women 5'3, have tails, long tails or stubby tails, some tails disappeared, some have six breasts. large breasts. some are very rat.

what a mess Emelbert was in. Magical happenings. Northern Lights. It sank in divine. baker boy hats, and "rock n roll, mate"...(special Emelbert, greeting and goodbye) Little rat women, dancing in clubs, the  music magical dance, specifically , ; drum n bass. 

The Devil men.

Human formed rat-men, with smoething like a metallic brace over their particular verrrrry striaght small teeth, particular to the evil, dark moustaches, particular to voice, a computeri, a computerised voice, thesee ones were the Evil. 


The War.

I think it lasted 50 years, I was hope, then I just couldnt be bothered, Earth has died, we all have died. I'm too particular to care. Baker boy hats. 

it was a holocaust.


it was terrible. terrible terrible, I cried RUN

@Run Away.

"They are about to arrive, go to this and this destination..."

Code Red Monkey.

50 nazis dead. click *


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I keep telling, what happened, I know that's wise, because I havent particulairy been killed by it, unless you count my weekedns, at home, where I avoid the family for the computer. I'm so hard-hearted, I shouldnt tell, because other women aren't ...and I've latched myself onto this woman in Heaven, because....

She said:

"You will bring me a house of love."

Thats about all this drawing and designing I've abandoned since calling...

Magical power is just...just continous murder...I think I've got such power, such madness, such forsaken attitudes, adn such damn bad luck, that I'm going to shoot my entire soul into that big ball of fire, called the sun...it happened, that, when I see the sun, I think my soul is going to leave me, and fly into it, for a while even when I saw videos, with a panorama, and sunlight, that I'm gone...or when I see random pictures of Nazi's (that's just weird bad that pictures of Hell keep appearing)...or when I'm being driven down the motorway, and sees heaps of large metal cages in the industrial parks, I'm going to fly back in time, and I'm going to be trapped in a prison, (where they keep me in a cell, because they are evil, and dont hesitate to discover why I'm there, just that this enigma has to be kept under raps, and stay in prison for life, trapped in the metal cages, trapped in Nazi Germany, trapped in the sun...

Then I tell her, how there is Hell. And I see her, with me, in another place, shaking, shaking and weeping, in my house...

I think she is Allah.

Then I reason she might be a holy woman, a 'mother'...

And each ight, I cry up to tell them to pray....I can't do it, I don't want to pray, not like a moslem, where you can see the whole ceremony...not in my chair...I did go back to the chair...I just say, I won't pray. It was impossible for this:

'continuous pleading' (in prayer)

not to have made any difference.

Other prayers have made a difference...insane miraclious prayers...the death of a group of men, count 1/2 secs, of calling, where i stopped in the street, adn then heard it had worked,a dn tehn seen two lights from my eyes turn into one white and one light blue banner, into: "Where-ever you go!"

We had yellow things in our walls.

The bear-jew...the bear-jew, beheaded a gang of Nazi's...that was magic...we don't know what is True. He was a big loud black man crying thunder;

"I FIGHT JESUS! I FIGHT JESUS!" A big african guys voice. strange...that was me.

I walk a long way home, devising, then I come to a tree, I pick a twig off the tree, and I snap it, and I say what...."Bang!" I hear: 300 Nazi's dead....

I actually enjoy, and I reason, if that was truth and that worked, work for the new problem, instead, I threatened as many people in heaven as I can...I hear kids crying in my walls, and I have to call Nan....breakdowns...every-one weeping or scolding...

I say worse...I start repeating the drill, their sick talk, I threaten heaven men will get too, that I will put them in fall...

I make giant prayer, in my chair, but the colours forming around me, are satanic black, but, also gold...

When I fall into bed, I break out...I call these 'higher' women, and:

"You have forsaken us!!"

That makes me laugh, I know I have, and I laugh, because of the push, and that lets me know I'm half-way home, because I don't know where I am, even when women arrive, or I think my kids have arrived...I know they forgive and I will meet them...that stopped the Death. That puts in my mind to remember those words...

I have fun when I'm high, but I also bring Hell...I have ideas of calling the entire Israeli army, the entire country, to help me in a war against perverts, simply, to find someone who can cleverly, and quietly kill them, use a kitchen knife even, cut a little slit in the heart: "NO, wait, I want them to suffer, put them in a Living Hell...and then I will kill them..." There was no-one, I thought I heard men, discuss, adn these men were just as bad, they wouldn't kill...( "I heard a light that says, when we kill Evil, we save the entire world) If they wouldn't do that, then what were they??

Someone stopped the phone calls, other wise, we are certainly dead. The 'eye for an eye' began to become satanic, (and that is after many years, nearly five, of fighting Hell) because somehow, when I cried, :

"Let them have every Hell, they want to put on others, to them...let them die..."

It was Hell, it was full of screaming when we heard the babies crying, when we heard the men talking...

"Pray these men dead..." That broke everybody, that broke men who knew one Heaven Law, was to never Kill. I only knew that, because I had recently heard it in the Light....

The Satanic (colour, a dusky grey black...)

"It just heard Sulk, and thought, to laugh...."

It must have flown upwards, because I was calling the highest, the suicide began, because I thought there no possible way we would be killed, by this light reaching Heaven...because, well, we're secure, and they sure didn't see any evil, over this way...which means all my hysteria and paranoia melted, and I let go, and I flew everything, absolutely, everything into the highest place...even if it was Satan soul...made hard-hearted, because no-one dies in Heaven...

I don't know what happened, to our souls or to this Heaven, so,  I cried make Light, stronger, a feminine light, dies under bad heat...