الخميس، 24 سبتمبر 2009


Vishnu is God of Creation (creatvity)

They call me Vishnu. His wife is Lakshmi, she is most beautiful she follows him everywhere in mortal-form.

Send a three-pointed spear into Heaven;


Translation of last post;

Are We Forever?
I have hate. you need to be King's light too! I believe we are stars of light. If you seek Me, remember, everyone will die; they die, because shone is the death of Light, shone like the light because Heaven must die. my love is losing;
they die because, I am shone like the roundabout star, the farthest star, I am even, Like Him. My wife is Queen Lakshmi, her mortal light.

+ she shag me...^I was simple with keen (read cantonese; + she shag me; (someone else!" then read mandarin: ^I was simple with keen. )

If I become higher star, remember, you never looked at me, humble. You thought I was
;respecting the dead; sure of

my soul light is becoming KING...becoming surer and surer. Uneven; free of sin.

I have forgiven the dead.

I have queen.


is car.

(there is no HOPE. ) because everyone is sighing flee...

-teacher; "She will have respect...she will make love."

(sorry thought of another woman-read-cantonese...read; mandarin; mine)) this; think of friend; "Defeat them by being sick!"

Doth Queen have your first skies? Does she recogonize, that the first was sweetest light? Does she sheol?

When I was Furher, I seek Jew, I became so high, that it was only jew...(search posts; ALTERNATIVE WORLDS) I gave everyone what was thought, I was abrupt, I said thought, there was school and there was thought.

I have Devas, die...become like the warrior for you are the King! And dont be sure of Hate! Your sane is light.
"Will she love me?"


japanese; I am keening! I make light! I give Heaven! I am light!

Muhammed is throne-world. He is SOUL. His name is Father.

"I love her so much, I bought her a book!"

Someone thinks you are sick, they say hurt. Be sick.

He was David. He is Queen.

Your Soul, became love-bird. BECAME! Soemone fell in love with bird. You know her name. Brahma is your name. It became. Look.

I see a galaxy, I see a pink light, floating like a sentence in front of my eyes, my eyes sparkle with white light. Most times I dont listen to the words. I need words. Now, I see red lights, and a black tunnel to a safe black door. I see my dreams leave me with weak, bleak. Meeting an ex and going to a house with a hall full of trap-doors- a bright house like Brighton Pavilion and swords flying round the halls, and then a witchy-woman teaching me how to draw, is a funny Heaven.

My soul becmae higher than Love, the big-bang. I circled round twice, and BANG!!

When I circle I give lights. words. thoughts.

My Emperor is HIGHEST. I sang...

"Look at a lady. What do you like? You like darkness in soul. You see a good-looking woman and soul. Little fight."

So...>? Where did I die? I died by funny changing. I like looking shoot.

If she sees, me, I want. come on comeon;

I special. You know I s. Speak!!

It was for Her. It was...I was showing her something like doubt. It was a wise old man. He cuddles. He sits in front of the TV, and chimes the sound of an
Epic song.
, glorious words that have no base on his reality. He makes up Love, and give her poems. He makes up dark-men in love with the girl. I don't care. It's all very well. It's better than Hell. I'm hilarious. "She's a little shocked, and very embarrassed!!" I don't know if they like an old-man.
He doesn't like TV. not even films.


I greet brother then die.

Because'm a woman.

explain Brahma:

"When you see, I can make little twirls, called DNA comparts...I turn the twirl...180 degrees...that, makes a girl...boys are tweaks, a little black in soul...girls are JEWISH, every girl is jewish!! eyes are balls...the atom gathers... if you thump a table, I tremble, laughing tremble...you know when silence helps light...

What were you first?

I was a monster!! They still say JEW!!! I looked like you!!



wHO AM i?

You are a little jew!

I Hate This.

Am I having an affair?

I got a skinhead, a little crew-cut, I have stars cut into the side of my head, they look shit, maybe, with help from Mum, I can attempt a crescent moon and little star round the back...I have no pictures of my first skinhead, when I got that skinhead in July, I scared all the asian school-kids and mums walking past me, my hair got long quick, and I was at MOD-length, yesterday...jed....someone caught me looking through a cowboy covered crime-book for Mud, about Adam and Eve the KKK version, almost as good as my Ashu story and I swear I'm on record for reading out; "Kill a Jigaboo..." He had a spider-web tattoo on his elbow for killing a jew, mine is a star-of-david...I think I'll get that on my ankle...

So the Hijab, and all those office-fy clothes have been chucked, and I'm back to shirts all the baggy jeans I nicked off my brother.

I was walking downstairs with a laundry basket over my head, when I saw a very tall African guy, in a beard; "hey! My brother!" I don't want him here, I want my school-fren here, I dont want her in the other house, becud there a willy-man there. I want to kiss, her, because she very beautiful, half Irish/Malasyian , and she was party-mad, and the sweetest of the best looking girls,, I want to know why,!!?? I wandered to Mannies, when she saw me on the bench my grandad died on, and told me to get in her car...I was dead that day, I didn't know where to go, I kept walking, I went to the beach and sat in the empty go-cart area, no, just wander, to that house called Mannie; like you had to because, of, demons, haivng to save them from demons,...get in the fucking car, drive far...f**k she......so she's ill again...bring her here...we'll drive far. No, where I saw grandad last...


The Teacher.

First the other teacher...we had life drawing class of a man with a huge belly, icko and long white hair tied up in many hairbands, sicko teacher, starts talking about his butt...and then, 'rut rut'. I couldn't even walk over the space he left, when he'd gone...

Love's gone funny!

Love's gone insane..."Oh, look at that sketch! Soo good!!"

"Oh! It's my sketch! Ha! Genius!"

Well, in sculpture, she left her body, and flew in soul, and whispered something in my ear and sweet wind..."I know what she said?!" I don't know what she said; and well; she's newly married.

"What if she was an Angel? With Arch Angel wings?" Because Arch-wings are huge, 3 pairs of wings overall, the ones at the top of the shoulders, the biggest...Her colours are dark blue, and that ever magically fooling me (true love colour) dark green...and her hair flew in the wind, and it was wow.


Yummy. but, quiet

Then I woke up in the middle of the night, last week, and saw her as I was drifting away from bed...
be quiet.
What did she say to thung?

"Keep L. height, she is perfect...(my husband.....)she is sweet, look at you...you keep giving her hate...you don't know weep, I like weep...."


"She will excel." "I'm sure of it...I am getting her homely...I want her, in Martins!! The highest light!!"

The kids, they were perfect draughtmanship, with the homework, and i'm coffee stains and notes...I used clay for the first time, and the arms fell off, it was a group of aliens, hugging and raising their arms for victory...I was little bit sick, yesterday of painting, I found a face in the moon, so my ancient hebrew tribes-men with multi-colured hair, has gone, so I'm chasing Odilon Redon for skill at those flowers...and I re-read my scrapbooks...I've gone from, secret heavenly lore on ripped up bits of paper...to silly kawaii (cute) modelling of fluorescent aliens, made of play dough and big-headed japanese gods...which is supposed to be a joke about, the Matishis??? worshipping very odd-looking gods, and erm??? because I remembered how they learnt language, called God; Salla...odd...the scrapbooks have deep ideas, but I love my kawaii!!!

الاثنين، 21 سبتمبر 2009

Death and Love

I was resting on my chin on the bed, on my belly...lambs!!

two baby lambs appeared in a cot on my back! They were lilac...


the heralds are like faun, lambs, highest doors, they talk like children,


my painting; purest talk, like; this is squigy...no...funny talking, like a nutty baby sheep;...

then I looked into her eyes, (lumpy) black (hazy dead black with dead black nodules; : said; "I hate thy devil!" then I left; so I then said:

"Where is the Angel of Hope?" She had Golden wings, she was falling down the wall, opposite;

I said:

"...call the Angel of Death...": I lifted myself off the bed, my voice turned into a man's, grey and blue hair, a giant face, red laser eyes that burn...then I said:

"Call the Angel of Love..." I looked to my side, and saw...

my very own earthly face.

beware for readers

الخميس، 17 سبتمبر 2009


abal shalom! ekom

ectron on ront, etai ava...e joy

-while your lips are still red

"While they are still blind.......how have we ever come to you? we were through, through...i wanted to jew...'I love her for law' she was a war...she is my black lion, her name is (all another HELL!!) ms.Frank...while they are still blind...wavering...call...weep...

she is the highest love...she is virgin.........too quick

see too quick!!!!!!!!! "I'm Irish, too...quick to kiss!!! You dont vant me!!! You are kill!!! "

she understands me. she is the first, i talk too...too?? two!

every soul i've cried. this was so loot...take woman, deet...like. like. jew.. who are you? w
where am i?
sleep...little whiles. not love not, give anne heart-ache.


while every man is red, if i call her jewish i call her cool...drown

all the jews are still blind

?? gone....go.go are you allowed to bed? frank? I have dancing fingers! look! look!

fisrt day of love!

I'm 8 years old, i'm in true blue. the german call me too, i'm kaiser....noble noble noble

oh! another hang!!!!!!!!! keep them Fathers!!

night. U..I didn't tell you.

run bloody tears down from my purple eyes.

she is dark lioness.

blackest eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANGER!!!!!!! THRONE IS ANGER!!!!!

stand in corners on stairs, no limbs, no fairs, take every limb, and sell to the fires...see my face...

expect a squeaky mouse of an 8 yr old: "THe german say I am the BEST too.

'place of sanctury' No...I said, I'd fight, nver let it happen again, I dont like this part, do you?

SEE!! THESE eyes hold my father, they've become...someone higher...I saw their shape...mousy curls on my head, stretch face....sercoot it; begin;

"I have father, i am lover, my eye is higher, my eyebrows were wise, they burned with hatred..."

"??...they were frightened!!"

"They were like cat dynamo..."

"The first look, it was angel...it sang to clouds, it wanted to become a bird...

"the second was Satan..."

"....the face wanted bed...the long hair flirted, it changed to pink layers, it was docked to dark red bob and hazelnut lipstick, like wartime, wartime?...it told bed was bad, bed was wanted, the lights were red...What have I done today?"

"They went dark like hatred..."

"They went dark like Adam...the darkness is soul...dark hair is asking WHY?? Every frown was why...each fair hair, writes I have become Father...the freckles were naughty, younger...this face, looks bacchus!! WHite MOnkey?? I see this face!!!!! Say monkey!!! Puggy, spotty, nose hairs, bleach...it circumnavigates uneasy eyes, it says I'll make more beauty!!"

hanging from dancing puppet hands...singing mockery...soldier girls, thin and starving, holding my chin up to look into my eyes...to see, profile, to see, profile;

WE ARE GOD!!! "Pooey, pooey...a leedle jew? Non? Dont see jew? I do...it's arch vrows...you say greco...I say roman...you have weep, you are beautiful!!!"

??? pacify, we called pacify, they wont know, i dont tell.

Anyway I saw something, eyes turning green, that had left, then i saw dad...green THE SEALS!!!

yeshua will talk.

liddle mouth, tiny mouth, you shut up, because i say shut up; you have litle mouth, i ma am litle mouth too, i kept schtum, and nibbled my mouth...

and you too, bent back, eternally bowing to HIM...you changed colour, from a bright white face, to darker skin...I said moon-lady.

they dont know your soul is in the moon, thats how i made the moon...I listened once

wheres the other one? |Lets hop up and down like donkey-rabbits!! RA, Ray and Raj, and Polly cried out!!!!!!!!

the holy books are in the mausoleum.

الثلاثاء، 15 سبتمبر 2009

Schreechi8ng bing

is there any reason for me being here? Well...I was saved from the fire...because I could remember Ave dancing, dressed in his robes and long hair, head down arms in the air...the time we had an 8 day ancient israeli party and heard Sanskritt God...

It's my face.

My face shines bright white.

Where's Mum and Dad?

They are both sitting opposite me, in a silver limosine...I have a scooter, it's black and silver, and there's a ram's head on the front...little turn controls...because they will be dead.

the shrieking was at Nanny Flo...a hundred messages, when;

"I was trying to enjoy myself, in America!" so i did the fauning;

a hundred messages about locking up, Cos, or at least making him see a doctor, physciatrist, even a philogologist

I'm a paleontologist. I took grand canyon dinosaurs, because I like to dig them up...once, a sent a stegosaurus to an orthodox quarter, and there were screams, screams are sad.

My sister and I made a girl, when I looked at a yucca plant, in my flat which was going to go...because I'm in mental home...but is now just 5 pounds for her a month...

Because he arrives at her house; to tell her...he is an odepus...that he thinks nanny wants...

Ms.Bacall arrived behind the cat-flap she can still walk, and she is 80

there is a free coffeee machine in my school-room, expensive; dark roast, mild roast, herbal tea, japanese green tea...

He just gets dark, because he has genius...he hates life being boring, he loves travelling..he wrote a sweet book, in Heaven, I read a little, I'm the older guy that gives him advice...she hates her son;

shreiking, and I can see an middle-aged good-looking guy, leaning on a coach...

WE ARE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are you shouting at me...I don't want to kill him

She wants me to put him in Hell..."Well...go, ...have a heart-attack..."

I found out his dad was sick...i dunno..."our planet...planet, pick a dog,...give baby,... be a guy..."

Anyway, Zeynep My grandfather Zafeh, is the bad blood, he says;

"You go to a mosque, you are a bitch...I will burn bitch..." This became;

Iliad...a fight between two tribes, the tribes were actually both Arabic...Homer...Zafeh was an hysterically superb assassin...he would hide in a house, wearing black, and wait for the house, then he would jump to a curtain, pound the floor..cut a man's throat, then roll across the room, and go looking very obvious past the door, and out into the street..he murdered three...he says 65...then, heard my light, and became;


"He was a pacifist..."

I put her in hysterics, Nanny Flo, said; "You know these guys!! These sick men!!!"...His dark demenour, his lack of pity, his sarcasm, his 'homosexuality' (he is NOT gay...)...his thin smile...his boredom...his handsome height...his 'picking'...his seething hate...his crapness...

I tired this; "I'm reading a jewish essay...call him a schlemiel ...I think I'll do that, show you schlemiel...crying 'I'm black... "..I did this because I was teenage crush...green and pink soul, cut in half, true love...sweetness...

The tribal fight occurred, in a flight. Satan and God.
I forget.

one problem; the dome has a heathen design, the serpent with the horns, that was evil, i hated it; so it got popular...like digeridoo's...need;

boomerangs, need you;

hanging on my arm for five hours;


الأحد، 13 سبتمبر 2009

girls aloud-sound of the underground

السبت، 12 سبتمبر 2009

The Mosque and The Vow, the Death

I went shopping crazy on Friday, instead ...I bought, black/to/grey/dark blue all type of trousers, some that looked designer; from clearance sales and charity shops, black jumpers, dark long sleeved tops, two pairs of shoes, cheap purple slip-ons, and black lace-up boots from an expensive shop, two silk pashminas, make-up and earrings...I wrapped the pashmina round my head, and pinned it...I heard a boy say:

"Muhammed would want you for a wife!"

I laughed, and said:

"Does He watch every white woman that has just joined Islam...?"

And when he saw me wear a beard, he giggled;

"You are a lady!"

For homework, I did some designs, I got an idea of designing a mosque, there has only been one female mosque designer that has had a building put up, Her name (which I mushed up at the induction in college, I got very nervous in my voice though I felt cool) is Zayneh, Fe...I like my ideas, I think they are feminine and very different, they would have soul...I just like the sketching, and the idea, of dreaming...I put on my Mum's old black woollen coat, that has dirty dusty sleeves, and is a bit too short, it goes over my huge shoulders, and my bent neck, because I always walked looking down, as I was growing up, and avoiding, hurt? so now I'm hunch-backed...

I put on make-up, and walked around feeling proud, trying to call someone to take my vow, then I went 'vital' ; I stalked across the kitchen in my boots, past a man, as though I was an assassin, then span round over a girl that pees her pants and throws TV's around, like; too close, I danced in a circle, over her and kind of; rolled my head over her, to look at twice in the roll, and whisper; I said; "And my granny was a dancer..." and she laughed...then I heard a man...

"Father, I will marry her..." I didn't see him, I said; I don't want the pirate;
"I am already married!"
I went to a barbecue at another rehab, on Thursday... I sat on the leather chairs, in the headscarf, and freaked about the men in the house, this got me calling every jew, especially the IDF, to fight the perverts, we were on call, there was one upstairs, I could tell that...I'm terrible in men, I wrote some popular pop songs playing, I can write that's what power I have in God; I wrote to Islam...I call Hell-fire, well, every day. its. unfair. its. gross.they dont leave...two monsters, to suffer...

When I decided to go to mosque alone, I wore purple because it is the colour of Holy Lover's eyes, Rabbi eyes...there was no comments and everything with the staff was cool, so I left two hours early to get a coffee, and arrive at the biggest mosque, at, afternoon prayer time, Friday...two Muslim girls sat with me, on the long journey, separately, the first one, made me giggle and giggle, and I was puking out the window, with my face pressed against the glass...I hid behind a tree, on a bench next to two tramps, to smoke a cigarette...funky, funky!!
I found the mosque, and went walking, because I was early...I found a Muslim high street, and went into the grocers, the men were smelly, I wanted something I wouldn't have to cook, that was different, I picked up banana cream biscuits, then I found a packet of 'edible gum', I didn't know if I had to cook it, or mix it with something, or just chew on it...
I went to the mosque because I had ten minutes before ASR...I stopped a car, there was a woman inside, excuse me? is this for women too? she said she had just dropped her children off, -something-for school...
"Where are you from?" "I will tell you something stupid..."
"England..." In Arabic; "I am from a heathen place, I don't want you to know where, because they made me dead..."
"Where did you learn..." "I learnt from Heaven..."
"Well...I...I....I.went to Israel...("does it matter? I study with Heaven...I was 16...") It doesn't matter!! Thank you..."
Then I walked off to the gate, roaring:
I could see myself, my face turned sickly green and dark brown and my eyes grew large and black...the lady, drove backwards, and stopped at the curb again;
"Go through the back entrance." ...thank you!!!!!!!!
I walk downstairs and sat on the steps, the mosque, it wasn't, designed it was just built by the council, and it wasn't at all special...I saw two teenage boys nearly, in a tiny room, got worried, started crying and ran back outside again...then I went into the main entrance...you are supposed to enter right foot first, and say a prayer for Muhammed's family...I said;
"Help mine..." (WUDU downstairs) I thought that meant women, I sat on the chair entrance, to calm, and pray, then I saw, the colour of demons in the doorway, I saw the dull black colour that contains funny marks that distinguish it from God's black anger, and I saw it on each soul...I didn't want to call my family, I only wanted to call God, I said many things, worry, who I wanted to pray for, would this be success? what would I have to do? and a white and blue line flew down into my mind, she said:
ALLAH said:
"Be cool...don't worry, (at that I stopped listening...) this is paradise, you will find heathen, and you will congratulate him,...
" you will find my paradise is yours" ...seem like a meek...this house is fire...they are meek... you will weep..."
"Keep your covenant..." tonight you will die...they will weep...when you die, weep...I weep..."
"I'm ready..."
"Go in..." Louis, go white...you want light..you want to weep, weep light... Louis! I am weeping!! FIRE!!! YOU WILL FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! Only WEEP!!

So...here...I do not listen...I died...the shelves contained dirty flip-flops; "OK, so they're poor! I'm putting my boots in my bag!!"

I walked downstairs, the first sight was a chunky man with his trousers pulled over the knees, coming out of an open door of a bathroom, I screamed, "This dirty man is fat and hairy, he thinks he is funky!! He is sick!!" I looked through the door, I saw many mats, and over the mats rolled clothing, something shocking; I thought they were women, women that were giving men bed...when a man appeared with two children, I screamed, "These children!! They look at me Heathen!!! They are dead, you have brought these dead children to YOUR SICK!!!" he screamed too;

I ran upstairs...it was empty...I wanted to meet a woman, I sat in the very far corner, by the window...I wanted to rush out of the window when I heard a man start to whisper, I listened to him for half an hour, I was angry;
"This is no way to call God, and I know he will hear horrible rubbish from me, please take this magic!! take it away!!!!!!!!! I hate itttttt!" But i sad, that, monotone, almost like silence... I went to the baclcony to see who was there and I was scared, I felt sick, I heard sick outside the door, so I put my face to the floor three times, and I wondered what whitemen felt about divans and houris, and I made sick, just by hearing and shouted HOURI mean't WIFE!! The man whispered Houri mean't wife, I didn't know what to think of his soul...he wouldn't stop whispering, and he heard me sigh, he was somewhere else, I looked over the balcony, and saw three young men, one sitting very relaxed, later, i heard fires downstairs...I prayed for Mannie, to be, in, TRUTH...I cried...I could see the colour and the voice of the devil, I thought it was because the mosque guests were being cursed, I thought they were all odd, even the children..

"Louis...there is a ghost in here, it is called Sul...it writes demons, it wants you to fall...they hear demons...someone made a demon...it was S(a)ul...fly away from saul...they are downstairs the men who fight..." "I kill demon, I see you, you saw the Heaven, and you were sure there is something there, there is something there, I'm sure...it is something they fair...they fair darkness....this mosque is unfair, the 2nd mosque is fair, there are women there...you will meet a girl, you will meet 5 girls...the women there are fair, will take you home...prepare for LOVE...this woman you seek, she is girl...you will murder, murder Heathen...you are singer I want singer, I want murder...you are cleaner...you clean the Light...every man who walked in felt light...there was a devil making them unclean, you think you dream? It was a little them...leave with haste! We have entered condemned!! They see you, they will condemnd!! Louis! I kill the devils!!! Men!!"
then she said:
"I love you"

I could hear the children outside, and something sick...This is me, this is something I did a long time ago, you unfair, unfair, always look what you did...please forgive...it's sick, sick!! I heard an old man cry...he started weeping, because I said it was the demon in him...

"I've killed another man...I don't know Allah, I am God dead..."

I forgot what I heard outside the door, and the man arrived with the book...at this point I was moaning at my family...and at the same time I could speak the Surah, it was my moan!!! A jumble of words, and this spanish; E cosa!!/because YOU!!...
the whole Surah, Arabic Shakespeare!! moans and moans!!! I spoke to Arabic girls, I clicked my finger for girls in the area, I found five, lesbians! I sang the Sura, and I said, to them, "I marry an uncle...his name (Allllllaaaaaaahhhh is one...etc) MADRAS!"
the men sang back, I sang with them!!
I stayed there for two hours, checked time, close to my medication time, and left walking like a chimpanzee down the stairs, screaming that I could see the door open into the toilet, as the men came in for friday night prayer, I screamed again...I didn't play my music on the bus, because I was in big souls...this is my VOW!!...the jewish guy opposite singing important stuff, about extremism, didn't see me, didn't like me, I tried 'greet David'...I heard; 'then greet the Rabbi'...didn't get love...I said; Oh...
The VOW, made the sky return...soul feeling...whole...I had to get home...I sat on a bench, I walked and played the musci to Arcade Fire-Funeral...and; I had to;
cuddle my wife in her sleep...

I went into the garden, something told me, go upstairs

I died,
I said: I say gay men in there, I said they were bowing gay butt!!! I HATE THIS I HATE THEM!!!
I said, that, and I died, I burnt in a ball of flame, I did feel the fire, and I was shocked, and not surprised; she woke up, I said, tell the babies I won't be back...I failed something important, this was I see, a very important Vow, this was LAW, this was even different to being aroudn the jewish...I said; to God, then take away the soul lights, and I'm blinking my eyes and I can't see light, but you can't hear me, because I'm fires...I'm very ill...I've been so sick, demon-men, we were killed...be reasonable, understand, make it stop, tell them I joined Islam but did something sick...just a thought...

الاثنين، 7 سبتمبر 2009


I was in someone's back garden this morning...hearing a girl, I went into the very grey, dilapitated house, and met two girls, poor lower-unworking class girls, one was Bianca the freckly red-head, 5 this morning...we went to a shopping mall, it was very dark, (hard to remember) then I went, outside, to meet an american jewish man, sitting at a little table, he set up himself, he was showing 'signs', signs in pieces of wood, moved around, I said, he was pathetic, "You make me sick of Jewish, but this is mine, moslem mine, 'signs' it shows our blood, clever mystics...Judaism I leave..."and then I went to a shore, along a wall, following a pink puppet horse, the american guy?? So there was a little promenade of these things all walking in a line, (something like the walrus and the carpenter happened there) and then I got into a street, there was a very tall grungy guy I knew from years ago, there, with his girlfriend who looked like a face-less ghost, a fat man and this gang set a van on fire, and they bundled me into the van,

 I said; "You're fucking shit, you're trying to kill me, and I'm happy, I ain't dead...where's 'Anboo' ?

 I expect Anboo to appear in this shit, basterd, I hear Kurt! He's singing the dead!!

Love Kurt, bring him to me, having fun, here,...I've fallen to dead, because this is your witch...Allah is witch...I LOVE HER WITCH, what is Higher Heaven?? Lazy women and wheat fields...Ami? Will you cuddle? Where am I, can you see my dream or is it in my mind, God can let you see this..." : Fat man, You are germans, they said;

"Mate, we'll burn...get out and drive it.."

I said "where is the holocaust??!! hahhaha!! you are driving the holocaust!! If someone who is not simple, could just open the door. because it will blow-up. why are you too here? I told you to dump the perve, this is his van...because of him I'm dead, remember to tell him go...I'll wake up, I stay here because I like... We are dead!! This is fucking shit, I'm in black!!! Are we gonna get out? Because I'm waking up...and you're a Kraut...dead kraut...I like this!! It's nuts! The fire's not burning me!! You're gonna blow up. fuck off, I'm waking up...

Do you remember you were friends? Now, you're Krauts, this is the end...Kurt! This is nuts, Mannie! I'm laughing!! Look, this is so funny, Bianca went red, she said burn if you think I like you...I'm back in a sweet Hell!! I love Hell! Look at this, the man driving can't see, he thinks red, this is the short life, I was red, Mannie I was dead, I like. you. dead cool, do you want to laugh too?? I have to leave you now, for good, good that you're leaving...crazy, crazy,...this man wants to die with me, he's jewish...if we stay in the fire, we're free!! I like this free!! Let them burn!! I am FREE! This is so fun, I can't stop laughing, none of them are real, Fuck dis shit!!!...I can ride forever, will someone cuddle me? you can't cuddle, I'll leave...I loove Her, I love God for giving me this, Mannie, its time for me to leave...haven't any of you dogs thought to get out of the fire?? WE ARE BURNING!! Because you're FAT CUNT!! Die. I thought I'd get jewish, jewish...shhhhhhhhiiittt, boring Heaven...",

I woke up, hysterical, why it was, the fire was getting very huge, and no-one in the van seem to want to be getting out and I couldn't stop laughing...so I put Kurt in the same/similar dream...



girls aloud-sound of the underground

السبت، 5 سبتمبر 2009


I had to go back to them,...so we talked:

Baby said:

"Joseph is an old man, you think he is husbands! He is smelly!...Mummy needed help, so he gave her his donkey, the donkey is called -Blackie...He is a Silly donkey...Mummy said when I was born; everyone loved, because i King!!...you are daddy!" ,

she said; "Gabriel?? Where is He? The baby has been born."

"Daddy we love you. Come back!"

I was psychotic; "This is not my child! This is from some-one else! Someone I hate!!"

"You are a witch!"

I had to cool, and I told them stories, I had to go back...no matter what...I can time-travel- I am David, ("Higher King!" 'King of Angels')

They said; "He is Angels, his face!! His beautiful blonde hair!! He is like another race!!! The race of Angels!!!"