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The Tribes 2

The Amorelians were named Gershonites after a fight...the name means, anything you want, specifalliy, the blood of the crown...The Azorites were Hip...The triobe named developed into Israelites, and L.David heard this, and said:

"YES! My people have rise!!! The Isvalites are my Tribe!! Let call this nation Israel..."

When the Amorelians tribe split, the Armelians became ---------....this is because:

1.They hear Earth.


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The Tribes


We have all gone to a higher star, it is full of God. It is highest God, it's her wants and joys.

الثلاثاء، 24 فبراير 2009


I'm chewing the overgrilled/fired roast dinner in the kitchen, with a folder of science notes in front of me. "Tell me about India!" She appears at my side...She has both her hands turned down into a triangular shape in front of her belly, she stands there for some time before I look up;

"Whaaa? Wha the ??? What? What is this?" I wobble my face away and chew on a parsnip.

"This is India" She points with her winking forefinger to the end of India,

"I stayed here, in the South..."

"What the fuck?? ...Oh...What...You stayed in the South!!..."

Late 1970's. I tell her, "I contacted a woman yesterday...I'm with a Rock Star...It's You! Maow, She writes 'It's You!' But we went into a parallel universe, in this now, she doesn't know me, but I give her lyrics and we have children...she won't know we have children, I think she is still in Heaven."

She called another rockstar. I found the special book of B-sides, and stories of her favourite band. Then It Hit Me, They Snog.

I told Polly, I told Patti Smith. "What? Am I hearing!!?? Kill the Bitch??!!"

She keeps telling this rockstar:


The bitch has her head stuck in mine, playing chess, trying to 'look'..."She is married to a man!!!" I tell Patti, I have given a character with her name to an alien writer, the character is based on Patti Hearst, I tell Patti, I'm with; Blue Murder..."Yeah, they both got sent to Hell...I got them back, I got B.M a guitar, she wrote a John Martyn album...He nearly went down too...Patti is so pretty, I found out she's jewish..."

"She is crying, I'm gonna cut this bitches head!!"

I attempt to slit her forehead with a knife, I'm sitting at the window of the library see-ing dark brown doves flying through the sky...

"They are sinning me, I'm going to have them burn in the fires...BITCH!!"

I make her drop something...I write, Honey, I have to leave...She's likeable...Patti shines!! "Man?? I'm, hearing God..." This dove hitting goes on sometime, I decided to read a Dragon book...it's good...but I'm sad. I hear B.M laugh...I want the rockstar killed, Polly is crying..."This rockstar is nothing, she might be sweet, but they are just doing this to cool, and she's with a bloke...she's ugly, she's nothing like Patti or Polly, they are genius, they'll get sick of each other, I should respect, I hate them, I think I don't want, I'll choose one, "Nu?" That makes me sick, they are too sweetsick...she did this, to copy, me, they're old and they think it's cool to sin me...I'll forget them and go."...I write their Goodbye. I get a little nick on the left side of my face that night, it's scarred, I see, this morning, I forget all of them.

Earlier that week, I'm in the library inspecting the reviews/paper: "See this!!??"
I have my hands turned in front of my face,

"This is Africa upside-down!! And it's on my head!!"

I don't try to be clever, I'm being 'vital'...

Rat King Gray


I'm walking round east London with Annie..."Who are you? you are my wife?...please stop crying...bitches...you are my son?...I love you, I'm fine, please go..."

She is my wife, she is crying.

Because I am waking up, crying I will jump in bed with Hitler...I'm freaking that this divine soul in me is gonna touch Hitler, I spend three hours like this, sleeping on and off, then I see grey silk skirts wiggling in front of my legs, a woman wants bed...and I'm rolling around crying, "I don't want bed with Hitler...God has to stop this flying!!..." Then I fall asleep again...and wake up again, and say the same...I have ten pounds, I haggle in charity shops I'm scolded..."I'll tell you why!! Keeping the 25p prevented death in fly!! That's why I didn't get into bed with the dead!"...This morning I prayed, green souls to rise, dark blue souls to cry men to God...Amazingly, I'm talking out of myself, and crying the shopkeeper to eternal life, I get a 25p discount, I walk into the coffee shop and stand there for a while, the crying men has stopped, I wonder why, perhaps the prayer had a time-limit because it was quick and small, I wait respectfully, taking off my fedora, and touching it to my chest, I'm wearing guys shirts, some expensive, mostly grey and black, and grey camos, a balck woollen coat, I think I look the hit, I walk out with no coffee, and wander up the street, little children are running towards saying "Daddy!" I can't cope, I'm too freak, I'm too in hearing the 'evil side, this is when I start to hear a little voice... I say "bitches...."


I find the underground tube station, and wobble around the stairs, trying to find a map...picking up pennies, in tears..."Bitches..." I falter down the steps, I go to the platform on the left,...it's as though I'm drunk, a train sounds, I wobble on hte painted edge, it arrives on the other side, in time for me, to run out of my body into soul, Annie screams, the front of the train has hit me, I walk back up the stairs and say..."Feel it!!" I have a large ache in my belly just below my ribs, I walk in circles round the empty station, touching my hat, choose the photo booth, sit there and level my head...No money...I talking out loud in the street. The toilet in the coffee shop is empty of paper, I'm too late, I'm crying because of Annie..."Bitches...Vars..." I've peed my trousers, I use a clean white towel to wipe my legs, and then open the little window behind me and throw the towel into the alley. The coffee has three sugars, I say the woman in the shop has put drugs in it, "don't let her hear me...go, go. GO!"...I have change, I leave the wrong amount to the bus driver...a woman gets on with a dog...she keeps talking, come on baby, you are a Staff!! We have ended up in an industrial park, I am crying and moaning all the way...the woman says, Ooooh, purrrrrr, big pussy cat!!! I talk to hear, she says, oooohh come here, go...go..."Yep We are on Petros Street!!" I start crying...."No...no...no, no...Annie go!"...I'm off the bus finding more charity shops trying to haggle again, I want to call Dad, I want discounts, I'm in the marketplace, talking out loud, I hear the word, "Shike!"...I have a smoke and get another bus back...I try to leave less change, he notices...I remember where I was this morning, I had been kissed, with a "Goodnight." and woke up in dreams...

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The Mastishi of Emelbert

Gray: "Louisie! You are nay dead!!"

"Well, I'm still breathing...I look dead! I think, I'm nay dead..."

"You are well?"

"I'm well..." We were in a house of God, it was a leader's house. The leader was Avrok. He was known for presenting God, everyone was invited to his house. It was like this:

The house looked like a den, it was full of Jesus, Meres...They covered their heads wick 'Ashoushers'...Ashoushers are like 'Snoods' they are made from a fabric, like, a little half of cotton, and something unimaginable, called, 'Snook' Snook is from the 'wittly worm'...it is shiny fur, the worm produces this in larvae, it is like a 'silkworm' in that, it's abdomen secretes pus, which looks dark, thick and furry, but feels like cotton, the worm is about 8 inches long...blessings are said over the Snook, "Please seek Jesus, welcome to God." The members of the house all brought ideas, "Can we say Jesus? This government sneers..." "We can hope!"

The government was no longer the evil Goyim but they were bereft of God. They were like, slightly far-right, and saw Jesus as something to Fear!

I was in the guise of a mouse. I sat away from the rest, Gray was full of snogs, he said Hip! "Baby, are we straight?" I said, too straight. "I want you to understand His...I am sacred, and I am vibe His. Men are too 'level', they think kissing is His..when you look at me you are dead...because I am King Woman...I am cleaner...I am cleanest souls...when men want, they are dead...the women of the 'Cartel' are holy...too many go to the Cartel, and think their talk is Holy...it is not...Holy talk is a higher level of talk...when you talk, you sin..."

He spoke around at the guests:

"Then see I am sin!!" I laughed, and leaned forward slightly as though to bow...

"I am King...I am white Him...whenever you go, I weep in Him..." Many men thought God. "She is shining the Alvar Night!!" The Alvar night, is a Holy Day, they remember the holocaust of the Matishis, and they buy an 'albanar', which is (???) An albar is a little gift...it is usually shoes...because they represent the fight for His. Black shoes are His, because they hear new shoes...

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Israeli Defence Form

I stayed in bed with a woman for an hour, I could hear fatgirls in the barracks metal sheds, steel carracks for fatcows, she is too thin to be there, and she should cut off all her hair, until it is the prince's darkblue curls, I am place my head on her thin belly, I am a little curled there for being so lazy, and I like to wipe my mud on the next bed, I'm lazy shouts in the most needed for silence, like a waste of class, ambition, society, fingers like I am the loss of a country that I visit daily, without the cold guns, without respect for the machines, and the Ak's peeping out at me from under the bed, still waiting to be taken out, while my feet just touched the edge of another girls bed, this one is a queen and she is stifling her you are naughty laugh, and the boss is griggly wrinkle still inspecting his office at the hour of the dead, and one fat girl is hearing my death, and she is already in the most quiet shadows, silently setting the gun, with the most holy love, so silent, so as not to disturb us, I say they are sweating like Joos pigs from wearing green tarpulin all day and in beds, and they are content with my ghostly float-tation, because I am shocked that they are mouses, respecting me with little giggles, and the click of the set gun, is ready to take out a man.

But, I'm not there. and I don't know who I am with. Just laughter. And the next day

Someone else is crying.

----What is French?
...we revel in the shed, our party is hidden. It meant she hated tempting. She saw a woman dead. ----

"Wellllllllllllllll, I didn't know! Why didn't you??? ....Why didn't you come to bed??? And I don't want crying!!! No! I don't want CRRRRRRRRRYINGGG...!!!"

Rimbaud And Louis

There is an old woman highing my lift to the left, I ran outside and stabbed myself. "A pensioner like a look to my heart!! Mon dieu, you have given me my heart!! Run back back to her, dive in bed!! The bed will be Art!! The knife is my Art!! I have become overwhelmed by Love!! This life is pathetic! Take the Heal!!" Now, this isssssssssssssss extricating my echstrew. Possibly a wife, here's a Rimbaud, with Lars in italics:
Ma Boheme
I went off with my hands in my torn coat pockets; ("My science! This idea is becoming ideal!")
my overcoat too was becoming ideal;

I travelled beneath the sky, Muse! ("you see, I am the Muse!")
and I was your vassel;("Because I am Love!") oh dear me!
what marvellous loves I dreamed of!

My only pair of breeches had a big hole in them.- ("Tu met ton thumb? (something like: "And where place your thumb/fingers? As they looked? like robbers, little peeping tom thumb; In the little trouser hole?")
Stargazing Tom Thumb, I sowed rhymes along the way.

My tavern was at the Sign of the Great Bear. - My stars in the sky
rustled softly.

And I listened to them, sitting on the road-sides on those pleasant
September evenings ("I want September now, Juliet and the village! September was beer villages! I left school!") while I felt drops of dew on my forehead like
vigorous wine;

and while, rhyming among the fantastical shadows, I plucked like the
strings of a lyre the elastics of my tattered boots, ("Then those feet are close to my heart!")
one foot close to my heart!

Ze Sheet

begin: "Higheungehigh...for laver has burning of ze eyes in ze sun, this is in all probablity the hew of mon dieu, de palme allah Samp De Sin."

Hazallah, we have homosahcial Ashpinzin de crock, de zeene is Got. It vas burn ze eyes wiz ze power af zeek, ach dallah, we see, two prisonal me ("Incoming Incoming, going home!") amoure reise, my homocidal tendenices esign especk, nay the fault of mine, vether your wife is mine or allahs, or the second cousins of my God, I speculate, this burden is to the left, a wife...

Bad Sampe de Sin, a crock of the after-life is...

Many of us hated each other.

Back to work.

Ze sun ve see, is agmatically 35 minutes away from God, he creates! With von spick, an ach valour, the whitest light to test ze eyes. This vas my sin. Albur laughs, women shreik...

I have concluded that homocide...


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The Matishi Aliens

where have my aliens gone? I feel a little lost without my aliens...she's right, I don't hear souls...all that rubbish about music, she says, yes, it's drum and bass,

"But, you don't understand, I am crying Jesus, the Goyim government, have everyone dead, you say, gather men, I say that's His...we have twenty men, you told us to run, we ran, we went everywhere..."

This goes back sometime in history, let's write, what history, I can see. I can see, the rats, they are 3 feet tall, they have tails, they look, like giant rats...Emeeshi is the ancestor of Grant's, Grant is the Matishi soul, he says, "King, Soul..."

Emeeshi was the woman of search Jesus.

The Goyim.

How the Goyim arrived;
They developed from dead, they were built like, radio, they had tinny computer-like voices, as though they wore braces on their very regular straight square teeth...I used to believe that they were the seed of an evil man. They were soul-less. They heard 1080, evil men on Earth. They were viper, they cried a World War, (I believe the war lasted 50 years)they hated Jesus, so they looked soul-less, they wore baker boy hats, they were grey faced.
Grant arrived as Holy Men, he was brought up, singing Heaven, he had two children (gradually the litter, for Matishis became smaller, as, a smaller brood of larger babies, is less painful...) the children were King.

One was called Heeshy, the other Gray...Heeshy would cry, Gray would see sin...Heeshy grew up crying; "Dovid" This meant, to see Him, as something in light, especially to have, 'vital' behaviour. When he was 22, he met Avid, Avid was especially God.

Both Avid and Heeshy knew the government would cry everyone Hell, they were born after a war, their mother had told them, the hell of war...Their father Grant, was respected as Holy Men, he wrote a thesis on War, "War is devil. Create, nay, a War...We have looked to Heaven, and we will prepare the men!!..."

Heeshy grew up as a naughty boy, he would say; "Git! prepare Heaven!" he looked at girls, and said; "My bird!" His way of talking "Dovid" would be to tell that his father was, "Hearing Heaven! But see-ing me in Fell!" Dovid meant to him, a way to tell, "...to keep me in minx, and totally rot down Hell!..."
Avid, his friend, would journey with Heeshy to the 'Cartel'...The cartel, was, a holy temple, it looked like a massive hotel, inside the building, were, six spicklelets, which means, six types of cartel, envision, different paintings, the paintings were of God, God had long hair, little pink whiskers, and large, blue eyes. Avid was delirious, he said: "Beautiful bitches!!" They were loony, they wandered through the building, crying 'heardy' to holy women, "Babe...I can hear the movie!! The movie is skies!! It says, "Baby, Baby!!"..."

Their father Grant was climber, he climbed all the way, to Jesus. He was, penitent, holy sees. He was respected, by the human holy men of earth. The war had ended in his lifetime.

It had ended, because every Goyim, was abruptly vanished, they had begun to die, because God could see Sin.

Gray was special, he could see. Heeshy was diatronomous, he made men and women high. Avid was simple...Gray grew up, wanting...he wanted Freedom.

In 1991, Gabriella arrived on Emelbert, she was across the street from the Cartel, she said;

"Meet me women."

Gray was murdered by 'Abba'...Abba was sins. He hated hurt light. He told Heeshy to die, Heeshy laughed; "Mate! You're quig!" Grant deplored 'quig' (witch) "Why is my son dead??!"

He thought Gray had murdered. Gray had moved away to dead. Gray was King, because he knew the Goyim murdered and he thought ever-after was dead. He was thrown out for crying quig. He told Father, "Never make a man dead..."

He wandered the streets, he found.

Avid was laugh, "Look mate, he ain't a Quig!! I'll pray Quig!"

Gray was despised of Heaven, because he saw dead. His reason was;

"They killed Lars in Heaven..."

She said Yes. She was eating in a cafe, she had six spigs of money, equal to 26 quid, rented a little room. Wandered the town. She found the Matishi's high. One day, she leapt; "I can hear my guy!!"

She found him in a house...Gray was shine, he said; "Lars!! You are nay dead!!"

They met a guy called Kray, Kray immediately fled, he said; "This bitch is dead."

She forgave him, and joined him in the Cartel...They went to every town, they fixed an abode of a giant nest, made of branches and boxes. They wrote dictums and 'trivles'...Trivles are dizzy poems. Eggs and cheese. They wrote Heaven.

They become famous.
They heard demons...

Fame was witch, too many spiggles were spent. Lars left after 14 weeks. She had crowned Gray, for crying light. He returned to his Father. Grant was happy; "I welcome my son! I see him!!"

Forty books were published, it paid 8 spiggles a book, to set a company of printers, it cost 98. The books were pages and pages, mostly sin.

Gray was crowned/blessed in Heavens, because he prized Love, above all.

At the Cartel he was greeted, he said, soul. He loved Lars, she loved him. They fought the evil in a shower of rain, heathens were killed. The devil, they called, The Lord, it had arrived on Emelbert to kill the well, it left in a flower of rain because Mannie spent every tear in the clouds...

Avid arrived in God, and said; "Treacle, we are rod!! We have Heaven!!"

Kray became diatronomous, he left everyone with rhymes, the rhymes were,

See me witch?
We sell the itch.
I wanted look, she'll never look...

Lars thought Kray, God, because every time she shone, he said: "WOW!"

When Kray was crowned, Gray told Kray to go, crowning means a special blessing...he told Kray, "If you ever hate a man, you will be dead..."
Kray was 'turtle' he though it was guy to hate, he would tell us; "This man ain't break! He's a tert!" He could see the men we met, and tell us soul. He was anger. Gray was well, whole. He thought the time to kill a demon, was 'chantelle', 'easier to do' than to fight the goyim in a long hideous war. He would quote Grant, he met a girl, and said; "You are nay Lars..." Lars slept in special, she had a mansion in the skies, she did God's work. She taught Love. Their picture of the Goddess was a soft picture.

(to be continued)

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Rimbaud And The French King.

Because I'm reading his biography, Arthur came to visit me in my room. He calls me, Monsieur, I have to remind him that I'm a married girl (married over 300times!!) and I show him my gold and blue henna, on my left hand.

Mum peers round the doorway, he shows me black skinny hands, to tell me his mother, all old and spindly, while my Mum is larger, and scolds like thunder.

I say; Please!! Allez-vous! this meeting famous people isn't a joy to me, it just gets me very worried. I say, hey! Go and visit my Grandad, I send him a gold ticket. I listen to see how he is greeted:

"Mon Dieu!! I am at the palace of Louis XVIIII (the 19th)!!"

I am ecstatic, this is mine!! French King!! Why did Grandad Louis, choose me to be King?

Because one day, he heard Love:

"Catherine says this is my Love. She is part mine...The Kingdom is Love. Mon Amour was Catherine, she was my Hope...I will keep Louise in Holy King. France is Mine."
I giggle, because I am having an affair with the maid, and she is making Rimbuad hysterical, but then, how can polygamists conduct affairs????

Arthur is outside on the terrace at the back of the palace, there is a large marble table placed there, his poet friends are with him, he says he hates Paul...They are in a forest, like the scene, from Narnia, Voyage of The Dawn Treader, a scene where they come across an island...and find ancient sleeping men at a feast...Every one's hair changes colour, according to their soul, Arthur's has turned LimeGreen, which means sins. Naughty Arthur, can walk through the palace and see spinning eyes in portraits, he can see me greet him on the stairs, his hand burns if he tries the handle to a private door, Naughty Arthur is snorting cocaine on my Abel tables...He is lifting expensive vases and crying to Paul, that this is Gods!! Naughty Arthur pissed up the walls, in front of everyone, lifted an expensive table and smashed it...drank ether and vomited...shat on the stairway...picked a photo of a woman I love...Nanny Catherine arrived and told Him soul; "My Louise is King, because I am Grandpere's Holy wife...You naughty pig! Get out of the house!!"


Last day at Home. Arthur cries for a while, because I am in soul, writing science, and crying we are woe, and I want silence, but I'm wired to the TV radio, calling this; he says:

"Le science ete la folle! Elle est foi!!"

I am at Mannie's, she is marvelled, by a very shitty film; Forgetting Sarah Marshall.... Off Rimbaud goes, sent off this time, to the ancient Greeks, for a show of spontaneous poetry, I think perhaps he can do Latin, does he know Greek?? I tell them I've sent him to them, they are sitting on thrones.

"Athene has sent you!!??" I can hear him begin, he is the centre of the room, he says;

"We are shins (Hebrew for fire?)!!"

I start crying, "Athene?? Then Fat Dad has killed me dead?? Where is fat dad? Why am I Athene!! I AM DEAD, I HATE HIM, FAT DAD WANTS ME DEAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDD!!!"

My head hits the floor, I am crying for my life, I am screaming, while Mannie is on the sofa, giggling that Brand is a stoof..."...he looks stoof...and he diddles..."



Smoothly, (She says; "Russel, you think you're thick, I think you're handsome...) I say:

"What is the name of the main Greek God??"


"No that's Roman...Greek?!"

"Jupiter is Roman..."

("I want the romans fucking dead"...I am DEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDD!!")

---- In one scene I tell the actor he will be Did, (Dead) through another character, I can see his shine, and he thinks "That's my bird?", merely because I like making talk, the other actor hears through Russell, that Russell, will be, "Did."...Not much else to do but escape the film, and go for a smoke in the bathroom. Now I can hear Brand, in the walls, he is screaming because of that 'sick' radio hell that got him dead..." I am DEAD!!! FUCKING DEADDDDDDDDDDDDD!!"

"Look, (you pig), stop freaking, you did it, (those fucking perves took over his mind and took control of his speech, that, or he is a sicko I want to die), (I haven't got time for you, you're fucking dead), 10million forgive you, (I think you'll go to hell...)...(WILL YOU GO??!! LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M GLAD YOU ARE DEAD!)

That film wasted two hours of my life, I spent it feeding small pieces of lambchops to the cat, and drank water-down wine and I really didn't want Brand to know who I was, I am :"Not a bird."...Mannie, was, tipsy, ignored me, said: "Look at you! You think you wimp!", she will bonk Russell. I saw, three scenes...the beginning; with the music video, is so mine, I am seethingly upset and despising...and then I'm proud. I saw the scene with the piano-playing:

"I am dead...I Love...I am dead..." and thought, that's mine, and then, nastily with eyes like God, does Michal, get, stuck??? on her piano, and is she stealing higher power, and actually singing crap like: "You are dead!...I am dead!" while she is writing songs??

She will bonk, someone, while I am writing my first chapter on the computer downstair, on a comfy wooden chair covered in a patterned black n white blanket, writing Soul, and then she will appear in a wide dressing-gown, and tousle my hair, and I will call her purple with a hand of thick blue towels, the camera catching her black-face, and caught hair, then touch my leg as I walk out into the hallway, delight, delight, darkest bob cuts, eschamta eschamta, as if I'm leaving to be killed, and am already remembered, because I'm going out to die...and outside gives me life, and I call her Dorothy cat, and I am dead, because there were three dead hours left, eschamta, because there is snow in the darkness, eschamta, all over the cats, and the rats still say "Bank You" and the Apes say "Ook you!"...and because the white cakes are the blanket, we are us and us, and us includes Arthur, crying "Chat-elle!" and us and us includes snow all over the dead, like holylands, and the marriage is in black sky is; little dead cats...eschamta and so on. Because I am talking to Mannie while I'm in the bathroom; that Jack K. (parceque this 'spics' un peu, deplore! sounds like Jack, The Dead!) and I share the loo-seat, crying these men are dead! and we look down, on dead men, and Jack and I could be boyfirend and girlfriend, both snapping ash from our cigarettes all over the dead, the dead should be falling down the stairs...c'etait un matin of black, parce-que, the, little cat...

And so on...eschamta...

الثلاثاء، 10 فبراير 2009

Free'd Time

The book about the Alternative Earth has been read only by Me, Mannie, a guy known as Hezoo, and Ava, a woman I first saw on a 1995 programme about the Holocaust, Ava is the woman who has got me, finally, out of The Styx...I don't just say Goodbye, when I don't want to talk, I slide all the way down...

I've been freed by Science.

70 pages of notes, and homework about Ions, atoms, protons, relativity, I am studying:

Quantum Physics.

Theories about Soul Particle and Light.

eg. This computer screen is known as 'Akon'. There are equations that keep the light of the soul safe from Akon.

I'm as far as Math GCSE, C...It takes some time for me to do simple adding

The science idea jumped out of Art sketching.

I'm making a series of posters of Pro-Jewish Propaganda. Orthodox, Anti-War.

The style is wartime Futuristic...I want, a little, to copy Tamara Lempicka's painting, she is known for large, unattractive/attractive portraits of rich people. Mine are smaller; I've done, two...;

The Alternative Earth book, will stay away from the public. There are 79 Angel books that explain Armageddon and the Takeover of Human Brain. Muhammadan rules have been rewritten, no Halal meat, only vegetables.

The Angels will cry soul from Heaven. The 79 books are the style of Revelations. Many men will appear to murder Light. They will be overcome.

Last night, a guy, appeared in my house, naked, I punched him, there are equations for spontaneous combustion, he was enveloped in fire, he fell to Hell, because he wanted sex, he appeared many times, each time, he was burnt by fire. Well...He was looking at a young Rehab staff girl for bed, he 'possessed' me, at first I thought; "What why am I wiggling in front of her?" and then I saw him, and so...as I walked into the corridor, I stabbed myself in the gut, the knife went through me, but it got him, I am calling this Justice...because thye kill me and they make everyone I love weep and scream...It's been three, yes! 3 three years I am;

"a revengeful slut!" a:

"&^*^ing bitch!!"

"She wants ^%&!"

I haven't seen this man for three years...and I want the next three years to myself, I want PEACE...I haven't complained to anyone (anyones; are; living in Heaven) for about 5 days now, like PARANOIA, don't call anyone down here!! I can hear sick men!!

And I have a book, I haven't been able to read for some years, a little bit of Dumas, two Pratchett books, and the start of William Golding's: 'boat books'...

RIMBAUD, biography, by Graham Robb.

(tunes on the ears-Senser State of Mind)

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The Miracle of Time

Concentric Circles:

1. The Light. The Light filters...A redeemed soul!...I can hear in my mind; REDEEMED SOUL!
The Circles: There are eight circles in light. They converge together like, one main large circle, surrounded by the other smaller circles...The centre circle is Holy King. The outer circles of Time, are, what goes into the centre, another period of time,Each outer circle, is dead, the Holy Center, surrounds part of each small circle/period of time and creates another Level, which means, the height is sought in each...(Heaven Levels)......The Inner Circle: It contains 90 time, 3.19, three point one nine is the equation answer to TIME It means a strong circle with a line...the circle is strong in that it, hops along!! It jumps across twenty different types of God...the circle looks like a large pear with the line going, across the top...it has stretched because there is a jump, in the plot...the line is circular, it goes across the top of the messy circle, because, it keeps the top, frozen: This means, When Time splits, Every circle JUMPS across each line, this looks to me like, the outer small circles jump into the Holy Center and distorts a little of each period of time, and then the Time, acts awkwardly and becomes pear shaped, through a look into the changed Time...Slightly wrong, it enters another circle, and the Time is brought across the Holy Center...The 90 Time; 90 Time is 9.11 over 59 (Number of Jesus followers)...= 0.1544

0.1544 is the (Holy) Center

Eight smaller circles; 39 divided by eighty= 0.4875 which is the number of 25 Time. 25 Time is Lars...Lars plays God, and the 25 Time hits Lars. (HUH?) You steal through doors, Ninety times to the twenty, you create a flux, the flux is Eighty Nine Day...(How? Men means Day?? WAH? And the illustrations are not quite)

How Flux is created: Each Door is segregated...you slip through the door, when you walk in, Time Change! The Soul screams Holy Center, and 2006 has become 99. (?) Ninety-Nine: The End of Life.

The Circles: The pear shaped is 2D, it represents a jump!
(to be continued)

The Miracle of Time

Time is Here. How we create Time;

There are twenty miracles in Time; I am 80, which means; I have 8 Lives.

8 Lives redeem.

When I life, I throw. I throw; 8 lives into flow. To throw, is to, Give;

A SIGN OF LIFE. "Throw me light!" I throw!

"This is my Jewish His."

80 throws have become dead, I throw, Christ Light. I am Lars. She says; "Look at me to World." Clarify.

When she is 60, she is World. Save me, a He World.


1st God
2nd Herald
3rd Cry
4th Look Eye
5th Guide/Seek
6th Jewish
7th Tame
8th Hear His


(?) The circular time is Herald...It brings a herald to time. The scene is set. We cry the message! When you time, we crack...To Time is to Cry!...We stop, shocked, and Look. We see the message...we bake, we cook...the second recipe is a slip in time...this is because I arrive in Time, to men who kill God, the Infidel/the German...I broke Time. They attack, and I have broken Time. Time split into three concentric circles, they join at the wrist. This was in 19Eleven's which means, this was Israeli Time. Holy Ancient Yishrael. The Time was Set. They were cry their Time. Moschaich bled...The first time broke, because I had taken a wife, and a fight...The second circle is eleven Time...(11 is this the German word for elf?)...ya...tata...The Circles:

الاثنين، 2 فبراير 2009

Time Dimensions

1945, and 2003 Die fur, unz hier boden;

was the end of the world, five men were killed, the door is higher!! It is opened by talk, I caught a glimpse of God, I said; "May I have this book? these words?;
When we enter the heaven door, we are timed into Abels. (Abel=Good, Cain=Evil) Time is circles. Ten circles

Be self-righteous!! Hear God! We have become Him. The lower men are light, the higher men are caught...(this is my book) Let higher men know God. They are caught by thought, let them know. Our Sire is Christ, we have become the world, our Mother is Love, she hath cried men well...Look at Holy God. Jewish men seek life, Jewish men are higher God,

I seek thy soul, I seek thy life. My heart is in the well. I hath cried King. I hath seen the fell. Men will see fell. I cried Holy Light. I set the bowl, it overfloweth in God.

When we enter the heaven door, we are timed into Abels. Time is circles. Ten circles

2003; We have become corrupt. The children are called, Love, King and Him. Love is Gold skin, King is a purple child...Him is so bright, he looks light blue, but this blue is higher love, the colour shines so bright, it can kill the soul...Any man who looks into that light, kills himself. It is Allah souls.

2003; I am soul. It takes five years to realise the truth. A car is parked outside, it looks like it belongs to an acquaintance of mine. I'm in the garden. I have planted the car there three hours before. I have been wide awake and smoking marijuana for five days. Time spins out of control. I cry I am pregnant, I keep sweeping the entrance to the back door, I vomit all over the doorpost. Cars are spinning round and round the front of the house, I can see only white women in the car, shouting and pleading with me to leave. I have been see-ing images in the bedroom curtains, a heavily pregnant Egyptian woman. I have been in bed for months. I look out of the window, and see myself, dressed in her black and lilac waterproof jacket. The night before I sit in the car in the alley, with the keys, crying and smoking a joint, the car is full of buttons in the dashboard, I have found a gold watch, the hands of the watch spin backwards, so fast that I drop it and it smashes on the ground. The car is my time machine, it's my HG Wells. I think of the hairy men underground I think of the stupid blondes in the forests. I am the time traveller, the book reminds me of the wars. I leave the car.

I've fallen on the ground in the hallway. I'm having hideous visions. Now; I can hear a girl dying, I begin to pray, I go to the garden because of the noise in the house. I always keep my prayer quiet, sometimes I wear a doppa. I realise the girl is me;

"The Goyim, the goyim..." (On Planet Emelbert, Matishi's are being killed by an evil government known as the Goy-im.) There are three men in the house.

I remember the silver car. I'm shoeless, I have with me a little pink and white rucksack, I open the passenger door. There is a Chinese-Russian looking man in the car. I call him Buddha, I'm hysterical, I can't speak any kind of language, I jump up and down like a monkey trying to communicate with the radio, I switch it on and off. He is patient, he smiles. I call him 'Buddha.' He has deep watery brown eyes and a clean clear round face.

I'm in my parents garden, I'm working magic. I've planted myself as a man in the car, I follow my visions, I say yes, the radio worked!!

I KISS, ,MYSELF through Him; I say;

"I will take the blue bag, EAST...you will want to follow, but in five minutes he will have completely disappeared. He will cry to the East, and you will go westwards and cry the light..."

I watch him go down the alley, and I turn and walk towards the supermarket. I am bleeding...Everyone in the car park looks ancient, and grey-haired.

Muhammad anxiety. Once one of his leading followers, Abu Bakr, said to him, “O Messenger of Allah, verily your hair has turned gray.” Muhammad replied that Sura 11, along with suras 56, 77, 78, and 81, all of which deal with judgment day, “have turned my hair gray.”

I throw the black t-shirt in my bag onto a bush like tree, and keep the white t-shirt.


The Black means we are in the Death of Jesus. The white is His. The blue bag contained Hero men, he was delivered to Judas. Lars heard Judas, she flew unicorns. She wept for Jesus. The blue bag contains 39 His, which means he found 39 men, they were wise, they said, "Free queens! This is Muslim Jesus!" He was Buddha

The doors were opened 59 times
...59 represents Jesus. He had 59 followers, and 95 voodoos.

When the 95th was opened, every seen was voodoos, it was shocking death! She housed in Voodoos!!

She kept a hospital diary, she wrote that silver cars were horses, steeds, everyone she passed in town, knew Her...Men hated Muslim Jesus. The white men began death...

The woman's kitchen was a door, it was the 93rd. WE live in an area called Little India, they said; NO INDIA!! Every family locked the door and hid, Every Indian was murdered, we hide in the kitchen and cry light, I can see white killers through the keyhole...The 93rd That meant, the marriage was sealed, it was sealed in front of Jesus. Heaven was delirious;

"The Angel Hanumari is Jesus!" The house she left began the devils.

To go through the 93rd door meant; THE END OF THE WORLD. 2003.

The end of the world was stopped by Buddha, he said;

"Fie me men!! I have called every men! They will rule the world!! My holy men have Him! The Holy men are Allah and Lars!! I want King!"

2003; The Death meant we have become; UnFree. We have begun a war. We have fought a war and w e have died men. Time flipped eternally, it rode the fire of hope and fought the love of God. We have yay a parallel, another time on earth. You; are eating trees. I am unwell. You; Are see-ing frees, she is kell. On Planet Earth, through 2003, I am in death, I am eaten. You; Have died in Letten....

THE DOORS; 95 meant every man flipped, they turned, the 95th was hit with curtain, that curtain told her pregnant/Pharaoh's daughter...she took it as a bad omen. When the 93rd door opened, we were Heaven. Mannie became Heaven, Nanny sighed and said; Daughter married. There was a massacre of Jews, the white men said, we want Jews, the Muslim are killers.

When we enter the heaven door, we are timed into Abels. Time is circles. Ten circles are brought into circles. The sephirot is circles, when we get to the top we join more circles, the loop idea is devils it means we loop into the past, and touch it, which makes past disastrous, because, the past is circles. Five sephirots create circles (I am binah-kether-malchut- which means I have a higher level, the kether in me is immediately brought to malchut, so I pass through kether and create another circle, this circle is create Holy Height, the binah congratulates the kether, such as see-ing, see-ing beauty into higher and lifting the malchut, sevens, which means I am MALCHUT. Kings. The Kings is kether creation, the kether holds onto the binah like pins, the pins create a circle, and each pin is creation enter, the creation enter is poetry, it calls kether, and solidly, the kether creates music, the binah is sunk, when kether malchuts, because the kether is Lions, and Binah is holiest, the light of Binah creates music into higher kether, which is malchut simah, (prize/treasure) and music is binah, with a slight chesed, the binah-chesed talks to binah, this means, binah kindness lets in highers....(???)

The time-circles lets in a little light. When the light hits circles, we flip. We are brought into higher, we hit sevens, we go into higher doors. The 93rd, was the 98th is.

We are now 96. Which means, we create His. The end of the world is six. Five in the kitchen became His, the sixth was devil. The sixth man left the kitchen, and the other three give prayer to seven, the holy three are 8 and 11. The fought two, have highest love. 8 and 11 is the Hope of God. We flipped into eighth, which meant we fought His. Five were blessed, the sixth looked His. The 4th person made US.