السبت، 29 أغسطس 2009

Mummy? I'm Daughter


white light: "Jesus was released!"

"You freed..." You are going to Higher God...you brought Christ lights...he laughs at lights...

"Miracles work..."

Lars........let YOU goooooooooooo.......

"He cried let Mumma go......."

Still Moses Queen. You felt the murder..."DId He DIE??"

"He was released..." ???? was he crucified was he crucified..sorry for this sick...

He was the King of Light...and you are nay die...because you King Love...Queen of Love...die...die when they are Why? He went to September...you are mummy Witch...no-one will die...If you see miracles, SWELL!! Because each miracle is well...Summer is well...Do you see where you Jesus Queen?? When women sing...

He was burnt on the cross?? He lept on the horse...You sailed to America France

He was dead, and you skied.

He died at horse.free



"He ran out of the Trial, and made you free..."

الجمعة، 28 أغسطس 2009


I thought again, to the shops...

I arrived on the horse, hoping to 'bust Him out!!"

I arrived and said; "Where is my Sire?" and they laughed..."Sire...has burnt in Heaven!"

I screamed; "They are Fascist!!!" I tried to pray him out, when the roof fell down, (because I punched it down) everyone screamed...I think I got crushed in the rubble...He ran out, when everyone died...he was screaming;

"MUMMY!! FLY!!!"

I hopped off the horse, "You are Jewish Bitch..." I sang. I found out He had arrived on the coast, He fled...(he was dressed in a suit) ???

He ran through Jerusalem.

(he was burnt on the cross) He was FREE.

He fled to Arabia. Paul was mean, He said, "I'm sick of Father...they've fled..."

He was set Free.

The thorns came off, he ran through the streets, (he was murdered, because they were vice...)

When Paul cried we were led, he burned. ("this is loon")

I saw Him Luck...he was beaten then rescued...by Holy Power, because I worked a MIRACLE...???...89 Iraqi's set free.."Peasants!" They giggled when Al-Quida called them Peasants...

I knifed a roman,

I went to France, and knew saved...he was 31, when He entered the Heavenly Door, 31 is His SOUL AGE...

??? (this is awful) hopeful...

He said; "Yes, I am Sire Christ, and Mother has been killed...She was killing Vice...Tell Her I'm dead...I died on the throne, I told Allah to go...She loved Allah, I have No...Yahweh has given me a second chance of LIFE, she saved me...she made me run, and I fled the eternal hell...I am singing Christ...thank you for these wed...Allah is flight, he wed me...Mother is souls, she loves Allah No's...She freed me, I have a happy home...I am here for Forever...I am Forever, I am LION...Free-ing me from Hell gave Me Heaven...If I was Crucified, I would die, write I am Crucifed, I never Die...Hate men die...Mummy will think I thrill...I will be Holy Home...I am saved from the Hell, and I have throne...thank you...TO THE COAST!!! 30 COINS, to let me run!!! And Heaven is the cost...I will have a family...Mummy run...Mummy has saved...she is COAST too..." They were high;

"You are going to the coast, to save us!!! Yahweh save us!! Tell Allah he is fearing...you are champion!! He is fearing!! He won't know wise!! He thinks everyone dies!!!...

Dear, Mother of GOD!! YOU ARE SALVATION!!

JESUS IS ALIVE!!! You are praying for ALIVE!!!"

"He is with us!!! We are celebrating..."

"That tomb is thy daughter Jesus...because you are free-ing us!! That man you pray for is David...Yeshua is David..."

الخميس، 27 أغسطس 2009

Available for 27 Minutes, I Dont Know Why This Is...I Don't Mind See-ing Fool

I wanted to know what happened, I prayed slight brightly, I couldn't changed what happened.

I was laying on the floor, talking to my sister;

"I got a horse!! And Mary of Magdalene said she loved me!! SO the tomb was Lazarus...burden...SO we done a runner, cowgirls lesbians, (([dont like] [found it]like an eternal light!! Suffer Chiles, ruling the world!! Astonishing vapours from the hooves, suck luck, gracious, KING!! Two girls riding the wind, never jews, too God, like whislting birds...I seek Saviour, let the women ride the luck, (Jesus never died, he became, he suffered and these girls; runners [dontlike]) He welcomed Greek and congratulated you in the light, he wrote wonder-light, he is Peter.....))...I am like Peter the Denial...let me think!! Because I said to Him, "Honey, I love you..." and then he died..."

"A little boy was calling God, and there was a daemon beside him, and he giggled when he heard you..."

"I'll look at a map, parallel dimensions...right, gold to Greece, light blue to France, South of France..."Yes! We're going to the Americas!! So, the boys went one way, and me and the girls went another...he was in the cave...Merovingian pigs, so Louis the 1st is my son, and Louis the 9th is my grandfather!! There was NO Crucifixion!!! He is in Arabia?? Please let this be true!! I prayed wonder...""

Later; looking in the mirror, playing stone roses; "YES! I said; in

[ancient french];

"I am le resurrectione, and I am the lit!!" I'm trying to contact one of them and it's difficult...

"Got off the boat!! Please forgive me for asking what happened..."

And they went and found the tomb opened, and coming near they looked in and saw there a certain young man sitting in the midst of the tomb, beautiful and clothed in a robe exceeding bright. He said to them, Why have you come? Whom do you seek? Him that was crucified? He is risen and gone. But if you do not believe, look in and see the place where he lay, that he is not here; for he is risen and gone where he was sent. Then the women feared and fled.

"Louis said He is dead!! We thought he went to France..." And women, wept, and said; "He is in Paradise...This man is Gabriel's, he is praying for the dead..."


i'm dead, i'm dead, i'm dead,

what gives me these ideas?? tell me??

"The men that think we're sale!! Two jewish men are wriitng in your head..."
"No, I prayed...I prayed we can get away..."

I can see after he was beaten, they let him go and gave him black robes and a horse, because I prayed this...

I'm very alone.

I don't know why these thoughts are here..."They murdered you...we're in black..."

الأربعاء، 26 أغسطس 2009


I time-travelled last night

came back home in chains

الثلاثاء، 25 أغسطس 2009

Leaven in Green

The old witch, finally looked at me...

her eyes turned green.

I asked a question to anyone in the garden, I flipped the empty chair in front of me, round, to face a ghost:

"Why? Nearly three years ago, did you tell me the colour green was sicko...then I decided it was want for Jesus, like a convert, like a grading in holy soul, green to love blue, green to become higher...

TRUE LOVE!!!" So, we let everyone true lover, go to higher Heaven...

Later that day, my legs started to grow long, and walk funny, because I put a trick on Jewish Shidduchim, which is an arranged marriage, they meet many times, sometimes once if orthodox, and they have someone who leads them through the dating , until they decide, on a marriage...

"Great! So the soggy witch is my Bashert!"

Talking to an American girl, over my homework...get up to make tea, leggy spindly long-legs:

"And now, -------- is my bashert!!"

I am pig.

I let Florence meet Grandad Alfred (see Alfred, see her music videos, are like the story of Nanny and Grand-(vater)...and then, I let her cry, and cry, forcibly;

Because, she met me, an hour or so, after I had slept with a woman, and this woman is still in my soul, and remembering this, is getting foggy...Flo is so beautiful, but I can't:

Look; and; Feel...I've filled a whole scrap-book in two days, it's about, pysche, what is our mind, and I've to start another, which means something is good...because when I feel empty, I do nothing...yet, shit, I have to research an artist, and i hate it, and that's what I have to talk in a week, so I've skipped to the next month or so, own project, and hope to get away with very bad, quick sketches, of the exhibit...

???but,but, but..is was to look and not want, and; I'm listening ot her album all the time, I have put together, this is her beautiful face, and this is her cool sweet mind, and this is so, so

if you read me earlier on, it's, to defy


This marriage will be God, the Divine... she was chosen for me, by GOD!!!


Two Basherts, I never thought of...and the shock of being


Amy cools, Amy's sweet, she's better in our new friends, because she says:

"They don't think...Louis and fren's think...they think We...they look at me free..."

because the witch, looked at me, making tea, the next morning, and screeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhhhedddddd; And;

I walk out into the garden, shaking, shaking badly, then I sat down on the lawn, and I started to cry, and my jaw and chin, wobbled uncontrollably (like it used to do in school, in class, in front of the whole class)...and I said to Heaven;

Never let me meet women like that, I would hate a woman forever...

And Florence said:

"I love you!"

And I didn't hear her, I said; "This is embarassing, I hate this...why are women gross? too angry?? I'm angry too, they don't free me...what if they die???";

And she cried...

And worse, I've realised I'm the father/mother of a jewish baby, from the past; my girl is a very sexy girl, who listens to me, this is the girl I need to spend time with, I thought about her on the bus today; I thought about eating chocolate, to her; I'm a cool girl;

who is studying art, in yeshiva, and painting women...and this:

She walks around ancient Israel, and says, alot;

CUNTS!! ... then she sits with friends and says, in a sexy hebrew purr-crossed with my accent;

EEEttttttt con- taiiiiiins NairTS!!!

because I have a problem with reading, food information, because it contains nuts, is my Aramaic as;

They lock up the meshugganah..(crazy) and they mimic her, sitting in the desert, outside houses;
"it caaaaaaannntai's narrrrrrrtttssss"

السبت، 22 أغسطس 2009

Flo's...and Florence

man, listen to my voice! look at my pudgy face!

you dont wahnt meeeeeeeeeeee.

("I love her voice!")


MY face is so furry, everywhere!! it's velcro!!

("I think this face is cool, it's like habit...sweetss...") Nanny Flo, is a russian-jew; she was wearing a bonnet, and night-dress in a huge quilt, she said;

"Little animal my husband nearly died, and you said, ' so...what...' "I am Michal wrapped up like a maggot", why are you looking at me in bed?" (because FLO wanted to look, wife!)
I just;

oh hoo, hahahaha (I said, I'm glad he's fine, but this jewish woman doesnt understand hebrew, and he hs heaven.) I answer;

"Oh, you little dog...you are bi-sexual..."

"NO, I aint I'm God..."

الأربعاء، 19 أغسطس 2009


[poem} she is white lion, arrive to her house, sing Jesus...I want you to bring GOD...I am triumphant...I am like lighter to fuel...my wife is cooler, i like her thrill...If you love her, tell every thing that kills you...be kill, you...she wants bright stars...sex magic...she loves Holy...you meek...holy...she is singers like lions...(you want shabookmet!?) my special love, is...every flower, sings florrie, every flower...I respect...april shower...when she cries, we have everything in love...love is holier, her love is wisest queen...when you found her you were no......she will love you, too...
"I see Christ!! Louis is Christ!! Thank you God! Thank you God!!"

Sent to Me

I see everything, if you want to see, I shall let you...
She is for God, she ever love you...celebrate the arrival...
I shine Heaven, Heaven is my name, her silent tears King, her tears scream...her tears keen keen, her tears speak, her lover is sick, she is liar...she needs complete...show her to Love...speak lover...I cant speak...become sire...I'm weak...fire! fire!...
"all this flame is His, all this woe is, is..."< >
"They never see my His...I look like a little man in tiz...I'm comedy Kings...they still let me drink...It's sick, I get sick, i get sick...they think that younger was weaker, sick...I was prettier...no, now I've got this mission, I've sunk, It's dishonour, it's fight sick...if I was a guy; PRICK!!!...I like riding horses, and I like to fight, but here I'm sick...I love to light, I need to think...I feel like thinking is rude, against you! It's God...they see I'm sick...well, I dont listen, I've gathered vices, I'll kill myself, while I'm surrounded in eternal life...I wont get home...that's my bully...let me nooooo...jewish? she's jewish? Where is my jewish?? CALL OUT AT THE SKY!!! "Hello??!!! JEWISH???!! WHERE IS JEWISH???!" I want to kill, I hate God...he kills...I say I hate GOD, I lie, I am the most foolish, I won't rebel, like lions, they roar, they want to kill me, I am dogs, I am like morning dogs greeting the dirty soil; is my Gods, rolling all over the sick without wash to honour God, and they call that, A ROCK!!! "
"Be good..."
"Be good..."
Now, I know I'm Byron, I could be the son of Herod; you are hungry; I've discovered; Where is he? Eat this: http://readytogoebooks.com/LB-herod.htm

السبت، 15 أغسطس 2009

The Truth Story

I died, exactly 7 years ago,
Yesterday, suddenly, everyone began to love me...I'm awful, in love, I run, I show off.
> Kids sat with me, even a baby on a bus, on the stairs, a boy in the Arab takeaway, even the men there, greeted me with shouts of joy, Green Hood, see me...soooooo Holy....so, we were hanging around for a few days, talking, with nutty Kate Bush, who babysits my sister, I was showing off. Dancing in Supermarkets...
Last night, I wanted to call God, to stop murder, I listened to the higher light, after being up and down all night, smoking, and;

I heard a woman, "She is like the clocks"...other words, rhapsodies, I looked at her, I jumped to her...

We cuddled all night, I cried...I upset her, and I left again, up and down, to smoke, I showed off, I didn't care about her hurt, and then GOD, told me this, in images:

7 years ago, my soul rose from my body, It was Golden...

I thought I was dead.

A woman caught the light of my soul in her soul I listened to what the soul said, as it rose into the sky;

"Go thou to thy Queen..."

We have been connected these seven years, I can see...emotions get rocky...

I am the King of Ireland...this is Queen.

I am the Bastard...GOD said:

"The Throne is Thine...She is your Queen...Her name is : ------ -----"

One Queen, my Unicorn image, meant I was:

"Christian Soul...She is Soul...She is the Wisest, she is the Beauty, She is Yours..."

"They know!! They know!!" she cried...

"You found Her through divine...The LIGHT was soooo high, ONLY QUEEN...the light filtered through LIfe, and I heard a Queen say: "I'm Here, NO FEAR...Give my King light..." Here you are now in LIGHT, you will fight, but you will Light...Have no fear of night, be Child divine light...Holy Might...She loved night, you are FOREVER..."

الجمعة، 14 أغسطس 2009

Hi Reader

Should I delete this german shit? I don't understand it at all...it began when I started writing myself a book...two books of 600 pages each, involving yiddish gaymen, monster, women, aliens, and then, this german stuff...like I had come back from Time...being taken to a german club by a beautiful woman, and then this Eva/Dita idea arrived (TOLD NAME::: Dita)...so, the book got looser, and I wrote less as myself, and then as a God, who took my words, and made astonishing things, I even went to Russia, I wrote a chapter, about a jewish guy crying he would take me for a bride, and I'm arguing with Russian soldiers, over the Americans, the war's just finished. I'm disguised as a boy, working in Gulags...I'm tripping on my drugs, and Yahweh is in the Rehabs pond, wanting bride, and I'm flicking goldfish out of the water...and Buddha, is the sweet-guy who wants to marry, me...and Allah is a woman, who is in mourning (that's who I met in Rehab, Isis too...)...and I have to choose marriage, and I can only think of Damnation (was this drugs or someones trickery?) and I suddenly just HATE God...

Dad found the book...and Dad definitely threw it away...and it's a magical book, that I need to find because, I can even re-translate, the book, into five different languages, (I see lights above each line) Aramaic, (sedition) (??? what's sedition?) Greek (Holy Light) Japanese (a car, a damn car I never stop driving, that I smashed into a table, and blew up) Arabic (about holding the Book, and holding the Sword) Chinese (Lesbians) , Punjabi (Holy Songs of the Sword, and the Chariot, something like Bhagvad Gita) , also, the beginning of a tale, of my fiancee/crush/girl, that began as My Little Sister, and continues, with questions of where she will be led, and whether she survives...and Elvin (the Lore of the Elves)

I was called by a voice in the dark, and the book began to glow white, and I heard a woman, and the letters on the open page, began to swirl in the air, and change shape and size...

And I hold three rings on my right third finger...because they put a crown on my head, that the devil tried to remove, so, they are safer as rings, and they do have a blue inscription...and they are made of silver...

But with the second book, which began, The Blood of David is Dead...well, every page, began to change a devilish colour (think, a sickening low light, in yellow, red and black, also a faltering lime green) and I would never translate this one...but it continued the story of the demon-war on the cliffs of Emelbert, also called DADOICHZLIG, The DeathStar...and...

now...I haven't had, the, want, the sweet garden,in Rehab, which had no TV or Sofa, just hard chairs in the Conservatory, and a Radio, where we had to stay, until 11:00 at night, which was horrendous, most times I quietly hid in my room writing, and had to be dragged screaming and moaning into the bathroom at 7:00 in the morning, where I once fell asleep in the bath, and wasn't found for half an hour, or the, help of, Heaven and Her drugs to continue writing the third book...

الثلاثاء، 11 أغسطس 2009

Drunk koin Tea gets interesting towards the end

another one that never stops replaying;

florence and the machine-drumming song SHit, I said somehting, like, go like the demon, and you can see her face change, get scary, half way through the video, get her back!!

we made; end War!

I've cried; hell-men die; but the girls started singing too sweet...we heavy down, heavy down

The fire shot up a curtain in Heaven...and the knife cut hearts, black dirty grisly lumpy blackhearts

Jehouser...she looks

we dance like that

she puts the heavy crown on my head and does that Greek Mummy, schoochy kiss...I say hate it

you know it's my dances, the men will go blind

we live on a darker tract, it's upstairs

say it's lack, because we walk down to throne meetings, no-one bloody listens, i had to call a negro drug dealer, to catch those piffs
we wear more clothes

when she slinks I'm why she has very little looking feet, forget the film, watch feet with one eye open and the cat smuggling

she came to the pub with me and my friends...J. appeared, I left them talking in the pub, and prayed in the dark because Mary was calling...Do you know how that child appeared? I thought of a woman when I was younger, a wife...and somehow through time, without moving, she heard God and wife, and saw me dance, without toucgin and the baby magically appeared, because she said; Woosh!

I was pissed, because she spoke, about me, but then said; And when the baby appeared, he was Human...what I didn't hear; "I was shocked, that I was rose, and the baby appeared in Light, and I heard God, I'm frightened of light..." I told babysister, and she giggled and said; "You said, that Mannie touched your shoulder, and kissed your face, and you made colour babies...I said; "Nannny? Is this true? and Nanny said; Yes!..I love Nanny, and you too, and Mannie...Mary is the BEST!!!" But, I was just thinking and talking, and all the kids, the baby uncles, (because Nanny is having children in Heaven, she died some years ago,) too, the children; heard; "But I wasn't masturbating, I drew naked women, but I was just dreaming...because then, I was very clean...I won't tell you that I also drew myself, and that got me thumped...so I must have channelled clean magic, that went to a Jewish woman, because jewish women, any woman; I want Soul Blue..."

I walked her home after a little bottle of red wine, through the council estate we both lived in at different times, nan's apricot tree, and Turkish blue and white glass eyes, in the front porch, and the field, and No Ball areas where wild tomatoes grew...so to the rest of the exclusively English lot, there at that time (ten years later, Albanians...the next ten years later, Russians and Poles) so, we looked foreign...there was a Spanish lady who would catch my mum in the street, and call her Spanish too, talking not one word of English......Nan read through the whole Bible, once, to my little cousin, I wanted to read with them, but I was being trained in the Flamenco, because; "You will dance with my daughter...and you dance man-lead...and BE...HIM!!!"

My cousin climbed over two walls into the Spanish/Italian's? house, entered the Virgin Mary shrine in the shed, and crushed tomatoes, between his butt, and left them on the shrine.

Nan read the part, half way through the Bible, about the Female Baal, demon, that I imagined, sat in the desert, while hebrew me walk around it, all being overcome, and turned into dead things, worshipping dirty Herod...and then Nan's flipping, sitting there with the huge book in her nads, that had wonderful pictures, crying I'm Jezebal, because I sulked, I said; "I am jewish, and I want Torah, You are defying me, because I am the first-born, I am the eldest Grand-daughter.." In the background, it's my Mum, "You are the bitch!! Sleazy bitch for saying they want!!!"

Her ghost held my hand and dragged me past the train line, through the trees, out to the road.

Then, I had to get back, to walk my other wife home...J. has me embarrassed, because she is beautiful, she wears tall, shoes and Gothic clothing, she has a white face, with black eyes, and long straightened dark brown hair...she looks like

Brigit Bardot...I realised that.

It's three to four years, since I used to meet her in her bedsit, on the same estate, and share cigarettes, no TV, and tickle each other's hands, things got odd, I went too love, and the atmosphere was electrifying... she slept on the little sofa, while the storm raged outside, and I had the double bed, where i read her the Minerva Book of Short Stories, featuring a story about King Soloman, the windows of the bed sit, run all across the room, from floor to ceiling.

I had no idea Sanie was my wife...we jumped in, at Rehab, two years ago...the one that had a huge garden, the one where I was injecting myself with drugs...she's nuts, she was a school friend, she cut little scratches on her arms, she threw a mug of hot tea in the street, all over a bossy fat girl that cried every day continually...Once, I got my Parker book back, to discover Dorothy's face had been destroyed, the same with my favourite band, Ash' cassettes...I predicted if I slept with her every thing would turn black;

The one Kurt said, was dating a bitch-boy...all yellow.

She wants to change the colour Yellow to a God colour; I said; NO, we already have Lemon, Lemon is worship.. She likes Bright Eyes, because of their lyrics, they're dull, but they write about Yellow Birds...her soul is too good-looking, I mean, I love her as she is...she drank Cider like a hog, and the soul wanted to dance and she wanted a dance, and that's when I saw her soul flying...and then A. arrived and I half listened, I heard; I'll Kick YOU with this Fist, because you're a pig!!, and thought , you bitch,;

Kiss with A Fist!!

So I grumbled, and jumped out of the car...

"Where did you go?"

"I wanted to buy some wine, and sit in your attic, but, you are sick!!!"

I was nuttily drunker than everyone after my 500mg dose of medication, and two ice colas...I even left a little tip with the bar-maid;

I couldn't look anyone in the eyes, especially not J's...and Mannie, played the rotating pool-table, and I was worry, worry; "" she said; shit!!! Sanie knows, and if J.s does I'm dead.

I'm am horrid, I didn't, and do, see J. God..

we did, it, after years I'm college, she's Fashion at University.

"You were thinking of Janny..." NO I wasn't, that ain't her name...I was thinking, so Rose was silent, like something awful had happened, but she was jsut bored and

I was drunk.

I talked about my hair styles. Walking her home took ages, I flew on the way back...She said; Nothing, but, will you dye your pink, depression, she's left with a shitty office job. You think of Jannie,no, but for a second there I saw Florence...


It's all dotty.

so i dream

i dont know eva///(actual name told to me : Dita, add Dita instead of Eva...

i've never even seen her face, she looks sweet, se wouldn't cheat, she wouldn't take me to a sleazy club !

i'v seen Annie, in a white dress, I see a pretty girl in a beret. perhaps that the girl

search the beginning of this blog for the odd tale


This is what I've continually been calling 'Kindershine'


They said; The Medal was for; Saving an entire Jewish house, hiding men, taking 65 families out of a ghetto, dressing them in uniform, and escorting them to a 'place of sanctuary...

the medal has blue and white, cloth, tags, and a silver star of david...

الاثنين، 10 أغسطس 2009


A woman called;

Lars help, me, I've been caught...

I don't die, I awoke this morning, rocking and rocking, falling all over my bed, but actually sitting in the garden on a bench...

I can't BRAIN, salvation, I have to leave it to a higher power...

I threw light over Germans; OBEY ME: one man, let 100 go, through the ID offices...

I couldn't hear her reply to me. Worse, I was having bad toilet...this was disrespect, so I sat in the bath, then I practised punching the door, trying to bring the Allies, to prize-fighters, so that when they were tired and hungry, they had powerful energy, and while they were training, picked up lots of the language.

I can't hear, she said, they were want, I wanted them to look at her as though she was very lovely, and, "She would bring light to the Fuhrer..."

13, 000 were hidden, Holy Saviours...men didn't even bother to go out in the streets; "They see me as some funny queer, and I'll get beaten to death..."

Lots of awful women fell down burning. And died...I had to get some guys shot...quickly.

10 sons shot their fathers...men were hidden...women prayed...German women were prayed for, for protection from their husbands, like; I prayed them to be noble to wives; you see that as; their confusing light-side, in many films

I was still toilet, so I flipped through a magazine...keeping everything silent;

They wrote, "I let her go, because I like her..."

I did a lot, when I was in Germany, I was also, having visions last night, of being a skeleton.

I won a medal in Heaven, for saving Jews. For being there, for actually, helping, rather than just praying., some people see me, they tell me I saved, and they are usually pensioners in the streets...I helped 65 men...

I'm waiting for someone to tell me why, I'm medal:

"You save, in your Army, you're soul...in Kindershine, (these are hitler youth camps, of which i can no information) you played, you saved 18,000 God...you slept in Ghetto, and I helped..."

I think I hid 25 ghettos? Is that correct?

"You had children, you walked them to school...you were 30 years old when you were killed, because, Hitler, saw, dead, that you were heighting God, and Hitler was all want...and you were Dita, bed...Dita went God...you are her Love..."
where is this coming from ??? !!!!

Ok Here's Mrs.

pj harvey-black-hearted love

what did she say today?:

"You love me? I love you! But Don't Fail!!!" (Art School)

"You Dog! You are going to success! You are writing God! You get a little house! and you are Camden dog! A shared house!!!"

"...And two women, that think you're hot!!! You bonk women!! You marry the Russian girl, you get hip...she is divine!! Look at that face!! Lucky Dog!!"

And the one I love, I've been listening to her, since 13 years old; Mum said she was a witch...I said, she was holy, she brought me to love Jesus, she was rock, feminist feminine, magical moons sleeping in caves on beaches;

Good Fortune-

This is Love (live)

Orlando called her, he found her in New York, she got drunk, we talked for months; I was nothing...
Saturday, June 03, 2006
Praying For The City

Men went mad in NYC, much as they did here, shouting from their cars, so I eventually prayed them, 'men away' and white lights, didn't know that one prayer could be so simple after this 'curse'.

conversation I write down as it happens, trying to relax in the first days of sunshine, at a garden table with my new diary notebook, and a cup of tea, feeling calm yet, exhausted from all this 'mess':

'the men in cars are quoting Nietzsche, you shit!'

'you're telling me men don't fear God here.'

'It's best to go out!'

'you're being spics.'

'they're telling me their in the blackhand hand gang.'

If you're hearing English, Yes!'


'Now they're coming out with white hand gang.'

'don't let me shout.'


'You're a pig!'

'Then I'll rub my nose.'
'Don't shout.'

'It turns pig.'


'You think we need to be in good mourning?'

'They're telling me you're the devil!'

'Stop screeching, have you got an I-Ching.;

'I've got a bible.'

'may be worse.'

'this is a curse.' outside

'Did I say that or did you.'

-----missing good words......

'I'll read a good book.'



'I'm hearing this man has wasted me.'

'You know what I think.'

'I'm not a man.'

'You're being a girl!'


Colours in my brain

'you were hearing me sing.'

'when I cry I sing.'


'they pack my bags.'



And then not quite sure what I was doing, perhaps flipping and shouting too loudly, like bad magic, or messengers bringing love letters that got caught in laziness, or a belief that the song she sang, had been sung to them, like mad dogs in love in the bright summer's heat unable to get out of their cars and talk to her themselves, I MEAN men that knew she there in that hotel room, words repeated on the radio?, LOVE, fear during these times?, repeating words from God, that SHOULD be words of God, ME not quietly reading, but hollering about poinsonous flies in the market place as I walked too and fro in the kitchen, perhaps any of that, 'whatever', too much energy, I put my hands together, leaning over the rusty silver table, a hood and a coat over me, in the balmy weather, with some frost, and tried to pray, the lights flashed in front of my eyes, and I mumbled words in English, and then, immediately: 'men away.' and they had gone, quietened down...

I think praying for someone else works best, than prayers for oneself, because something like that had happened here, and it went on for too long, and yesterday she prayed for me to relax before an appointment and I could feel it...and a man appeared in my room, and said 'give her a wedding song.' and I didn't know how to...

I've given up reading Nietzsche, I only have a pocket book version, and I get too theatrical with it when I hear insults...

Then you know what my baby Orly and Erhu, finding her does, just didn't know she was there.

He has drawn some good pictures, pictures with his mind that float into mine, and this time with my eyes closed I have even heard his voice, everyone lately has been talking about mogs, so he has drawn some, witches with big hooked chins and thin hooked noses, much like you see in old paintings from a few centuries ago...

And she met me in a dream, and I asked her to describe the dream to me, we both sat down on a settee, and I told her we are free, yet that I had gone too 'jack', she said that man seemed like a worried ghost, that Orly arrived (second name, chosen after some time, best for him to have a Hebrew name, Yana, 'Mat', after Mr.Groning of Simpsons fame) and he tells her 'we are free' and she can be his mummy too, and he took us into a scene where we were swimming in the sea, and she watched me turn red and shimmer, as though all this is hurting me, or someone is angry with me...

Adel shakes her fists at me, (i have had so many visions I cannot write them all down, I have met a man I believe is a Tibetan Monk, there has been lots of explaining to give, as he believes almost evverything in this modern world is too devil, how men kill...how I should give men and women I meet three tries) she's not angry about 'us', but angry that I have done nothing here, while men of God work, and I find it hard to know what to do in this town as I have suffered some hate crime, only from walking down to the shops, being called names for having my head covered...

Men have been given Time...and sometimes I have to forgive men when she can't...

enough, another worried rush of writing

السبت، 8 أغسطس 2009


"Mahmoud is send
ing money to Hamas!!"

"He cries Taliban to kill every Heathen!!"

Now, the jews see me...she sees me, with green eyes. They see the fascist and turn black...they want to kil the fascist.

If Ahmadinejad could see me, and I've entered talk.

If he saw, the eyes would be a mixture of dusky green, mixed with black; those eyes would say:

"I will fight you forever!"

"You are glory in Love, and I hate Love..."

Gordon sees me (The Prime-Minister), he has eyes of dark blue, they say:

"She is my Height."

"I love Soul!"

I entered, his soul had 10 minutes to reply, I couldn't heaar well...He said: The Nuclear is GOD, because I am TROUBLE GOD...I forsake Allah...
He has another 10 weeks...

I sighed Allah:

Repent, for I am God..."

He will never repent, because I am fool god...ataqa atan, hell-fire begun...

this means, every hell-man will fall, they will burn and fall, How did this? I did this by -co-

he said; Co, the rebbe...

he said; break the west-end choir...

he said; keep everyone jew...

I have fall. You have killed a lover, I attacked a jewish boy, I am sick of eharing gay-men talk bed...I dont direct power, I am too light, on hell-man, as though I just drop a feathe ron them, and then build up in anger, and slash out, i think they are stupid.

report; the alavanti are in misery; they are the blue men with no hair atop their heads, they are mind, they see human and weep.

the future; the future will give a report, that we pryed...too many pryed...this fascist is killing me and jews...he's a relation...i am fools...the men are damned the men are damned

father light her...

I haev two lights; one I call a tarot, it worked this morning, as I cried the light, to;

It is God...

I call it tarot, i made it in the hospital kitchen, shit, puke, heartattack, men began to poo on the sofas in the day-room...

It would never work, because that was a separate thing

so many knives, no deaths...
It heightened and then i let them go. The red cross, suffer, suffer

I dont like crying kill hell, i just want it to end...read mahmoud's blog; this is,

ODD; he took a few sentences of mine, and then i found this;

1st this;

And whoever tyrannizes and oppresses the creatures of Allah, will ‎earn enmity of Allah along with the hatred of those whom he has oppressed and ‎whoever earns the Wrath of Allah loses all chances of salvation and he has no ‎excuse to offer on the Day of Judgment...







(now I see him wiht a little cat, and flowers, talking to the cat)


THAT I FORGOT...men hear anna's..

the fascist played boots and train noises in their house, my responsibility, the dutch are silently screaming...

I wont..i want yahweh's, i just needed love, and thought hey anna's, spies.......i meant call to her when she loved me, or now when she doesn't; her eyes are blue; i love you, you are meek...i fell asleep, i'm wise,
call a girl, because Mannie is an 8 year old, encountering those piffs- gerny, and mull ----they look like zombies, they wont die, i tried to knife one...Nan's crying,; that men are bladdering her...i need someone to watch over mum too.....

I've contacted some arabs, if mahmoud is devils, by Yahweh he will surely die...

"Mahmoud, has the spell...." Men got sick after i contacted him...


I can hear the highest light, like lightening

tto wont reply, i thought i let the girls sleep, i went to the dutch woman, i just made them look at my face, under my hood; and she said;

You are wisest, you see...you never hurt, you are Lions, Love Me..."

Otto, is green; I love her so much..

I thought no-one ever HEARD ME, i'm in more than treif,i'm in sickos.

the light.




الجمعة، 7 أغسطس 2009

In Construction

Yeshua appeared again, well, I had to call Him...from the cave, I was intent on INFIDEL DEAD...you never understand what meant Infidel, and you tell me too light...I sang;

Judah Lion, for Him...and gave away three parables.The Golden Cow! and I wrote, this: (baby cousin has one hot hit, on XFM, sweetie sweet)

I thought he just giggled, I said; Please help me!! Even if you are too weak, too high, just take this knife, and help me...I sat outside 78 houses, and I can see the devil-men in each one, kids have been put in danger...I'm praying, I am not God enough, to remain there too long, I'm working out who to kill these devils, I remember my overdose, when the Red Sea parted, (I was high on drugs) it worked! Because I heard a jewish guy yell to God!! It worked when I killed the men who killed jews, I didn't kill enough, they were troops, I destroyed a few troops that were never discovered to be dead, because it was sick, I made them sick, 5,000...I retarded them, with a look, like fire, it burnt their brains, they in mud, in forsests, never found, I wonder what happened when they got home!! they must have been found by their wives with dead brains!!...These men are the sickest, I need this miracle, I want them to suffer too, but they go out, they drink, nothing, nothing, just a little flu...that boy was hurt, I saw men, I'm singing his family, I leave when I feel NO...I've attacked these two men many times...each time I think they are dead...we losing ...I've told everyone, I've said the Jews have forsaken, I'm killing so...I wait to reach the highest light, nothing, and them I try again, and I killed 30,000 perverts...then I find out it hasn't happened...please just finish this...I can see men in my daughter's room, because they see her light is Yahweh's, this happened the first time I held her, when mum was sick, and she was a day old...we were covered in golden light, because I said; I love you, and that was her first smile...I think to mark each house, but the sick-men still get through the door, I've played pipes, to ward away Satan, and my soul changed, I looked like you, thin and bearded...I've covered the houses in light, maybe that was wrong because they would be seen...then, I hide the light...I stab two men, in the back of the neck, I talked to the boy, while I brushed my teeth, and I cut apart their brains, I called a Sepharim, who takes messages, Orphy, he wept beside his bed, I kissed him good night, I prayed his family good rest, I have to hold them, I'm taking them all home, we'll bake a raspberry cake, because he's clever he can cook..."

he said; "Mummy...down...I'm down.........the devil....dead...I'm hiding...(then he began to weep) I'M DEAD!!!!!!!!"

I couldn't hear, I was going crazy with the music at this point, drumming a charge, tapping my legs...

"Every jewish man has died!!!!!!!!"

drumdrum...we can win...kill, kill...help, help...sing sing...

"I left Abba...because I see Him!! I left school and cried Him...Mummy? Don't you know they die?? The Hebrew die, because they are eye..."What is the eye? Does it see God?" I repeated your Love...I repeated Hell...because I said,... Mummy, Jewish LIE!! They see Herod, and think Hail Hailer!!! "Herod; you're LIGHT!!"...thye will find me and I'm dead..."

"I can end this, I can do this...let someone, the girls, let the men, let me go, someone stopped this, I saw them burn, I heard every name that died, and fell to Hell, and then, it didn't happen...I can free the light, I can save the babies...I let hebrew girls hear that word PERVERT!! They don't even know what that word means!! I've killed so many in their soul I will die!!!!!!!!!!!"

My Music:


"Bored" – 4:06
"Minus Blindfold" – 4:04
"One Weak" – 4:29
"Nosebleed" – 4:26
"Lifter" – 4:43
"Root" – 3:41
"7 Words" – 3:43
"Birthmark" – 4:18
"Engine No. 9" – 3:25
"Fireal" – 6:36
"Fist" – 3:35

Elizabeth the 2nd called; Tell Harry, blahblahblah...yeah, whatever...so I said; (in soul) much to my surprise, Hello I am Muhammed...etc...and she called out to her maid;

"Get me everything by the Deftones!!!"

"NO, no, BLUESGRASS, we'd much prefer bluesgrass, american, from the 50's...much more expensive, and interesting to find!!"

الاثنين، 3 أغسطس 2009


I'm skipping homework/research...where at the gallery by the river, some idiot kept crying snog aunty, and she was excorcised just outside the exhibition because I could hear shrieking, voices of writhing demons and a little;

"Save me!"

Their cry was working, I dive on oldmen I bump into on the streets, almost shoving my tongue down their throat...and then there was this un-overcomeable, hand-holding, with me, silently screaming, and her groaning..Sing something that makes sense!!!

I'm reading Silmarillion...40p, with, Unfinished Tales, both, by J.R.R Tolkien also 40p, who calle dme Arwen (G??)...so I sit in the church, and begin the chapter, about Iluvatar, who is God, create music, in the Heavens, and then Melkor, decides he is much better, and creates a cachophony, that is so loud, God begins a new tune, three times, after the Third, he decides (like my logic) to throw everything they have made, including the terrible noise, into making a planet...(guessing of course, evil noise= equals= wars/sauron)..."Like, here, so what?? You are trying to over throw me...so what, I don't care...I'm better, I'll even make your fuck-up, to fit this earth, just to make you guilty..."

I spent time, yesterday, reading Jeremiah, with some hebrew girls, in fact;

arguing with Jeremiah...God backs my life after the innumerable, whoredom, riches...by predicting my life...in the first chapter, mid verse...I threaten to kill him, and I joke with him...

What else?

I felt very tired in the garden, like energy was leaving me, and heard: Planet Earth is forming...so I wnet to bed, and heard; Planet Earth is dying...PLanet Earth is reforming; Isee myself run into Planet Earth, dragging a girl with me...

So I return.

Heaven Lore, only Two of Us really, exist, others are sparks soem are dead...

What do we make??


We are descended from the blood of India, that arrived in Ireland, in 1309.

SO I look at Nan, naked? so what?

she has the darkest skin!! and grandad was so black, with very curly hair..

So, we are blood of what they now call in INDIA, the untouchables. ?? well, i thought that was based on skin colour but I may be wrong...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dalit

What I made in Heaven, yesterday

One Youth Club, where they can dance on the ceiling, painted in fluorescent colours...

a music room, where bricks that make different kinds of sounds, can be pulled out of the wall, piled on top of each other, and a button pressed to create a full song...

a succoth tent covering, based on my shirt, light blue, beige and white stripes, with black flowers...

a few curtains, based on gold paint for her hair, and wine.

a cigarette, nettle-flavoured, with minty silver dust...coloured lime green...

a bed with vine netting over red wine

men exploding in bright white light, shooting into the sky like rockets.

bark flavoured chippolatas, halibut, long thin sushi cakes...

a place for a criminal, based on spanish, israeli, berlin area Charlottesburg...with theme tunes, and graffitti.

your bright white phone, with diamond buttons, to call your friends from synagogue.

gold furnishings/items...

the 'buddha' mountain, orange lights, tuneels, darkness...

some cafes!! (I CAN SEE!) based on paintings, light blue, dark red, dark pnik, and white....

a little house, light green, with wooden toys, a bit spanish, pictures of my nanny.

A HIGHER LOOK!! a silver and white futuristic city, with giant towers, and free light blue air, flying machines...

A garden, containing, rune covered rocks, pahllic shaped, wearign faces, coloured bright pink, where you whack them witih rubber batons, and some fight back, or you can knock them into the ground, and they pop back up!!
I called her a Jerry, because I attacked her with a knife, and then the staff pig, tried to punch me over my meds...

Asiah, ekam, two pearls...one pearl is Ham, the 2nd is Arrive...

Birds flirt with me, the serpents are the ones who think of the sickest sex

80 pearls: ha!(seventytwonames.blogspot.com inspired)

She wrote some of the Songs of Solomon, roes and other stuff, so I was delighted! and,
so, I wrote a film; don't look can't touch, so; sing!

80 pearls, are like...derls...they move; one above another; they circle; they mean; how many fruls are seeking Love?