السبت، 27 مارس 2010

Colours Radha

because i had to leave the family, i woke up in a kind of netherworld, i saw yellow images of demons, (that's 'cadmium yellow hue', not; 'Lemon yellow', which is the colour of worship.) When I get back I see again, I see dark blue doves, and white lights.I left because I thought they were fighting my family...I'm fearful.

Nothing has happened.

I've fought again. I'm asking to see the Future.

Radha, that's it, she's Radha, that's what I discovered, YES!! The name was pronounced!!: she gets the blue, and white, and purple lights, that must keep her well and she doesn't know, these two Heaven souls, have become eternal, the circles, it means, our souls married and created voice through time, from the beginning...to quote;
Each and every god has its partner, 'betterhalf' or Sakti and without this Sakti, is sometimes viewed being without essential power:
see the Story of Radha, I mean she finds her husband in every incarnation, they are the same soul, and they meet in different lives...Krishna was magical child, He was the magic on my shoulder he went through a door, he has large eyes, piled dark red hair, white skin that shines........ I think I get yellows, worse I see the colour Diarrhea, and I'm screaming, that's why I never use 'Yellow Ochre' in painting, they're just diarrhea, don't problem, don't voice, make them go. She's worshipped, and that must keep her well, she doesn't know Radha. Laying in her lap was the beginning of Time, I wore dark braided hair, light blue skin...I was surprised, I was called Vishnu, I mean, the Indian girl in my house calls me Vishnu, I see why;

Lakshmi pronounced the word, "Vishnu!", it meant;

"I see you are sin."

She should know Hindu. She should awaken. Well, the past sent, a 'silver' conversation,(silver is to me, higher than God, it's Angel's Voice, Gold is love, true love, like dark green...I should discover green, it makes green eyes...children with green eyes...) I don't listen, I stayed for some time with my hand placed over her head, that's comfortable, a palm on the top of her head... I should stay with that. I should fire at diarrhea, I shouldn't cry; I should, they should see...I can discover the darkest purple and blue, that's weep...

I have tzallit to sew, and make; the colour discussion, was disagreeable, we settled, on blue and white. I like Neon, neon lime green mixed with dark blue. Bright pink, and black. Forgive my bright pink, it's tea and coffee, 3 to 4 sugars, mixed with an alcoholic spell, it's crazy party... Dark brown mixed with gold, that's "God, Why?" That's the colour of Hebrew eyes.

I have 4 and a half months left? I can't breathe when I walk up the steps. Creamy white is a worry, it was given light, there are two kinds of angry sin, vermilion without the sparkle, and dull scarlet, the vermilion fights, it's worse; the dull red is just complaining.

Light Blue and white must be the sweetest, it's THE "Flag" the only flag worth anything. I thought light blue was rare, that is lucky, that is listen, it's light and fair...They said, the Beloved was white with dark hair and green eyes, add that to a fighter and we have paradise.

Light Pink; doesn't want to say what she meant, that you are sweet, she says nuts. Pistachio is OK. There are grades of Black, if you're blind you can't see.

I must trudge through this creamy white, all the time, it stinks. It's the smell you couldn't wash off your hands, it's a mixture of putty and vomit...It sent me dizzy sick. SO ban it...

Gold lights are exploding from our chests everywhere, and I say they've lied. Who voices God?

Something was nuts, lime greens, and deep blacks and fuzzy bright pink, all mixed over a dark shadow. It was all sinful. We loved and hated at the same time, holy red, holy blue, half and half.

Lime greens and dark blues, and deep blacks. Cool.

We settle, for hide. Speaking is a waste of time. Show it...

Count on to change soul, at least 5 times a day. Be careful of sleep.

This is Bright pink.

I made heady talk, light grey in sparkles...I said, No talk.

Fool's Gold, dull shades, covered my hair, I shaved it off. I started again, in light blue, thank you...("..have you a poem?")

Black and Blue; That's the colour for Heaven, from the book; The I-Ching, Beware of yellow and black.

Colour smells, you throw me yelllow, and I chew lemons, I'll bring in the colour of sin, just colour, no more, dizzy drug free highs in gold...insane movement of bright Pink. A herb wrapped in leaves, behind my ear, a room furnished with Oak panelling, and a doorway to a feast, I'll make jelly chocolates out of colour, really; we smell like mulled wine and apples. Sin is disgusting. Cry unclean.
Everything Green...
"Look at those squidgy eyelids! (and she poked them), Your eyebrows make beautiful eyes, these eyes are bed, I want to give them a kiss! Look, you've scratched spots, (she stroked my chin) These are from measles, (she pointed to my scarred head) Your eyebrows say "Islam is one!" What is Islam? You've grown a little beard, it sings, I hear;"Muslim Kings" I think Muslim means sins...it sounds like Muzareem...(?)

"These holy eyes! So sakmatey!! These eyebrows are wings, like doves!! This haircut! (She picks my hair) Little goats!! You look like you ran from Mount Gilead, (these short layers and all sweaty, and dribbling on the pillow) They are feathers! Dark red and angel eyes!! This goat, says bed, this goat says dead (she picks each frond of my hair) this goat is the holiest, because, it says Heathen men are sins, this delicious chin is covered in Messiah's beard, it sings, it says fears..."

الأحد، 21 مارس 2010

All Over Questions

the black angel with thick white hair sat in his corner, and his 6 wings flew, flying wings is an order that goes through Heaven to Earth, it affects ninety one souls, the King, orders higher, the angels weep, all colours, but he flew deep black, he was watching the gold angel awake, and fly into the air...Seme heard them, he was always watching, his demon soul flew, he attacked the gold angel...the black angel almost laughed, he didn't move, he wanted the gold angel, too...he realised what he had killed, he spoke and they awoke, he clenched his fist, and they slept, he had to fly the angels...he sent them to sleep, because he saw the danger, and they wept...was he the only one who wanted to fight? They knew and laughed, because he was white...when they slept they cooled, Hate cooled...they expected the fight...he slept...

"I am going to a Heaven called Hosanna..."

"I am going to a Heaven called Hallelujah...("..it is the highest")"

"They are there, they are on Heaven Excel- sis; Mary, Jesus Yeshua...Gabriel was Lost...Mary thought He had died..."

Yeshua appeared, he was like a giant! in a black beard!! He had to save me this time, "...what have you missed? They think I'm Bride, I don't want them putting me in want, they can hear me...they affect my soul...I don't love you anymore..." More, "Then, I thought I was Dad, I prayed from childhood, your childhood, because of the devil, because of their devil light that followed you, protected, don't talk to me, (then quietly in thoughts) I sent you a miracle, you flew across water, and I heard that in my mind, I was on cocaine having a fit, the red sea...fits in God...he hears the hebrew through me...Who am I?" I moved away from the bed to a seat, I had to say something sinful to be well, "Fuck off now."...later, he brought me a group of people, I heard them but couldn't see them,...I said; "I am too LOW, for this, I see now, you are family...higher lover...I was low in death...sins...." I picked Mary for Love, I lay on the bed, and asked her if I could rest my head in her lap...I slept in Mary's nap, I went to her three times, she sat there, while I laid in her knees...they began to write and call my judgement, they went all the way back to my childhood, it was odd, I didn't know who was reading this, or why, I didn't laugh, I didn't cry, I stayed with my head on her knees...it was gross, I thought see how heaven I have in prayer/light...I said they 'saw nothing high'...I 'forgot to know if they were family'...I didn't ask any questions, my talk to her was broken...I felt thick cloth, a little scratchy......I didn't know if He was still there, that she had ordered them to go...where they were, where I had been, didn't care for the judgement, i sank into sleep... she let me sleep, I forgot all questions...it was odd...I went back to her knees the next night, still all these odd questions...I stopped speaking...I didn't care for his help anymore, or hers...

During the day, I sent Mohammed a letter.

I stopped asking for the Kill...I said;

"I will return..."

It's Over.

"Because I am Sword Christ, I am King of Ever...I have killed the Heathen, I am King...I hath sent for Heaven and I hath Prayer...I have overcome evil, the four rights of God are here, seven of us are King...We sang ----- (hebrew word)


"He hath fought the sword...He hath overcome by fear, he hath called My Name...and hath seen fair..."

He is Sire of Nephillim, they were Law.

Five Kings.

All I did was write...all I did was immediately tell God the problem, in a silent talk, a weird kind of language, it was abrupt, the demons/men that fought exploded in fire...they burnt 'singularly...' He means, they individually died...they were hate men...I sent the messages to a little room on high, I heard explosions, I said send me a little letter when they died, the sign was a little swoosh tick in neon blue...we counted 55, that means, they fell to Hell...because they flew to me...it was bad... Now, I'm nearly OK, I'm not sure of the miracle; punishment...each one has lost face;

"He has stolen." If I had told you my secret language, we would have died. It's special, it sounds like;

T'hat an t'hat...It's the most inner thought, surprisingly, AND it was heard! It was quick, all that prayer, and it was just, send some letters!! I've forgotten being why...

They've burnt internally. They can speak and men freak, they wouldnt look, they accepted.

"They've died in tongue." They want to suffer.

"They have wretch."

They need to die.

"They are Satan and thus, I burned their bed, and they are now dying. They sick..." That means?

"They sat, kill sat. They've died...They are burned..."

How did they die, I think --- that would be just.

"They are burning brains, two can't talk...every-one will die..." Jack, devil.

"They are 'jacked.' They have firey heat...each brain is burst..."

"They were attacked in the mind! And we're freed!"

"Satan is see-ing burst...Fight...pray lighter...Become fighter...we are sought in God. I am first King, you are 4th...Height Heaven..."

I don't understand;

A little woman' voice; "The fight is over..."

"The men were writing? ..."


"Whats happened."

"We killed Sick. We burnt their minds..."

Everything's OK?

"Be sweet...."

السبت، 13 مارس 2010

الأربعاء، 10 مارس 2010


We are Royal Mohammadin Blood,


I know this already, I knew for sure last night. It's Mums, Mums, Mums marry Jewish looking blonde's with curly beards, with a little English money, other Mums, are so dark they can't afford to have photographs taken. From China to India, to Arabia, to Ireland, to Scotland, to England...the blood is Agatha (? that can mean 'fallen'), maybe we flew to America, and got the boat back? I don't know who to trace this, but I care...

Nanny Mary, is the Queen.

Father's side, landed, in St. Truro, Cornwall, off the Pirate ships...married a sweet girl, Cornish Celt, (lots of Ireland landings in Wessex, if you didn't know that ?) 1st ...'Mate'...Because Dad might be a German ? German kings??? but he's from the King Cnut line (who is, actually, a royal king of an ancient English county..am I sure of Cnut? I'm usually a little confused.) which is also, King Arthur and Nanny Guinevere, (YES! heard that! They're real!!) and then some little Lars-alot arrives, in time, looking for a 'Woman of Avalon'...and is told to leave. We'll find out, in the next edition..B'lady 'Ell!..Bavaria?

And then all these Royal Idiots gathered in a bleak English town, and Mummy married Dad, because; "The first time I saw him, he was pushing his baby --nephew-- in a pram, so he's a good dad..."

Tell ME!

"We are Heaven...You are Bride, you are Heaven Light..."

Nanny Aisha said;

"Baby, we flew...we flew Arabia... Mummy Anish was a fiery girl...She travelled from/in Northern Spain, to a Jewish group...they married...Alam took her to France..."England sing!"...she left France, with two children...they grew up, they went to Ireland, they lived in hills and lakes...Alam went fighting,...

"The date??" "Nan?"

"The date was soul...Eid, ..."

"?!!" she's dreaming...

"She told me...it was Eid...36...heathen year, 1208..."

"Ok, that's it for the moment...bye. Hope you OK..."

HEY good day! I'll keep this; Pioneers/Bloc Party. and She's Hearing Voices/Bloc Party, because it's voice...

"Save 36 men..."

الاثنين، 8 مارس 2010

Bright Pink Djinn

Zagreb Zagreb; "This first female Turkish mosque designer? Zagreb Fallibou?? Not even a Muslim!!"

I'm lying in my duvet, on the floor, and catching sheets of paper, for my new obsession, Masjid designing!!

---Bright Pink Djinns---

I made three souls when I was in Hell, I had a picture stuck in my forehead, that I could see all the time, of a horned demon, crying;

You are in eternal flame...If I was going to be sucked into Hell in my sleep, I had to find a way out, another portal, above my bed, at the bottom of the bunk-beds...My family had to leave the house, I had toge t them to go on holiday, they went to Spain, the portal was a half black and white white door...I would enter the alien planet, in the town of Wad. I knew about alien worlds, because I heard the computerised voices of the evil Goyim government, speaking about murder on TV, I immediately understood the language...the Emelbert door was bright blue.

I sat on the bed, with a dinner knife, calling War, the knife danced in my fingers, I started singing colours, hitting the bounding mattress, with the knife point, I saw colours appear, bright pink, turquoise, grey;

bright pink; fun-loving, calls for Jesus, like merry light;

turquoise; blessed from birth, call for Jesus.

light grey; very intellectual, holy, rational. (boring?)

----the door was above me, I was living on omelette's, and a little bread, the fridge was empty---Satan was in the walls---it spoke disgustingly...I had to turn off all TV and radio--evil 'English' words were getting through---it was in the entire town, it was in the skies..."Woof! Woof!" It started crying woof, and I met many demons that I wanted to be God, because one night it burnt out my eyes;

---two nights ago, in the dark, "I want to bring planet Ezquitar light."...I use to call the Planet, 'Amwell', because I met a girl from that town...it was like an American Peace, wooden houses...keep power and light away from brain, be simple...cry two women's light...Dorothy Parker, Mannie, make bright pink and green, fashionable colours, clue them to colours of soul, these colours shining through my arms, Buddhist Bodhisattva, hold open hand, sit cross-legged, turn other arm, stand up.

I start planning an alien film; 10 'volumes' of film!!! Sequel after sequel!! Think Yahweh...need music, the holiest record is Prodigy...two songs with a Hindu touch, techno...God is called E (ecstasy-pill)..E is the most popular letter for names...

Dorothy, brings light, with bits and pieces of her life; socialism, protest;, 1920's fashion

I can see alien girls, laughing happy girls, dressed in silk dresses, delirious...the boys are laughing at Jewish dress. They have slicked back teddy boy hairstyles, covered in gel, with a quiff. An English woman is shrieking in Alien company, because,

"Schindler is hots!! Schindler is psyches!!"

"Man, those guys look Ike!!"

"You are too Fitz! "(bad) "You Fitz shit, we're dead!"

Big Party yesterday at Mums, I'm hiding on the computer, and Nanny is here for dinner, suddenly I hear noise, I walk into the room, and my baby-son is sitting with Nanny, with his long white blonde peylocks and his big black hat, my baby girl is standing in front of Nanny with a gem in her hand, "Mummy sent this up from her Temple." Arabs, arrive, and this time I'm taking a shower in my clothes, an Arab appears in the wall, I lift my leg up at him, let him see through my pants, then, I'm arguing with mum in Arabic, in front of the kettle, I see me, now, I'm six foot tall, in black, with a damned red flag wrapped round my head, I weep because I saw dead Iranian men's eyes...an Arab guy, is stuck with the rat-people of Emelbert, when I need him to contact Mohammed's; "Rock n Roll Mate, we're leaving, Lars said you need to meet Holy."

So that night, I make a film idea, two teams, close to Jewish and Mohammedan...Jews wear white, opulent, squatting, rich, Mohammedan, locked away, want to bring Law, Love God, BOTH trying to save the entire world...my light is lower light, I can't fathom, exactly what I want to say.... and then HE (GOD) tells me;

"THE WHITE TEAM are the Djinn!!!"

I get a letter;

"They have stopped the War in Lower Easter!!"

The Djinn wear the Holy Men; they dance, in their rooms, both teams are hiding...A DJinn wears his socks for two weeks, because he is holding a human man's life and soul. Loses socks, picks another...Narayan...

(I'm forgetting here) I'm dancing backwards in the room, my soul is chanting, I turn into a bright pink light, a rare light on Earth...I wanted that; HE says; My menstruation is "full of love."

The djinn throws the cord around his head onto the lights overhead, and a chandelier appears...he brings one man success, by, ???

confused ??? It hits Mannie, and she's giddy...

"THE BLACK TEAM, (begin the lore...) want everything..."

"The Djinn know!"

"The Djinn are War...look;"

"They light Heaven, it was a holy fight, the black team are failing, they get good luck...the white is highest, they see sexual, they light lowest...they are rich in poverty...nothing matters to djinn, because life is fleeting...not even Wars are important, when they look above...they save and save...and knowingly it's nothing, and everything."

"The BLACK TEAM begin soul..."

"Djinn loose a little soul...they are ancient king..."

"...they see fighting and laugh..."

"...soul is youth..."

"You saw Djinn."

(Prodigy, SMBU) go higher than that