الخميس، 21 مايو 2009

Clubbing and Shuls, that make Club Music

"Michal! I am destroying God! I have taken away the book, and God has become this painting!"

What a way to wake up!! In the middle of the night, after five bars of chocolate and a secret cigarette in the bathroom...the staff can hear me because, I am surrounded by heavy drum and bass music!!

An interesting club...is the one on the industrial beach, the area is an exact copy of my local town, because (??), "It was soooooo something you wished!!"-there we make a little God...the entrance is a heavy metal door, in the sea wall, the favourite music is house/dance...it is a small high ceilinged room, and to the left is a bar...

I have a cinema I love, next to the shopping mall...which is very cheap, and has a number of television screens across the wall, each one, playing different films, cartoons ... you pay for one film, and see only that film, on the little screen, somehow you focus, and you can bring a date, sit together and each watch an entirely different film...

My <favourite 'dream' club...is in the centre of a city...to get there from, my apartment, or...where ever I land...I have to take the tube...it's marvellous...there is a long square white tunnel leading to double doors...it has so many different rooms, it reminds a little of the Scala/London...but! through a balcony entrance, I find a cinema, old fashioned...showing, horror films, and art films...

I wanted to find that club last night...I was with a crowd, including mum and dad...and we were 'flying'...that means we went from one location to another, I was obsessed with my little huge arty club...

Something in the atmosphere was extra terrestrial...

The dance place we walked through, was an entrance to a spaceship, or much like the entrance to a spaceship, we caught the elevator...everything was fluorescent green and black...we found a club!! we wandered down the stairs, and as we walk towards a metal fenced balcony overlooking a dance floor, we prepared for some one's big arrival...the music was thumping, and in came a gang...

They were dressed in black jumpers, and trousers, all men, some had the look of the ratmen from Emelbert...some wore black hats, like, spanish matadors, some I thought were jewish men, looking very 'I can see your school and what you study', walking down the stairs...in the midst of this crowd I spotted a guy from college, everything, the music of their entrance revolved around him, his style, much like the strange, vampire doktor, drug-filled awfully written recorded-diary he writes online, the music was his, an announcement, he used to live in Spain...and a theme, a little bit horror techno, and a lot 'look at me!!'...they were the green and black...

There was a problem, Mum was groaning, as she leant against the fence, because she was bored, she thought the 'entrance was sick, because they were 'what have God?'...I was still discussing my favourite...we were obviously in an

Alien club...

And there was a problem with clothing, Mum was stuck wearing a man's black coat, and a red shirt, over a long bright blue knee-covering 'netball' skirt!! She was young, and I laughed, because she hadn't wanted to wear that...as I was now wide awake...and the skirt, was funny, because that reminded me of the bully teacher we had both shared through two generations of school...like, it was supposed to mean something (?) She was next to Dad, who looked middle-aged, dressed in the black...the guys the college boy was with were obviously, jewish, and, obviously, alien! They were the scene men...they must have found fame somehow...

I walked over to my girl...

She was so reminding me of someone, she had her eyes, and she was a little glow!!

I had no idea who she was, she was like a body smaller than me, and I knew her, face, dark hair, and a familiar look, but couldn't place a name, she was staring into my eyes, smiling, and I was ready to kiss...

I disappeared...and picked up my smokes to take into the bathroom, (very illegal) and still the music was pounding above my head, I got worried about the cigarette, so I opened the fire exit and threw it out...!!!

'Why was college boy there??' 'He was there because he found soul, and he thinks you are dead...He keeps crying you are dead...'
He met them in a prayer group, that is red, you gave him soul, invited him, and then left him for dead, you were playing white flowers, and he was in a kitshc horror-rock n roll/yes, and drum and bass, was the place!!...

The staff guy (I'm in Rehab, oh no, no!) heard music and flipped...

'What is this pig?? I hear the radio too loud!! It is -----!! She is not allowed to play music this loud!!! I am going to scream!!'

I ate a stolen chocolate (htere were jsut there in a bag, and so the staff thought they were mine) and pretended to be asleep...he knocked on the door, I willed him to leave...

The scene men, they were just cool, and quick to forget, more alien than gothic......they wore black, some of them, a few of them, they reminded me of/like haredi...
they were too cool for themselves.
'Their 'katel' is beast God...two of them are jewish (two I spotted!) the rest are of alien jewry...those matador hats were Jesus...the Bass was Jewish...when they katel, they seek, he entered alien katel...Aliens, because he was seek something 'too cool'...they cry thunder and hell...you cry Heavenly...feminine Heavenly...they sing like chorus, he weeps...we have two hundred types of ALIEN JEWRY...because;

he wanted aliens, he has Planet Deros, he wandered into shul, and said;

'I am King'...

'Vail, Etheros!! Acometrei adoun emog!!'

...he was stunned, and said 'I don't understand'...

he tried Spanish...'Hola!'...

they laughed; 'We speak Eptros!' 'To tell you God!'

...he laughed, said; 'Spunkos!'(yuk)...

'Come! Pray with us!' they davened like Kings, and said;

'Tomorrow there is parties...bring Englands...'

...That's where I found him...

'You bastard! You keep saying you fork!!!'...

He said, 'I want Petra', Petra is a cat...

Two jewish men from upper heavens joined him, because he wanted to talk, they took him and the aliens to the club, they made a big scene because they were sure they were winner, my gang ignored them...the woman in the club, was 'Dorry-Mannie', really she was Annie...she looks like Janie...Her name is Mainie, she is amanos;

(The Trick

When we are made by Heaven, Love begins to look similar...women from alien worlds, take the likeness of a lover, click of the finger!


The painting made; sin men die/too many calling God/a happy lie/and quiet/

Tomorrow, I begin God...

I want clubbing, clubbing...I want to wake up clubbing!!!

الاثنين، 18 مايو 2009

The Book

We are not real

!! Really!

I looked through...I was making tea in a kitchen, I looked around the room, there was nothing, not any walls, no furniture, even, no floor!! I looked at myself, I was bright white skin, with stars around my hands...

In the car I looked at trees, there were women there instead...

I looked at the street of houses, the ground was there...black ashes...there were some small trees, instead of a house...

I looked further...

In my sight, everything was dark blue, in the corner of my eye...was a large book...the book was also dark blue, with black lettering, I stayed in the unreal house, talking to the book...

I don't want to listen...WHY!?

I don't want to listen...WHY?!

then I saw hands, move the book...

then I saw myself, containing just a white ball of light, in my chest, and nothing else...no body, no hands...

I step into the book lightly, and then I walk out...

I don't want to listen...WHY?!

He brings news...

I can't listen...WHY??!

Tonight I'll try...

Just a book!!

and not everyone contains a spark!! I contain a spark, I'm part of the book!!

He said; This week is 'disastrous' because you split!! You dropped a curse on Heavens, recount spilt, that means, YOUR DYNASTY IS GLORIOUS!! WE HAVE HEAVEN KING!! next week is glorious, next month is his...then;

'I don't kill heathen, i kill glorious!!'

"Lars!! come back to HIM!!" they call..."YOU NEED LOVE!!!"
let me in---obey god---sparked!!

السبت، 16 مايو 2009

The Russian and The French Pop Singer

It was the secure unit, of the mental hospital, I was only allowed leave, to smoke, on a small fenced in patio, cotaining benches, and locked gates...Yes, I was high on a mixture of drugs; this is partly how it went;

"Hallo," I said, to the Russian man, fluently, "I am calling to ask for a special favour, I have met a man I would like you to deal with, I understand you have some contacts here, and I want him killed, I can tell you where he frequents...in return, I will give you 3 million pounds and a ticket into Heaven, I have a special friend, I think would make you a wonderful date, she is a french pop singer, with whom I write songs, and she is very beautiful...all I want is some money to conform the deal, and after this, I expect you to be a man who loves God...she is special, she sings love...bring me the money in packets, be stealthy, the Russians will see Him, and they will honour God..."

"What is your name?"

"Leave me 30-40,000 pounds in a brown envelope, addressed to a pseudonym, 'L- Dov' do not knock on the door...because my friend, she will be afraid, that would make things too obvious, she would report you, the money will be safe, money because we will work together...I expect you to leave immediately and I trust after our deal, that you will be honourable, and not leave a location, as I know you have men in town... I will be there to pick up the money in one month...the address is -----(I leave the full address)-----"

"My name is Trotsky!"

I didn't hear him and continued...I imagined the man, someone else, and he was in laughter..."The KGB will work out it is us!!! We are suit men...you are going to cook...we are going to kill you...we know where you live, and you are through..."

Trotsky, intervened..."She is mad and that is a wrong address..." They were cool, they said; "She needs money, put her through..."I will kill YOU!!! I fuck YOU" Trotsky screamed...

"The french pop singer, sings Love, she is a new euro-pop singer, not a prostitute...the music is simple, but special...I will introduce you to her, and expect you to be respectable, this may even lead to a marriage, I think you will impress her, and I believe you will look to a new way of life, the man I want killed will leave no trace, he is disreputable, and sick...he is a burden to me, I trust in your honour...as you trust I am God..."


Later I killed God, what got through, was, everything!! My sister fooled:

"Non! Monseiur, I do not vant!!"

The Gangster laughed..."She doesn't want me bitch, what are you going to do??"

I didn't hear anything..I had sent a silly simple song to France...and what happened was, my sister cooled, she said;

'Vous, est the bitch!! Because 300 dollars is through!!! It is mine!!!" My sister was the Pop Singer, she was delightful, she he is nice...she is His...she listened...

I said; "If you disobey, you will be sent to Hell, please have an understanding of God..."

The Gangster discussion went through, they heard;

"Bitch, now you will kill..."

He wanted the woman, the Gangsters caught the man, and...he was through, they said a date with Holy God is No, you prostitute women all the time...respect God, and kill...find the man, and thrill the woman...", Trotsky was worried; He cried out;

"Repeat God!!" I was down, I said;

"I don't want God, I have murdered God..."

The Gangsta saw the woman I meant and I cried spirit!!, so he said;

"She is right, I like this woman...I will forget...this man, now, will never kill...I want to live in God..."

Ten months later, this man left them, with stitched money, and flew to Paris, for one night...the pop singer saw him and laughed, : "This fat pig is dead!!" She wouldn't meet, so he stayed in envelope...he is now dead...he was killed by men, who thought he had trust, he had no trust...she kept him cool, and let one visit, she talked music, she was beautiful, he was through...she owuld bed, and he sighed; "I give the money through...If they kill her, put 20 pounds in her shirt..."

She screamed;

"You want to kill a girl!! I report you!!" He was arrested...men got him out...

الجمعة، 15 مايو 2009

Talk With My Father

The talk began in the bar, with an Arab Ummah, over a pint of shandy, at an Anti-Racism gig...the gig ended abruptly with us...after crying;

"I feel this music, I'm bringing this music, I can see dark blue auras, floating around my head, I am this music"

It ended abruptly, with the singer crying;

"Can you feel this, in a 'private part'?

We walked out...

He said; (no information about where his blood is based...) We discussed holy men, in Arabia, mostly, where are our men to the south?? I see the sephirot colour, it's turned to bright red (anger)...I know this will affect the men closest to God...he was shocked..."We have Hebrew men crying red??? How can this be Allah's soul?? I said; "I think he is angered, this will create even more fight, I cried out the anger, though it defies Allah, and we are left with soul sickness, which is in colour, creamy white...I think the Hebrew compromise, when we are cried Holy War, I had to remind them it was a war of souls...if we take these devils down, violence will end..."

I discussed, blatantly that, my religion was Sufi...He knew I was quietly telling him, I defy, that I wanted Alcohol, that, truly, I will go, but the reason for going, will be, merely, my sorrow, that again, I was trying to tell, I can't have respect, I can't have respect here, but I need understanding, Father, I've never talked before, and I think what you have told me, won't be true to myself, I have anger, and I am very shy, I'm trying to think, I'm a silly fool.........."

Sufi: "Those poets brought me Heaven!!" He said, someone said;

"If you dress like a boy, dress like a girl!!" That means; "They will seek that you defy, and then they will see Holy Girl is dead...they will say, Father He is sin...you say you see their sin...If you meet 32 men, Forgive 32 men...tell the girls Him..."

What does He think;

"She is wise...She tells defiance is weak..."

"When you enter a mosque, introduce to Allah WELL...be meek, talk around...If you pick Arabic, you tell, you will astound them with your power, they will BOW!!!"

"I will be afraid of bow..."

I think it is polite to nod...to welcome with arms outstretched...my keffiyah will be red!! I think bowing, brings us too near Self-Soul...I don't like men too near my soul...

We discussed Sunni's..."My Holy men love God...I began Sufism, by? By crying out like a KING!!! I would twirl round...I would scream

I've embarrassed myself greatly; He blinks..."You see women too divine!!! You astound me with your Love!! Keep keffiyah mine!! Blue and white God!!

I'm dim and I'm truly DEAD, I didn't listen, I watched the loud music and wanted him to go...He said;

"Leave wives, and continue to cry the;

MUSLIM UNDERWORLD"..."Our women will DIE...give every woman LOVE..."

His name is Muhammed

I asked the War, and He cried;

"Do you think I ever wanted WAR?? I killed and for that they kill..."

I still want men dead...one in particular...look at me never giving whole Love...Not even one tear...

Last night, they called me Muslim Mustaffa!!

I'm so low, again, I'm feeling spikes...He said:

"This was vice, (this war), was vice...the Khomeini began to cry Hell, and Iran fell into death, remember we cried death? Do you remember our lives??? It was war's fortune!! The Diatri were becoming and we cried RIDE!!! It was the truest Jihad..."

"Because it saves souls?"

"Because it was wise, to, burn dead..."

"When I was born, you cried...you said; I have blessed God..."

Malchut turns red...and so, we soul...Kether to black, and we are fried!!! It makes Jewish men, being to turn, they suffer soul...If we create Binah white, every respect...it turns Kether, red...this is because, they hate...they hate to Love, do you think they are killing women??

Take Kahane allllll the way down...The sepher has returned, dark green, the beginning of LOVE OF CHRIST...children that want god, are bluest soul, green can be seen as, a, convert , mighty is the king, all knowing, all powerful,
you see, if it's me,

couldn't he have killed the devils, instead of us?? Couldn't he have flown Holy power, to, the JUST?? Many women have been killed, the Hebrew men are still misogynist, I'm still angry, and I kill the righteous, babies see daddy dead, and cry...the women leave me for men, I'm damn ugly...I want fortune, I can see a future, what if I'm NO? Kamara is fortunate, PJ still makes my heart thump when she sings, and I sing with her, and then she comes back, fiddles with my hat, which I previously blessed, and because she is little sins, the entire family fall out of the blessing, women are weeping on the stairs to the palace, I want little things, and I want HUGE MIRACLES...I can move the clouds, I can see my soul, in the earth, in the plants, the planets, the seas, when I move the clouds, the sun shines...I need a


Kamara is the one who resumes soul, if she is bitten, she doesn't blame, if I'm stupid, she calms...she says, 'dirty man of god, I am now...' She never lets me, go, woe...she doesn't understand, and I know...because she doesn't, everything turns GOD...because I punched, because I was too quick, because I was away too long...I've missed everything...moon lady...

What am I trying to write her?? POETRY!!

"Doth thou betrothe thyself to God?"

"Doth Gabriel too wine?"

Justice see thy soul!!


"She is Heathen!!!"

The Diatri, (see elohim search) become in, fault, "Louise's fault for DEAD!! Silly Jesus!!"


The devil man, that comes and goes,write soul...

I need her or I am dead...I plead her, I plead so much, I don't realise she loves, I leave, too quick...I come back to life...I'm home...Her LOVE is;


shabookmet, is a different god; shabookmet (it's ya book, mate!);

'a given estimate of age that reveals itself to be, of an age, like ancient Persian, where it is so want it is marriage, marriage is wholly Gods, the ancient has a man, who, invented love, the man looks, the woman is overcome, she says, 'You love me!' They love like they had been forever, the love is fervent, it invents no lies, it is eternal, it is already there in disguise, it is wanting, it is home, it says, Now, I will not woe...'

shapiratesayallahs!!; That is...

'a secret love, like pearls, that sing, underwater, and curls round her slim, like horror, because you won't begin...honour!! Say sing! A little water, will splatter, like your daughter...daughter is Him...look through water, and begin...she is petals on the frosty ground, watch her glide through deserts, spell the water...til it will sing daughter~!...say sin, and see petals..one drop and you sing...petals...christian...salt water for devils...pretty petals...slide through rivers, eat blossoms...christ petals, secret daughters...forget waters...be true, like daughters...we're through, it's all 'bought hers' it's all gone...dirty petals...and forks...cleanest daughters, they want daughters...you shine like thrill to her, you're through...you want white to her, get through...sleep...daughters...sail on through...wade sand, like waters...'

'My highest Love is 'YOU''

الاثنين، 11 مايو 2009

History of The Jews

We are not descended from apes/monkeys, God sent many humans, at first there were 100-300 tribes...the Hebrew were the first to cry God. We had 21 languages...the heathen language fell...

When men defied 'Her', their voice was taken away, so they went back to oogs and ugs. grunts.

Osiris was the first child...He was God. He was a very good boy. We were Eygptian Pharoah.

I was in trouble, I kept meeting gross men...I stayed in this way, hearing voices, until, I remembered what God had told me in Heaven...

He said, I had to tell Saul no. Saul sent men to my bed, so, I brought down my right hand, and heard fire. Saul died...At this time Michal and I were still back in time in the dungeon, Saul's wives and children, ran to us to release us. Everyone heard God, and I was crowned...the building of the temple began in two months, other men were put on trial, it was a far trial, because they had all told Saul No.

The building of the Temple was His. Men were employed and sent 4000 shekels a week. They were clever men...The men designed with me, I was sure of their Heaven! They were told to place, this, Ark, which means the chest of God, in the inner sanctum...It was a chest full of gold...the temple was devised as a plan, to keep Heaevn, as, God...which means each stone was blessed, I blessed 35 jewels, the number means the arrival of death and the end of no...I designed the inner temple...in Rehab, I found where to place the tables, where to keep the candles...on the places where I saw white light...35 women became Love

my first single-common people-by-pulp

The inner sanctum, gives, rise, it rises the holy elohim; they hear chants and they swoooonnnnn!!

I was working in the temple, I took 25 days off. That mean't I left the palace which was situated on a hill, just north of a place called Amen...I mean, now, North Kidron, where many men walk...20 miles, from lower Jerusalem...

Soooooooo, when I left important work, I wandered to the temple...I would walk in through the back door...I would dress, holy, black robes, and a white skirt...the work I did, was solemn...I would talk, and I would cry...I was so dead on men asking why...I light five candles, and then I weep...then I mix two drinks...to represent, the drinks were myrhh and frankincense, to represent, the LIFE, and, the, FATHER...

first album on cassete-Stay-by-Eternal

I would dance!!! I would rush out to Him, and say, "We have conquered!!" "We have Heavenly Life!! I am forver King!! I am the Holy Light!! He says Bring Light!!

first album on compact disc-Parklife-by-Blur

First Gig-by Oasis

I would tremble in the sky...women would run in; "Can you pray for ???!!!" I cleaned...when Abraham died, I prepared the tomb,...my children are buried in the;

Tomb of Kings

still there in the Old Holy City...

The temple took three years to complete, the Ark was hidden, only I could look...

Michal was a star of Yeshiva...she was a beautiful teacher...

One night there was a robbery, they said, do we codemn the mne?? I said, No! They had stolen some wine, and knocked over six tables, that was in the outer court...They saw me, and died;

"We have defied!!"

first festival-reading--99--I got my gcse results, and did well, though I never studied, and never completed coursework-this was the favourite band
The robbery killed, they had hurt God.

There were jewels in the doors, sapphires and huge rocks, the inner sanctum contained rubies...the cloth was many colours, particularily an earthy grey, because it was the voice of Jesus...

They had hurt by, being unclean, and creating a little bit of sickness.

I drank wine, only half a cup. The wine was songs, I invented many songs...

So many men had died we needed a cemetary, in October, the cemetary began, by Tisherei, it was complete...there were murders, I condemned but never had them killed, they were imprisoned...(I hear something else!! which is interrupting!! The sin of God!!)

One day i took a trip, I saw devils destroying the temples...I saw Roman faces, I screamed...the dream lasted six hours, I cried in bed...

The light of the Ark, is Angels (Elohim)...It is Mannies light, and it is voices, it is the light, that joins souls...beware of trying to look, eternal torment for those who see pure souls...

Inner Sanctum work is light, jews need respect...it's Shul...I talk, and I daven...The country was wise...Daven is hebrew prayer, it involves continually, bowing, it is fair...the rocking creates a way of looking...when we bow, we King, we sing low, because the lowest voice, is like, the earth, and like the sea, it is souls voice, it is the inbetween, the sea is vision, and the soil, is, belonging...we belong to the earth, which was made by God...we walk his Heaven...bass reaches the inner soul, screeching is disastrous...

Women have the highest soul!!! because part of them, is the soil, that part, is, regret...they regret tilling the soil...they regret killing men...yes!! their body clocks are the seas!!

When they daven, men keep the voice...they thunder power...the power of miracles...soft singing is succour, it keeps us sane, and keeps children well...I had even had to pray for fishes locked in tanks, to prevent fishmadness!!

السبت، 2 مايو 2009


I spent the weekend with;


I appeared to her, I had watched her sleep, the first time I ever looked at anyone sleep, and I told her;

In a red shirt...

We've met, three, to four times...

I told her so, that;

She and her baby give me gentle light...

I say;

You are ugly...

I stayed in the bunkbed, she spent all night with me, until dawn...

I call her too many moles...You are ugly.

She ripped the one on my face, clean off...

I talked Devendra...

She heard me muttering about true love, she was shocked, she began to talk about him...

I groaned and turned over to sleep, I didn't want to listen, so I didn't...

When my sister wondered that, she heard Hathaway, because I was riding through the streets...

she rubbed my chin, and said

Kings have beards

I moaned...he looks Kings...somehitng something

When I was pregnant with ELMA, she appeared, Natalia just suddenly appeared and she talked to the baby for two hours, making him a King...the egg went to Heaven...he's the guy!!

Polly appeared, and grabbed my chin in her hands; told me the Gig in New York...

And the japanese were crazy!! And when John played, he popped, and I called him a Lemon!!!

I moaned, I didn't find that funny, so I told her to go; the new album is awful, and I have the right to be pissed...

I went down-stairs to sleep on the sofa; Natalia appeared, rubbing her teeth with her finger, and waving her arms, I couldnt hear her;

@Yes!! I rub my teeth in the mirror when I mocking someone, go away!!@

I cuddled my schoolfriend, she got braindamage when she fell off her bicycle, we had a fight one day, I kept kicking her, we were both being beaten by our parents, and my way to deal with that was to pick fights, because she had slapped a ketchup burger in my face, and took a picture; because;

'her head is too big';

I cried all night...

I cried the next day

and the next

I hadn't seen her for months before it happened, I'd gone to the swots, and she was the freaks, to the swots, because my marks were jumping erractilly from A's slivering down to E and F's...and before that I was in the Tarts, who gave me the damn mad idea of shaving my legs at 11, walking downstairs with deep cuts, bleeding and bleeding, then mum went nutty...and the clever clowns gave me respect, the ones the swots called the bimbo's because the teacher were putting me in tears and detention, all the time;

And so my school-girl came back after a year, and when it happened I thought no one cared, and that no-one prayed, and I prayed the night i heard of the accident, and prayed with gold light, to heal, her...and I talked to her at night, for yes, about a week-without calling;

And when she returned, she couldn't talk well, and the maths teacher was still a very upset former bullying dog, and I saw her smiling when I looked (ook, because I gave her bed!! eek-because I discovered that she was thinking of me-she put in nan when she was a swine-'you stupid!' and her mum said sick things and nan would repeat odd words, perhaps nan had been dead for some years-)_and she made it to college, but

this is like a dream;

boys in sports clothing, and horrible girls began shouting and mocking her, in the corridor, and I span out of a room like magic, and I was the only witness, so I shocked them, I shouted at them and said; BEHOLD GOD!! SHE IS WISE, THOU ART A DOGand then lost her, she sings;

"trembling midnight lands
and going to bed with the wizard"

"She write lovers in my head"
Bat for Lashes, first album

During that week my tooth, killed and killed

I said I had to keep to her soul, because that took away the pain...I told her what happened to my brains, that they burnt and shook, for a week, in bed, I could feel my brains moving under my skull, and I couldn't tell anyone, but eventually got through to the jewish girls...

and i did;

Mental Hospital, March, last year;

I was called, and I saw, light sabres flashing in the air, that red demon with the nobs on his head, appeared, he cut off my little toe...I was laying in bed, Hans and Luke, well, two men, were struggling, I called the sabre to my hand, it was easy, I cut him in half...

I got up to walk to the sink, and, the mirror...there was a flash of light, and, Two men fell out of my soul, one;


Had a huge head, with short dark red hair, and a roundface;

the other;

Had a skeletal bonestructure, and long blonde hair...

When they got back, they became me again.

So Natalia left me, and I took my schoolfriend to Jamaica, I said you won't like Africa, and I will have to translate, I predicted men taking us to a bar, I said, I would hate the seedy bar, and the dancing...

our babies hate her Mother, because she is so sick;

And appeared to cry;

You dont love Mummy, you love Nanny!!

I dont know why they said that, perhaps they heard me walking around, praying and trying to pacify her, because she was sick...they have such cute voices, because we are both local, the other kids are well spoken, I watched her in soul, and thought about Heaven...

I spent one week with her and left, I think thats fine...how can that be fine??

When my sister and I were called, we were well, they said;

Do you fly??

We said;

Yes! We fly!!

they said;

we need the power of hell!

Hell wil die!!

Help us men are crying we will die!! They are the evil empire!!

We were trained to the sword, the year before Rohan, my sister, had a perceptive sight, and she could feel deadlier...

Using the Force...

here its possible, but there is a little guard

Use the Voice...

I jumped up and forward a few inches outside the pub...bit tired trying to think about this, so I'll give it another chance