الأربعاء، 5 يونيو 2013


My Tasfeer would be a danger.

Sometimes I pick up a dictionary, and then, read, and I'm exclaiming blasphemy!
 A quote (these are available, everywhere): 

“Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other” (Quran, IV.34)

Couldn't Gabriel have been slightly sarcastic? "Hath made the one of them to excel the other...." So the women were excelling, the other. Why not jealously take charge of them?

One day, I said Gabriel was Dead.

" Gabriel had fallen out of Heaven and he was asking Muhammed for help!"

"Ilafihim, originally means; The Desirous!!!"

Thats about as far as my reading has got.

--- And a wow, "looks like a biggie." And "I don't want your Ba!"---because she sits with him reading through the alphabet and teaching. And I walk over to a silver bench and a cigarette; and say;

Hello!! to

a child that shouldn't exist...
 an invisible gang of children:

"Aswadddddddd!!!! Aswaaaaaa!!! 'Swad! Aswad......!!! Aswaddddddddd! Swadddd....."

The blue circle, a swift arrow of white light, containing a blue circle, and stars....

What does she think???

He doesn't want to learn the alphabet:

"No!!! Its silly! You think we're witch!" 

I say: (cos he reminds of nan mixed with me, or a sister:) She is there, so, also, black skirt, black shirt, black coat, brown hat. 

"Yeah! I did it!!"

"It was an accident!!!"


Everyone was invisible. 

" I don't want to read ever again! You think we are Shaytan!"


It didn't really happen. My child isn't walking through sandy alleys and deserts, hundreds of years before I was born. But, then we saw the white ball flying through an spear. She won't forget. Is this a blessing? Is this a gift from Allah? What does she think. I don't want the alphabet. Aswadddddd....yeah, ASwwwwwaaaaddd....

This is a picture I made, the colours are awful. I like 'uploading' much more.

--- I don't know what she thinks. I'm going.----

الاثنين، 3 يونيو 2013

Hasaad, Hasadeen

Hard to Write down, in a spurious type of mood like this.Writing like this is weak. I turn childish or devilish, when so and so is concerned.

Mummy was dead, ..."because they hide behind those brown curtains and smoke."I was so high, I was inside the End of the World. I stared at the Cat, at my kitchen table chair. Cat turned to the kettle.

"Have some soup, Cat."

I sat in my chair. For Hours. I stared and stirred the vegetable soup.

"The entire World killed, and we have left nothing. This soup. "---

We can Save. We can Save.All that staring into the make-up of the Universe, suddenly i have you in my hands, I am giant, I hold the atoms, and the stars, I can't eat, I can't touch. But I'm carrying the Beginning.

Being in this vision, is like, The Entire

.I can't explain, the complete immersion into God. Air is different, Sky is dead. Love is High

.Everything has meaning. Every single tiny word or action, is in God, or in Hell

All is black, you both wear black to hate.

I am hoping to fast, I like it. I do it, because I am poor.

", Cat, I'm terrified!  "I have to be clean, clean, but I'm rolling in smelly blankets, forgetting my teeth."

I've gone Insane!"

Books are scary in this house, I looked round the garden, into the back door, slithered in and made coffee...."I'm dreaming, I have all this Hope..."

"It's this house, there's no room for the spirit..."

The Envied rolls, he rolls spearing walls, laughing, they scream....he laughs, they scream...He blackens, they function against black, like green for the red...he shoots, dagger, dagger...rolls round laughing....

they scream, like spit...he rolls laughing...they redden, further knives through walls...they scream.He wants them to die, because they want him dead.

That's the reason.
They want him to die, because he wants dead.

He hates them, they are stupid.

They spit on the walls. He doesn't lend daggers.

Unless they pick them up when he throws.

He hates!! And spits and spits!!!  They are all stupid!!! Not like Insane!! ?? They sick. They are stupid.

They hate everyone.

He spits!!

They burst through walls, with powers of hate.

All the daggers have been thrown.

They are losing, and that makes him laugh. He hates laughing, he hates to even know of them.

They are stupid.

 He is envious of fools.

His envy is fire like Love. It's been lost.

More walls and walls.========I won't wait to be asked..."

"I think I need a cup of tea."=======

==========I've been in this Summer, forever, I wake as the cats run in and out of the doors,

"Morning Sweetie!" I wake up for that, and go back to sleep, I'm soaking hours in the bath, instead of getting up and going...