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She Upset Me So I Killed (and the prince alien and nazis)

It was midday, everyone had decided to go, she had upset me, I guessed we had spent all night cuddling, and then upset, so she went to bed in the day 'bout three, well, she's pissed that I'm there, and she's crying, what is my boyfriend thinking of me, and I think, why am I crying he's terrible sins...and all she hears, is; "They make him say, wump..." and then i realise he is sins, because he says; "You are only so meek, and you are what Louis says...she says bed...**** me..." He breaks Hindu Law, by skooting down...I spent the hours in her house smoking, why? she was varnishing the alcove in the living room...I'm beautiful, but today, i see maggots in faces...she looks at me beautiful, and I don't know what she thinks, that she still wants 'little dog', who is she to my soul? "Heathcliff" and I'm Cathy and WHY does she talk me when she's with him?? well i like this; Kula Shaker-Govinda, and Krishna is my child, and he appeared from my shoulder, and she appears in the doorway with shopping bags, and I say; "You look like a bag...what is this??" but he is so beautiful, he has thick dark red hair, curled and piled on his head, and the whitest skin, with thick perfectly set black eyebrows, and large eyes...Call on my name, cry Lord of the Universe, tell me what you hear?? And I say, I am the Queen, and I'm waiting, looking at her next to me on the sofa, and I say, I don't have a queen..."I know! You play the King! Because I hate to hear them! Perhaps I should say it's Michal, lets see how long we can play this, so...I'm the Queen! Father is she clean! Oh yes, a bad queen will be sent to fires!!" She says, in a boy's voice; I love her.

The Ushpizin was fantastic, the video is when they call for light, they get two hours...and then it rang the bell, it began the drum; Palestine to cry for Peace...they were to obey the King; What happens when He is nay obeyed?? I expect everyone drives the train, and the train carries on down the rail without changing direction...she says she loves it, and we talk in Hebrew, I'm shocked that I talk Hebrew so fluently, I say it's guttaral, Mary hates the accent...and I'm shocked that I'm Jewish, and it's dark and it's cats, and I'm pissed that she sees more in the film, than me, like the dirty puns. This is dirty?? Is this? so I decide, I am weekend. stupid. very stupid. I don't want you to want stupid. But this is the greatest Love, after this weekend, we have everything!! Bang the Drum!!The Visit, I turned off the film, because I was bored of it, and then I heard a voice, a little guy, lying in bed talking to God...Someone had found, a man from Heaven, a Grandfather, and had cried;

This boy is Kings...I said; I dont want to talk, I am sick of talk, but he was talking so I listened while repeating should go!! Ha! A King! So let me see your soul!! Purple and Gold...FAST FAST TRIPTRIP "TANTE TANTE, THE TARPULIN IS OVER THE TANTE!!!" France 1940's, we have the resistance, 390,000 are crying the fight...

I walk from the living room to the kitchen to the living room to the kitchen...I didn't want to talk, but I had lots to say...What was happening? France has been occupied, what do I tell? Hell and Heaven!! Maggots!! Women weep!!! YES!!! BRING ANGELS!!

It was sword time! So while I skipped around the kitchen, I threw the aliens, green stars, white stars..."He will lead one day, miss, and if he should falter, I want you to tell him he will always have hope.."

"Greet this boy in King, because he is special..." I am turning and turning from one person to the next, shaking my hands, talking and talking in the kitchen greeting aliens, and I have him about six or seven soldiers and they are laughing...Something happened, and something was so odd, I ran to the bathroom, still willing the boy to go..."Ha! You are from planet Aseros!
Go! Let me go! I'll greet thee in Heaven!!"

I sat down at the table, I stood up, a man appeared in the hallway, fAST FASTA RIP TRIP TRIPPING I can see my angel visit a french women, because she is crying; "I greeted the Nazi's, and I will go to Hell!!" I can see further in this...


They are crying for Heaven's help...

ANGEL WITH SWORD..."One dead!!" I roll a cigarette; Name; ???, HELL! "He cries; "I am Devil Dead!"

Sword! Clash!!

"One Nazi!! Name; Shuffenhousser, dead! Hell!" Three Gestapo men dead...Hell.
fast fast clash...80 Japs dead!!! With one sword! Hell...I'm not sitting anymore, I'm highkicking and spinning out the dead.

"Another dead, (Allah?) cries; "I am Nazi!!" Report to Heaven, Nazi; Goebbels dead;...!

Jesus I don't mourn, and because I don't mourn, I start to hear things, the fireplace is moving, I haven't mourned, the fireplace speaks, it says

"Hitar calls you, whore", HITAR WILL KILL YOU DEAD....Hitar means evil king...; "We are ready to have dialogue with any Al-Qa'eda leader," says Al-Hitar. "We can have dialogue to talk about the foundations of Islam, even with Osama Bin Laden if he is willing."(to be continued) like Ahriman and Ahman...

One Jap screams; "I want Kawasati!!!" The Armenians; 90 turks killed, Hell...I tell the alien boy!! Here...; Because he is greeting me form Heaven, I throw him a book and walk into the bathroom and back to him in the hall, to hear his opinion of the book,

"Emeros agar edead!! Take Romeo y Julieta!!" The men are dead!! He is delighted, he has never read such language before... He loves how Tybalt turns... He tells me Romeo is dead, because; "You are King Montague!! He wants His, and Gods is His, and no-one tells Him God..." I leave him and go back to the table for cigarettes...She is weeping upstairs, and I wear my silk muslin, it's black, and billowing at the sleeves, my leather bracelets, furry brown trousers, I grow little horns when bad women desire, and I greet the girls and dance, like a little lune, I even grow hooves, I'm a little high and a little astounded at how I'm such a boy...Then I'm alone smoking, and the door starts to knock, and I'm terrified; Jerry dogs!! I vibe,


You have no idea of the fear there is for me to here a ghostly doorknock, and I was praying for them to leave, white guys? with a problem? I hear it too much...I prayed for ten minutes...and then it was everyones awoken, and damn me! I'm the dork that won't open a door!!

We have a new Heaven Star, and me and some Jews decide to fill it up, magically create, I remember jewish is numbers!! so I pick number 134 and Michal and I start having a spaz, because the number is have a nutty spaz and Michal has sent me a message through the maid, on the television to dump; (above)...because? "She vant God dead...I know Zis Becud she look dead. You are vice." and I make the skies pink and black, I spend time in a little garret, wearing black cord jacket a suit with a silky black cravat and we write 3 books, and Allah does something so beyond my comprehension and we give away guitars of the guys favourite colours that play odd sounds, like lower down the fret board you hear birds siging, and the skies are exactly like turner sketches, and computer games are 'kick down the door' and crazy nightclubs, and I spend eight days in the garret with Mannie, we are human guise, and I cuddle with my new little blood red coloured husky puppy, and tonight I have a date with my werewolf wife from Discworld...And...got any more magical suggestions?? leave a comment

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