الجمعة، 25 ديسمبر 2009

Happy Badness

when her ex-husband, died, the shuffling dog, was respectfully silent, and brutally mocking. Since I last saw Jesse, his chin his whole neck, has become a gloopy, multi-layered mess of thin droopy skin...

Samuel E David, is my egg. I said; "Let's make magic, every time I die, Dad's chin falls, I died 65 times...this is a time problem."

I won 100 pounds, and spent on presents, for the second time since I've ever brought presents, she got some crap, free books I took from the library, and a kids book, with a messy cover, like the board game last year, that had many pieces missing and another messy cover.

I've been pissed all holiday.

Last night, I fell to Hell, for meeting a guy in a paisley jacket, who was ;


Then I heard, you have fallen to Hell.

I could hear myself, getting beaten by men, in one little red corner of my mind.

I think I have a lump in my neck thats crawling up to the right side of my brain, and hurting a lot...

'When dey twalk in mao bwain.'

I'm sorry if someone tried to stick that dick in my mouth, and I mistakenly tried to rip this fat man apart.

They got me out, quick?? quick??

I don't know, I heard I got out, because I said sorry to God. I said it directly.

The man is dead.
I wore a golden halo,, and chewed on a parsnip.

I discovered Arch-Angel Micheal, is a woman, and my wife. SO much for calling a big guy, to fight Hell.

Lots of us fell, yesterday, she had the job of flying down to get them out.

I felled Mohammed.

My cousin arrived, my cousin who i think is really a demon-soul. He got knifed through the body, by a Mohammedan, taking revenge. So did, Mannie, but I managed to guard her, except for their last try,...off went the eyes...I knew it was wiser to walk about the house, rather than fighting in bed.

I can't;;;; hear;;; they cant;;;hear;

so, what did happen?

I felled Muhammad, for crying some men, were, 'his men'...so much shit, since 7yrs ago, she appeared in the sky to give baby, I saw these men in front of me...this is because, we

reminisced about making the baby, and someone cried;

show the face of the dead!! thye appeared like a film in my face, thats what I saw.

Annie said we died, when I got back in my sleep;

'You said that man was want and they said no. then you cried, and fought. you leapt up and screamed, you pointed, some men fell, because I see they were sick, they were thinking, ; this bitch is red. why did my father want? the man who want is dead. You fell because they said; red, and replied you called out; bitch. They felled you, because they know, because they learnt the ; 'heffer'...

Anne F. continued:
'Mohammed won't see, he thinks 'things' are Him. He says they were holy clean. They are those butch Nazis, that fat-man died...I hate jewish! Because these fathers are sick! You msut be Jewish! Lars, do Jewish. They don't want, flee...I hate them...'

When they fell, I laughed, "See? ...We all die...that fat-man is free...I sent Hell to free, they are in a little He. It's a white town. I gave them home and free."

When they said; "Why did that witches husband fall?" Because I needed there help, and it was silly, she was in hysterics, because he was met by Jesus, I sent him back..."

I think she actually crying, 'I 'dont' &*^)( know...'

We do it all the time, Halakallahic Hebrew Nutcases;


I picked up a black coat, it looked like mine, I put in on, I took it off;
'this is yours.'


what was the right thing to do, it was to walk upstairs, and shout down;

'Bitch!! it was on the banister! I just picked it up" and then sit in bed with a Latin American Art book, obviously, wanting, to cry her to hell. taking little punches, like, if she beats the baby, whack on the head, and then sit speaking that no wives love me. She can't hear them anyway and neither can I. Want cuddles. Then she is flying or dodging punches while some bastard is hitting her over the plate organisation.

Annie F. continued;

"You left everyone, laughing, you ran up the stairs, crying 'dirty willy-man!'

and said;

"Goodbye! I am Queen!"...

they screamed, because, the light hit them and they fell...

I love you..."

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