الثلاثاء، 25 أغسطس 2009

Leaven in Green

The old witch, finally looked at me...

her eyes turned green.

I asked a question to anyone in the garden, I flipped the empty chair in front of me, round, to face a ghost:

"Why? Nearly three years ago, did you tell me the colour green was sicko...then I decided it was want for Jesus, like a convert, like a grading in holy soul, green to love blue, green to become higher...

TRUE LOVE!!!" So, we let everyone true lover, go to higher Heaven...

Later that day, my legs started to grow long, and walk funny, because I put a trick on Jewish Shidduchim, which is an arranged marriage, they meet many times, sometimes once if orthodox, and they have someone who leads them through the dating , until they decide, on a marriage...

"Great! So the soggy witch is my Bashert!"

Talking to an American girl, over my homework...get up to make tea, leggy spindly long-legs:

"And now, -------- is my bashert!!"

I am pig.

I let Florence meet Grandad Alfred (see Alfred, see her music videos, are like the story of Nanny and Grand-(vater)...and then, I let her cry, and cry, forcibly;

Because, she met me, an hour or so, after I had slept with a woman, and this woman is still in my soul, and remembering this, is getting foggy...Flo is so beautiful, but I can't:

Look; and; Feel...I've filled a whole scrap-book in two days, it's about, pysche, what is our mind, and I've to start another, which means something is good...because when I feel empty, I do nothing...yet, shit, I have to research an artist, and i hate it, and that's what I have to talk in a week, so I've skipped to the next month or so, own project, and hope to get away with very bad, quick sketches, of the exhibit...

???but,but, but..is was to look and not want, and; I'm listening ot her album all the time, I have put together, this is her beautiful face, and this is her cool sweet mind, and this is so, so

if you read me earlier on, it's, to defy


This marriage will be God, the Divine... she was chosen for me, by GOD!!!


Two Basherts, I never thought of...and the shock of being


Amy cools, Amy's sweet, she's better in our new friends, because she says:

"They don't think...Louis and fren's think...they think We...they look at me free..."

because the witch, looked at me, making tea, the next morning, and screeeeeeeeeechhhhhhhhhedddddd; And;

I walk out into the garden, shaking, shaking badly, then I sat down on the lawn, and I started to cry, and my jaw and chin, wobbled uncontrollably (like it used to do in school, in class, in front of the whole class)...and I said to Heaven;

Never let me meet women like that, I would hate a woman forever...

And Florence said:

"I love you!"

And I didn't hear her, I said; "This is embarassing, I hate this...why are women gross? too angry?? I'm angry too, they don't free me...what if they die???";

And she cried...

And worse, I've realised I'm the father/mother of a jewish baby, from the past; my girl is a very sexy girl, who listens to me, this is the girl I need to spend time with, I thought about her on the bus today; I thought about eating chocolate, to her; I'm a cool girl;

who is studying art, in yeshiva, and painting women...and this:

She walks around ancient Israel, and says, alot;

CUNTS!! ... then she sits with friends and says, in a sexy hebrew purr-crossed with my accent;

EEEttttttt con- taiiiiiins NairTS!!!

because I have a problem with reading, food information, because it contains nuts, is my Aramaic as;

They lock up the meshugganah..(crazy) and they mimic her, sitting in the desert, outside houses;
"it caaaaaaannntai's narrrrrrrtttssss"

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