الثلاثاء، 11 أغسطس 2009

Drunk koin Tea gets interesting towards the end

another one that never stops replaying;

florence and the machine-drumming song SHit, I said somehting, like, go like the demon, and you can see her face change, get scary, half way through the video, get her back!!

we made; end War!

I've cried; hell-men die; but the girls started singing too sweet...we heavy down, heavy down

The fire shot up a curtain in Heaven...and the knife cut hearts, black dirty grisly lumpy blackhearts

Jehouser...she looks

we dance like that

she puts the heavy crown on my head and does that Greek Mummy, schoochy kiss...I say hate it

you know it's my dances, the men will go blind

we live on a darker tract, it's upstairs

say it's lack, because we walk down to throne meetings, no-one bloody listens, i had to call a negro drug dealer, to catch those piffs
we wear more clothes

when she slinks I'm why she has very little looking feet, forget the film, watch feet with one eye open and the cat smuggling

she came to the pub with me and my friends...J. appeared, I left them talking in the pub, and prayed in the dark because Mary was calling...Do you know how that child appeared? I thought of a woman when I was younger, a wife...and somehow through time, without moving, she heard God and wife, and saw me dance, without toucgin and the baby magically appeared, because she said; Woosh!

I was pissed, because she spoke, about me, but then said; And when the baby appeared, he was Human...what I didn't hear; "I was shocked, that I was rose, and the baby appeared in Light, and I heard God, I'm frightened of light..." I told babysister, and she giggled and said; "You said, that Mannie touched your shoulder, and kissed your face, and you made colour babies...I said; "Nannny? Is this true? and Nanny said; Yes!..I love Nanny, and you too, and Mannie...Mary is the BEST!!!" But, I was just thinking and talking, and all the kids, the baby uncles, (because Nanny is having children in Heaven, she died some years ago,) too, the children; heard; "But I wasn't masturbating, I drew naked women, but I was just dreaming...because then, I was very clean...I won't tell you that I also drew myself, and that got me thumped...so I must have channelled clean magic, that went to a Jewish woman, because jewish women, any woman; I want Soul Blue..."

I walked her home after a little bottle of red wine, through the council estate we both lived in at different times, nan's apricot tree, and Turkish blue and white glass eyes, in the front porch, and the field, and No Ball areas where wild tomatoes grew...so to the rest of the exclusively English lot, there at that time (ten years later, Albanians...the next ten years later, Russians and Poles) so, we looked foreign...there was a Spanish lady who would catch my mum in the street, and call her Spanish too, talking not one word of English......Nan read through the whole Bible, once, to my little cousin, I wanted to read with them, but I was being trained in the Flamenco, because; "You will dance with my daughter...and you dance man-lead...and BE...HIM!!!"

My cousin climbed over two walls into the Spanish/Italian's? house, entered the Virgin Mary shrine in the shed, and crushed tomatoes, between his butt, and left them on the shrine.

Nan read the part, half way through the Bible, about the Female Baal, demon, that I imagined, sat in the desert, while hebrew me walk around it, all being overcome, and turned into dead things, worshipping dirty Herod...and then Nan's flipping, sitting there with the huge book in her nads, that had wonderful pictures, crying I'm Jezebal, because I sulked, I said; "I am jewish, and I want Torah, You are defying me, because I am the first-born, I am the eldest Grand-daughter.." In the background, it's my Mum, "You are the bitch!! Sleazy bitch for saying they want!!!"

Her ghost held my hand and dragged me past the train line, through the trees, out to the road.

Then, I had to get back, to walk my other wife home...J. has me embarrassed, because she is beautiful, she wears tall, shoes and Gothic clothing, she has a white face, with black eyes, and long straightened dark brown hair...she looks like

Brigit Bardot...I realised that.

It's three to four years, since I used to meet her in her bedsit, on the same estate, and share cigarettes, no TV, and tickle each other's hands, things got odd, I went too love, and the atmosphere was electrifying... she slept on the little sofa, while the storm raged outside, and I had the double bed, where i read her the Minerva Book of Short Stories, featuring a story about King Soloman, the windows of the bed sit, run all across the room, from floor to ceiling.

I had no idea Sanie was my wife...we jumped in, at Rehab, two years ago...the one that had a huge garden, the one where I was injecting myself with drugs...she's nuts, she was a school friend, she cut little scratches on her arms, she threw a mug of hot tea in the street, all over a bossy fat girl that cried every day continually...Once, I got my Parker book back, to discover Dorothy's face had been destroyed, the same with my favourite band, Ash' cassettes...I predicted if I slept with her every thing would turn black;

The one Kurt said, was dating a bitch-boy...all yellow.

She wants to change the colour Yellow to a God colour; I said; NO, we already have Lemon, Lemon is worship.. She likes Bright Eyes, because of their lyrics, they're dull, but they write about Yellow Birds...her soul is too good-looking, I mean, I love her as she is...she drank Cider like a hog, and the soul wanted to dance and she wanted a dance, and that's when I saw her soul flying...and then A. arrived and I half listened, I heard; I'll Kick YOU with this Fist, because you're a pig!!, and thought , you bitch,;

Kiss with A Fist!!

So I grumbled, and jumped out of the car...

"Where did you go?"

"I wanted to buy some wine, and sit in your attic, but, you are sick!!!"

I was nuttily drunker than everyone after my 500mg dose of medication, and two ice colas...I even left a little tip with the bar-maid;

I couldn't look anyone in the eyes, especially not J's...and Mannie, played the rotating pool-table, and I was worry, worry; "" she said; shit!!! Sanie knows, and if J.s does I'm dead.

I'm am horrid, I didn't, and do, see J. God..

we did, it, after years I'm college, she's Fashion at University.

"You were thinking of Janny..." NO I wasn't, that ain't her name...I was thinking, so Rose was silent, like something awful had happened, but she was jsut bored and

I was drunk.

I talked about my hair styles. Walking her home took ages, I flew on the way back...She said; Nothing, but, will you dye your pink, depression, she's left with a shitty office job. You think of Jannie,no, but for a second there I saw Florence...

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