الاثنين، 10 أغسطس 2009


A woman called;

Lars help, me, I've been caught...

I don't die, I awoke this morning, rocking and rocking, falling all over my bed, but actually sitting in the garden on a bench...

I can't BRAIN, salvation, I have to leave it to a higher power...

I threw light over Germans; OBEY ME: one man, let 100 go, through the ID offices...

I couldn't hear her reply to me. Worse, I was having bad toilet...this was disrespect, so I sat in the bath, then I practised punching the door, trying to bring the Allies, to prize-fighters, so that when they were tired and hungry, they had powerful energy, and while they were training, picked up lots of the language.

I can't hear, she said, they were want, I wanted them to look at her as though she was very lovely, and, "She would bring light to the Fuhrer..."

13, 000 were hidden, Holy Saviours...men didn't even bother to go out in the streets; "They see me as some funny queer, and I'll get beaten to death..."

Lots of awful women fell down burning. And died...I had to get some guys shot...quickly.

10 sons shot their fathers...men were hidden...women prayed...German women were prayed for, for protection from their husbands, like; I prayed them to be noble to wives; you see that as; their confusing light-side, in many films

I was still toilet, so I flipped through a magazine...keeping everything silent;

They wrote, "I let her go, because I like her..."

I did a lot, when I was in Germany, I was also, having visions last night, of being a skeleton.

I won a medal in Heaven, for saving Jews. For being there, for actually, helping, rather than just praying., some people see me, they tell me I saved, and they are usually pensioners in the streets...I helped 65 men...

I'm waiting for someone to tell me why, I'm medal:

"You save, in your Army, you're soul...in Kindershine, (these are hitler youth camps, of which i can no information) you played, you saved 18,000 God...you slept in Ghetto, and I helped..."

I think I hid 25 ghettos? Is that correct?

"You had children, you walked them to school...you were 30 years old when you were killed, because, Hitler, saw, dead, that you were heighting God, and Hitler was all want...and you were Dita, bed...Dita went God...you are her Love..."
where is this coming from ??? !!!!

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