الخميس، 9 يوليو 2009


I think I've fallen for Lauren....Bacall...no tale...because she sat there, with her hands on my head, and pushed her hands down, and made magic...while I was crying, and I think my heart thumps a lot faster...and then she gives me visions about us, and even, my soul, gets older and it's comfortable wed...because I can talk...and I'm getting a bit wiser...and I can keep crying...and I hear her heart, beating faster...then, she is 19 and dancing

because she's been hanging, being thrown some ?? (what would you call it?) some loser line, and then hearing things, like I can piss, without wee-ing all over the floor, because; "I'm flying!" Mum shreiking at me ("You want to ruin this EXHIBITION, because you are jealous!!!" and Dad...accussing my dad of wnating to bonk Allah, of having, ; AN UNCLEAN VOICE!!! because I am playing recorded surahs, on CD...becuase he needs, to understand, we GO through 35 sutras/surahs before we greet Allah, BECAUSE i DO THIS, AND i WRITE SONGS IN MY PNE/ART so he is genuinely trying to sing, is he?...and I say, sit down, welcome to the Throne and then, I get piggish again, and say no...go...becuase the surah is ruined, and I hate talking...because?? SO it takes me hours, until I'm with Lauren, to tell him...call your students, jewish, moslem, call your children, and Aunty is having a breakdown, like weeks ago...because I say Hell...and I judge, and I say, what everyone has sinned in...I hear her shake and scream, I stay praying for four hours...then BANG! I'm back, HELL!!...we are; like, walking around doing our thing, but completely dying in soul...I have every hour to die, because I have a freedom...so!?

and thinking; don't give her any shocks, because she's in a wheelchair;

and then hearing she's died, telling someone she might be dead...

And then leaving for months, and only replying she's dead...

Only, to say, I will have 4 million pounds, but she's already dead, 'When "She is dead...she is dead, and doesn't know how to send a check..."

Don't talk to me...I see my future...I have a house with stairs and a black door...not a granny-flat...Like nan...

Little bro, hollers;; "why do you make her dead? With arguing about this little exhibition? (Library) when I predict, she'll sell £ 35.000??" Quoting me...and lets Mannie know, well...not quotingm, predicting, letting me know

BLACK PIGS and BITCHES...so I'm hitting souls and leaving everyone around me dead. Mum keeps shreiking up at Heaven, and once she stood next to me, with the pills, and barked like a dog...because I'm pissing on my dad's head...and her husbands...the TV cameras, the fucking joyous noise of a talent show in my bathroom....

Forgot what to write;;; heart-beats---She gave me her telephone number, but she needs a text number, because I wont talk...I was so stupid...I contacted a japanese artist, that I'm doing homework about...and I thought she wanted...and I felt a penis behind, me, and I thought she was telling me men, but it was that CHINESE THING they call HUMAN...and so I called Lauren, and she saw, because I was still tlaking to the japanese girl...and then I thought he would go near my baby sister...and I appeared and clapped my hands in front of him, and I hoped he would burn, I hoped he would drop dead...I believe the Polish/German moslem I met in Jerusalem, who had no eyes, (taken out at the age of 12, because she was born blind) could get sight back, but how could she? if she had no eyes? she, I heard, she would see through in her mind, but I believed, she could see faces, she could see silver lights, the outlines and shadows of light, I looked; she could see, without eyes; many people's faces, and she was shocked to see;

A father with his son, getting pissed on the computer; does he say KIKE?? I shivering here, htinking , but, but, but but....she ; I am


The dad could see, women, jewish women;

She could see, I could see whta she imagined, beautiful white faces, with small long noses, like her Mother's? She must have touched her mohter's face...and the darkest of eyes, with huge long, eyelashes, from what she read in the Book...dark-eyed Houris,...houri's means 'my beloved wife'...that was sung in a badminton game...well, I prayed in the street outside the Tube, held my nose, said a small sentence, and

BELIEVE why does my soul say, HEAVEN IS MY THRONE?????????????


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