السبت، 7 مارس 2009

My Cousin is a Bastard

I wake up see-ing my cousin, when I have vivid dreams...For some reason I call him a brother, in reality, he is a not-quite-satan-bedevilled-love-himself-filth-brother.
i wake up in a mental hospital

He says: "The goys are giving me shit..."

I said: "We are in Lilith bitch..."

"We are not Lilith!!! Why must this be give goys shit? You are devils!!!"

We arrive in heaven to meet girls. They push us out the door...

"Non!!! You are too sick, you will have to go..."

The mental home looks exactly like the one in England.

I'm wearing a very old Incubus shirt and jeans, what I was wearing when I went to sleep, I wake up on the hospital bed, and stay in the dream for about an hour...I did this before when I was graffiti on the train station walls, with aerosol cans, but, that time I was a dark haired boy, another time when there was a party in a house very much like my parents house but much larger, my friend is slitting her wrists in the bedroom, and I leave the party with a guy I hardly know from a local gig place in , once again, my sunny england, I write a tune as I leave that gets recorded onto a CD in his car, it's about her and it sounds like a perfect circle b-side (I remember one time in rehab, men asking for map and town planning, so hey!! Allah why not give them a map of my hometown, or am I a ghost wandering the highstreet in the early morning?) My sister and Greta from Germany (met on holiday) visit market stalls and go to a restaurant in a cave; where two Italian criminal looking men take out a small blade on me, and I use magic to flip it under my laces of my trainers as I push the small man into the wall...I wake up in a copy of my little flat, on a huge double bed that takes up the whole fornt room with N.Kidman!! Then I go out, and buy a huge! I mean five litre bottle of lemonade, out through WH Smith to a small wall out the book, dressed like a hassidic man with peylocks to pray against this tiny wall...I am in a bookshop full of Lord of The Rings junk, with Polly ready to go into Quasar...In an alien town, witih my (now lost) light blue and white skullcap, the clothes I wore to bed, purple cords and a hoody, with a tree tattoo on my palm, in a hilly street of tudor like houses converted into shops, where in the square I see a huge sculpture of a 'bacchus' man with horns kissing a woman, and mums pushing prams with kids wearing black skullcaps and shorts, and I meet a woman there, and demonstrate to her son, with his broken cricket bat, how I killed demons...I am see-ing an arabic boy swim with a big turtle at the rusty steps of a very dirty looking seawall, when two wolves appear, following us into a minimal apartment, up white stairs with a wall to the side covered in posters, with a woman in a black and flowery green dress, to look at a collection of science fiction dvds, and the werewovles!!! want her for sex!!???...

My cousin: Another time outside a pub, at a table, with my cousins best friend and two girls, one american one israeli,

while I am braiding his newly dyed blue hair, they are shouting at him for having;

"A gay soul!! GAY PIG!!!"

I'm still awake when I see I am in a guys house looking through his videos, amazing cartoons which feature the virgin Mary armed with a giant neon cross...He is aliens, he is shocked to see me turn into a girl in a mental home.

Another time when Polly and I take my parents to a pub (I am constantly thinking Why are we in such a low??? This is just like England) But I can levitate down broad white steps and following a roadie into a dire daytime club...I have silly transfers on my arms that say I have killed the devil 456, 970 times...Polly is seriously in a low, we have a pint, and then leave down steps by a lift, I'm walking with my Dad, talking Polly, and Polly tells my Mum she is in Love with me.

A woman arrives in the mental hospital common room, I am awake and I say, this is the devil!! Do you see??

Her eyes are devilish, she is dressed like a Goth, they are one bright blue, the other lime green and opal white shimmer...they keep changing.
There's a black guy lying in the corridor with two white girls....
I can't remember how we escaped, but now we are in a car, with 'the devil' driving, and a good looking older man in the front passenger seat, the car breaks down over a little bridge, and then we get out and walk through to a balcony...

There, she kisses me. We snog in my awake? But I can't remember feeling the kiss??

Then we walk down steps into an Arcade. , the gothic devil looks deep into my eyes, and they change, one red, one, blue, "I love you!" She says, Hilariously, behind us the woman who leads activity's is appears to arrest, me and my cousin, we grapple with her, and then he disappears, and I leave the dream...

I hate my cousin because. I give him money, cars, and get him gigs in Lower Germany.

Every time I have a clear vision he is there!!

Other times, I wake up, singing, in a huge arena, I am still walking around the hospital corridor hearing cheering, I tell them I've left to go backstage.

My rock band is called;

"Hey Mission!" Worth 8billion...

My cousin has a band, I saw him last week, I think we were somewhere near a pub, again, I see some longhaired guys with us, and am very interested (I'm pissed) in his embroidery covered jeans.

I think my bands pissed because I dont want a leather jacket, I want what I shcool here, and;

"Can we go slightly Klezmer?? And don't sign a fucking deal!! With anyone!!"

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غير معرف يقول...

Sorry, what?
How did you get to my blog?

غير معرف يقول...

Oh, it was just a damn question. I hadn't understood the first comment you left so I dropped by your blog and since you're all too weird and kinda creepy, I don't think I wanna unhderstand it anyway.

lettuceloves9x9 يقول...

Thanks! You've got really good tatse in music too! Makes a refreshing change for someone to appreciate my taste really! I usually just get pulled up for it!

Its ME يقول...

Do the gods know about being gods under THE GOD?