الجمعة، 20 فبراير 2009

Israeli Defence Form

I stayed in bed with a woman for an hour, I could hear fatgirls in the barracks metal sheds, steel carracks for fatcows, she is too thin to be there, and she should cut off all her hair, until it is the prince's darkblue curls, I am place my head on her thin belly, I am a little curled there for being so lazy, and I like to wipe my mud on the next bed, I'm lazy shouts in the most needed for silence, like a waste of class, ambition, society, fingers like I am the loss of a country that I visit daily, without the cold guns, without respect for the machines, and the Ak's peeping out at me from under the bed, still waiting to be taken out, while my feet just touched the edge of another girls bed, this one is a queen and she is stifling her you are naughty laugh, and the boss is griggly wrinkle still inspecting his office at the hour of the dead, and one fat girl is hearing my death, and she is already in the most quiet shadows, silently setting the gun, with the most holy love, so silent, so as not to disturb us, I say they are sweating like Joos pigs from wearing green tarpulin all day and in beds, and they are content with my ghostly float-tation, because I am shocked that they are mouses, respecting me with little giggles, and the click of the set gun, is ready to take out a man.

But, I'm not there. and I don't know who I am with. Just laughter. And the next day

Someone else is crying.

----What is French?
...we revel in the shed, our party is hidden. It meant she hated tempting. She saw a woman dead. ----

"Wellllllllllllllll, I didn't know! Why didn't you??? ....Why didn't you come to bed??? And I don't want crying!!! No! I don't want CRRRRRRRRRYINGGG...!!!"

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