الخميس، 21 فبراير 2013

The Real Cohen.

Jesus made his men sing, they sang long and sorrowfully. They sang while I sat in my old stringy pants,  and my pentagram eyes, and then in minutes someone put me in a steeple hat, square and round at the top. in purple paisley, and thats when Jesus' voice sang shriller. I banged on the heaven door again and again I burned women and made them cry. I made weep and hell for years.

I quipped;

I said to Earth;

"And I'm f***** Salome...."

I said ;

I needed to call 'people' for help when I couldn't call God anymore. I was hiding from talking to Him/Her, and hoping that people would do it for me.

I said:

"Put it in YOUR ARSE, Bring the Hell to You. I will bring Hell to Jesus until he Helps."

I made magical 'pids'  I flew down to hell by accident, I told Jesus the accident, yellow ochre flew upwards from down There, I cried because well, there are kids in Heaven, and what if I accidently hurt or kill everyone?

I said; Put that dick in you, I said fight it or get attacked by Hell.

I was sick of explaining.
I couldn't put words together, now I can put words together i still make it difficult, Im quite sure I can't now. I'm supposed to be bad...

I tried to make him see, through a black and yellow mirror, I tried to make everyone see. It showed men in their bed rooms.

The yellow ochre man with the tentacles and the obese body, going after my girl in hijab. Learning how to give women sex from me, then, I learn he hurts people in public with his thoughts, and it tried to turn me, and even though everything was quiet and white, it was getting


Just not by


It thought through, and I shook and choke and left the room, all the while calling Mummy God or Father or Creation Soul, and got blessed with amnesia. So I'm brighter because of that.

And he went to Competition, because he was finding the beautiful girl in hijab.

"It's good that I'm ugly, cos It's not bothering me."

So I got the pentagram eyes, and dealt eye for an eye. But it only worked through soul worlds, so it slept in Hell, and got a lucky life during the day.

It wanted. Filth.

I got weaker when power came through. I couldn't Hit It. It did something where, it's face turned creamy white, and it opened it's mouth and try to suck on somewhere, so I flew in the monster, and it ate into him. But, he did'nt die. Ha, moon keyboard, sighs.


The Hat sang;

"The first Kohen in my Light to cry Hell.""

Difficult, difficult I don't want to hear Her...

"Your Holy King is Woe."

I believe God painted that Hat.

""NO  Lars, No"" that sound was like deep Bass.

Maybe a girl painted that hat.

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