الأحد، 16 مايو 2010


I just want day to go, and when they dont call I want them to call, and when they call, "I'm dead."

Through, didn't listen to one word from God, just repeating the same nuts, since 3 weeks ago, when He told me I would bring a

house of love.

"I am God Himself, and we are DEAD."

trying to remember scenes from Heaven.

Just a (japanese) Swan-se (a demon who pretends to be a woman.)

"You think the Rabbah wants you. Dead again, because they fool you."

"How to you affect a soul, you kill a soul, for being rude. You think you hold a galaxy in your first finger, and that you destroyed the whole galaxy, because someone saw it, and 'poked' it. You think you have to send rooms, lights, objects, in quick all in one go, and that because you feel a quick force in your head, that you are God Himself, that you talk to yourself, all you listen to is the same music, that you dont change, on the walkman, and play Mahjong, for hours non-stop, then say back to him; Can you repeat yourself? I dont understand, you are trying to send this to HIM in letter-form...can't remember?"

I use to turn off my ears, it was great, warded off the screaming:

"What did you say?"

"What did you say?"

You say sick. "I'm a pid, I'm a dirty, piddopile, leave QUICK. the demons will take you down to Hell!!!" A Pifadel.

screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaams, then Mahjong. "My Power in God, will have you killed because I am God in human-form, and my human is Hell, then months and months of worry, death, I can't tell I kill them..."

I went to bed and heard Aliens, God is Dead.

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