الثلاثاء، 10 أغسطس 2010


                          plan b-prayin' (respected/be patient)

"Be in Peace."

So you need to know Lars Shalom called Allah (her)Self, about two months ago, and things were a trial, and i called her again and i didn't want to hear, then i wanted power to listen, which meant calling Her to relate, and repeat Herself, then i wondered why i could make people know my mind, or create magical; images, without going to Her, then i saw lights around my head, and said Turn Them Up Louder, meanwhile men were still getting through the door, and then bed got better, then i got worse, and didn't go to find a quiet or public haven to prayer, so lost my memory in tajweed class, and started screaming, when the whole class was calling out a list of arabic words, one of which kept repeating through my mind, as I realised I had just begun singing The Shema, and then crying that I'm hebrew, and we're dead, and I'm "Proud to discover I am part of the Holier People..."...then dropping a book, I'm meant to buy for another, because it said Jerusalem was to be found in Palestine...and of course reading this to God, and worse, when I went back to return a book in the Islamic shop, (a part three book, that I thought would be no problem, but was full of annoying verb usage) found it closed, "For Prayer" and read the poster on the wall to God, about THIS, (more than a charity organisation, a story of a very clever woman who could recite the entire Koran, a doctor or teacher, was set up by the American government, lied about and tortured continually, and had her children taken away from her, after lies that she had shot at men in an airport, by concealing a gun under her clothes, when she was married to an american man (???)...the charity wasfounded at the beginning of this year, lots of government lies."...the muslim under world...") and reading her baby had been discovered in a pool of blood, while she was still being tortured in prison... I forgot about while she wept, and I ran around my garden, listening to Serj Tankien (lazy, music tastes, all the same stuff for about a year on record) which all made me think I had to cry, and so I "BECOME a silly Armenian accent, (because now Dad is Armenian, and my accent is magically exact, and singing to people in other countries, stuck with me conducting comedies, people I've found on blogs" and lots more about jewish people being stupid and unholy...and She told me the woman was now in Heaven..

until i just left with a pile of new sins, and at the last a huge scream in the skies, and requesting dead people to pray and kill, then pray again...and then though oh no bother, and then tried to find what the name is that appeared in my head; AMIDAH, as I was trying to cleanse my soul, and channel a holy cry in Emelbert, to just showing individual souls, and then worse, reading a book and writing sexual sickness....and always asking Her for help and forgiveness, then my eyes that turn dusky grey, which is the colour Satan, after all those years of fighting Hell, pretty well actually...I had a bad dream this morning...nothing to tell....I asked if she could see the Dream, the Her is a Jewish Shekninah

Jalla Jalaluhu!

"When you arrive in Arabia, Holiest Christ. We have Paradise..."

...The Mother is the Source of All things.....

A special time is peace, the music is the breath of life.

She keeps saying " they want red", I don't know what red meant. It's pissing me off a little.

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