الجمعة، 27 أغسطس 2010

Learning Koran

I was supposed to meet a girl, at my library, on this time, on Monday, a week after we met...I arrived a little early, but maybe late...I stayed there until it closed...about 6 hours, on the computer twice, and then at a table with books...

I arrived again the next day, and stayed for another 6 hours...I had seen her the Friday before, in an aisle, all dressed in white hijab...

http://mysticalpaths.blogspot.com/2007/11/ben-ish-chais-verdict-in-heaven-return.html (this about soul travel, v.interesting

but, I grabbed the bag, from under the table, and ran out...Sitting odwn at the table, in front of the aisle, I spotted a Koran for Idiots...I picked it up and read through a few pages...then I took down a Quran translation that had been donated, I quietly placed it on the table in front of me, some people kiss it, others place it in cloth, I just quietly moved it up the table away from me in a special place,until i felt well enough to pick it up again, because I was goign to think something stupid...I read idiots again, and found an interesting passage, with an Ayat, about Creation...I began to copy down the Arabic into a book and read it after I had written it down...I stayed light, until I heard a woman's voice mumbling ( a voice that sounded like someone I knew, but maybe wasn't, maybe she was a djinn, made from some of her heathen thoughts)...I fought this voice, and continued copying down verse...I thought the woman djinn up to God, mostly I was unsure, I thought it was the woman I knew...I said,

"I'm writing this before God..."

But I was worse, I wanted to kick the woman into a judgement, the thing is, it was her, not particulairly annoying me, but mumbling to herself...I thought she knew what I was doing, and arrived to kill it...terds...then I relaxed, and began writing another verse...still warning the woman, that we were writing and talking before God...I slip quick...but I kept writing...mostly, I speed write, like I speed eat, I don't know why, I think I'm in a rush to keep getting somewhere, to keep walking...and save something for the future...

When I looked at the next verse, my hand was flowing, I was writing quickly, but this time, I could see the Arabic lettering, together...I mean I began to;

Read the verse out loud, the Arabic, as though I was reading out my native language...I mean my pen stopped at the end of the first word, but I read the whole verse, through,  as though someone had given me a lot of help...I could read it, flowing but couldn't yet understand what the words meant.

I told the woman what had happened...that I could hear myself read the whole verse, without struggling...like a little white light had been turned on...I read the verse well, flowingly before my pen could jot it down, as a complete verse..."God heard me!" I said to the woman djinn..."And she's given me skill in reading this,..."

I said; "I'm not sure what the words mean, but they will come to me..."

But I stopped writing,and lost myself quickly, I started calling out, "Bitch", then believing some one was calling me about someone;

"Bugger!" ("Grandad swears, do I have to honour Grandad, with a swear word? I know that is just TOO sarcastic...")

"Bitch." "Bugger!"

I wasn't dying or turning into a demon, I was still light, but the word bugger, just kept appearing...I supposed I was hearing someone talk to me...

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