الاثنين، 16 أغسطس 2010

A Girl Called Yes

I'm in the library trying to pronounce Philistine, and Lubnin, creectly....c.o.r.rec.t.l.y...the plan was to stay. away. from. the house...

I bought a Costa coffee, for 2 pounds 5 pence, I had 10 pounds today...I get five a day...yesterday I spent 3 pounds, but I still had a flim (a five pound note) ...I picked up twenty pence off the floor, earlier, on the way to the bus-stop, dodging large dollops of stinking dogs-poo, sure I was going to end up smashing my face in it and licking it with my tongue, it's this uncontrollable flying...

stay with me... I gave the server guy, one 2 pound coin, and a fifty p coin...then I remembered the twenty p coin...I took his hand as he was tapping up the machine, took the fifty, and replaced it with the twenty into his hand....ok so;

cost of cappuccino (I went there to sit for at least an hour over Arabic books)

: 2:05

cash given 2:20 p

change received: 45p

HA! so I grabbed everything quick, which was a bit silly, because I nearly spilled it (and I've left two cafes, because of things like that...like manky crisps, split tea that had been dropped in front of the counter, and no refunds)

and later bought a cherry coke, for 39p (national London prices 60-70p) at the 99p store;

OK, that's the story of the coffee, later one of the library...

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