الجمعة، 9 أكتوبر 2009

Sister, Seven yrs ago

I had to clean up, somehow, with the sanest people in my family, (the kid), what happened the night I became full of light, (that happened in the aunty, who lived to the WEST, house (reason for going WEST, earlier, in this blog)...I sat there on a seat, and said,

'I am God, see my face, my hair, it has become white light...why do you sit there crying? you sit there weeping, dont Fear...'

what I actually THOUGHT; was; 'Why are you scratching at your hair? you see what's happened to me...and you don't care...you have lice in that too curly hair...you just scratch your hair...'I got up well, and left her house...and when I walked the street, in the dark, a blue UFO, appeared...I thought, Mum, Dad, and the kids were all taken away...), YES!!

so, in the night of the visions, and, the reason for arriving, late at night, at my parents door, crying I had been raped "By Aliens" and actually, salivating, spitting and dribbling, foaming at the mouth as I screamed in the hallway; which made me fear God...to Mum and Dad; "Tell Father I am RED!! Why does He punish me for RED???"

and that sending Michal back in time to explain things, was


because a seven yr old was discussing with her;

that; "Aliens, will take us up to Heaven..."

"She is dead...because she hates her baby, she made a baby...I can see it, it looks cute, it has special skin because it is gold...and it says 'Mummy Mannie is aliens'...Gabriel loves Mannie..."

I explained to my older sister, that;

"When I ran through the house, tripping, time sped, and I saw old men, on a computer...and that 'sicko' and 'thicko' were making snakes together in the shower!!!! (I stopped there) (but recalled this) And then 'ex-man' punched me in the face, and when the fat dyke, didn't strip-search me for having a marijuana end in my hand, because the other cop intervened, and then a dirty 'looked like a troll' man who couldn't have been a policeman, because he was perve troll, under God's control, brought me back there, and when he said, 'be a good little girl', I screamed!!!!!! and spent the night looking at the love-bird, and slept in the spare room, and it was like my heart was physcially bleeding...for a dirty twonk..."

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