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Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday, April 08, 2005

There is something seriously wrong with me, and no-ones noticed. Oh, they notice alot of things wrong with me, but this is recent. I've always been pretty quiet, especially round my family, yes, surprising I know...but, I just haven't talked about much lately, haven't listened properly and anything I do say is just silly.

Had to go to Mazza's the other evening while Jools lurked about in the alley. I knocked on the door and nonchalently leaned against the wall with my hands in my pockets and one foot crossed over the other.

She opened the door cautiously; 'Hey Sugar' I said, (that was affectionate sarcasm, from her calling me 'Sweetie' all the time). Then, I marched straight through the house, through the kitchen, with a, 'I'm here to pick [Jools's] stuff up and use the toilet' to the bathroom at the back of the house, with no how are you, how are you feeling. Really, I think it was too bit much for her to call the police on him, but then I would, and i suppose she couldn't really do much else...

Then, while talking about him in the kitchen over a cup of tea,(yes, jools was still hanging around in the alley) i said;

'Someone said, er, I think it was my brother actually, that he think Jools's gone a bit mad.'

'Yes, he did go mad...'

'No,' I interrupted, 'I mean, in the 'mind'.'

And she put her hands over her face and looked like she was gonna cry And I thought oh shit, what a stupid! thing to say! Like, is she gonna call doctors and all kinds of stuff...whoops...and she started talking about all the things she does for him with no appreciation,

'Don't do anything for him then, you're treating him like a baby'. (I have to admit now, I wanted to 'quote' something as written in a dire 'regular' conservation, and I suspect I was doing it all behind an evil croaky laugh...)

'Yes, you're right, he's an adult, he's 20.'

Then, later, with Jools more stupid stuff, came out of my 'I have no care for anything, especially what I say, I am bored' mouth;

'Oh, yeah, I told Mazza you were gay as well.'

'WHAT!? You told her.........what did she say?!'

'She just put her face in her hands again.'

'And I convinced her that she was gay as well.'

'And did she........?'

'What?' I wasn't paying any attention by this time....

'Did you convince her she was gay.'

'Oh. Yeah. Nah, I didn't say that. AND you better learn to be more appreciative, CHUMP!'

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