السبت، 16 مايو 2009

The Russian and The French Pop Singer

It was the secure unit, of the mental hospital, I was only allowed leave, to smoke, on a small fenced in patio, cotaining benches, and locked gates...Yes, I was high on a mixture of drugs; this is partly how it went;

"Hallo," I said, to the Russian man, fluently, "I am calling to ask for a special favour, I have met a man I would like you to deal with, I understand you have some contacts here, and I want him killed, I can tell you where he frequents...in return, I will give you 3 million pounds and a ticket into Heaven, I have a special friend, I think would make you a wonderful date, she is a french pop singer, with whom I write songs, and she is very beautiful...all I want is some money to conform the deal, and after this, I expect you to be a man who loves God...she is special, she sings love...bring me the money in packets, be stealthy, the Russians will see Him, and they will honour God..."

"What is your name?"

"Leave me 30-40,000 pounds in a brown envelope, addressed to a pseudonym, 'L- Dov' do not knock on the door...because my friend, she will be afraid, that would make things too obvious, she would report you, the money will be safe, money because we will work together...I expect you to leave immediately and I trust after our deal, that you will be honourable, and not leave a location, as I know you have men in town... I will be there to pick up the money in one month...the address is -----(I leave the full address)-----"

"My name is Trotsky!"

I didn't hear him and continued...I imagined the man, someone else, and he was in laughter..."The KGB will work out it is us!!! We are suit men...you are going to cook...we are going to kill you...we know where you live, and you are through..."

Trotsky, intervened..."She is mad and that is a wrong address..." They were cool, they said; "She needs money, put her through..."I will kill YOU!!! I fuck YOU" Trotsky screamed...

"The french pop singer, sings Love, she is a new euro-pop singer, not a prostitute...the music is simple, but special...I will introduce you to her, and expect you to be respectable, this may even lead to a marriage, I think you will impress her, and I believe you will look to a new way of life, the man I want killed will leave no trace, he is disreputable, and sick...he is a burden to me, I trust in your honour...as you trust I am God..."


Later I killed God, what got through, was, everything!! My sister fooled:

"Non! Monseiur, I do not vant!!"

The Gangster laughed..."She doesn't want me bitch, what are you going to do??"

I didn't hear anything..I had sent a silly simple song to France...and what happened was, my sister cooled, she said;

'Vous, est the bitch!! Because 300 dollars is through!!! It is mine!!!" My sister was the Pop Singer, she was delightful, she he is nice...she is His...she listened...

I said; "If you disobey, you will be sent to Hell, please have an understanding of God..."

The Gangster discussion went through, they heard;

"Bitch, now you will kill..."

He wanted the woman, the Gangsters caught the man, and...he was through, they said a date with Holy God is No, you prostitute women all the time...respect God, and kill...find the man, and thrill the woman...", Trotsky was worried; He cried out;

"Repeat God!!" I was down, I said;

"I don't want God, I have murdered God..."

The Gangsta saw the woman I meant and I cried spirit!!, so he said;

"She is right, I like this woman...I will forget...this man, now, will never kill...I want to live in God..."

Ten months later, this man left them, with stitched money, and flew to Paris, for one night...the pop singer saw him and laughed, : "This fat pig is dead!!" She wouldn't meet, so he stayed in envelope...he is now dead...he was killed by men, who thought he had trust, he had no trust...she kept him cool, and let one visit, she talked music, she was beautiful, he was through...she owuld bed, and he sighed; "I give the money through...If they kill her, put 20 pounds in her shirt..."

She screamed;

"You want to kill a girl!! I report you!!" He was arrested...men got him out...

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