الأحد، 21 مارس 2010

All Over Questions

the black angel with thick white hair sat in his corner, and his 6 wings flew, flying wings is an order that goes through Heaven to Earth, it affects ninety one souls, the King, orders higher, the angels weep, all colours, but he flew deep black, he was watching the gold angel awake, and fly into the air...Seme heard them, he was always watching, his demon soul flew, he attacked the gold angel...the black angel almost laughed, he didn't move, he wanted the gold angel, too...he realised what he had killed, he spoke and they awoke, he clenched his fist, and they slept, he had to fly the angels...he sent them to sleep, because he saw the danger, and they wept...was he the only one who wanted to fight? They knew and laughed, because he was white...when they slept they cooled, Hate cooled...they expected the fight...he slept...

"I am going to a Heaven called Hosanna..."

"I am going to a Heaven called Hallelujah...("..it is the highest")"

"They are there, they are on Heaven Excel- sis; Mary, Jesus Yeshua...Gabriel was Lost...Mary thought He had died..."

Yeshua appeared, he was like a giant! in a black beard!! He had to save me this time, "...what have you missed? They think I'm Bride, I don't want them putting me in want, they can hear me...they affect my soul...I don't love you anymore..." More, "Then, I thought I was Dad, I prayed from childhood, your childhood, because of the devil, because of their devil light that followed you, protected, don't talk to me, (then quietly in thoughts) I sent you a miracle, you flew across water, and I heard that in my mind, I was on cocaine having a fit, the red sea...fits in God...he hears the hebrew through me...Who am I?" I moved away from the bed to a seat, I had to say something sinful to be well, "Fuck off now."...later, he brought me a group of people, I heard them but couldn't see them,...I said; "I am too LOW, for this, I see now, you are family...higher lover...I was low in death...sins...." I picked Mary for Love, I lay on the bed, and asked her if I could rest my head in her lap...I slept in Mary's nap, I went to her three times, she sat there, while I laid in her knees...they began to write and call my judgement, they went all the way back to my childhood, it was odd, I didn't know who was reading this, or why, I didn't laugh, I didn't cry, I stayed with my head on her knees...it was gross, I thought see how heaven I have in prayer/light...I said they 'saw nothing high'...I 'forgot to know if they were family'...I didn't ask any questions, my talk to her was broken...I felt thick cloth, a little scratchy......I didn't know if He was still there, that she had ordered them to go...where they were, where I had been, didn't care for the judgement, i sank into sleep... she let me sleep, I forgot all questions...it was odd...I went back to her knees the next night, still all these odd questions...I stopped speaking...I didn't care for his help anymore, or hers...

During the day, I sent Mohammed a letter.

I stopped asking for the Kill...I said;

"I will return..."

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