الخميس، 27 مارس 2014

The Reason For Death.

The place broke, Raeffetta, Amorelia...they disgusted Kings by singing red. My extra definition of red, is that way of making a sickening joke, that way of blatantly being sick, it's a teenage and often male disease, a little differ to jewish red, the Emelbert red. The damn Hell-Fire Holy,  red, that sparks from your eyes and blazes through all the doors, destroys the demons... lots of different reds, a crimson red, a dull red, the Holy bright red, even the strawberry red, that soul colour of cool thoughts, that works through all the Reds, and cools the Fire. The burgundy is a little red, women love women. The brown red of the Earth, the Colour of the Earth, poor little Louis buried in the earth. The red in the deep purple. The red against black. The red shoes. Red letters. Red hearts, blood. Single Mothers. single mothers, oh well.

The Raeffi were 'took'.

Taken by evil, possessed by demons??

I don't think even communists could survive the new Red. The new Red is especially British. The young girls are red now. I think they caught it from men. I don't see where they think. It is classlessness defined as wit? Anyway this disease has been encountered throughout my travels. The best is, that, I'm a Dag. I try to red and they sigh and turn away. Or I go over red, and that's it. I'm being 'out-of-order', because usually I'm polite, and for me to say red, is to be going over the bar. If I'm 'out.of.order', to them I really mean it. That means I hate you. It's upsetting.

"You silly bitch! You said she was a Dog."

So, they know I mean it, I really don't. I can't class red, and that was the disease that infected me that day, because someone kept asking me 'what do you think of her' all day; the disease that day was: 'to repeat; what you know is 'out.of.order.'

F*** it. Back to the History of Planet Jesus:

People are psychotic, they go to War.

The Raeffi's were a 'People'. They were 'Charlatan' (oh my.) I was brought up to say 'Gosh' by dead people, the dead people I know do not swear...that was red...

that was a scaffing, heartless sentence, emotion is paramount to dead, so ignore me.

Who thought they 'was' the 'Best!' ?

Amorelia didn't need oil wells. They needed soul-less Hate. Everything was cosy, until a whole country got 'took'.

Who started the Took?

"If King Aus was King, we were spittle." That was the jist of the interview, it was the Opinion of A People.

I am really angry.

I have a startled blank dull feeling and a painful neck from reading hours of red. I am really angry, that they are wasting my time, they have friends!! they make this known. I am not mentioned. Then I read long tracts of 'why you people are special to me.' And I turn red. I get blocked into this tract, and think, now I don't want friends. Is this Autistic or Aspergers? I am full of blank questions, and that turns my friends red, I mean the ones that actually bother to meet me at weekends, and then when I do elaborate in conversation, I repeat the facts, and then afterwards I realise, description or emotions are needed. Or perhaps a red joke. Dammit! I'm glad, to be 'out of your life.' I have nothing and nobody expect dead friends, dead children, dead heroes for friends.

I get embarrassed. I don't want any more dead heroes becoming friends, anyway I ran out of heroes. Note: find obscure heroes, notably mexicans.

I hate Modern Art. It's too read. I have a list of Nazism in Art;

1. Very high profile Art Magazine you find everywhere; A black and white photograph; A naked woman in a bath, not much water, washing her long hairless legs, with large boots level to the middle of the bath, big leather boots with lots of straps and metal connections, on the side of the bath in the corner, a framed photograph of Hitler.

2. A book on show in the Whitechapel Gallery window. A blonde kid, with a milk moustache and a side parting like Hitler.

Anyway there were more, but you've seen those ones, a jewish woman in fancy dress, as Hitler.

3. Another art magazine. A story of a german photographer, meets Hitler, and he tells her of the 'Creation of a New Religion.' I realise he is referring to the Religion of Lars Shalom, but he has stolen it. And made it redder.

4. That saucy story of Tamara Lempicka and a horrible Italian pervert, in a kids' book, an old copy I suddenly decide to read after having been given the book for 12 yrs, because I hate all her Nazi paintings of Nazi's and

oh, she's Jewish. So.


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