الخميس، 27 مارس 2014

I Hate This

I really hate stopping and asking why the Raeffi died.

I hate the name,

because I was drunk, in that little garden, trying to flick the goldfish around the pond when I sang that name, and because Polly was on TV, in a film where she played Mary Magdalene, that night, it was surprising that they had even allowed the television to be switched on. I stayed in the garden past bed-time, I had just the chapter about a vision of a snake and Jesus, a snake crawling over my arms because I was sat on my belly, writing, snakes walk on their belly, and anyway that 'jesus-man' who came to talk to me, was 'too evil, what is happening.' He was a serpent. Things like that can cause a spiritual death. I fought him a lot after that. Not just because of that, but I'd been left in the red. Bad red. Impossible calls, weeping women. No one there.

So, I stop on the name and think oh not again.


History of Raeffetta and Amorelia:

I was talking to his friend, there was another man there, perhaps in a cloak and hood too. There were bright light blue lights in his eyes: God. Bright red lights, some frenchman that jumped in the back of the boot of our bus, and followed us tot eh sea-side, red eyes; equals: Devil. It was unfair, why let a Satanist jump in the back of my car? There is a book itself concerning this french man, I figured he was the one involved in all this Holy Blood?Grail 70's important. It was the Satan man who cried he was the blood of God.

His eyes turned bright red in  the tavern. Anger. Whoever got those eyes would die.

Someone had put a bag of coins on the table. Buying a prostitute. The man in the hood with the red eyes, told a parable about the use or misuse of money. That was the clearest part in my memory.
These stories I remember so clearly, but I can't explain.

His friend was Judas. You saw this, and you knew Death.

You scaled, "If you are, You are."

You told him Heaven.

I knew this was the best friend.

hhhmmm...this will look hate. That's why I don't know why.


UHUHUHUH I didn't Kill Him by knowing this, I was the silly witch that kept speaking in his mind, while it looked like he was hiding out in the city. I had completely lost my mind. But I kept to him. I was cruel to tell the one I couldnt work out would kill, maybe I had my own story. Maybe it was odd divine. I just wanted to the tell the one he was with. It was fun. I even went past myself to the voice. the voice said:

Redeem me. I want to Love.

It couldn't have been evil.


Now both of us, we're soul. We find Love. We have hatred. He tried to redeem the Satan. I gave up on Him. It was simple, this was the War, help me now. I get Shekinah. I've brought Torah. I've married Shekinah. I've brought Christ. Shekinah says it's wise. ' It's not Sell, it's Face. ' "You did it before I was wed. You are right! I came alive in red !!!"

She is King.

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