الاثنين، 28 فبراير 2011

The Temple

just keep weeping...
lots of fight, lack of...awareness...why do you talk to them stupid, and then let soul cry you are them?
The Temple Mount Visit.
beds. Beds are good for thinking, and see-ing, and looking and staring;
When I went underground and prayered under the wall, I prayed everythign that could possibily be prayed for... running into important parts of my life-time. I said, I was getting Hate and that was a tiny bit lied, because I got that after.
IN bed, I saw what emerged from the rubble and mess of Soloman's Temple, a huge creamy white monster ahd awaken, I stated last night, this was of imperative importance to the Jews, and the rest of the Holy World. Some of them replied, it's just dyke...so:
I wanted to see another voice, Jah, Jehovah, Yahweh, the Great, the Good:
"This is the soul of a man-lord in a woman."
Someone painted a beard on this monster, that seemed to be trapped in my vision, as just waking up from a slumber:
"This woman is Holy Law."
Anyway, I got into a fight, and that was as far as my vision went...
(to be continued)

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