الأربعاء، 19 ديسمبر 2012

Nanny and The Borg

Nan and I are bored. I just need a cup of tea, after delivering cards, I stand at the No Cold Calling covered automatic door, sighing, because she has to get up and open her door and press the button.

"You know you can get a free wheelchair" while holding the car door open, on way to pub,  "why don't you do that, then?" They get through a bottle of rose, while I sit there angrily stunned.

The thing is I've gone red angry kill the Infidel fire, all big shooting flames picked for a merry christmas.

Because I decide to call India, in the pub, and it was going well, we discovered Krishna, and I discovered I'm called a Rajah.

I made them stop the car before the pub to get some smokes, which meant i had to walk into town a little, back in the old home town. I walk across street in darkness and ask a man for alight. I get a bad look, and hear, you're a monkey. I am stunned, I leave the lit cigarette on the windowsill of the shop and go in, a fat white lady, I am stunned because in London only Polaks and Muslims have jobs in shops, and there's  actually a Nepalese influx in this town. I want to tell her woes. She is quite polite.

I have christmas welfare spending money, I order a bottle of rose and a small shandy, and the obese blonde white lady who was a little nasty when I asked for a light....

Farts, farts all over the bar, while I stare at glass of beer.

I am stunned, the other kids, and the way the girl who didn't even see me came across evil, before that beer, I had been getting more and more worried.

Then angry, so I try to sing India, then hear inside my head woman screaming and worrying. Then a big old lady at the next table says aggressively;

"Where is my lighter?" Cos I didn't have my own and had to go out for about 5 cigarettes in a few hours. I want someone in this town to be nice,a man comes from the at tome sitting at bench; "well, I've come from London to see my parents, and am not used to this place." He talks, but I go inside quickly, I don't want friendly.

I say;

"I gave it back to your daughter (the fat evil and you are cow) at the bar." She spins back round to face her cronies.

This morning I get worried about Nan.

I need a cup of tea, badly and I am hugely tired, and I don't know why. The thing is I try a cup and its dirty full of tea marks inside.

"Right, Nanny is going blind. She is going to get sick."

The next cup at the washing sink is dirty, so I use it. It's rude to start washing cups when they are there to be dirty. I start reading all the fridge magnets she collected on her travels, like you can get coaches full of pensioners, but she has been to cool places. A cottage one is upside down, no matter how many times I change it swings back round to its wonky position. I read,; I love Claire, Ireland, Ephesus, Benidorm. etc. and go to read the ones on the freezer.

There is one of the Virgin Mary. I hear something like a scream or something, cos I call red fire.

I say don't worry, I like you, and pick up the kettle to pour on the teabag.

"Well, I have a surprise for you, People of Mary in Heaven, I have made an Immaculate too."

"Yes last night, a baby appeared when we kissed just kissed and talked, there was a blue glitter (I see colours appear from when I mix colours to paint.) His first word: was;


"And I was so shocked I died, because I had to "go and take my meds" it made me cry because I was worried. Are we dead?"

I go to sit on sofa, while the cat does something new and nibbles at the back of my head.

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