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The Man

There was a man in the floor of my rehab house, screaming. He was handsome, muscley with black hair and a tanned body...2007 Summer

He was screaming...


"I'm a penguin, I'm a penguin!" ...

He screamed ; "Get out!!!" he looked like he was struggling with something, I imagined he'd fallen on the floor of a cave...

"I'm a penguin! I'm a penguin!"

"Get me out!! Get me Out!" 

"Look!!" I shouted!! "I'm not doing this....get up!!!"  I'm a penguin, I'm a penguin...

"Wow! This obviously means I am crying I am a Nun!"

"Get me outTTTTTTT!!!"

I was going round in circles, the new red capsules I was taking with other things were making me restless...I didn't want him there in the floor...It wasnt even funny..

"You are Muhammed! And I am not a penguin..."


What is a Mummy God? What do I believe?

I have a lot of belief, even in magic, in lies...especially if it's nice...it's mostly worse...

"the Devil sucks teats."

In the Summer of 07. I was writing hundreds of pages of a special book. The trick was to write the first thing to mind, it was easier than ever before. When I translated the first line of the book, I looked at languages, if I picked Aramaic, for example, white words would appear above each word in the line. So I copied them down, in Arabic, Chinese, Gaelic, Elf, Modern Hebrew. When I copied out Modern Hebrew, every sentence began and ended with:

"The Bitch is Dead."

"Okay! This means they are too War. Stop!"

I didnt want to delve into Chinese, It was about lesbian lovers. Or; Love.

Arabic was fantastic, it was a song of a thief with a dagger...

--- In Summer 07, I was trying to woo someone, I was trying to also,  pick a fight, with, Saul, the King Saul...

What I 'worked out' was that he was the husband of this woman, the woman had arrived in my little sister's room, her profile silohuetted against a lamp, with thick black hair, a nose that was tiny and hooked, and she said:

"Who am I hearing?"

--- Summer 06, I was in terrifying, but the Devil Itself had been painted like a cartoon, even the sight of things, they all looked cartoonish, in waves of dead colour the yellows the dead red, the scaly grey black, the Whore of Babylon:

The Whore of Babylon appeared inside a TV screen, on a music channel: "perhaps the music is particularily babylonian...."

I saw it:

It screamed. it said things like "Rape Them..." It had a womans head, with thick long black hair, a womans head of a creamy sickly white, it body was an obese, it had no legs they must been stuck underneath teh huge rolls of fat, it's skin was yellow ochre, it had tentacles, yellow and black, long thin hands on each one, with long sharp talons in black...

When Lars heard it...I had to sing; "be strong I can kill it!!! You! Are strong!""  Because Lars was just a kid, his mum had called me, everything had been light, conversations with Heaven, until I wandered in from the sunny green garden, to see and hear that thing on TV...

There were zombies in my garden,

The Frags.

These were witch women, with my DNA< a fragment of my genes had been taken when I was dragged i Hell, to create zombies...

I only said:

"Can you see the witches?" Because Michal was standing there, with two girls, beside the garden table and chairs. And everytime, I would skulk off quietly;

"I betta go..." Again she appeared:

"I betta go!"

--- She was also, 'mature'. older than me by far; which was perfect... everytime I mumbled:

"I'm looking for dog-ends, " she would talk, like happy....I tried to say the Frags were behind me, that I needed a little help;

"...you are dog ends, I betta go."

OK, I betta go!

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