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Lars Shalom

Lars is the Angel Of Love, Lars has dark blue silky star spangled skin...Lars is Jewish, He speaks a form of Alien Yiddishin...He cries the race of the Yiddish men died...He hopes and loves, His wife is loves is there, is an Angel of Hope...

He rests on her salvar skin like beaten moth worms, her skin exsculguent, brimming with Him, He lies on her for hours, non-moving, in exultation, He says the heroin gives His pain, THE:...'singer'...'lover'...THE:...'dancer'...

She is so Him. The furniture is pale plywood so it makes the room modern and empty, there is a yellow blood stained book, broken, glass. He smells like damp attic, and sertooed skies perfume,

'sertooed' means;

'jesus expects, jesus wants, he says beds, Michal wants, let them bed'

perfume, with icky bits of blood, he sees in the Angel, he sees in 5 billion years in her thick red hands, blood,

he kisses Michal and she is cotton blanket, because he can't find her he licks and sucks the balls of tuft, blankets...trying to reach Her skin, he weeps...He sings when her 'maze vacht' is touched, maze vacht is like lighted skin, like her want, look at aura see it in how she was clean wanting in her mind head laughs he is bastard he says her skin her tongue her voice is on the pillow, he is dirty voice whimpper voice tiny voice purrs she is mature and He says, only time, one touch, only time will give Him, she is mature why doesn't she speak, she would say, no, no, on, on, on, on, he soldiers in words, ON ON ON!!
Of Michal, Lars David says;

"I give Her one touch...wait...to give another touch is to break...I sleep in her joyous His (sluts), I call her Queen...(sluts);

'varts', which means;

'a delicious jewish sky like white socks she is aurtousus to voice, she vant socks selma entire shine, give me this wine, eternal voices have loss, please give this to meeeeee....I have her loss...'

Snow patrol-Set Fire To The Third Bar

this means, bed, this means white touch...the room is light, so her bed looks light, where are we? We are in soul, but not quite...the soul feels level when we say touch, I float so high above her i fear touch, 'We shul we love..'...I close my eyes, and hear her touch, I wine...I see Love..."

, and the perfect woman flew out of his neon blue clotted broken third rib through the air, and became contained in His: 'alvar lacht night'...The perfect woman turned mulled, like grey skin and big nose, her pallor a 'alvar nacht ded'...She floated in neon blue tunnels.
meant to have Her, and then questioned Her, and didn't want Her...He made a mistake and that made Him shriek...She shot lemins, like a queen, too 'amouti'...said: Day, as Yay, forgave everything...

Lars Shalom hears vice, and is sick...Who is He?

He was a freedom fighter for Shul...He said blood of David will die...He wept in bed...the palace has walls because we are too loud...the cave/Delv is shuls...We are Solar System 51, Galaxy 9.1, Seekmen Bra, Planet Jesus, North Carolina...we seek in desert caves, woe...A Nazirite...

This blue skin meant Royal Bed...He says:

"Vark enola, evarla egrog..."

"...Watch for sky men, and cry they kill Love..." How did Lars David speak to Michal?? They said a language called, Bed...it was hot, and it was look, (which means?) They looked, and said: "Og!"...It was a juck event, their souls were so joined, they created Bed, in twilight dungeon they wear Yokes, and heavychains, they choked, and they mixed, and they whimpered and they groaned, and they starred, Bed was right, Bed looked white, they had to parry shots, from prison guards and black, with "UGH!"...they had to silence, and they learnt Lod...weak...hungry, thirsty...they are like Abelard like El Louis, in twilight dungeon but they couldn't touch the walls...so they sat, with drooping heads, in metal bars, and metal beds, and damp, piss swept stones, and twilight, in dungeons and said: "Evrog!" (love) "Lovvvvveee!"

"My Girl??? I love God..."

"Mi Chal? El Avanti (go forward) Hash (hush! Don't cry!)em..." She said; "Louis, Beloved? Avrack, etine, eholy go"..."Louis, David? I'm weak, let me go..." She is in dark, she is on stretcher, cobbled stones, deep tunnel...twilight dungeon, peeling neon blue walls...


I want to touch Her...I say:

"Evray! Look at what you've got!" And I run downstairs and turn on the music, the poetry is 'tous'...Everything is tous, this was her bus-stop kiss; Make This Go On Forever THE BUS STOP! The Bus:

"A sire has seen her, he seals God, he looks in the sky and sees a computer in God, He looks at Michal and weeps a lot, he wants to weep it is only Love, he says the bus rattles, everyone on the bus is high, he kisses, this bus felt soul, he is damned when it's ended, the bus is a pathway to God, he likes Michal's Hes, she looks beautiful Jewish, he is damned when it is gone, she looks beautiful Jewish..."

"Ha the road circled like dogs, every spaceman saw His Jewish, the bus was paradise, he cried lone tears, He was 'moushus' (devil), symptoms of Amorelia, cry moushus King..."... 'Moushus'; means; 'Bedevilled by Him, gross expense, failure to comply to Him, wanting of God, devil love,'

Lars David said "I am the Adultery man, I am King! Yet I still love David!!"

He laughed at David, said his divorce answer was a black line that flew from the sky, and Michal was all gold, that Lars was the little devil inside, he said, the world woes, because David wants, David was skulls, he said Louis goes, two jumps in the bus shined, they said; 'Hope to love in Gods' Other rattles climbed his head to the skies, He said; "Look what I've got!" She giggled...the bus never stopped, he said, "Snow Patrol is Abel's, I dedicate this to Woman Of God, it took months of shining, it booked Roman, it booked Devon, it wrote Torah skies, like water!...A little of it is God's, a little of it is Death, Death is God's!!" He held the album in his hands and said; "I will bring her thousands"...

The Kiss was; 'avroti' means; 'silently golden, a little miss, sleepy...'

The bus streaked a colour like bog, because it would stop, and there was nay a Jewish congratulation, he had defied David, he had defied God...But He knew God wanted, God wanted Him to love Michal...

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غير معرف يقول...

I gotta say Lars, I haven't the foggiest notion what you're talking about most of the time, but you do have a sense of humor and I like that.

غير معرف يقول...

What is scary but very comforting is that I do get it and it is good

no harm will befall those with pure hearts, of this we all can take comfort in
maybe this was a case of the tail wagging the dog.
It seems that this story was developing the way it was supposed to, none of us could know the ending but the spacemen who visited, when they saw the girl, did visit her but she deleted them as soon as they arrived, she is much like David, a keeper of soul, the only safe way to proceed when finding they are blazing a new path for the many and want to be good witnesses, ones that will stand the test of time

we have been through a lot, this country, this world
so many see the demonstrativeness of ending the pain and suffering
especially because it could happen in our life time!

angelbymyside يقول...

On the one hand, I am not sure who you are, but want you to know that I am the author on May 12, 2009. I must have believed something special about this post, in particular, because I put it in bookmarks.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Muriel Campbell. I have read everyone of your posts and feel like I lived it, at least a lot of it, I recognized, and cried over, laughed with and longed to embrase, even caressing the words. I should not be surprised that this is possible on line, but I still believe it is only really possible, or the odds are in its favor, that this would not be possible, unless you also knew the person, in person. If not for that something, that unexplainable thing that happens, in person, that cannot be given a voice, then this is all real, if you are following me, just think, you may be crazy, if I am, then you must be also.

Have enjoyed reading and have to say, my heart skips a beat with each new post. I too have taken a quantum leap in understanding truth that is grounded in both the future and it is also biblical. It has it all and I am very excited. it is time to begin writing. I may have to find a place to move to, for a few months, it might all work out as I saw in a dream, one always has hope.

Take care dear friend from cyber