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My Tasfeer would be a danger.

Sometimes I pick up a dictionary, and then, read, and I'm exclaiming blasphemy!
 A quote (these are available, everywhere): 

“Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other” (Quran, IV.34)

Couldn't Gabriel have been slightly sarcastic? "Hath made the one of them to excel the other...." So the women were excelling, the other. Why not jealously take charge of them?

One day, I said Gabriel was Dead.

" Gabriel had fallen out of Heaven and he was asking Muhammed for help!"

"Ilafihim, originally means; The Desirous!!!"

Thats about as far as my reading has got.

--- And a wow, "looks like a biggie." And "I don't want your Ba!"---because she sits with him reading through the alphabet and teaching. And I walk over to a silver bench and a cigarette; and say;

Hello!! to

a child that shouldn't exist...
 an invisible gang of children:

"Aswadddddddd!!!! Aswaaaaaa!!! 'Swad! Aswad......!!! Aswaddddddddd! Swadddd....."

The blue circle, a swift arrow of white light, containing a blue circle, and stars....

What does she think???

He doesn't want to learn the alphabet:

"No!!! Its silly! You think we're witch!" 

I say: (cos he reminds of nan mixed with me, or a sister:) She is there, so, also, black skirt, black shirt, black coat, brown hat. 

"Yeah! I did it!!"

"It was an accident!!!"


Everyone was invisible. 

" I don't want to read ever again! You think we are Shaytan!"


It didn't really happen. My child isn't walking through sandy alleys and deserts, hundreds of years before I was born. But, then we saw the white ball flying through an spear. She won't forget. Is this a blessing? Is this a gift from Allah? What does she think. I don't want the alphabet. Aswadddddd....yeah, ASwwwwwaaaaddd....

This is a picture I made, the colours are awful. I like 'uploading' much more.

--- I don't know what she thinks. I'm going.----

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