السبت، 2 يونيو 2012


The Soup;

Something in this is soul. I am God. I have become a higher Angel. God is Wise.

This vegetable soup; It has contained everything, it shows. If I spin this spoon, everything is destroyed. He says: everything.

Particles are soup. I have contain many years. There is in this soup, §1000



Sang a lot. Lift spoon, 

do not stir.

Important not to stir, or move, or stare. 

If we exact the soup, everything will die. Now that God is down here, we begin to die. 

"WE must See."

I can't eat the soup. I can't move.

"I suspect he knows."

A higher amount of time, stirred in the bowl, the water was weak. The particles were tiny, and coloured like weak. I couldn't eat. 

"What are you telling me?"

Something in the walls, collapsed. There was a darkness fitting movement. There was soup. There was only Soup. 

I created a softer. 

People were publicly speaking. There were walls. A bowl of light. Water sucking all parts of itself. I couldn't move. Breath covered a hate. Staring at a table. No spoon in hand, staring into bowl. 

"Wait." Wait, because there is so much in this.  

Little orange in water. Little soft bits. Going to disintegrate. 

I waited for God. He brought the bowl full of universe. I had an action-part in this. 

Don't move.

The walls flew into grey bricks, fell away, the table spinned, the dark of soul crept back…Soup….The Universe destroyed itself and fled into the soup, it hid in water.  There was all and only Magic. Only God.

Something in Time flew away, days were unaccounted. Everything fell away. 

I slept into the soup, i hit head down and into water. 

All gone. NO people. NO outside. 

The End of Time.

"I have no memory of anything actually happening after that. I don't know where i went."

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